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Reviewed: 01/05/09

Final Fantasy IV, better than ever.


Final Fantasy IV is a game that has made its mark on the RPG world. A true 'classic', if you will, right up there with Chrono Trigger. It has been remade multiple times, and enjoyed by millions. If your one of them and are considering getting it again for DS, don't hesitate. You might think its just a new coat paint, but its not. You'll found out it has much more than just a new look. This version of Final Fantasy IV has an improved battle system, a new ability system, bonus content (such as a theater to view cut-scenes), and most importantly, whole new scenes that flesh out certain events and character backrounds. I can honestly say that, after playing the PS1 version only a few months before playing this, it feels like a whole knew game.

But that doesn't mean if you've never played it you won't enjoy it. This a great game for anyone looking to get into the Final Fantasy series, or just wants a good RPG.


Like I said in the intro, th battle system has been much improved. Don't worry though, its still the ATB system. For those of you who don't know what the ATB system is, its just like any traditional turn based game. Only instead of the traditional, you attack, they attack, you attack ect., each character has a set time between each turn. The amount of time left before a character's turn is shown in a little bar that fills up on the bottom screen. What's new to this version though, is that when you select an action the bar will start to fill with red (or pink, I can't tell), instead of white. When the bar fills with red (or pink), the character will perform the action you selected.

Also, new to this version are augments. Augments are abilities left behind by certain characters, or events, that can be assigned to a character. So now, Cecil can learn things like counter and kick. (Note: the abilities are not limited to Cecil alone. You can give them to any character you wish.)


The story revolves around Cecil, a Dark Knight, raised by the King of Baron. During the game, Cecil is surrounded with a colorful cast of characters ranging from monks, to ninjas. Each character has his or her own backround and reasons for fighting. Its to bad though, because in my opinion, I felt like there wasn't enough interaction between characters. Once a character joined the party everybody was best buds and no further dialogue was needed to show it. The end of the game is when you will see them interact the most. Its not like don't interact, in fact, half the reason I wanted to see them interact more was because of how good the scenes where when they did.

The story itself is pretty darn good. It keeps a steady flow of information that keeps you interested, while not overloading you. Those of you who have played other Final Fantasy games will feel right at home here. It does a good job of putting the characters in situations you don't see many RPG characters face today.


The biggest upgrade to this game, the graphics. This game has some of the best graphics on the DS to date. The moment the opening cut-scene begins, you'll realize how your in for a treat. Each cut-scene is fully voiced and shown with 3-D camera angles that do a good job of intensifying the scene. You'll also notice a minor jump in graphics between the in game graphics and the cut-scenes. Of course, the in game graphics are just as stunning. The environments are beautiful. The characters have capes that move in the wind as they run. Every sword or shield looks has a different look. Battle animations are fluid and summons look awesome.

The music is great, too. While most songs are not quite epic, most fit in with their environment and do a good job of expressing the current mood. You'll begin to tremble when you hear the boss battle music and you'll feel like curling up and sleeping when you hear the good night lullaby.


This game has a decent amount of replayability for a RPG. The are tons of rare items to find and side-quests to distract yourself with. There's a nice little new game+ that will let you keep any rare items and abilities you've found from previous playthroughs and a couple of optional bosses that will give you a run for your money, too.

Final Recommendation:

Gameplay- 9
Story- 8
Graphics- 9
Sound- 8
Replayability- 8
Overall: 8.3

Buy it. If you've ever wanted to play Final Fantasy IV, then buy it. If you've played Final Fantasy IV before and aren't sure if its worth getting again, buy it. If you just want a good game, buy it. The important thing is that you buy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (US, 07/21/08)

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