Review by kainhighwind23

Reviewed: 03/05/09

A revolutionary remake for a classic game

Final Fantasy IV just happens to be my first FF I ever played, so this remake was one that filled me with delight, there's nothing better than a fantastic game with voiceovers, and good graphics. It took Square Enix awhile to get it right after the flop of the GBA version, but this just so happens to be the main aspect of the game, as they made it exactly with the proper difficulty the Japanese game had to offer, with two extra bosses, and the new augment system, this game has a ton of offers. Only a few minor setbacks which will be listed in a numerical format.

1. Voice acting; the voice actors could have used a little more work especially with their lack of emotion in some scenes.

2. In game cutscenes; they could have at least tried to make the cutscenes with some voice acting, but the downside about this is some are waaay too long.

3. Battle system; they made it alittle too slow, some of the battles can take up to hours without proper play methods.

4. Extra bosses; they were way too hard, and too much of a hassle to get to or even attempt to get to.

Those are only the minor setbacks, the mapping was good, and the new graphicing actually helped with the layout. The new Whyt system was interesting at first, but most of the mini-games were too much of a hassle to even bother with (Rydia's Mathmagic Minute, anyone?) and some of the things you get don't even help your whytkin, they just make him look better. Which in my opinion seems to be a waste of time when that's all you get. Another thing would have to be that most of the time you are in fact wandering around with NOTHING to do but fight monsters. Sure it's fun and all but the only thing that make it interesting would have to be that you can only collect a select few to be summoned (If they don't just come in and fade away, like they usually do.) A genuine waste of time of that portion, but the upside to this would have to be the benefit of good characters, and a good story a 10/10 no matter what happens.

I do recommend this game as a buy, but if you're not a hardcore FF IV fan, then skip this one, and get it as a rental.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (US, 07/21/08)

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