Review by MileyPrower

Reviewed: 10/17/08

I see Big the Cat, but where are Chaos and Tikal the Echidna?

Intro: It's funny really, people say Sonic's been having some bad games lately. Well, I've played a lot of the games before '08 such as Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders, and early '08's Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Okay game critics, where is that horrible gameplay I was promised? Oh, and WHERE is that lack of speed you said was there?! If it hasn't been pretty clear by now, I'm a huge Sonic fan who thinks the games get better and better. However, I will say this: If Sonic's glory days truly have ended (which I doubt with a burning passion), this game will definitely help the franchise back on its feet. But, that's only IF the series HAS been bad. Great game either way, though.

Story 8.6/10- Great story. The events of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Battle have a big impact on the story. You'll learn quite a bit about Knuckles' past and even a little bit about Emerl the Gizoid. The story is divided into two acts, with the story really getting interesting in the second half. The dialogue is also really funny, funnier than Sparx's dialogue in the Legend of Spyro. Oh man, I hope they make a sequel with the ending and all...

Graphics 8.5/10- Beautiful. The hand-painted graphics really suit the game. There are also small little details which make the game more alive. The character models are decent, though some could've used a little more work. Like Knuckles for example, his nose looks like it was cut in half. The cut scenes are also pretty good though some look a little, um, rough around the edges or something like that?

Gameplay 9/10- Ah yes, Sonic + RPG = Awesome. After playing Poke'mon for two (maybe three?) years, it was nice to play a different RPG. This is a turn-based RPG but, I guarantee you, you'll be watching the screen all the time. When you use a move you must tap certain icons that appear on the screen in a certain order at the correct time with your stylus. During battle you can choose to flee triggering a minigame in which you tap the characters with your stylus making them jump. Another thing I found neat was when you recruit a new character or put one you haven't used in a while, on the team, they automatically level-up close to your level. The conversation system's really cool. It's nice being able to say what you want to say, you know. I could go on...

Music/Sound 8/10- Personally, I liked it. There are quite a few catchy tunes. Granted, there have been better music in other games, but still, the music suits the game. The sound's pretty good, too. The familiar sounds jumping and collecting rings make are still here and there are other sounds also. Nicely done.

Replay Value 8/10- Pretty high. I guarantee you, you won't mind replaying the game quite a few times.

Final Recommendation- Buy or Rent? If you are unsure, rent it and see if you like it. If you are a huge Sonic fan or a huge fan of RPGs in general, you can go ahead and buy it, but only if you are absolutely sure you'll like it. Well, have a nice day!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (US, 09/30/08)

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