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"Dramatic Dungeon" is an original genre that fuses the "drama" unique to the Sakura Taisen Series with "Dungeon RPG" elements, which weaves attractive characters and dramatic stories together.

The game consists of an adventure scenario and a dungeon scenario.

[Adventure Scenario]
This is a familiar part of the Sakura Wars series, where the main story progresses while talking with the characters.

[Dungeon Scenario]
Is the a part in which the player advances through the dungeon while fighting enemies in cooperation with the members of the Star Troupe. The objective is to destroy the enemy on the final floor. In addition, various events unique to Sakura Wars will occur within the dungeon.

Spring, 12th year of the Taisho era. A young officer, Ichiro Ogami, is in the Imperial Combat Revue, Flower Troupe, which was formed for the spiritual defense of the Imperial City.
Everything started from the day he was transferred as a captain.

Ogami led the Imperial Combat Revue / Flower Troupe, and Europe led the Paris Combat Revue / Flower Troupe, which was founded in the flower capital of Paris.
He survived numerous battles and defended the imperial capital, Paris, and in 1918, became the commander of the Imperial Combat Revue.

1928 (Taisho 17th year) A new world of freedom and hope string training. Ogami's nephew, Shinjiro Okawa, of the New York Combat Revue became a member of the Star Troupe. Shinjiro, whose power was recognized for his success in the Star Troupe, commanded the unit as a captain, protected string from the evil Devil's Hand and regained peace in the city.

And now... Spring, 18th year of Taisho.
The new performance of the Imperial Combat Revue, Flower Troupe, "The Maiden of New Orleans" has begun, and the Ginza Great Imperial Theater has erupted with cheers.
But now, no one is aware that a new Devil's Hand that threatens the peace is creeping into the Imperial City.


[Up to 4 Players!]
Two to four players can play against each other via Wi-Fi communication or DS wireless communication. If you reach the destination floor first, you win!

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