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Reviewed: 10/20/08

A remake that is improved, but could be done better.

Final Fantasy IV was originally released for the SNES, and later came to the US for the SNES labeled as Final Fantasy II. It was later released for the Gameboy Advance, called Final Fantasy IV Advance. It included new features to Final Fantasy IV. Now, Final Fantasy IV got yet ANOTHER remake for the Nintendo DS. It is an JRPG that uses an battle system called the Active Time Battle System. Can it stand up to its predecessors as a great game? Read on to find out.

Story: The game is about a Dark Knight named Cecil, who lives in the kingdom of Baron with the well respected title as the Captain fo the Red Wings, the army of Baron. He has a love interest in the White Mage Rosa, who lives in Baron as well and is a friend to Cecil. He also has a friend named Kain, who is the leader of the Dragoons. The adventure begins when Cecil attacks the defensless town of Mysidia for the Water Crystal, and questions the kings wrath. However, the king acts strange, and orders him to go with Kain to deliver a ring to the village of Mist.

He sets himself on a quest of self-redemption and discovery. He meets many new people who join his party, such as the summoner of Mist Rydia, The Old Sage Tellah, the Fabulian Monk Yang, and many others. The characters have their own driving force and purpose, and often have goals or things to accomplish throughout the story along with Cecil's main quest. While some people may say it is cliche, this wasn't exactly cliche in it's time, making it original in the eyes who have played the SNES version.

Overall, the story is great, but at some parts may seem tacked on.

Gameplay: Final Fantasy IV is an RPG, and instead of using turn-based combat, it has an Active Time Battle System, which means there is a gauge that fills, and when it is full, it's your turn. This makes strategy essential, because the enemy has one too, meaning enemies won't wait for you to choose between "Fire" or "Blizzard".

Characters have set classes, meaning that their abilities are set and customization isn't needed. But that was in the early versions of the game. Final Fantasy IV now has Auguments, which hold abilities to replace with others ones in the battle menu. You have to either find these, or you will get one when a character leaves your party for good, and extra one if you give THEM an augument, or an extra two if you give them two or more.The game never tells you about how to get more than one from characters, which sucks since they are helpful. The game also features an Auto-battle system, but you can only choose one command for each character to use, which means no one will heal unless that is the one and only move that they are assingned to. The Final Fantasy IV Advance version featured two extra dungeons, but they went missing in this version. There is also a new summon called Whyt, which is basically a substitute fighter for Rydia. It can learn abilities that other characters have, but requires to get high scores on mini-games to get stats. These mini-games are found in the Fat Chocobo.

The difficulty is pretty tough, as many bosses are much harder than the original versions. You may need to grind to beat them, but with a well thought strategy, even the toughest bosses can be beat without grinding.

Overall, a good system, but the extra content is a bit lacking.

Graphics and Sound: The graphics are in 3-D that uses Chibi models for the sprites. While it is cool to see the sprites in 3-D form, some bosses and enemies look NOTHING like their original sprite. There is also a CGI opening, which looks great and so do the characters in it.

The sound is amazing, with fabulous scores like the the Theme of Love. And since the music can be accessced from a Fat Chocobo, you can listen to your favorite songs at most times of the game.

TIme/Replayaility: The game takes about 30 hours, which is low for RPG standards. However, there are loads of sidequests and rare items to keep the clock ticking. THe game features a New Game + feature, which allows you to beat the game and keep your rare equips and auguments. Stats are increased higher with auguments on them, so this is the best way to stat max.

All in all, this game is pretty good, but is sort of bad in some areas. It is not bad(no Final Fantasy is), but the Advance Version was remade a bit better in some areas. I recommend you buy it, along with the Advance version if you have the cash. :)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (US, 07/21/08)

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