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Reviewed: 07/07/09

This game is no where close to spoony status.

Okay, this is the first version of Final Fantasy 4 that I have played, so I won't be doing much comparing between versions.
On with the review, ye spoony bard!

First off, this is a handheld, so I'll be judging that way and not by console standards.
First off, I think that as far as the character models go, they are pretty good, if a bit blocky. The action in the cutscenes is actually really smooth. I really liked the the design of a few of the characters, particularly Dark Knight Cecil and Kain. The attack animations all look nice, but the spells, particularly dualcast and meteor, are incredible to look at. The weapons all look as they should and the battlefeilds look nice, even if they do tend to repeat. The environments and dungeons and towns, though look really detailed and are nice to look at. Finally, the enemies look really good. They are, by far, the best designed thing as far as graphics go. The only real problem with the graphics is that you will occasionally see a body part go missing or a texture dissappear briefly, but it hardly hinders the game. Oh yeah the opening looks absolutely STUNNING. It can compare to, dare I say it, Xbox 360 graphics. 10/10

I know that this is from the SNES, but even still, the story is great. It really is, at least for me, the main reason to go all the way through the game. It starts off with the Dark Knight Cecil on an airship when him and his crew are suddenly attacked by monsters. After the fight, you find out that Cecil is the captain of the airship armada the Red Wings of Baron. Cecil goes to the king of Baron and tells about how the recent Mysidian raid was no more than a bloodbath. The king gets mad at him for questioning him, so the king strips Cecil of his rank and tells him to deliver a ring to a nearby village. Rosa, Cecil's sweetheart worries for Cecil that night. The next day, Cecil leaves with his rival and best friend, the Dragoon Kain, and they head off to the village. I won't spoil what happens from there, but let's just say that Final Fantasy 4 tells an epic story of love, friendship, hate, war and betrayal. Definite highlight of the game. 10/10

They work fine. Not really much more to say. 8/10

The gameplay is just what you'd expect- travel through a large over world while having random encounters and go to villages and dungeons. I'll get my grievances out of the way now. First, the random encounter rate is pretty high, so that makes exploring dungeons a real hassle. And you will want to explore them, because for each map you complete, you get rewards, which really help at the point in the game you're currently at. Another thing that really bugs me is the unfairness of bosses sometimes. The game gives the bosses all these powerful attacks like tornado. This reduces your entire party to one point of health. Meanwhile, you have the exact same spell, but lo and behold, it doesn't affect the boss. As a matter of fact, about half way through the game, certain spells become useless on enemies, so there's no point in having them. However, each boss has a weakness, so they aren't impossible to beat. I just hate how much the odds ar against you sometimes. Any way, the towns are fun to explore, because there is usually a secret packed away somewhere. The combat is turned based in the sense of Crono Trigger. Each character has a bar that fills up and when it does fill up, you can attack or cast a spell, etc. The spells and certain items depending on what they do, take a while to charge up, so you must plan accordingly. There are a few sidequests you can do, most of them involving namingway, a rabbit whose origins are at first unclear. Finnaly, the augment system works. When a character dies/ leaves the party, they leave behind an augment, which is an ability that is unique to them that you can put on anyone else in the party. The same goes for plot critical bosses, but I won't tell you who for the sake of not spoiling the game for you. I learned my lesson when I wrote my SSBB review. (ugh) 8/10

All in all, FF4 is a challenging RPG that is definitly not for begginers (not that I'm an expert).
If you are looking for a challenging RPG that has a great story and memorable characters, look no further than Final Fantasy 4. Buy it though, because it's a very lengthly game that takes a while to beat, partially because of level grinding, partially because it's that awesome.

Final score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (US, 07/21/08)

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