Review by jsutton0010

Reviewed: 12/03/07

Lego + all six episodes of Star Wars = best Star Wars game for the DS

The third Lego Star Wars game has arrived for the DS and unlike LSW2 this game is worth playing on all levels. Whilst I have no right in telling you to go and buy this game. I hope you readers out there don't dis this game because of it being lego, this game is for hardcore gamers alike and has enough in it to challenge even the most gifted players out there.

In Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga you do basically do the same in Lego Star Wars 2 , collecting the studs as your currency, collecting the 10 canisters hidden on all the levels, collecting two new things a red power block and 3 fruit blocks. The rest of the game is doing what is done in the movies but in lego form so fighting battle droids, stormtroopers, sith lords etc, flying in different ships and destroying tie fighters, ATATs, destroying the death star and racing in the pod race. The major difference is no bugs so characters won't disappear and things are easier to find. Free play is back so once you have completed each level you can replay it with any of the Star Wars characters. When doing a level it will take at least 2 or 3 goes to find everything as certain areas can only be accessed by certain characters eg if a object has a glowing circle of either red, green or blue then only a jedi or a sith can access that object, if there is a small platform with a red circle then only a character with a grapple can use that, small doors are for small characters only plus there are doors that only one type of characters can access such as droids, bounty hunters etc.

Graphics 10/10 Perfect for the DS, great 3D effects and proves that the DS can do fantastic graphics there is no slow down even when action gets heavy.

Music and Audio 7/10 whilst the music is great there is really no audio except for the battle droids saying roger, roger and R2 making his beeping noise also there is no spoken audio in the cutscenes either.

GamePlay 10/10 plays just like a real Star Wars game in lego form.

Final score 10/10 Brilliant game for everyone this is challenging and fun it will please anyone who is a fan of Star Wars and lego.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (AU, 11/07/07)

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