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Reviewed: 08/07/08

You can't expect the console version on a DS, but this does its job.

Now, I love Assassin's Creed on the consoles, the trouble is, I don't have a next-gen system yet, Although I really want a PS3. But I've beaten it at my friend's, and needless to say, It's just plain awesome, one of my top ten favorite games of 2007, possibly all-time. At the time-being, I have a PS2, a DS, and a PSP, in addition to the older systems (N64, PSX, GBA, GB, PC, Genesis etc.). Now, so the only way I could get Assassin's Creed would be on the DS, I bought this game for $20 at gamestop about a month ago, beat It a day later, and now I'm righting the review several months after, this is my first review on gamefaqs, so please don't get too mad at me here, I do have experience however, I'm 15 and have been playing since I was 4, I'm a hardcore gamer. Now onto the game:

This game may be a bit disappointing to the people who were expecting the Next-Gen version of Assassin's Creed to be flawlessly transfered to their DS, a system incapable of reproducing some of the years most amazing graphics, sounds, moments, and everything else that is so amazing about Assassin's Creed onto an inch-long DS gamecard, but If you accept the fact that some things had to be cut and moved around, that this is a prequel, and that its a DS game, you'll find what is, in my opinion, a very good handheld experience.

SOUND- 9/10

Wow, Ubisoft and Gameloft really are great with sound, let me tell you. In a ton of Ubisoft games, they have great soundtracks, effects and other noises that make a game even better, ie: Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and of course, Assassin's Creed to name a few. SOUND EFFECTS: good, if a tad repetitive at times, the usual clangs and grunts, nothing special here, and then the ones that you don't here very often are really good, things that are just tiny little details that you notice, things like guards snoring, people chatting in the marketplace, and birds chirpping differently in the forest are all good those few times that they appear. MUSIC: Wow, the music is just great. I'm amazed that DS can hold these great songs by Jesper Kyd, I mean It's nothing new really that the DS has real songs on it, like on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and Transformers are the ones that come to mind. The songs really set a great mood, if you get this game, wear headphones when you play. Very middle eastern songs, Very Epic. The only song that gets tiresome is the one that plays when you fight, because its short and repetitive, and you'll hear it alot. Sadly, there are no voice-overs.


The graphics in this game aren't the best ever, but things look good and you can tell what everything is, there's no "What the heck is that thing supposed to be?" moments. The Few FMVs that are scattered about are a nice touch but I've seen better, even on a DS. The game enviroment isn't exactly "Open-World" but there are several time when you can get to your objective a few different ways. It's more like, "Big, Long, Nice enviroments" rather than "Open-World".


This isn't a how hard it is meter, it's how well the difficulty was implemented. I thought it was well done, on Easy it's Easy, Medium is significantly more difficult and Hard is well, Hard. The only frusterating part of the game's difficulty is that you sometimes mess up the platforming if you you're not good at it, but this is remedied by the fact that there are TONs of checkpoints in the game, I'm not kidding here, there is a bunch of checkpoints, and something else that is helpful is that if you have to shut it off, you can just go to quit game and it will remember your last checkpoint.

STORY- 9/10

I for one, thought the story was very good, aside from Altair's occasional jokes, I can only think of one that was funny, Altair really shouldn't joke. He's probably my favorite videogame character, and it just doesn't suit him. However I thought all the other dialogue was great, and the story was good as well, but the dialogue was the really shining piece here.

LENGTH- 2/10

Well, this game is short but sweet, It is incredibly short, several hours at most.


This has almost no replay value other than to beat the game on another difficulty level or to relive the story.


Fun, Good Story, Good Sound Effects, Cool, lots of checkpoints,


No real replay value, the fact that you can't keep all the cool upgrades and moves ( in my oppinion the only real big problem of this game), not really open-world, some tiny bugs.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles (US, 02/05/08)

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