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Reviewed: 10/07/08

Sonic is officially out of his slump, for now at least.

Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood is a fun RPG. It gives the speed of sonic with a RPG style. But in my opinion it never felt like an RPG. Now if you are wondering if you should buy this game or not I recommend it. Using POW moves are fun and it DOES keep the speed factor that sonic is all about. Even though some battles go on for awhile I never got bored of it, and with that I will start my review.

Story 10/10
The story starts off with you on Green Hill Zone. Tails contacts you and says that Knuckles has gone missing and so have the chaos emeralds. Later on you find out more and that Dr. Eggman is not behind this mess but a stranger named Ix. Also the story seems to focus somewhat more on Knuckles, this is probably because he finds out he is not the only echidna left but I'm not going to ruin it for people that haven't played the game.

Game play 8/10

The reason I give Game play a nine out of ten is because the RPG factor was kinda pointless. Even though it worked out and was fun there was no point, my characters were only like lvl 15 when I beat the game and I never used an antidote or anything, just POW refreshers, HP refreshers and revival rings here and there. All the other items were pointless basically. EXCEPT chao, they were nicely used and I liked how there is a huge variety of them. Chao can add effects like restore pp or hp each round, add more hp or pp to a certain character, make the equipped character do more damage or have a shield of a certain element protect the equipped character, etc. To get a chao you have to find a chao egg and then wait for it to hatch and then you can equip the chao! The puzzles were also a bit confusing at times and when you would go for a hint you had to pay 30 RINGS, and the hint would be useless. Using the touch screen for everything was flawless I didn't have a problem with it and being able to use L and R instead of having to touch the icon made things faster. POW MOVES were awesome to use, having to touch the icons on the screen made it fun and keeps you on your toes because you don't want to mess up. You can buy items and equips at a shop but you can probably find them in a chest somewhere so there is really no need to buy anything. Also health items and such are sometimes dropped by enemies so you will probably rarely if ever need to go buy items at the shop.

Graphics 10/10

The Graphics are mostly all hand drawn somehow I believe. The environments are all beautifully done and so are enemies and characters. That's all I got to say about the graphics.

Music/sound 8/10

Even though the sound effects were good for POW moves and such the music kind of disappointed me. The battle music is awesome there is no doubt about that but there were only a few songs from the different areas that I thought were good. I mean they weren't bad they just didn't amaze me like the sonic music usually does.

Overall 8/10
If you are a person that thinks sonic is doing bad this will change your mind into thinking yeah sonic is pretty good now. I am almost 100% sure of that. I highly suggest you buy this game, this is for any sonic fan and I am sure it will not disappoint.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (US, 09/30/08)

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