Review by Roosterofdoom

Reviewed: 12/10/07

Great Episode, Terrible Game


As some might know, this game is based off of the "Duck Amuck" episode of Looney Tunes. In the episode, Daffy is being toyed with by an unknown person. The background is being erased, leaving Daffy in what looks like a void. The person is also erasing parts of his body and drawing new things for him. In the end of the episode, it is revealed that the unknown force was actually Bugs Bunny and the episode ended with one of Bugs' many catch phrases; "Ain't I a stinker?"There are many other things from Daffy's past including the very popular Robin Hood episode.


Most of the game takes place in Daffy's "idle mode" where he is just standing in a blank screen and you can do whatever you want to him to start a mini-game. These things include; cutting Daffy in half, poking him in the head, ripping the background and some games just start on their own whenever Daffy starts talking. The minigames are centered aroung the same central theme; humiliate Daffy in any way you can. One of these is in the Robin Hood game where Daffy soars through the air and tries to land on the man with money but you have to make him land on the TNT right behind the rich man. Another is in a cannon mini-game where Daffy is trying to shoot himself out of a cannon and you have to shoot him and make him land on the dynamite. The gameplay isn't really impressive. Definetly not what I expected.The only thing that could have saved this game would be more mini-games.


There really is no story.All you do is humiliate Daffy.


The graphics, music and voices makes this game feel just like you're watching an interactive version of Looney Tunes. The voice of Daffy is exactly the same, flawless and perfect for the character. The music is just like the old days. This game really takes you back.....

Replay Value:1/10

Really the game is endless. There's never anything new to do.Ever. You just unlock the mini-games and play them whenever you want. You can play them from idle mode or play from the menu where the game goes to level 10 instead of 6 in idle mode.

The Big Question:
Rent or Buy?

Rent. This game takes only about an hour to beat so buying it is just a waste of money. I rented it (from Gamefly) and I was ready to return it the same day I got it.

Final Comments:

This game is really more of a game for little kids. I made the mistake of playing it for myself and I was bored out of my mind after beating it for the second time that day. But the game is fun the first time you play so it's not terribley boring.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (US, 10/09/07)

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