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Reviewed: 07/25/08 | Updated: 01/14/19

Disappointing. Starts off great, but falls off towards the end

Allow me to tell you I was extremely anticipating this remake of Final Fantasy IV. I reserved it and fully paid off my reserve as well. I waited months for it eagerly. I anticipated the game and was excited to play it. When I got it I thought it was going to be the most amazing remake ever. As I got further I discovered a few horrible surprises...

Story:10/10:The storyline of FFIV has been improved. Thanks to the great voice acting and new translation. Scenes have also been redone as well. The new translation makes the storyline much better. Characters now talk more genuinely and are decently realistic. More scenes have been added as well explaining more about certain events of the game. Overall the new scenes, voice acting and translation is wonderful.

Graphics:10/10:This is easily the DS"s best graphical game. Characters and enemies are well detailed. Enemies have a pretty good amount of variety. The Graphics are so amazing they surpass that of a late generation PS1 RPG. Areas have also been beautifully redesigned as well. Overall the Graphics are amazing for a DS.

Gameplay:6.5/10:A game can have good everything else but if it lacks good Gameplay screw it. Final Fantasy IV DS unfortunately doesn't have amazing, but good Gameplay. Let me at least start with the positive parts of the Gameplay. You go from town to dungeon like every RPG. Purchase equipment at the town. if your levels are low or need more money train. Now in regards to the increased difficulty. With this remake Square-Enix has made enemies and bosses much tougher. Buffing spells now play a bigger role and are improved by a lot. The Augment System also abilities to be equipped allowing more customization. Now while all of that is great allow me to address my main problem with the Gameplay. The difficulty.

Final Fantasy IV DS until almost near the end of the game is great. Most battles and boss fights can be won strategically without leveling if you're good enough. I was one of those people breezing by using smart strategies at every boss fight and not leveling much. Towards the end of the game though the difficulty went out of control. Even with extreme levels and good strategies I was getting completely dominated. In one battle a boss was able to kill two characters in one attack. The remaining three were nearly dead. He used the attack again and killed two more of my party members. Then he just destroyed my remaining party member. In that particular dungeon that was actually a mini boss. So you can only imagine the actual boss. Beyond that, random battles towards the end drag on and can take way too long. Sometimes taking up to five minutes or more. Throughout the game too there's some random battles against really tough enemies in dungeons that come out of nowhere. Usually, you'll die to these encounters your first time because you won't know they are tough enemies and that's a major problem. Some parts of the game aren't hard. Just cheap and that's my major problem with the Gameplay.

Music:10/10:It's the same music maybe slightly remixed.. Overall this was a great soundtrack and still is.

Overall:6/10:Everything is great, but the Gameplay. The Gameplay seems promising at first, but the game has a lot of unfair parts. It starts off great at the beginning, but as time goes on the difficulty balance just spirals out of control. Also, the battles slow to a snail's pace later in the game and the game has random encounters in some dungeon that are stupidly difficult. All of the other aspects of the game are fantastic, but Gameplay is Gameplay. It's the most important aspect of a game. If that isn't good then the game just isn't worth it. No matter how good the other aspects of the game are. Overall a major disappointment. Stick with the other versions.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (US, 07/21/08)

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