Review by BenhTheMan

Reviewed: 07/29/08

WOW couldn't stop enjoying this game until it was over!!!!!!!

Wow this is a great game for the Nintendo DS and if you don’t have it yet even if you are not a RPG or FF fan you deserved to be slapped. Great Graphics, awesome characters, and the voice acting is excellent. It is as of right now one of my favorite RPG’s and one of my favorite games for my Nintendo DS.

Plot 10/10

This game has an excellent plot it starts out with Cecil Lord Captain of the red wings on his way back to Baron Castle after robbing the Mysidians of their crystal. He is then stripped of his title and is ordered to take a ring to the Valley of Mist. His friend Kain accompanies him in the morning and they set out for Mist.

Graphics 10/10

The best graphics for the DS hands down. The CG movie at the title screen is amazing and the graphics for Summons are mind blowing. The Characters are well designed as well. The graphics are just gorgeous for a Nintendo DS game. Enemies are well designed as well making them more realistic and enhancing the game even more.

Music 10/10

The music is INCREDIBLE!!!! If you can not find one song that you like in this game then there is definitely something wrong with you. There are so many great songs for example Red wings, battle music and the boss music. Those are just a few examples, I found myself constantly humming too many songs in the game. The voice acting is nice as well, the voices fit each character excellently if not perfectly.

Game play 9/10

This game uses the Active Time Battle system. You wait for your bar to fill up then you are able to attack, or cast a spell, etc. You can also change the Battle speed varying from 1 to 9; 1 being the fastest. One thing about the game play is that some battles can be very unfair for example there is this enemy in the final dungeon called Dark Sage I believe; if you only encounter one there is no problem but encounter three you are probably done for depending on your level. They will use magic spells on all your party members in a row not allowing you to do anything, I was only level 68 I believe when I first entered the Dungeon, so I may have been under leveled but still they should have given me some time to heal or at least attack. Another example is when I was fighting the third elemental arch fiend (forgot her name). She used maelstorm and then thundara on all characters right after another not giving me a chance to do anything, annihilating my party. I did not think they gave me a fair chance their either, but eventually I beat her.

Overall 9/10

I HIGHLY recommend this game even with the slightly unfair game play. Even if you don’t like RPG’s and just looking for a game to play I’d play this. I’m not and RPG fan myself and I LOVE this game. I usually hate leveling but I enjoyed it in Final Fantasy IV. If you are still here reading this then slap yourself and go buy FFIV RIGHT NOW! You won’t regret it, I know I don’t.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (US, 07/21/08)

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