Review by Sombrero_Shadow

Reviewed: 09/25/08

Sonic Chronicles has it's problems, but boy is it a blast to play!

When People first heard about Sonic Chronicles, people were skeptical if the hedgehog could stand tall in the genre of RPG’s. Well rest-assured, the game is a great game with a few minor problems.

Sonic Chronicles follows the story of Sonic two years after the defeat of Dr. Eggman. Sonic has left his friends to explore the world, only till' he receives a call from Tails that a group named the Marauders have kidnapped Knuckles and they need to rescue him. However, the deeper you get into the story, the more interesting it gets going. Also, they reference older games and solve past plot holes, which is nice. It's also interesting to see how they link some of the past games plot lines. In case your not a Sonic freak though, there's a codex that talk about the main events in Sonic's history you need to know about. It's very detailed and fun to read The story starts off a bit slow but will soon have you engrossed with it's amusing lines and being jerk Sonic is a blast, though ultimately doesn't really affect the story.

The game is controlled 100% through stylus, and works for the most part though the map menus sometimes seem a bit clunky. While it works great in the battle sequences, it will at first feel kinda' weird till' you get used to it. The graphics are gorgeous, with beautiful 2d levels and the 3d models are good for DS. The only complaint is that Sonic and friends have unusually large pupils that looks a bit... weird. The sound is mostly alright, with a few tracks that are good, though the sound quality is sorta' low. It sounds like the developers were going for a "retro" feel with their music, with varying rates of success. There's a few nice old remixes of old Sonic tunes though. It's to note the battle music is usually more interesting than the map music.

The battle system is pretty good, lot better than most other RPG's. The stylus works suprisingly well here. Early on in the game your characters are going to miss a lot, but the more you level-up, the less you'll miss. Also there's chase sequences, that are pretty fun. The Elite Beat Agents styled special moves are unique and fun but sometimes can get a bit repetitive. Equipping Chao and hatching them is actually pretty fun, and the Chao provide some good effects on a single character, all characters and more. Also they're randomized, so you'll never get the same Chao each time you play through.

Besides a few small issues with the game, it's addicting and fun and the cliff-hanger ending promises a sequel to be made. A definite must for any Sonic fan, and a pretty good RPG too.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (AU, 09/25/08)

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