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FAQ/Walkthrough by justme8800

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/08/07

NARUTO: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 3!

FAQ by Justme8800


Welcome to the gold mine of information that is this FAQ! This is not a
translation FAQ, I don't know enough japanese to make one of those. This is a
normal FAQ/Walkthrough designed to help you with any aspect of the game you are
having trouble with.

This FAQ can be read all at once if you are bored (hopefully it's entertaining
enough, and I'll bet you find something you didn't know about), or you can just
skip to the appropriate section if you need a quick answer. If you find
anything like a bad typo or something that is just plain wrong, feel free to
either post in the Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu gameFAQs forum, or email me
at justme8800 at gmail daught comm (that wasn't a typo, just an anti-spambot
precaution). I'll put you in the credits if I make the update. 

**This Game Is Not Ninja Council 3!** D3 published Saikyou Ninja Daikeshuu 4 as
Ninja Council 3 (albeit missing some characters and stuff), not this game. If
you're looking for a Ninja Council 3 FAQ, check out AlexFili's Saikyou Ninja
Daikeshuu 4 FAQ.


 You already read this.

 What you're reading right now.

 Copyright stuff you aren't interested in.

-*Version History*
 You probably aren't interested in this either.

_*Menu Navigation*
 "It's all in Japanese! I can't read it! Help!"

 Basic controls, move types, and the movelist.

 Chakra Swirling and the Kanji Wheel.

-*Playable Characters*
 The characters you can be, and their specials.

-*Support Characters*
 Their effects, power, and how to unlock them.

 All about the items you can collect.

 Various infantry enemies, and how to fight them. Some battle terms used
throughout the FAQ are defined here.

 Given that most of the enjoyment of the game comes from exploring the levels,
this should be used only as a last resort. It does, however, also contain
methods for defeating bosses, which is in all likelihood why you're here.

 A section for how to draw? Not really, but it does tell you how to unlock
extra wallpapers.

 Anybody who helped contribute to this FAQ is listed here.


This FAQ and everything in it is copyright me, Cordell Newmiller (aka.
Justme8800), written for and originally hosted on www.gameFAQs.com . You may
reproduce this FAQ in whole, PROVIDED you give me proper credit and the whole
thing (this paragraph included) remains intact and unchanged. You may NOT use
any of my work to gain any profit without my permission.

##*Version History*############################################################

1.2 Adjusted Kawarimi and Bunshin Maker info, and added a Ninja Council 3
disclaimer. 5/8/07

1.1 Minor clean-up changes, and a new Orochimaru strategy. 5/31/2005

1.0 Complete and submitted. Only minor future updates to fix anything not right
in the FAQ. 5/19/2005

0.9 Fixed for 79 character width.

0.8 Finished walkthrough. Just about complete, just a few more finishing
touches to go.

0.7 Typed "0.7" (Hey, I just wanted to feel accomplished.)

0.6 Bosses and minigames in the walkthrough complete.

0.5 Walkthrough not yet complete, everything else should be.

##*Menu Navigation*############################################################

The game is in Japanese, so this is here to clear up on any menu navigation

#-Main Menu
 When you first start up the game, you will see TOMY's logo, followed by the
main menu.

-Top Option: New Game. This starts a new game. No save slots will be required
or erased until you save the game.

-Middle Option: Continue Game. This takes you to the Load screen, which is
similar to the Save screen. See below.

-Bottom Option: Doodler. This takes you to the drawing game; see the "Doodler"

#-Load Screen
 The middle main menu option will take you here. This screen has a recognizable
picture of Jiraiya on the top screen, and four options on the lower
screen. Not to be confused with the Save Screen.

-Leftmost Option: Back to Main Menu.

-Three Save Slots. The rightmost slot is selected by default, as opposed to the
last slot used, which might have made more sense.

#-Save Screen
 Not to be confused with the Load Screen, the Save screen looks exactly the
same as the Load Screen. Learn to associate the picture of Jiraiya with "Beware!
You are messing with your saved data, so be careful". The Save Screen appears
after you beat a level.

-Leftmost option: Continue Without Saving! You hardly ever want to use this,
but I imagine there may be cases when you might want to.

-Three Save Slots. The rightmost option is selected by default, like the load
screen. Beware the wrath of whoever's slot you accidentally save over, so be
careful that you don't.

#-Character Select Screen
 Pretty self-explanatory. Touch the kunai pointing left or right to scroll left
or right (the D-pad works too). Touch the character you want to play as first,
and then select two support characters. Then a conformation window asking if
you're sure this is the team you want will pop up. The left option is "yes",
and the right option is "no, I'll choose again".

#-Status Report Screen
 Not really a menu, but you'll want to know what it is anyway. This Screen
comes up when you beat a level, before the Save Screen.

-Time taken to complete the level, MM:SS format, where MM=Minutes,and

-Number of enemies killed.

-Number of Konoha Leaves collected.

-Percentage of your health bar remaining at the end of the level. You get a big
score bonus if this is at 100%.

-Your total score. This will keep accumulating even after you beat the game.

-On the right, your rank for that level. Since this is in Kanji, which I can't
read, I'm not sure which rankings you can get. I imagine they are along the
lines of "Genin", "Chuunin", "Jounin", and "Hokage", since those are the ranks
in the Anime.

#-In-game Lower Status Screen
 This is what the lower screen says during gameplay.

-Upper Left: Your current Total Score.

-Upper Right, to the right of the Konoha Leaf symbol: How many Konoha Leaves
you have collected. Every time this reaches 100, it resets back to 0 and you
get an extra life.

-Upper Right, to the left of the Konoha Leaf Symbol: If you have a weapon, it
will be displayed here.

-To the right of the forehead protector icon, above your main character's
image: The number of lives you have in reserve.

-Your Support Character's icons: Touch these to activate their special. Above
each of them is a chakra bar, which has to recharge every time you use it.

#-In-game Upper Status Screen
 This is what those bars are in the upper right corner.

-Wide Bar: Your health. Keep this above 0%.

-Small Bar: Your chakra. Used for Specials, running up walls, and Kawarimi no
Jutsu. Recharges with time.

-Large Bar in the Upper Right corner: The boss's health. Appears when you fight
a boss.


#-Controls: what the buttons do.

-Left, right:
 Move left or right.

 Absolutely nothing. I can't think of a single place where this is used in the

 Crouch. You can move left and right while crouching. This is useful for
getting under low passages.

Other buttons...
-B button:
 Hold this to run. Running increases the length you can jump. Oh, and the
running animation is really cool.

-A button:
 Jump. You can jump while in the air (double jump), and jump off of walls (wall

-Y button:
 Whack stuff. More on this in due time.

-X button:
 Throw an item you have. More in the "Items" section.

-L Button:
 If this is pressed when the enemy hits you, you will perform Kawarimi no Jutsu
(replacement technique, the one where you turn into a log).
 Hold for approximately 2 seconds to perform your main character's special. 
More below.

-R button:
 Tap out the theme to "Star Wars" to call in Luke Skywalker to do an ultimate
one hit KO on any boss, even the last one. Just kidding, the R button actually
does diddly squat. I know, they made the L button do two things and stiffed the
R button. It's a harsh world for boolean switches out there...

-Start button:
 Skips the current cutscene, if possible. Pauses the game during gameplay, but
doesn't pause a special.

-Select button:
 Hold down while you beat an entire level to unlock everything in the game. Or
not. Thats two unused buttons.

Little tricks:
-Double tap backwards on the D-pad to do a completely useless backwards hop.
Difficult to do, and will likely end up killing you if accidentally done near a
pit. More annoying then helpful.

-Running up walls and ceilings:
 You can run up some specially marked walls, using up chakra as you do.
Sometimes the wall will curve into a ceiling, making you a veritable cockroach!

-Double jump:
 Self explanatory.

-Wall jump:
 To wall jump, jump at a wall and you will stick to it for a brief moment. Jump
while on the wall to perform the double jump.

#-Basic Damage Types:

"Green" damage, indicated by small green kana. This is the smallest unit of
damage, and is the basic unit for other kinds of damage. Has no knockback
effect except when the enemy is in the air, and in specials.

"Orange" damage, indicated by medium orange kana. This is equal to three units
of green damage, and has no knockback effect except when the enemy is in the
air, and in specials.

"Red" damage, indicated by large red kana, is equal to three or more units of
green damage (there are things whose red damage is higher, such as Windmill
Shuriken). All enemies, even bosses, receive a knockback effect from red
damage. Knockback means that the enemy is knocked to the ground, and out of the
fight, until it gets back up.

#-Basic Movelist

All characters have the same movelist, save for Rock Lee, whose exception is

-Basic punch: Y button.
 Green damage.

-Followup hit: Y button directly after a Basic punch.
 Orange damage, except for Rock Lee, who does Red damage.

-Final hit: Y button directly after a Followup hit.
 Red damage.

-Uppercut hit: Up on the D-pad + Y button.
 Red damage. Knockback from this hit will send the enemy straight up in the
air, causing them to take longer to land and get back up. Useful when
there are multiple enemies on screen, and you need to put one out of commission
for a few seconds.

-Crouch hit: Hold down on the D-pad to crouch, then press the Y button.
 Green Damage, but very fast. Useful for when you need to kill an enemy in
order to get out of a low passage, or to kill snakes.

-Running hit: while running, press the Y button.
 Red damage. Fast, and useful for dashing through enemies (knock them down and
ditch them). Not a very good method for getting a high score, but it's quick.

-Jump hit: Press the Y button in the air.
 Red damage. Useful for getting a quick hit in on the enemy before they know
what hit them, like the running hit.

#-Advanced Movelist

These are things you can do that aren't so obvious, and terms used in the FAQ
that you may not be familiar with.

-Wakeup: Refers to the technique of hitting so that the enemy gets up from a
knockback right into your hit. Using this technique greatly reduces the chance
that an enemy will be able to hit you back.

-Float: Means to jump into the air, and then time your double jump to gain
maximum hang time. Useful to stay away from the ground.

-Long Jump: A running double jump, timed so as to get the farthest distance.

-Super Wall Jump: Do a wall jump while running, and you will get increased
height and distance from the wall jump.

-Glide: Not jump or brake. This is only used in the 5.2 snowboarding level.


 Specials can be performed at any time, but they only work on your enemy if it
is in a vulnerable position. Vulnerable positions include standing, walking and
running, jumping, and attacking. Invulnerable positions include falling from
knockback, laying on the ground and getting up, not being on the screen,
using a special move (if your enemy is a boss), and blocking.

-The Chakra wheel:
 Nifty idea, but far overused. When you activate a special for your main 
character, a wheel of five blue flames shows up on the lower screen. You then 
proceed to spin the wheel with the stylus (clockwise or counterclockwise, the 
direction is random), keeping your circle as big as you can while rotating as 
fast as you can. There is a bar on the top screen that fills up from spinning 
the wheel, with three levels. The special you end up doing corresponds with 
which level you were at when the time (about five seconds) runs out. The amount
of damage the special does corresponds with how full the bar is when time runs 
out out (i.e. a full level 1 bar with Naruto will result in more damage then an 
empty level 3 bar, even though you do the naruto renden instead of the 
rasengan). If you stop rotating, the bar rapidly decreases, so don't stop until 
the time runs out.
 Keep your circle as large as possible. As in almost touching the sides of the
touch screen. Think of this as keeping as far from the center of the screen as
you can, if that helps.
 Keep your rotations as smooth as you can, not irregular.
 Keep your circle as circular as possible. This may seem obvious, but it's
harder than it sounds. This is also probably the most important point.

-The Kanji wheel:
 After you complete the Chakra wheel stage, a Kanji wheel might show up
depending on what special you ended up with. It is simply a bunch of kanji
(really difficult Japanese characters) arranged in a circle, the number of
which is dependent on how good you did on the Chakra wheel (level 1, 2, or 3).
There are one to four kanji in a scroll on the top screen, and what you have to
do is tap them in order (left to right) on the bottom screen within the time
limit (about seven seconds). The real challenge comes when, in some more
difficult specials, the Kanji wheel spins around. It takes practice to scan the
spinning wheel for the right kanji in time, unless you already are good at
recognizing things like these (i.e. you know Japanese or Chinese).
 It gets easier once you start to get familiar with the symbols used. This
sounds silly, but the faster you can recognize them, the better off you'll be.
Try finding things to associate with each symbol. For example, there is one
that looks like the english letter "E", and another that could look like "yp".
When you don't have to process what each symbol looks like every time, you'll
be a lot faster.

#-Characters and their specials

There are two basic kinds of special: "Single" enemy specials, which do a lot
of damage to one enemy (useful against bosses), and "Screen" clearing specials,
which do a little bit of damage to all enemies on the screen (enough to kill
any non-boss enemy).

Playable Characters all have three specials, except for Naruto, who has four.
When used as a support character, they will randomly perform any one of their

##*Playable Characters*########################################################

#-Uzumaki Naruto:
 The orange dude himself. "Uzumaki" means "whirlpool" or "eddy", and "naruto"
is a kind of fish cake found on ramen. So this guy is named "Whirly Fishcake".
Maybe they'll translate that directly when this comes out in North America.

-Level 1: Naruto Renden! (Fishcake Combo. lol.)
 Single special, low damage.

-Level 2: Kuchiyose no Justu! (Summoning technique, in this case Gamabunta).
 Screen special, low damage.

-Level 3: Rasengan!
 Single special, medium damage.

-Level ?: Harem no Jutsu.
 Screen special, medium damage. Sort of a secret special, this is only
available as a support special. To use it, choose Naruto as a support
character, then he will use it 1/4 of the times you use him.

#-Uchiha Sasuke:
 Naruto's teammate and rival, he has sworn revenge on his older brother Itachi.
Not much else is known about him, at least not without revealing spoilers.

-Level 1: Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu! (Powerful Flame Technique)
 Screen special, low damage. You have to blow into the microphone to use it.

-Level 2: Shishi Rendan! (Lion Combo)
 Single special, low damage.

-Level 3: Chidori! (One Thousand Birds)
 Single special, medium damage.

#-Haruno Sakura:
 Naruto's crush, and she has a crush on Sasuke. Yeah, whatever. Her first
special, however, makes her one of the best support characters in the game.

-Level 1: A bunch of hearts? (wasn't that supposed to be Lee's territory?)
 A unique special that doesn't do any damage to enemies. What it does is,
basically, refills all bars that aren't her own, be they your support
character's chakra bar, your own, or your health bar. Even at 1/3 chance, this
makes her a really useful character when you need health. When you have your
health, you have everything!

-Level 2: Shannaro! (Shannaro = expression of anger, akin to many four letter
			english words best left unsaid.)
 Screen special, low damage.

-Level 3: (Inner Sakura Combo)
 Single special, medium damage.

#-Hyuuga Neji:
 Annoying guy hooked to his "fate" idea, until Naruto beat him sensible, or as
the case may have been, senseless. Seems to have a generally longer range then
other characters, but not by much.

-Level 1: Kaiten! (Look ma, I'm a Beyblade!)
 Screen special, low damage.

-Level 2: Byakugan! (Chakra point sealing)
 Single special, low damage. Touch the flashing dot on the body four times.

-Level 3: Hakkeshou: Rokujuu Yonshou! (64 points of Hakke)
 Single special, medium damage.

#-Rock Lee:
 The Green Beast of Konoha! Certainly the most unique of all the playable
characters because of his combo (green-red-red) and speed, this makes him
either better or worse. How could he be worse, you say? Because of the second
red (knockback) effect, his Final hit rarely lands, making him do a total of
five greens to any one enemy (as opposed to eight). It is by no means
impossible to land the final hit, just not both of them on the same enemy. In a
crowd of enemies, though, its fine since knockback is a good thing in that
case. One advantage that Lee has is that he can jump higher and run faster then
any other character, and as such using him is comparable to using Tails in a
Sonic the Hedgehog game. Good if you just want to win or explore, but reduces
the challenge.

-Level 1: (Badgering weights? I don't need no steenkin' badgering weights!)
 Another, and the only other, unique special. Does no damage to enemies,
instead Lee gets a boost to his attack speed for twenty seconds. This makes
doing the Followup and Final hits really difficult, as mashing the attack
button results in a steady stream of green hits as quick as you can push the
button. Not a bad thing though, thats a lot of greens...

-Level 2: Omote Renge! (Secondary Lotus)
 Single special, low damage.

-Level 3: Ura Renge! (Primary Lotus)
 Single special, medium damage.

##*Support Characters*#########################################################

Support Characters only have one special, but at least its reliable.

Characters shown in the order on the character select screen.

#-Nara Shikamaru:
-Kage Mane no Jutsu! (Shadow Bind Technique)
 Single special, low damage.

#-Akamichi Chouji:
 The last potato chip is Sacred.
-Baika no Jutsu! Meat Tank! (Multi-size technique! Meat Tank!)
 Screen special, low damage.

#-Inuzuka Kiba:
 Akamaru! Dynamic tree marking technique!
-Gatsuuga! (doggie tornado)
 Screen special, low damage.

#-Aburame Shino:
 Buzz Buzz Buzz, I wonder how he does!
-(What's japanese for "Augh! Bugs are everywhere!"?)
 Screen special, low damage.

 I have no family, therefore I have no family name.
-Sabaku Sousou! (Desert Graveyard)
 Single special, low damage.

#-Yamanaka Ino:
 Even though my name is "pig", that doesn't mean I am one!
-Shintenshin no Jutsu! (Mind Control Technique)
 Single special, low damage.

 I'm Gaara's older brother, so I have no family name either!
-(Death by Karuso)
 Single special, low damage.

 And I'm his older sister, so... me too!
-Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (summoning a weasel this time)
 Screen special, low damage.

#-Hyuuga Hinata:
 The love triangle is really a square... but what about Lee? Would that be a
love pentagon?
-Byakugen! (five hit combo)
 Single special, low damage.

#-Hatake Kakashi:
 No R-rated books to be found here. Nope. Would I lie to you? To unlock
Kakashi, beat level 2, and you should have enough points.
-Raikiri! (Lightning Edge)
 Single special, insane damage. This can take out most untransformed bosses in
one hit, if you won the minigame.

#-Maito Gai:
 The master of the ultimate nice guy pose. To unlock Gai, Beat level 3, and you
should have enough points.
-Ikuzo! (Let's Go!)
 Screen special, medium damage. Death by Sunset.

#-Sandaime Hokage:
 Wait a minute, wasn't this guy supposed to be dead? Then what's their excuse
for not including Haku? To unlock the Hokage, complete any level with a hokage
 Tips on getting a hokage ranking:
 -Know the level and your planned route.
 -Complete the level without dying.
 -Get as many leaves as you can.
 -Kill enemies. (not as important as...)
 -Complete the level with 100% health. Sakura is helpful here.
 -Do all of this fairly quickly, don't dawdle.
-Kuchiyose no Justu, Henge! (Turn the great king Enma into a stick. And whack
				bad guys with it.)
 Single special, insane damage. Much like Kakashi.

 Master of all things Perverted. To unlock Jiraiya, beat the game.
-Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Katon! (Summon a frog that can breath fire.)
 Screen special, medium damage. You have to blow into the microphone, like with
Sasuke's Katon.

 Why is she last? Ask the game designers.
-(Throwing Kunais and shurikens everywhere.)
 Screen special, low damage.


To pick up an item in the game, just touch it. You don't get any extra points
for getting an item, you only get it's effect.

#-Non-Weapon Items:
Pick one of these up and it's effect is immediate.

-Konoha Leaf:
 Just the points, Ma'am. Collect 100 of these for an extra life.

-1-up Scroll:
 Get this to earn an extra life. Your lives are shown with a forehead protector
icon above your image on the touch screen.

-Small Health:
 Get this to gain about 25% of your health back. If you have full health, I
recommend leaving this behind in case you get hurt ahead, so you can backtrack
and use it effectively.

-Large Health:
 Get this to gain about 50% of your health back. Like the small health, I
recommend leaving this behind if you have full health.

Pick up a Weapon, and push the X button to use it. You have unlimited of any
weapon you pick up, so don't be stingy if you do get one. If you get hurt even
once, however, you will lose any weapon you have. Picking up a weapon while you
still have one will cause the old one to be discarded.

 Red damage. The kunai can only hit one enemy.

 Red damage. The shuriken will go through one enemy and hit another, making it
indefinitely better then the kunai.

-Windmill Shuriken:
 Really strong red damage (7 or 8 greens). Nothing but a brick wall can stop
this thing. It will go through as many enemies that get in front of it.

 Orange damage. When you throw this, two needles are thrown: one straight
forward, as normal, and another about 25 degrees above it. Useful for hitting
things up ramps that other weapons can't reach.


There isn't a terribly large variety of enemies in the game, however, the
enemies do know more moves and have more health in each progressing level.
Listed here, in no particular order, are the basic enemies and tactics on
fighting them.

-Sound Nin:
 Basic infantry, and the most common enemy you'll encounter. They aren't much
of a threat, until they learn to throw kunais (somewhere near the middle of the
game). Their kunais can be crouched under, or, if you have the room, you can
jump over the kunai and hit the Nin who tossed it with a jump hit. In the last
level, they learn a blitz-tackle that can take you by surprise. By that time,
they'll be swarming enough that you'll simply want to use a screen special. If
there is just one of them, you can do a combo on it, and then use a wakeup.

 As a dog lover, I find myself not brimming with sadistic glee every time I
kill one. They only appear in a few levels, though, so it's not too bad. They
don't have a lot of health, even in later levels, and they only have a "bite"
attack in which you have to be standing in front of them to hit you. All you
have to do is hit them first, and kill on wakeup if necessary.

 Snakes are short, meaning they can't be hit with a basic punch. They are not
as aggressive as you are, and you should have no problem hitting them first,
even if you have to crouch before you can hit them. If you happen to be moving
quickly towards them, they can be hit with both a running hit and a jump hit.
Otherwise, just crouch hit them until they die. Weapons also work wonders
against them.

-Big Nin:
 These guys are huge, slow, and an easy target. Just make sure you hit them
first, as their punch contains pretty serious knockback. Other then that, treat
them like Sound Nin.

-Weapon Tosser:
 These guys take a page from Mario, the Hammer Brothers. Approach them with
caution, wait until they throw their weapon, then hit them and follow up with a
wakeup, if necessary.

-Staff Nin:
 The best way to take these guys out is with a special, as they are very
difficult to approach without getting hit. If you have no special ready, try
waiting until they swipe with their staff, and then charge them with a running
hit or jump hit. Follow up with a wakeup, if necessary.

-Claw Tosser:
 These guys are pretty simple-minded. Just wait until they use their boomerang
style attack and then waltz in and hit them. Wakeup if necessary. Unlike the
Weapon Tosser, if you hit a Claw Tosser while his claw is in mid-toss, the claw
will disappear instead of coming back to hit you.

-Caltrops Nin:
 Speed is your friend against these ninjas, who like to drop little spikes for
you to step on. In later levels they will also teleport behind you, but doing
that just brings them closer to their imminent doom. Knockback them before they
can drop their caltrops, and then wakeup if necessary. If they do manage to
drop them, then simply wait a few seconds and they will disappear.

-Rain Nin:
 These guys like to melt away and come back every few seconds, and they don't
have more then a simple punch. Treat them like sound nin.

-Ice Wall Tosser:
 Masked like the Claw Tosser, these ninjas create a shield of ice in front of
them, and shove it so it floats forward. The ice itself will simply push you
back, not doing any damage to you. All you have to do is get to them, or use a
special, which is easier.

-Ball Tosser:
 These guys are like the Claw Tosser, only they can direct their attack in your
direction. Like the Claw Tosser, wait until they attack and then charge in.
Wakeup if necessary.

 These guys are small, like the snake, and hard to hit. Because they sometimes
latch on to you, approaching them is not recommended. Take them out with a
weapon, or avoid them altogether.

 Pretty much a carbon copy of the Snake.

 Not much health, they just fly at you kamikaze style. Hit them before they hit
you, a weapon can make this easier.

 Similar to a bird, but it doesn't fly at you in particular. Just kind of
meanders back and forth, hoping you'll run into it.

 Weak. They just kind of stand around waiting to get hit, and the only danger
they pose has to do with the fact that you can't run into them. They take no
more then a red hit to kill.

 A big pile of... living slime. Eww. They are functionally similar to Rain
nins, and don't possess any threatening attacks to worry about.

-Bunshin Maker:
 All these guys do is clone, by making another one of themselves every few (5
or so) seconds. They will slap you if you stand directly in front of them and
give them the chance. Pretty much all you have to do to defeat them is not walk
into them, and hit them out. If you get careless and let them keep copying each
other, they will multiply exponentially, but will stop once there are 8 on the
screen. If that happens, there are screen clearing specials for a reason (this
one, to be specific). (Thanks to Stukk0 for contributing here)

 Not an active enemy per se, but they are just as evil. They hang from above,
then break and fall down when you go near them. Don't get hit, because in most
places the knockback will send you down a pit or something. They take many
forms, including cave stalactites, icicles, and dropping spears.


To find a specific point in the game, type the level, a period, and the part of
the level, surrounded by asterisks, into your "find" option. An example; say
you are trying to get help on the second part of level 3: *3.2*
Or maybe help on the minigame or boss: *3.mini* or *3.boss*

The "parts" of a level are defined as the part before the minigame and the part
after the minigame, before the boss.

The routes described here are not the whole levels, just how to get through
them. If you find a different route, then by all means use it. These are not
the only way to beat each level, and the fact that you can do it more than one
way is what gives this game its replay value.

*Extra*: When you see this, you can skip right past it. They are optional side
paths, often containing weapons or other items. If you choose to go, remember
how you get there so you can return to the spot where the walkthrough is at.

#-Level one: Konoha Rooftops

-Part 1: Starting Out						*1.1*
 And we're off! Walk to the right, taking out a few sound nins. Just past them,
there is a raised part of the ground. Jump on it.

*Extra*: Jump to the roof on your left for a few sound nins and a Kunai.

 Jump to the roof on your right, and cross the next gap. Hop up to the roof
above you, where there are some sound nins waiting for you, along with a
another gap to cross. Hop up the step, and after out-punching the sound nins
jump directly above the step and on to the roof. More sound nins, and a Needle
await you, and after that, continue right. Jump the gap, and keep going to the
gap with a "runnable" wall on the other side. Jump across, sprint up the wall,
and meet the sound nins at the top with a jump hit. Continue to the right to
meet Orochimaru and Kabuto.

-Minigame: Shikamaru						*1.mini*
 Draw a line from Shikamaru to Kabuto, and do it fast, as Kabuto isn't planning
on standing around to get pummeled. Kabuto takes 10 hits, and you have 20
seconds to dish them out.

If you beat this, the next boss starts out with some of their health already
taken away.

-Part 2: Here there be Rain Nins				*1.2*
 Grab the Shuriken in front of you, and use it to take out the sound nins just
after it. Walk (or Jump) up the wall to meet a few more sound nins, and then
come to a ledge with several paths beyond (up, straight, and down).

*Extra*: Take the path down, and look out for sound nins. While being careful
not to fall underground, go to the lower right corner of the room and crawl
under the poles, punching out a snake as you go. Wall jump up the shaft for an
extra life.

You want the straight path, hop across this and a second gap to find a runnable
wall. Sprint up the wall to find a rain nin at the top, and another ledge after
him. Fall straight down (you can just do a "leap of faith" and jump as far
forward as you can, if you want. Doing so is faster, but you'll have to figure
out where you are once you land). Proceed to the right, crossing two small gaps
and hoping the SPCA isn't watching you deal with the wolves, until you get to
and defeat a rain nin. Past him is a ledge and a moving platform, hop down past
the platform and drop to the ground. Proceed right under the building to find
another moving platform.

*Extra*: Crawl under the passage on the right to find a Windmill Shuriken. You
can keep going if you want to, you will find a small health, and this path will
join up later. However, there is a lethally dangerous bottomless pit on this
route, consider yourself warned.

Jump up on to the platform, and double jump as high as you can when the
platform is highest. You'll land on another platform, and from here you can
jump on the roof to your right. Here you will encounter a plethora of rain
nins, take them out systematically. Continue past a big nin and a gap in the
floor to find a bird flying out of nowhere at you, past it there is a ledge.

*Extra*: Drop down the gap and crawl through the passage on the right. Find a
hole in the ceiling and wall jump up through it, then go left to find a large

Cross the gap with the help of the fuse boxes on the poles, or using the moving
platform. Defeat your enemies, and go to the wall. Run up the wall and jump
back to the fuse box at the top (this may prove not particularly easy to do,
but it is isn't that hard). Double jump to the roof above you on the right,
wall jumping if necessary. Kabuto waits past a few more sound nins on the

-Boss: Kabuto							*1.boss*
 Relatively simple to beat, as he is the only boss with only one stage. Once
the fight starts use all of your specials (yours and your two Support
Characters) on him, making sure they land, not missing by using it when he is
knocked down (see the "Specials" part of the "Playable Characters" section).
Kabuto will teleport around, try to hit you, and/or use his special. If he uses
his special, stand still while watching him and wait for him to teleport. The
moment he teleports, jump and float. He should go sailing under you with his
attack. Once he stops, you are free to use your own specials against him again.

Lather, rinse, repeat until done.

#-Level two: Forest Sunset

-Part 1: of Birds and Bottomless Pits				*2.1*
 Take out the welcoming sound nins, and punch out the block with the Windmill
Shuriken in it.

*Extra*: You can navigate your way up the platforms above you to find a small
health, but there are so many annoying birds that it is often not worth it.

Proceed to the right, using your new Windmill Shuriken to its maximum
potential. Punch out any blocks in your way, as with any slimes, to find a wall
on the right. Run up said wall to find some caltrops nins, and dispose of as
appropriate, while finding the next ledge. Proceed with caution, as there are
two successive weapon tossers, both tossing their weapons with full steam. At
the ledge just past weapon tosser #2, there is a sign with a red kanji on it.
The red kanji means "Warning: Fall and Die". Get to know this sign, because it
will save you many lives figuring out which pits are bottomless throughout the

*Extra*: Stand on the platform just off the ledge, and let it fall. you will
drop on another platform with a tunnel on the left containing a breakable
block, a puppet, and a Shuriken. Drop down another level to find anther tunnel
just like the one before it, only it contains a Kunai instead. Drop down a
third time to find a third tunnel containing three puppets and another

Make a leap of faith to the right to find yourself next to (or on) a runnable
wall. At the base of the wall there is a small health waiting for your
attention, get it if you need it. Run up the wall (watch out for the bird at
the top) and drop down to find a few Konoha Leaves, another small health, and
another runnable wall. Run up the wall again (another bird, look out) and drop
down the other side for more leaves. Drop down while hugging the wall to land
in a tunnel near the bottom of the cliff.

*Extra*: Travel into the cave and up a jump, past a weapon tosser, to find two
paths; one on the right, containing a couple of puppets, and one on the left,
containing a couple of puppets, a weapon tosser, and a Needle.

Jump to the floating bit of land with a sign on it, and from there jump up to
the moving platform. Jump up to a second platform, and from there to the right
to the ledge. Keep going to find the sound four waiting.

-Minigame: Chouji						*2.mini*
 You have to hit the part of the dome opposite to Jiroubou. Keep tapping on the
wall until Jiroubou teleports in front of you, then switch sides. You have 20

Successfully hit the wall 20 times to win. If you win, the next boss starts
with some of their health already taken away.

-Part 2: Does Gravity pull down or up?				*2.2*
 Waltz on right, making any sound nin who cross your path regret that they
crossed your path. Once you get to the wall, run up it to greet a staff nin
with a jump hit. Do this with the second wall and staff nin, and then again
with the third to run up a fourth wall to the top, and to the ledge just

*Extra*: Drop straight down to find a tunnel on the left. After a couple steps,
drop down to the bottom and move left, whacking puppets as you go, to find a

Hop across the gap, and drop straight down to find some Leaves. Wall jump back
up, and drop down the next pit for more leaves. Wall jump back up again, and
double jump to the top of the next pillar. Drop to the platform, and jump

*Extra*: Jump down the pit you just crossed, and punch out the blocks on the
right, all three of them. Hop up to the tunnel you just revealed, and take out
the weapon tosser waiting for you. Drop down and turn around to find a staff
nin and an extra life.

Press forward to find three caltrops nins, and a gap after that. Drop down and
take out the staff nin, then punch out the blocks behind him. Go back to the
surface, and hop over the wall you just dropped to find a weapon tosser nose to
nose in front of you. Defeat him and his buddy to find a ledge. Drop down while
hugging the cliff to land in a tunnel.

*Extra*: Travel back into the tunnel to find a couple puppets and a weapon
tosser. Wall jump up the shaft for a large health.

Hop across to the sign, onto the platform, on to the moving platform, and then
on to one of the floating blocks of land. Navigate up the platforms to reach
the ledge of the cliff on the right, and proceed right to find Jiroubou.

-Boss: Jiroubou							*2.boss*
 Stage one: As before, apply your specials liberally. Jiroubou can walk back
and forth, jump, punch you, and use his special. Keep your distance from him,
only getting close enough to use your special, as doing so will make dodging
his attacks and special much easier. If he uses his special, jump and float as
fast as you can. If you were far enough away from him, then you will dodge the

 Stage two: The only thing different about him is that he has more health, and
a different special. His special this time is easier to avoid, as it gives you
more warning. Once he activates his special, run to the corner farther away
from him, then float as he throws the rock if he is close enough to hit you.

#-Level three: Rocky Tundra

-Part 1: Hope you like Platforming...				*3.1*
 Walk a few steps to the right, and hop up to the platform to the right,
getting the Needles.

*Extra*: You can go to the right using the logs, if you like, but this route is
challenging and kind of roundabout. You will get another Needle, a Shuriken,
and a small health for your trouble.

Jump to the platform on the left, but beware of the leeches under the leaves.
You can stand on the end of the platform, which is curved down, and shoot the
leeches with your needles if you want to. To the upper right is another
platform like the first, and then again to the upper left, watching out for
leeches. Now comes an interesting jump; you have to double jump over to log on
your upper right, timing it so you can land on the log and jump to the upper
left as soon as you land on it (this may take a few tries, but it's a lot
easier then the other route). From here you can jump to the platform above you
for a Shuriken, and then run up the wall on your left.

*Extra*: You can drop down to the left for a large health, but getting back up
may require some specials.

Jump up to your left, and then up again to your right to meet a ball tosser.
Hop to the right using three more platforms, and then to a fourth with another
ball tosser. Jump to the right and drop down to get to the next area.

After loading the next area, immediately jump up to the platform to avoid your
welcoming committee of sound nins. Make a long jump to the right and try to
make it to the next platform, because the ground is covered in enemies. Here
you will find a windmill shuriken. Make another long jump to right, into the
wall. While you drop down, toss a shuriken back towards the enemies you just
ditched to slow them down, and then drop down the hole. Proceed left, using
your new shuriken to deal with the rain nins and ice wall nins you will

*Extra*: Stay near the ceiling for a small health, the path joins up to the

Continue to the left to find a pitfall going straight down. Drop down (look out
for any nins you might have tossed over the edge), and proceed to the right, to
the sign (one more rain nin here). Sprint across the rickety "bridge" to reach

*Extra*: Pause when you reach the sixth panel for an extra life. Don't forget
you'll have to jump back up before you die.

-Minigame: Shino						*3.mini*
 Not too difficult, just touch the spiders as soon as you see them. You have 20
seconds to get 30 spiders. Try not to let any of the spiders escape, and you
should be fine. Not to say you can get every spider, just try your best.

If you win, the next boss starts with some of their health already taken away.

-Part 2:							*3.2*
 Stroll onward, taking out the sound nins and rain nins. Go ahead and crawl
under the tunnel for some leaves, and then hop over the round rock, dealing
with the sound nins. Punch the rock from the right, to make it roll left. Crawl
in the little space underneath to get a Kunai. Proceed to the right to find
another rolling rock.

*Extra*: Skip over this rock and keep going to the right. Deal with rain nins,
and keep going to find a small passage underneath the cliff face. Crawl through
it to find some slimes and a wall tosser, a large health, and a whole ton of

Punch the rock forward. Keep rolling it while on the lookout for rain nins,
until you see the cliff. Hop on top of your rock, then jump up to find a ledge
on the cliff. From here, jump to the top of the cliff to find Kidoumaru.

-Boss: Kidoumaru						*3.boss*
 Stage one: If you have Kakashi as a support character, just use him and this
stage is finis. Otherwise, Kidoumaru jumps, teleports, punches, and uses his
special, all of which can be avoided by jumping to one of the top platforms.
Just hang out up there until your chakra is recharged, and hop down to use your
specials on him. If he catches you on the ground with his special, it's easy to
float over the slow moving spiderweb.

 Stage two: Don't waste a special on him right off the bat, as he is
invulnerable and will teleport away in a second or two. Jump to one of the
middle platforms, and, as the giant spider descends, use your Uppercut hit as
fast as you can on the legs. When the annoying little spiders show up, just hit
them all with a red hit, they don't take more then that. Once you have all the
legs from one side taken out, hop down and run across to the other side, and
get on the other middle platform. If getting on the platform proves to be a
challenge, repeatedly jump hitting the legs works too. Once you have all the
legs killed, Kidoumaru will jump back down and face you like a real six-armed

 Stage three: Similar to stage one, jumping on one of the top platforms proves
you invincible to all he can dish out. Once you recharge your chakra, hop down
and administer your treatment. Hop back up as quickly as you can, because his
special can only be dodged by getting up on top of the platforms.

#-Level four: Cavern of Teeth

Part 1:	Bats and Spiders and Huge gnashing Jaws! oh my!		*4.1*
 Welcome to my Favorite level in the game! Walk to the right, whacking snakes
and bats, until you reach a gap in the floor. Here there are three consecutive

*Extra*: Go down the first pit for some extra leaves, but this will probably
cost you a hit of health from the leeches at the bottom. The third pit is the

You want the second pit. Fall down the middle, getting all of the leaves. At
the bottom, head left to the ledge.

*Extra*: Fall down this gap and hug left for a large health. Watch out for big
nins and spikes, though.

Hop across the gap to find another ledge, then again to a last platform with
some sound nins on it.

*Extra*: Jump up on the rotating platforms, and then to the ledge on the left.
Crawl down the tunnel for a Kunai, but watch out for the snake.

Walk slowly over the edge on your right, so that you fall straight down. You'll
find yourself on a platform with two other platforms on your left and right,
both of which have spiders on them. Step down to your right and crawl under the
platform to find a Needle, which may be useful against the spiders. Proceed
left, drop off the ledge, then go right to find another ledge. Careful here;
you want to go down, but as soon as you go near the ledge, a pair of rocky
claws will slam down from above you (they hurt from the top too, so don't try
to walk on them). Drop down, and move to the left quickly to get out of the way
(look out for sound nins). There is a small health to the right if you need it,
and a ledge there too.

*Extra*: Cross the gap on the moving platform to find a big nin and a Windmill

Drop down off of this ledge too, to land on a rotating platform. Drop down on
the rightmost part of the rotation (look out for spikes) to land to the left
of... another ledge. As you can see, there is another small health on the other
side of the gap, jump over there to get it. Drop down to the bottom again.

*Extra*: Crawl to the right to find a cache of leaves, guarded by some big nins
and a sound nin.

Run left to find yourself playing chicken with some sound nins, and after that
another ledge. Drop down, but hug the near wall because of more stone claws on
the left. To the right, there are some rotating platforms, hop on them, but
watch out for the spikes underneath them.

*Extra*: Drop to the right of the rotation to land in a small spot with no
spikes, and a large health.

*Extra*: Jump to the platforms above you, then to the ledge up and right of
them to find a bat and a Needle.

Hop to the platforms on your right, and from them to a ledge on the right. Here
there are a few sound nins and a couple of big nins waiting for you, take them
out and hop on the moving platform on the right. Hop to the left ledge to find
a big nin and a shuriken, then to the right to find some "stairs" covered in
spiders. Ascend to find a ledge on the right. Jump across so you can hug the
far wall on the way down, you will fall past some other platforms. Then go to
the right to find Tatsuya when you land.

Minigame: Shikamaru						*4.mini*
 Same thing as 1.mini, only Tayuya moves a little faster. 20 seconds, 10 hits.

If you win, the next boss starts with some of their health already taken away.

Part 2:	Into the Mandibles of fate!				*4.2*
 Look out! Take care of the sound nin who had the impression that a surprise
attack on you would be a good idea. Proceed forward, and by the fifth sound nin
you'll have a huge block of spikes hurtling towards you. Dash back to the left
so you don't get impaled, then follow the spikes back to the right. Drop down
the hole, dash to the left, drop down another hole, then move to the spot just
to the right of underneath the hole. Wait here for the spikes to spring at you
from the right, but don't move from your safe spot, because there are spikes on
the left too. Once the spikes from the right pop up, follow them back to whence
they came. Wait at the next hole for the spikes underneath you to spring, then
drop in behind them. Dash to the right, drop down for some health, then proceed
left until you see another hole above you. Stand in the safe spot just to the
right of under the hole, then wait for the spikes to come in from the left.
When they do, follow them back to another hole in the ceiling. When you reach
this next hole, jump up to the right edge of the hole. Wait for the spikes
below you to spring, then be quick about dropping in behind them, as the spikes
on your level will soon follow (they may not go in this particular order if you
haven't taken this exact route to get there. They seem to be triggered by your
presence somehow, but I haven't figured it out yet)

*Extra*: At this point, you can hop back up to the left side of the hole for an
extra life, if you think you're fast enough.

Drop down the hole on the left, and pat yourself on the back for getting
through that meat grinder. Go right, and cross the gap to find a big nin and a
large health waiting for you, if you need it. Go back and drop down the gap to
find some sound nins on the left, but you need to go right, so you can ditch
them if you want to. You'll find another gap, cross it for a Shuriken. Drop
down the gap, and proceed left past a few more sound nins to find yet another
gap. Drop down, and you'll practically land on another gap, drop down it too.
Cross the gap on the left to find a Windmill Shuriken. Drop down the gap, this
one has a few leaves, to find, you guessed it, another gap. Drop down this, the
last gap, and look left to find some spikes, with another row of down-facing
spikes that chomp down like jaws. When they come down, hop up on top of them
(this jump may be difficult to make: to low, and you hit the spikes. Too high,
and you bounce off the ceiling and hit the spikes). Walk left to find another
set of "jaws" and jump across to them. Keep going left, watch out for the bat,
and drop down on the right. Proceed right (large health here if you need it),
until you find a "step" down with a spider hiding in it. Hop over the spider
and turn around to deal with it, if you wish. Now for some sprinting. Sprint
right, and don't stop even when you get to the ledge. When you fall off the
ledge, turn around and sprint the other direction (there is a rolling rock
chasing you Indiana Jones style, I don't recommend hanging out to see what it
looks like). You will encounter several bunshin makers, just use your running
hit to knock them down and ditch them. Once you fall off of another ledge, get
the Windmill Shuriken, and sprint right. You can use your windmill shuriken to
lead you and take out the bunshin makers ahead of you, or you can just attack
them, either way don't stop. You'll fall off another ledge, turn around again
and sprint left. There are no more bunshin makers, so don't worry about them,
and run until you get to a sign with a pitfall. Jump across, and continue at
your leisure knowing that the rock fell down the hole. Drop down the next ledge
you find, and turn around to go right. there are some more "upper" jaws here,
run under them so that you don't get hit, especially near the pitfall you come
to. Hop across it, careful you don't get knocked back into the hole. Dash to
the right underneath two more upper jaws, finding a large health between them.
Past them, Tatsuya is waiting.

Boss: Tayuya							*4.boss*
 Stage one: She has relatively low health, so use that to your advantage. Try
to beat her before she has a chance to use her special (easy with mr. OHKO
Kakashi), because her special is pretty hard to dodge. If she does get a
special off, the "ghost" things can be floated over if they are going side to
side, but it's difficult to dodge the vertical ones (run out of the way if you
can see them coming). Take her out as fast as you can.

 Stage two: She will jump back and forth, punch, and use her special. If she
uses her special, your best bet is to move to a corner and pray. It doesn't do
a lot of damage, but if you are going for the Hokage rank, any damage is too
much. It shouldn't take too long to take her out, as she doesn't have a ton of

#-Level five: Ice Mountain

Part 1:	Your Worst Enemy is the Environment--			*5.1*
 --or the lack of one. All of the bottomless pits in this level are just that,
bottomless, so don't get knocked back into one. Start by going left and getting
the Kunai. Just after that is a wolf, hit him with the kunai to knock him into
the pit. Across the pit is another wolf with another pit behind him; toss
another kunai. Across that pit is another wolf with a third pit behind him, use
your kunai again. Now you start going uphill, there are two ball tossers and
two sound nins, two snowballs rolling downhill (one red hit will destroy them),
and a small health. At the top there are three stalactites, three wolves, and a
claw tosser. Proceed downhill to the right, encountering two rain nins on the
way to a ledge. Jump the ledge, but be careful of the three stalactites poised
to knock you to your doom. After the staff nin, you'll find two sound nins, a
Needle, and a Shuriken before the next ledge. Here, toss a shuriken (or
needles) at the ball tosser on the next platform, then hop to it. Do the same
for the claw tosser on the next platform, and jump to it. Take out the three
wolves on the next ledge, and cross over. Proceed to find a caltrops nin and
another ledge. Cross, take out the puppet with an air hit. Do the same for the
claw tosser on the next platform, and for the sound nin on the next (though he
may run off of it on his own). Jump down to the next ledge, cautious of the
three Stalactites set to shove you back into the pit. There is a puppet and a
caltrops nin before the next ledge.

*Extra*: Double jump and wall jump to get to the ledge above you, but look out
for the sound nin at the top. Go right, beat the staff nin, and hop up to the
next ledge. Here there are two sound nins waiting for you, and a staff nin at
the next ledge. Jump to the next ledge to find three sound nins, a large
health, and a Windmill Shuriken. From here you can long jump to the right to
get to Kiba.

Hop across the gap, and then across the next one to take out a puppet and see a
claw tosser on the next platform. Cross the gap, take him out, and cross the
next gap to find a few wolves. Run up the wall and past a couple caltrops nins
to reach Sakon.

Minigame: Kiba							*5.mini*
 Not too difficult, all you need is speed, again. Tap an area to send Akamaru
there, and if you were fast enough he'll hit Sakon. Keep doing this for 10
hits, you have only... you guessed it, 20 seconds.

If you win, the next boss starts with some of their health already taken away.

Part 2: Snowboarding? Doubleyou, Tee, Eff?			*5.2*
 Controls: D-Pad left = brake, and A = jump. Thats it, no specials or anything.

Start out going over the first three gaps without jumping (instead, you'll
glide over them for some leaves). Jump the next two, and not the sixth. Jump
gaps seven and eight, and double jump nine for an extra life. Now you can play
the rest of the level without the worry that you'll lose a life, rock on!

For the rest of this level, it's so fast that it's actually easier to complete
it by trial and error then by step by step walkthrough. But, since this is a
walkthrough, I'll give you one.

Just after the life, jump over the next gap, and double jump off the ledge.
Double jump up the next gap, of which the opposite ledge is a little high.
Double jump as soon as you see a leaf to reach the next ledge, then keep on
truckin' downhill, straight, then uphill to the next gap, which a glide is
sufficient to clear. Jump over the next gap, and double jump the one after
that, so that you are near the top of the stage. Glide off the next ledge to
find yourself on a straightaway involving two really small gaps, which can both
be easily glided over. Double jump as soon as you see the leaves leading up to
clear this gap, and again for the next one. Glide the next gap, then jump the
one after that. Double jump up the next short, but steep, gap, then double jump
the next one, past some evil leaves that look like they want to lead you
downward. Now you find yourself on a path saturated in leaves, there is a few
gaps in the middle of it (three), but only the middle one requires jumping.
Glide off the end, go under a tunnel, and go up a really long ramp. Don't brake
here, and long jump off the end to reach the other side, where Sakon waits.

Boss: Sakon and Ukon						*5.boss*
 Stage one: Sakon jumps, dashes back and forth, punches, and uses his special
(which isn't anything more then a powerful kick). Just keep your distance, and
use specials as you get enough chakra for them. After _trying_ to get hit by
his special, just to see what it did, I found that you can't get hit by this
special if you try. A boss with no effective special? Sign me up!

 Stage two: This Sakon moves just like before, only this time he has _two_
different specials! Whenever he uses his special, as fast as you can run to
either side of the stage. If you're lucky, he uses his first and more common
"Demon House" special. That entails him splitting up and going to either side
of the stage (don't worry about touching him, he's untouchable during this
special), and summoning up a big castle up through the middle of the area. The
castle then sinks back underground as fast as it came up, but don't touch it,
it hurts.
 If you're unlucky, however, he uses his second, unblockable, special which
means you lose some health, and there is nothing you can do about it. Either
way, get him as often as possible with all of your specials, and he shouldn't
last too long.

#-Level six: Negative Cave

Part 1:	But... But... But I Didn't WANNA be Naruto!		*6.1*
 Tough beans, no more super-floating with Lee here.

*Extra*: A few steps from the spot you start out, double jump and wall jump on
to the ledge above you. Proceed left down the steps, then long jump the gap to
find a spider and a small health waiting for you.

To the right, grab the Needles and use them to shoot the spiders on the steps.
Ascend the stairs to find a ball tosser at the top, the needles will prove
useful for not having to go near him. Here you will find a Shuriken and a shaft
leading upwards, use the wall jump to go up. Look out for the bat at the top,
take out the slime and don't get snagged by a stalactite to the left. Jump
across the platforms to the fourth one (Kunai here), if you fall you'll find
yourself at the beginning again. Be careful here, the fifth platform phases, so
don't hang around on it. You can just jump straight to the seventh platform,
and from here you'll se that the eighth platform phases too. Jump across to the
ledge to meet a ball tosser, and past him the other ledge, with a bat above it.

*Extra*: Drop down here to find a passage and a wall tosser on the right, go
that way. Super wall jump up to find a Windmill Shuriken.

Hop across the gap. Drop down pit, but be wary of the stalactites above it. On
the left side of the pit, about two thirds of the way down, there is a large
health if you need it (If you miss it, you can super wall jump back up to get
it). At the bottom you'll find a wall tosser and a crawl passage on the right,
go through it. You'll see a wall tosser on the other side of the wall on the
right, ignore him and wall jump up the shaft. At the top, there is a Windmill
Shuriken and a conveyor belt rolling towards you on the right. Use the windmill
shuriken to take out the sound nins (they shoot back now, watch out) and the
bunshin makers. At the end of the belt, there are three consecutive gaps.

*Extra*: Cross them all to find a slime, defeat it. Run up the wall, past all
of the phasing platforms, to find a ledge with an extra life on it.

You want the rightmost, third one. Drop down, and look out for the caltrops
nins on the other side of the wall as they might teleport in on your side.
Crouch hit the blocks on the left, and crawl through the passage. At the other
end you will find a wall tosser, and another set of "jaws" like those seen in
level 4. Hop on top of them and proceed left to the ledge.

*Extra*: Cross the gap to find a slime and a large health, both under an upper
jaw. Keep moving to find a ledge with a wall tosser on it (seen him before?),
and a runnable wall behind him. Run up the wall and across the ceiling to find
a small health on a platform underneath you (this can also be gotten from the
other side of the room).

Drop down so that you retrieve all the leaves, and you will land on a platform.
Navigate the platforms to the left, until you get to the fourth one, then drop
down the gap in front of you, hugging the near wall. You'll land on a small
ledge, then drop again to land on a conveyor belt platform (watch out for
bats). Drop to the left, then migrate to right a little bit on your way down to
fall between two other conveyor belt platforms, to land on a rotating platform.
Hop to the platforms on the right, then to the ones below you, then to the
right again. Now jump to the ones to the upper right, and finally to the ledge
on your upper left bearing a ball tosser. Run up the wall and ceiling for as
far as you have chakra, and when you drop down you will find yourself facing a
figure that doesn't seem willing to reveal his face yet.

Miniboss: ?							*6.mini*
 This mysterious shaded figure can run and jump left and right, and punch, but
has no special. Keep your distance and use your specials, and you should win 
in no time.

Part 2:	Left is Right						*6.2*
 Throughout the stage, at more or less periodic intervals, you will hear
Orochimaru say something. When he does, the screen will fill up with a purple
haze and your D-pad controls will be mirrored (left=right, right=left). About
10 seconds later, he will chuckle and your controls will be back to normal.
During this time, you can either just sit still and wait, or, if you are
confident, you can just keep going. Either way works, as there is no time

See the spikes to your right? Those hurt, so try not to fall while you are
platforming your way up. Hop up to the platform with the sign on your upper
right. Navigate the platforms upwards, keeping as far to the left as you can.
At the seventh platform, there is a ledge to your upper left, go there and run
up the wall on your left. If you run out of chakra, just migrate to a nearby
platform and wait for it to recharge, then proceed running up the wall. When
you reach the top, pause for a second before you step to the ceiling so that
the stalactites don't catch you. Continue along the ceiling until you see the
end, then drop down to the platform below you. Double jump around the ledge,
and land on it.

*Extra*: Go to the left, keeping an eye out for stalactites, to find a large

From here, jump straight up for three or four phasing platforms to see a solid
one on your right, get to it. Now jump straight up past one phasing platform on
to another solid one. Here you can see a solid platform on your upper right, go
there with the assistance of the phasing platform between it and you. Above
you, there are two more phasing platforms, one straight up and another above
and left of that one. From the second one, jump to the left to find a moving
huge moving platform, it may take a few tries to reach it. To the right of the
moving platform's topmost position is another ledge with some leaves on it, and
just past it is another one of the "upper jaws" from before.

*Extra*: Hop on top of the jaw to find a Windmill Shuriken and an extra life.

Dash under the jaw, and punch out the blocks in your way. Proceed taking out
the poor, defenseless rocks until you get to the other side, where Sasuke waits
in mortified horror.

Boss: Sasuke							*6.boss*
 Stage one: Exactly the same as the miniboss "shaded figure", only he isn't so
shaded anymore.

 Stage two: Wow, cool music. Too bad you have to stop it every few seconds to
use specials. Anyways, the movement is the same as stage one, only he has two
specials this time. If he uses his special, dash to either corner. If it was
Shishi rendan and you made it this far, you're fine (Shishi rendan executes as
soon as the special starts, but you have to me in front of Sasuke for it to
work). If it's Chidori, stand in the corner (you dunce) and wait for him to
charge you. When he does, jump (not float) over the charge and land after he
turns around (if you take too long in the air, he will hit you as soon as you
land). As soon as you land, jump over the next charge. Do this one more time
and viola, you have dodged the chidori. Use specials as often as possible and
the battle should be over quickly.

#-Level seven: Konoha Final

Part 1:	The Bane of Small Platforms				*7.1*
 You aren't? Then I'm sorry to say that you won't ever beat this level, so
start practicing. From the starting point, hop up the stairs on the right and
jump hit the big nin waiting there. Get the Needles, and continue up the stairs
to meet a claw tosser and a couple of sound nins (they do a dangerous Kiba-
style blitz attack now, so be wary). Past them, and past a pitfall, is a Kunai
guarded by two snakes. Past them is another pitfall, and past that is a ledge
with a dive bombing bird (kunai useful here). Now for fun part #1, hop up on
the telephone pole, then to the next one (If you have trouble here, make slow,
controlled jumps, and don't double jump unless you have to). Jump to the moving
platform in front of you, then to the one after that (there are two more birds
here). Hop the last three, then get to the opposite ledge, which has a small
health on it. Continue forward to find two sound nins next to a pyramid of
boxes in the background.

*Extra*: Jump to the ledge above you, then pass the bunshin maker on your
right. Run up the wall to find two sound nins and a claw tosser on the roof,
and a windmill Shuriken. Drop down the ledge and pass the big nin to move to
the next screen.

*Extra*: Go forward and drop down the hole to find a Needle and a passage
leading right, guarded by a snake. Through there is a staff nin and a large

Go forward and cross the gap to find a little platform with a snake on it, and
a couple sound nins.

*Extra*: Hop on the platform, then hop to and run up the wall to your upper
left. You will circle the room, and once you come down on the other side you
will find two weapon tossers here. Not to mention an extra life.

Continue forward past a big nin to reach the next area.

Proceed right, and long jump the impeding gap. Past the next, smaller, gap are
two sound nins who will gladly stroll to oblivion if you sit on the other side
and bait them. Cross said gap and hop atop the red stacked crates, use a
special on the staff nin on the ledge above you (he will most likely just knock
you back if you try to approach him). Alight the ledge.

*Extra*: To the right, past the snakes and sound nin, lies a small health.

Again, jump to the ledge above you, but watch out for the weapon tosser, for he
is lethal and may knock you into a pit.

*Extra*: Jump to the ledge above you (again) to find four big nins and a bird.
Past them is an extra life, and long jump from here to finish the part.

Proceed right, disposing of sound nins as necessary. Cross the gap to find a
large health, then drop down it and deal with the sound nin and weapon tosser.
To the right, down the ledge, Kimmimaro waits.

Minigame: Gaara							*7.mini*
 Double tap Kimimaro, wherever he appears. You don't have to double tap but it
seems to register better when you do. If he appears next to you, tap him once
to block his attack, then after he attacks you can hit him like normal. If you
can hit him 10 times within 20 seconds, you get you're health bar refilled.

Part 2:	Into the Sunset						*7.2*
 Jump down, following the trail of leaves, to find a Needle to your left when
you land. Use it to take out the three snakes on your right, then cross the gap
behind them. Here you will find a party of five sound nins, and past them a
claw tosser.

*Extra*: Punch out the blocks to find a passageway leading right, with a drop
at the end. Here there is a crawl space to a veritable sanctuary, full of
snakes and a bunshin maker. There is a small health, a large health, and an
extra life to ease your suffering.

Take out the weapon tosser above you, and continue up the steps to find a sound
nin and a claw tosser, and past them a Shuriken. Hop up the platforms above
you, to the third one up. There is a Kunai to your right, but you needn't take
it if you already have a shuriken. Hop to platforms four and five, on your
above left, and from here shoot the claw tosser on your left. Cross to where he
was, then to the platform on the left and up.

*Extra*: Migrate left until you get to the edge of the building (three
platforms), then drop down two platforms to get a small health.

Jump to the ledge directly (OK, it's a little to the left) above you, to find
yourself in the crook of an L shaped platform. Jump to the top of it, then to
the platform on your upper left, and again to your upper left. Shoot, or
special, the staff nin on your right, then hop to his spot. Wall jump to the
ledge directly (really is straight this time) above you, then proceed to the
right, past two sound nins, to a block. Break it, then crawl under the beam.

*Extra*: Keep going to the right, past three sets of pits/sound nins/blocks
(watch out for stalactites too) (drop down the second hole for a Shuriken), and
run up the wall for a small health. Now, to the left, take out the staff nin
and double wall jump up the hole above him. There is now another small health
on your right, and you can hop up the tipping platforms to reach the marked
point below.

There is a pit in front of you, and a hole in the ceiling above you. Wall jump
up the hole to find yourself cornered with a big nin on both sides, you want to
go left. Past him, pause before you go down the step, and let your chakra
regain if necessary (you are going to need a screen clearer or two here). There
is a staff nin, backed by ten sound nins, pass them to reach the tipping
platform above (stand in the very center of a tipping platform to not fall).
After the fifth tipping platform, there is a ledge followed by a weapon tosser.
Past two more weapon tossers and a few crates, there is a huge pile of crates
for you to get to the top of. From here jump above to the ledge on your left,
beware of sound nins.

*Extra*: *Marked point*.

Proceed left to find a gap topped with a tipping platform, and with a sound nin
on the other side. Wait at the edge to bait the sound nin into the gap, then
cross. Cross two more gaps in this manner to reach a ledge with a tipping
platform just off of it. Hop to it, then to the next one, then to the ledge to
your above right. To the right there is a staff nin followed by a bunshin
maker, followed by another staff nin followed by another bunshin maker,
followed by yet another staff nin. Keep going to reach the next area.

Sure is quiet here... jump to the right, then proceed to find three large
healths, then a ledge (careful not to run off). Now for fun part #2. Jump to
the next platform. Then jump to the next platform. Then jump to the next
platform. Then jump to the next platform. Then jump to the next platform. Then
jump to the next platform. Then finally jump to the next building, where
Orochimaru patiently waits to kick your ass. Isn't that nice of him?

Boss: Orochimaru						*7.boss*
 Stage one: Orochimaru is invincible. The only way to kill him is to sing any
one of the Naruto anime theme songs into the microphone, without missing a
beat. In case you can't tell, I'm kidding. Orochimaru is invincible, and you
can't kill him; the only way to win is to let him kill you. (Yeah I know, it's
pretty counter-intuitive. Ever play the last fight in "Escape from Monkey
Island"? That one is worse).

 Stage two: Chakra Swirling. Never could get the hang of it, huh? The Gods of
video gaming just pulled a fast one on you with the God of irony. Now you just
need to fill up your chakra bar. See the "Chakra Wheel" part of the "Specials"
section for tips if you are having trouble.

 Stage three: All Kyubied up and rarin' to go, now your best strategy is to run
like a squirrel with a chicken heart. When the battle starts, use Rasengan (it
may take quite a few of these to take him down if you aren't skilled with the
Chakra wheel, but only about four if you are). Now run to the corner when
Orochimaru isn't. When Orochimaru tries to fix the fact that you have that
corner to yourself, float over him to the other corner. Repeat until you have
enough chakra for another Rasengan, and do it all over again.
 Orochimaru has two specials; one involves him shooting his head into the air
and coming down to snag you, easily avoided when you are running as fast as you
can. The other one has him doing a reverse sword-swallower act and spitting up
a sword, which spins around in a circle for a few seconds, then launching
itself at you in a straight line. Easily avoided with a float.
 He also has an ability to heal himself, but there isn't anything you can do
about it, so just do more damage then he can heal. He only heals about 50% to
75% of a full-powered rasengan, so it shouldn't be a problem.

 An alternate strategy for beating stage three Orochimaru, contributed by 
  You start off with a super, just like usual, trying to do Rasengan and
 all that. After the super you run off to a corner and wait for
 Orochimaru to come. When he gets pretty close to you, start running in
 his direction and hit Y. He won't have time to stop and block and
 he'll be knocked out for a little while (giving you more time to mold
 chakra, inflicting a little damage and also giving him less time to
 decide to heal himself). Before he wakes up, run to the opposite
 corner. As soon as your chakra hits maximum, perform your super again.

Another strategy, similar to the one above, involves using an uppercut hit 
instead of a running hit. However, while the uppercut hit buys you more time, 
it is significantly harder to hit on wakeup. Both of these strategies require 
getting close to Orochimaru, meaning that its easier to deplete your health bar 
quickly, and are not particularly recommended if you aren't quick to react. 
They are also much faster, as they give Orochimaru much less time to heal 


The third option on the main screen is a kind of paint game. It starts out with
just one background, Mt. Hokage, and you can unlock more. You cannot,
unfortunately, unlock a blank screen to draw on. You can't save any of your
work, either, so don't get too attached to it.

To unlock extra Backgrounds, beat the game on a single file as many times as is

Beat the game once to unlock:

Beat the game twice to unlock:

Beat the game a third time to unlock:

Beating the game a fourth time doesn't unlock anything else.


I would like to thank the following for their contributions:

GameFAQs.com, for hosting this FAQ.

NarutoFan.com, their Character and Technique databases helped me with the names
of some moves and characters.

Everybody on the Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu GameFAQs message board, for
without them there isn't much of an english language community around this
game. Particularly...

Kimbles45, for correcting some character misspellings and screw-ups.	

Kidddabeauty, for tips and help with Orochimaru stratagies.

Stukk0, for pointing out a mistake with the Bunshin Makers.

Me, for writing this FAQ, but more importantly...

You, for reading it. Without you, there is no reason to write this!

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