Review by clarkadam

Reviewed: 01/22/08

FF IV is my favorite game of all time, yet I am very disapointed with this remake.

Final Fantasy IV has always been favorite game of all time, ever since it was first released. I was very much looking forward to this remake. However, very unexpectedly, I ended up very disapointed. I still can't believe it. It feels like this was a rushed remake that was made just for the sake of having a remake. The original Super Nintendo version is much better than this.

This remake COULD HAVE BEEN very great if had been done on the Wii or the Playstation 3 or 2, instead of the DS. All of the upgrades were downgraded by the limitations of the DS, making the graphics and music less attractive than the SNES version and creating an over all mediocre experience. With this game being as legendary as it is, this game SHOULD HAVE been remade with Final Fantasy XII graphics and the high quality music you hear on many of the FFIV cd soundtrack remakes. If this had been done, the remake would far surpass the visual and audio beauty of the original, instead of taking it away. Even the PSP would have been an improvement (especially if it had been anime animated on the PSP). The Game Boy Advance version is guilty of this problem too, but NOT NEARLY as bad.

Of course, story line is the most important aspect of an RPG and I usually don't even get into graphics and music nearly as much as story. I often don't even care about graphics at all and music, although important, usually doesn't break the experience for me, but this games original visuals and music very much added to the great experience and helped make the game the legend that it is. I can't believe people are considering buying the sound track to this game when there are much better soundtrack cds out there where composers play FF IV music. The DS soundtrack is just a very downgraded version of the composed music and the original music.

Many of the characters look HORRIBLE!!!! Especially Yang. He looks like an idiot. I feel like I'm going to see some of these characters pop up on on Tellatubes or Sesame Street. Who made the decisions for these designs? What were they smoking? Tellah, Palom, and Porom are other examples. Some of the characters look okay, like Kain and Cecil, except for those dumb red stripes, but the designing of the game characters and other visuals was not well done.

The game does keep the same story with a couple of added flashback scenes, but the presentation of the story, although it has a few new good ideas with great potential, was not done very well, overall. I guess if you have never played FF IV before you would probably like it, but if you have played the original, this version is one dissapointment after another. The few additions aren't really worth it. I HOPE THAT SQUARE ENIX WILL DECIDE TO REMAKE THIS REMAKE ON THE WII OR PLAYSTATION 3 BEFORE BRINGING IT TO AMERICA. The DS remake could turn off both new and old fans and lower sales of the game, making an excellent, legendary Wii/Playstation remake less likely to happen in the future and staining the reputation of an excellent, legendary game.

GAME PLAY: The battles and controls play like the old version, which I think is good. The only problem I with the control and game play set up is the fact that you can't rotate your view when walking around in a 3-D environment.

CONCLUSION: If you have never played FFIV before, you will probably have a good experience, but you will not know how great an experience this game CAN be. You should play the SNES version. If you are a returning fan, this version is a down grade and dissapointment. You might want to take a look at the cool beggining,before the title screen, though.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Final Fantasy IV (JP, 12/20/07)

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