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Game Script by MostSeriousness

Version: FFIV | Updated: 12/27/2008

Final Fantasy IV DS Game Script

(c) RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston)


Table of Contents

I.   Updates
II.  Game Script
III. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information

I. Updates

v.08 - first draft, missing events between Fabul Castle and return to Baron.

II. Game Script

The Red Wings of Baron

Cecil, Lord Captain, Baron Red Wings, stands at the helm of his airship.

Soldier: Lord Captain! We're nearly to the Baron border!

Cecil: So we are.

Soldier: It troubles him, too. Orders may be orders, but this? This goes too 

Flashback to the Mysidian Crystal room, where Cecil and his men take their
Crystal by force.

Soldier: Lord Captain!

Soldier: We are the Red Wings - the pride of Baron! Must we now be thieves, 
sent to plunder from the weak?

Cecil: Enough!

Soldier: But, Lord Captain!

Soldier: The Mysidians offered no resistance. And still we cut them down.

Cecil: Listen to me. We did no more than our kingdom's peace and prosperity 
required us to. The Mysidians knew too much of the Crystal and its secrets. 
His majesty deemed it so. We are the Red Wings of Baron! It is not our place to 
question the orders of our king.

Soldier: Lord Captain...

Soldier: Lord Captain, monsters at the fore!

Cecil fights off a group of rogue enemies.

Cecil: Everyone all right?

Soldier: Aye.

Soldier: But all these monsters as of late...

Soldier: Disturbing, is it not?

Soldier: I wonder what it bodes.

Soldier: We've reached the castle, m'lord!

Cecil: Well then, prepare for landing, men!

Soldiers: M'lord!

The airships land.

Baron Castle

Cecil is met at the front gate by his friend and fellow Baron soldier, Baigan.

Baigan: Ah, the young lord returns triumphant! You did secure Mysidia's 
Crystal, did you not?

Cecil: The Crystal is ours. But the Mysidians - they did not even raise a hand
in their own defense, Baigan.

Baigan: All's the better, then, is it not? Only fools would dare oppose the
almighty will of Baron. Come, we must not keep His Majest waiting.

They walk to the throne room.

Baigan: A moment, my lord.

Baigan leaves Cecil just outside.

Baigan: Your Majest, I fear our good Lord Cecil's faith in you begins to waver.

King of Baron: Does it, now? Indeed. Your loyalty and worth are proven once
again, Captain Baigan. But the Crystal is all that matters. Bring him before 

Baigan: As you wish. Lord Cecil, His Majesty bids you enter!

Cecil does so and kneels.

King of Baron: The kingdom of Baron hails your return, Cecil. You have brought
me the Crystal, I trust?

Cecil: I have, Your Majesty.

Cecil hands the Water Crystal to Baigan, who delivers it to the king.

Baigan: It is genuine, Your Majest.

King of Baron: So it is. See how it shines! That will be all, Cecil. You may
leave us now.

Cecil turns to go, but hesitates.

Cecil: ...Your Majesty!

King of Baron: Have you some other matter to discuss?

Baigan: Our king has granted you your leave, and yet you would trouble him

Cecil: I know it is not my place to ask, Your Majesty, and I pray ou can 
forgive my indiscretion. But what is it you aim to do? Your ways are not as 
they once were. My men's hearts grow heavy witih misgiving.

King of Baron: As does yours?

Cecil: Your Majesty, no, I would never doubt-

King of Baron: Do you take me for a fool, Cecil? Do you think your treasonous
whisperings escape my ears? After all I've done for you, Cecil...You wound me.
This is most unfortunate, but I can place no trust in one who offers none in
return. I hereby relieve you of command of the Red Wings.

Cecil: My liege!

King of Baron: You will go now of the Valley of Mist instead. There is a task I
would have you do. A phantom creature haunts the borders of that land - the
Eidolon of Mist. You will slay it, and deliver this ring to the village that
lies beyond - they will know its meaning. Be gone at first light on the morrow.

Voice: Your Majesty!

Cecil's friend, Kain, Commander of the Baron Dragoons, enters.

Kain: I beg you, my liege, reconsider! You know Cecil would not betray you!

King of Baron: Ah, Kain. I was not aware this matter concerned you. But as you
seem so eager to protect your friend, let your spear accompany his blade on the
road to Mist.

Cecil: Your Majesty-!

King of Baron: I've no more words. Take the ring and begone, while my mood is
yet fair!

Cecil and Kain are given the Carnelian Signet and escorted out of the room.

Cecil: My liege!

Cecil: Kain, forgive me. I did not mean to draw you into this.

Kain: What's to forgive? We'll slay this Eidolon of his and all will be 
forgotten. You'll be commanding the Red Wings again before you know it.

Cecil: Kain...

Kain: You must be tired from Mysidia, no? Leave the preparations to me and get
yourself some rest.

Cecil explores the castle for a moment before returning to his bedchamber. He
visits Kain in the company of his subordinate dragoons.

Kain: What is it?

Cecil: This is all my doing. Forgive me.

Kain: I told you, there's nothing to forgive. What's wrong? It isn't like you 
to act like this.

Cecil: I did not train in the way of the dark sword so I could steal from
innocents, Kain. I trained because His Majesty asked it of me.

Kain: You mustn't blame yourself for the orders you were given. Our king had
his reason, I'm sure of it.

Cecil: I envy you, Kain.

Flashback to where Kain and Cecil spar in Baron's courtyard.

Kain: Cecil...So you saw me.

Cecil: I saw the openings you left. How do you expect to lead the Dragoons if
you cannot even guard your own flank?

Kain: My father's blood is in me. I will lead the Dragoons! Have no fear of

Cecil: You're certainly headstrong enough.

Kain: No more holding back, Cecil. Fight to win this time!

Return to the dragoon quarters.

Cecil: ...

Kain: Don't overthink things, Cecil. You need to keep your wits about you. Or
do you mean to send me off against the Eidolon alone?

Cecil: Of course not.

Kain: We leave early on the morrow. Best get some sleep.

Cecil heads towards his tower.

Voice: Cecil!

Cecil turns t find Rosa, White Mage of Baron and his girlfriend.

Rosa: Thank goodness! You're all right. The orders for Mysidia came so 
suddenly I'd worried.

Cecil: We're fine. Small wonder, considering we fought mages who did not fight

Rosa: Cecil! I'll visit you in your tower later.

Cecil: Of course.

Rosa leaves.

Voice: Well, well! Look who's home!

Cid, Airship Fleetmaster and friend to Cecil greets him at the entrance to his

Cid: Rosa's been worried sick about you, you know! Make that girl cry and 
you'll have me to answer to, you hear? Speaking of girls, how're my babies? 
Didn't burn out any engines, did you? You and them goons of yours need to treat
those ships with more respect! Hey...why the long face? Something the matter?

Cecil: Cid, I, um...

Cecil quickly retells the days events.

Cid: What!? And he's sending you to hunt the Eidolon instead? But what'll 
happen to the Red Wings without you? I tell you, something's gotten into His
Majesty. He's ordered me to build a new ship, you know - a more maneuverable
one, with more firepower. What's he thinking? I'm not building these things for
him to wage war! There's talk among the townspeople, too. Everyone's worried
about where Baron's headed. And now the king's sending you away from us! Mist,
eh? Well, you take care of yourself. S'pose I don't need to worry about you, 
though, do I? I'd best be on my way, too. That daughter of mine is going to
wring my neck if I spend another night here working without checking in at 

Cid leaves and Cecil meets his chambermaid leading up to his room.

Maid: I've turned your bed, my lord. They told me you would be departing again
on the morrow. Rest well tonight.

She leaves Cecil, who rests in preparation for his journey.


Cecil sits in his room.

Your Majesty...what's become of you? Where is the noble knight? The man who 
took me in as an orphan and raised me as his own? The strong, just king I once 
knew? Is a Crystal worth all this? Robbing a peaceful people of what's theirs
by right? What need could be so great? King's orders or no, there's no 
forgiving what we've done.

Rosa enters.

Rosa: Cecil? Won't you tell me what happened? First you're sent of to Mysidia, 
and now to hunt some beast again so soon? Did something happen in Mysidia?

Cecil: No, it's nothing.

Rosa: Then why won't you look at me?

Cecil: I - in Mysidia, we...we stole a Crystal from people who had done no 
wrong. I've worn this darkened armor for so long now. There's no mote of light 
left in me. Not even in my heart.

Rosa: You're a good man, Cecil.

Cecil: I'm a coward. A coward who cannot even defy orders he knows he ought 
not follow.

Rosa: Cecil of the Red Wings is many things. But he is no coward. Not the 
Cecil who I love...The king is sending you to Mist to slay the Eidolon, isn't 
he? If anything were to happen to you, I couldn't...

Cecil: Kain will be with me. I'll be fine. It's late. You should get some rest.

Rosa: Be careful.

Rosa leaves.

Cecil: Thank you, Rosa. But I know what I've become.

A New Dawn

Cecil and Kain meet in the halls of Baron to prepare for their journey.

Kain: Shall we, then, Cecil?

Cecil: I'll be counting on you, my friend.

Kain: Then you've nothing to fear.

The two depart from the castle.

Narration: And so the dark knight Cecil, stripped of his command of the Red 
Wings, set out for the distant Valley of the Mist.

Together with Kain, commander of the Dragoons, he would pursue a faceless 
quarry - and a chance for redemption.

The advent of the airship had marked the realization of mankind's most ancient 
dream. But man is a creature seldom sated, and he was quick to dream anew.

With the unparalleled might of the Red Wings, Baron's military soon reigned 
supreme. Why, then, does its king now seek the Crystals?

And why have fearsome monsters suddenly begun to overrrun the once calm land?

If the crystals know, they share no answers -  only their pure and silent 

Mist Cave

Cecil and Kain traverse the eerie cavern leading to their next destination. A
ghastly voice warns them.

Voice: Leave this place.

Cecil and Kain draw their weapons.

Cecil: Who's there!?

Voice: Return whence you came.

Kain: That voice - could it be the Eidolon?

Voice: Men of Baron...

Cecil: You know who we are?

Voice: Leave at once, and no harm will befall you. I will abide no further

Kain: Show yourself!

Voice: You mean to ignore my warning?

Cecil: We must deliver this ring to the village of Mist beyond!

Voice: So be it.

Kain: The mist is gathering!

The Mist Dragon fights our two heroes.

The Village of Mist

Cecil and Kain arrive at the Village of Mist. Upon their arrival, the ring they
carry releases a powerful foe.

Cecil: The ring!

The village is decimated.

Cecil: This is what we were sent to do?

Kain: He wished this village torched.

Cecil: But why? WHY!!!


Girl: Mother, you can't die! Just because your dragon did...

Cecil: !

Kain: I've heard of their lot. Men who can conjure Eidolons - summoners.

Cecil: Then the dragon we slew was her mother's?

Girl: !

Girl: You - you're the ones who killed her dragon?

Cecil: Forgive us. We'd no idea this would happen to your mother.

Kain: His Majesty sent us to eliminate every last one of these people.

Cecil: No...

Kain: Foul work, to be sure. But we'll need to kill the girl as well.

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: It's her or us, Cecil.

Cecil: She's a child!

Kain: You'd betray your king?

Cecil: Betray him? Any man who'd wish for this is no king of mine.

Kain: Heh. I thought you might say that.

Cecil: Then...?

Kain: I owe His Majesty much, but not so much I'd soil the Dragoons'
name in his.

Cecil: Then you're with me?

Kain: Baron's army is the mightiest in the world. Our fight means 
nothing if we remain alone. We must treat with other nations, share
what we've seen. And Rosa - she must share out fight.

Cecil: And she will. Thank you.

Kain: I'm not doing this for you.

Cecil: Huh?

Kain: Quickly, we mustn't linger here! What of the girl?

Cecil: Come, it's not safe here. Take my hand.

Girl: No!

Kain: We're wasting time. Use force if you must.

Girl: Stay away!

Cecil: Wait!

Girl: Leave me alone! I hate you!!!!!

The girl summons forth an incredible Eidolon that tears the land apart, 
throwing our heroes afar.

Cecil and the girl collapse on the other side of the crevice that is created.

Cecil: Uhn...

A white creature stands at the girls side, but disappears as Cecil comes to.

Cecil: Ugh. She's alive. Thank goodness! Kain? Kain! Hmm...Well, I cannot stay
here. I need to take this girl someplace safe. Forgive me, Kain!



He heads to the inn.

Innkeeper: Hail, traveler! Oh, my! I've not seen a child so pale! Please, get
her to a bed. You needn't worry about payment.

Cecil: My pardons.

Cecil lays the girl to rest and watches over her as she rises.

Cecil: You've woken.

Girl: ...

Cecil: You still haven't told me your name.

Girl: ...

Cecil: I won't ask you to forgive me. It's my fault you lost your mother. But,
please...at least allow me to take you someplace safe.

Girl: ...

Later in the night, troops of Baron enter the inn.

General: It seems we've found you, Lord Cecil!

Girl: !

Cecil: Please, you must listen! His Majesty-

General: Our orders come directly from His Majesty's own mouth. Surrender the
girl, and he will pardon all you've done. The inhabitants of Mist represent a
threat to us all. They must not be allowed to live!

Cecil: What?

Girl: !

General: Stand aside!

Cecil: I think I'd rather not!

Cecil fights his countrymen.

The girl has now stepped out of bed.

Girl: I'm sorry, it's all my fault.

Cecil: You've nothing to apologize for. It is I who've wronged you, and
apologies cannot right the things I've done.

Girl: But...you protected me.

Cecil: ...

Girl: My name's Rydia.

Cecil: Rydia...

Rydia joins Cecil's party and the mysterious white creature makes itself
known again.

Cecil: What's that!?

Rydia: This is my Eidolon. His name is Whyt. If we have a chance, we should
take him to see Fat Chocobo sometime. They're friends.

The two rest and head out in the morning. Cecil hears of a fallen traveler from
Baron, and decides to investigate the town. He finds Rosa sick in bed.

Cecil: Rosa! Oh, Rosa...

Rosa: ...Uhhn...Cecil...Please, Cecil...Be alive! This is...for Cecil.

Cecil learns of a remedy to cure Rosa, and plans to locate it.

Underground Waterway

Cecil and Rydia now make for Damcyan. In the passages to the castle, they 
encounter an elderly man.

Man: You, knight! You wield the dark sword, do you not? I beg you, lend me your

Cecil: What's happened?

Man: My daughter Anna was tricked by a silver-tongued bard. He's taken her to
Damcyan Castle. I fear I've little time. I sense something sinister.

Cecil: Anna, you said? Then you must be Tellah!

Tellah: The very same! I came in pursuit of my daughter, but I cannot get 
through the waterway. A great monster lurks in the lake beyond, and it will not
let me past. The devil is strong, I warn you. My magic alone is no match for
it. But perhaps with your dark sword as well we might defeat it! And this girl!
A summoner, is she not? And one with quite some potential, from the looks of

Cecil: We need to reach Damcyan, too.

Tellah: Then the choice is made for us! Let us make haste.

Tellah joins Cecil and Rydia as they traverse the caverns. Eventually they 
take a break and rest for the impending battle.

Tellah: We can rest here. The magic field cast by these circles keeps monsters
at bay. Remain within, and you are safe. You can use tents and cottages and 
even save within these circles. We'll use my tent here. We need to recover our
strength before we face that beast.

A fire is made, and later that night the three of them surround it.

Tellah: Asleep already. She must have been exhausted. That child - where is she

Cecil: She is a summoner from the village of Mist.

Tellah: Indeed. Then my eyes were not mistaken. She has great potential. With
practice and training, she should be able to master many spells. Such a darling
little face, too. She reminds me of my Anna, when she was young.

Cecil: Your daughter?

Tellah: My one and only. Deceived by some wandering bard, and whisked away to
Damcyan...All because I refused to give them my blessing. And you? What need
drives you to Damcyan?

Cecil: A friend of mine is suffering from desert fever in Kaipo.

Tellah: I see. And you seek a sand pearl. Then haste drives you as well. Even
my magic could not avail you against the foe you face.

Cecil: The monster of the lake, what manner of creature is it?

Tellah: A vicious one, with eight massive, writhing tentacles. But if we are to
save your friend and my Anna, we must find a way to slay it. I pray these 
premonitions of mine are only an old man's fretting,but if they prove true, our
time is short.

They continue through the passage.

Tellah: From here we must travel outside for a time. The monster dwells at the
base of the waterfall beyond. It may be wise to pitch another tent outside and
rest before we face him.

They reach the waterfall.

Tellah: There's no turning back from here. The beast awaits us down below.

They plunge down below into the underground lake where the monster resides.

Tellah: Ready yourselves. There he is! It's an octomammoth!

The beast attacks.

Tellah: Excellent! The beast is weakening! But don't be lulled into thinking
we've won. A wounded beast is a dangerous one!

The defeat the enemy.

Tellah: We've done it! Damcyan is just beyond this waterfall!

Damcyan Desert

As Cecil moves closer to Damcyan, a swift airship attack decimates the desert
castle. They race to check for survivors.

Damcyan Castle

After the attack on Damcyan, Cecil, Tellah and Rydia rush to the center of the 
castle to search for survivors. They spot Anna, Tellah's daughter, lying ever 
so still.

Tellah: Anna!? Oh, Anna!

A fine dressed man is at her side.

Tellah: You - you're that bard! You're the one responsible for this!

Bard: No! Please-

Tellah fights the bard with rage in his heart.

Tellah: You spoony bard!

Bard: Please, things are not as you believe!

Tellah: I see quite well how they are!

Bard: I beg you, hear my words!

Tellah: Choke on your words!

Bard: Please, I implore you!

Tellah: Know this pain - Anna's pain!

Bard: But, Anna and I-

Anna: Edward, Father...Please, stop this.

The Ruins of Damcyan

The two stop fighting and 

Tellah: Oh, Anna! There's life left in you yet!

Anna: Father...Edward - He is the prince of Damcyan. He disguised himself as a 
bard to avoid attention. Forgive me, Father, for running off with him. 
Edward...I'm in love with him, Father. But I could not stay without my father's 
blessing. I was about to return, when...

Edward: The Red Wings laid seige to us, led by a man named Golbez.

Cecil: Golbez?

Edward: Yes. A figure clad in armor of deepest night - his strength beyond that
of mortal man.

Cecil: And the Red Wings' purpose?

Edward: Our Crystal - and then they rained fire upon us. I lost my mother and
father. Then Anna tried to shield me from their arrows...

Tellah: You love this man that much?

Anna: Father, please...forgive me. I was so...selfish. Edward...I...love you.

Edward: Anna!

Tellah: Anna!? Anna! This...Golbez. Tell me more of him.

Edward: I've heard he came to Baron only recently. It seems he is using the Red 
Wings to steal Crystals...

Tellah: Tears do not bring back the dead, boy! Anna's death must be avenged. 
I'll find this Golbez!

Cecil: Tellah! Not alone!

Tellah: She was not your daughter!  Her killer will die by my hand.

Tellah storms out.

Edward: A-Anna...

Rydia: Coward. You're a man, aren't you? A grown man! Stop crying. I have. 

Cecil: Rydia...

Edward: You're right. I'm nothing but a coward, just as you say. That's why I'm
just going to stay at Anna's side. It doesn't matter anymore...Nothing does!

Cecil grabs Edward's collar and smacks him.

Cecil: You're not the only one who's grieving. Anna would not wish to see you 
fawning like a fool. Please - I've desperate need of your help right now.

Edward: But, how could I help you?

Cecil: My name is Cecil. A friend of mine has taken ill with desert fever in 
Kaipo, and needs a sand pearl if she is to live. And for that, I've need of
your aid.

Edward: You need...my aid.

Cecil: I do. Rosa's life depends on it. I beg you.

Edward: This woman you speak of...she means a great deal to you, doesn't she?
As Anna did...as Anna did to me. In a cave far to the east dwells a monstrous 
creature known as an antlion. The pearls you seek form from the fluid the beast
secretes as it lays its eggs in the sand. There is no overland route to its 
den. We must cross the northern shoals to get there. A hovercraft is docked 
here. With it we can reach the creature's cave. It can bear us across the surf
to Kaipo as well. Come. We must hurry.

Rydia and Cecil make their way out of the room while Edward lingers a moment

Edward: Farewell, my love.

Antlion's Cave

Edward: This is where the antlion lays her eggs.

The antlion rises from the ground.

Rydia: Eek!

Edward: There's nothing to fear. Antlions are quite docile. They won't harm
humans. Here, let me take one of her pearls.

Edward tries and barely avoids getting pinced.

Edward: Aaagh!

Cecil: Rydia, with me!

The three of them fight off the enemy and obtain a sand pearl.

Edward: It makes no sense. Why would an antlion try to harm us?

Cecil: Monster populations are swelling, and beasts once harmless now turn
hostile. Something is afoot.

Rydia: Cecil, we have to get back to Rosa!

Cecil: Right. Let's go!

The three return to Kaipo.


Cecil gives Rosa a sand pearl.

Cecil: Rosa!

The light of the sand pearl shone on Rosa's face.

Rosa: Uhhn...Cecil! You're safe! Oh, thank goodness!

Cecil: What were you thinking, Rosa?

Rosa: They told me you'd died in the earthquake at Mist. But...I knew it 
couldn't be true.

Cecil: Forgive me, I didn't mean to make you worry. But Rosa, what's this talk
of a man named Golbez?

Rosa: The king called upon him to lead the Red Wings in your stead. His Majesty
has been acting even more peculiarly since Golbez came to Baron. He's not 
himself. I can't be sure, but I have a feeling Golbez is the one manipulating
the king - to gain the Crystals for himself. The Water Crystal you took from
Mysidia...The Fire Crystal of Damcyan...Fabul's Wind Crystal, and the Earth
Crystal of Troia.

Edward: The Fire Crystal is already taken.

Cecil: This is Edward, Damcyan's prince. It's thanks to him we were able to 
save you. And this is Rydia of Mist.

Rydia: Do you feel better now?

Rosa: I do. Thank you, Rydia...and you, Edward. If Damcyan has fallen, he'll be
swift to move against Fabul. We need to...*cough* *cough*

Cecil: You need to rest. We'll go to Fabul and warn them.

Edward: But how? There is only one road that leads there. It lies through Mount
Hobs, and the way is blocked by a wall of impenetrable ice.

Rosa: Rydia, you can cast Fire, can't you?

Rydia: No...I can't.

Rosa: But you're a summoner. Surely you've learned the spell? It's the most 
elementary of all - *cough* *cough*

Cecil: Rosa! You're in no condition to be going with us.

Rosa: I'll be fine. I won't be a burden. I am a white mage, after all.

Cecil: ...

Edward: Cecil...Rosa wants to be with you.

Cecil: All right. We'll all go together. It will be dark soon, and we should
leave early in the morning. Make sure you get enough rest.

Rosa: I will. Thank you, Cecil.

Rosa joins the party and they rest for the night. Later, Edward steps outside
to mourn for Anna.

Edward: ...Anna...I am so lost without you.

He plays his harp for a moment, when a monster appears out of nowhere.

Edward: Agh!

Edward fights as the ghostly apparition of Anna floats overhead.

Anna: Be brave, my love!

Edward: Anna!?

Anna: You are stronger than you know. But you must believe in yourself!

Edward: I...I will try!

Sahagin: Gurrrgh!

The beast falls.

In the Kaipo Moonlight

Edward: Anna!

Anna: Edward...I can be with you but for this moment. The Spirit calls me 
onward, to become a part of it again.

Edward: Don't leave me, Anna.

Anna: Edward, you must be brave. Golbez cannot be allowed to have the Crystals.
You gave your love to me once. Now share it with all the world.

Edward: Anna, my love. I...I will try. But, what would you have me do?

Mount Hobs

The party ventures towards Mount Hobs, where the ice wall Edward spoke of is
indeed a troublesome object.

Rosa: Rydia, will you please try to cast Fire?

Rydia: ...

Edward: Rydia?

Rosa: You can do it. I know you can!

Rydia: I don't want to.

Rosa: You don't want to?

Rydia: I hate fire!

Cecil: Her village was burned to the ground by that ring we delivered.

Rosa: Please, Rydia...Listen to me. You're the only one among us with the power
to melt that ice.

Rydia: ...

Rosa: We can't make you do it. But unless we make it through here to Fabul, a 
lot of other people will be hurt. I know it's not easy, Rydia, but please...you
must be brave!

Edward: We all must.

Rosa: Please, Rydia!

Edward: You are the only one who can do this.

Cecil: ...

Rydia: ...Fire!

The ice melts.

Edward: Rydia, you did it! That was incredible!

Rydia: Hee hee.

Rosa: Thank you, Rydia!

Cecil: ...

The Monk of Fabul

The party reaches the peak of the mountain and happen upon a lone man fighting
off a horde of monsters. 

Cecil: What's this?

Edward: Clad like that - that's a monk of Fabul!

Monk: Hut! Huah!

The monk fights off the weak enemies and a giant bomb monster appears.

Edward: That's no ordinary foe!

Rydia: We have to help him!

They all join forces and defeat the bomb.

Monk: You have my deepest gratitude. I am Yang, grandmaster of the monks of

Yang: We came here for training, and found death instead. A great host of
monsters waylaid us. I am the only one who survived. My monks were fine, strong
men, but even they could do little.

Cecil: We are on our way to Fabul.

Rosa: A man named Golbez has taken control of Baron, and is using its forces to
seize the world's Crystals.

Yang: And you think he intends to come for our Wind Crystal as well?

Edward: Yes, and soon. He has already taken the Fire Crystal from Damcyan. 
Fabul will be next.

Yang: And our monks, slain...The castle is all but undefended! The few who 
remain in Fabul lack proper training. We would have no hope of fending off a
strike from Baron were it to come now.

Rosa: The monsters that best you were most likely sent by Golbez as well.

Yang: To eliminate us, and leave Fabul defenseless...

Edward: If that is true, he may be moving against your kingdom as we speak.

Cecil: We must hurry. We'll aid you in whatever way we can.

Yang: I am grateful for the offer, but there is no reason for you to be dragged
any further than this...

Edward: Our stake in this conflict is no less than yours. I am the prince of 

Cecil: Rosa and I are of Baron. And this child here lost all she knew 
because...because I allowed this enemy to deceive me.

Rydia: ...

Yang: I see. Then I wll most humbly accept whatever help you are willing to

Cecil: Come, then. Time is our enemy!

Yang: Fabul lies east beyond the mountains. We'll go at once! 

Yang joins the party as they make their way to Fabul.

Fabul Castle

The party travels across the plains to reach Fabul Castle, surrounded by a moat
and home to Yang. They immediately ask to speak with the king.

King of Fabul: Oh, Yang. So you've returned...

Yang: Your Highness, I return with urgent news. A man known as Golbez is coming
for the Wind Crystal, with all the might of Baron behind him.

King of Fabul: What!? You're sure of this?

Yang: These people before you came to warn us.

King of Fabul: And who might they be?

Cecil: Your Highness, there is no time for introductions. Your castle must be
secured, and quickly!

King of Fabul: Your armor would have you for one of Baron's own dark knights.
Why should I trust you?

Yang: Their trustworthiness is proven, Your Highness. I had already lost my 
men, and fought for my own life when they came upon me. They could have stood
and watched me die, but they aided me instead.

Cecil: I assure you, your enemy will not wait as you do.

Rosa: Please, you must believe us!

Edward (stepping forward): It is an honor to see you again, Your Highness. It
has been many a day.

King of Fabul: If it isn't Prince Edward! I'd hardly recognized you. How fares

Edward: It has fallen. The Fire Crystal is ours no more. I lost my mother and
father - even my beloved Anna. Tell me you will not let your own land suffer
the same fate as ours.

King of Fabul: Forgive me. I only found it hard to believe you spoke the 
truth, but it seems you do. Still, without our monks there is little we can
do. Will you aid us in our defense?

Yang: These men have both strength and courage. By your leave, I would have
them stand with me on the front line ofour defense. 

King of Fabul: If that is your wish, I will trust to your judgment. Might you
two ladies assist our healers?

Rosa: Certainly.

King of Fabul: My kingdom's fate, then, is in your hands.

Yang: Your Highness. Very well, then. Cecil, Edward - with me!

Rosa: Cecil! Be careful.

Cecil: I will. And you, too! Rydia, keep Rosa safe for me, you hear?

Rydia nods and the men wait outside for the impending attack. A guard spots 
them instantly.

Fabul Guard: Enemies!

Yang: Attack!

The group heads off the first wave of enemies, only to find the airships now
in the battle.

Fabul Guards: The Red Wings!

The cannons bomb the castle walls.

Cecil: We'll die like dogs out here!

Yang: Retreat to the keep!

They do so and barricade the gate.

Yang: Forgive me. I've drawn you into a hopeless fight!

Cecil: I told you before, this fight is as much ours as anyone's. And it isn't
lost yet!

Edward: They're...they're breaking through!

The gates break and another enemy party attacks. More enemies appear.

Yang: We cannot hold them here! Fall back!

They do so.

Cecil: Isn't the throne room just upstairs?

Yang: It's all right! The king has taken cover elsewhere with the women and
children. We need only draw the enemy here-

The enemy, as if on cue, breaks into the room.

Yang: -and crush them!

Yet no matter what they do, more enemy waves advance.

Edward: This is no place for us to make a stand!

Yang: Hmph!

They retreat to the throne room and lock the door behind them. 

Yang: I locked the door. We must stop them here!

Cecil: Where is the Crystal?

Yang: In the chamber above us!

The last Fabul monk with the party turns around and unlocks the door.

Yang: What are you doing!?

The monk transforms into one of Golbez's minions.

Edward: That's no monk!

Another two fights ensue.

Cecil: There are too many of them. 

Yang: We've no choice. We'll make our last stand in the Crystal chamber!

They rush towards the Crystal room, but Edward trips and falls behind.

Edward: Agh!

Cecil: Edward!

Cecil and Yang hurry to Edward's aid and proceed to the Crystal room once more.

As they prepare to fight once more, a familiar face appears.

Kain: It's been some time, Cecil.

Cecil: Kain! You're alive!

Kain: I am.

Cecil: You'll fight, then?

Kain: Of course. That's the very reason I've come. But, Cecil...The one I'll
fight is you!

Cecil: Kain!?

Kain: A duel, Cecil!

Cecil: What do you mean?

Kain: Draw your blade!

Cecil and Kain fight, despite their history together.

Cecil: Why, Kain!?

Kain: I will not answer your questions!

Cecil: What's come over you?

Kain: Be silent!

Kain proves to be much more powerful than before.

Kain: This is the end, Cecil.

Kain prepares a finishing blow as Cecil is weakened.


Cecil: Kain...Even you now?

Kain: Let me ease your suffering!

Yang: You'll do nothing!

Rosa: Stop!

Rosa and Rydia rush into the room.

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: Kain! Tell me you've not turned traitor!

Kain: Urgh...Don't...look at me!

Mysterious Man: Kain! Why do you now hesitate!

Cecil: Golbez!

Cecil: You're him - the usurper!

Golbez: So, you are Cecil. Alow me to give you smoething - a gift to 

Edward: Cecil!

Yang: Let me through.

Golbez: I did not come Enough of this foolishnees. Bring me the Crystal.

Kain: M'lord.

Rosa: Don't do it, Kain!

Kain: !

Cecil: Rosa, let it be!

Golbez: Oh, you care for this one, do you? Then let me taker halong as well.
To hold in trust until we are graced witht he chance to meet again.
Come, Kain.

Kain: It woul seem your life is spared...for now.

Edward, Cecil, Yang and Rydia are alone in the Crystal room.

Cecil: Kain, wait. Urgh...

Rydia is the lone hero standing. She revitalizes the party.

Rydia: Cure! Are you all right?

Edward: Yes. Thank you, Rydia. But now they have Rosa.

Yang: We could not even defend the Crystal.

Cecil: Rosa...

The three men all lower their heads.

Rydia: What's wrong with you? They took Rosa, but they didn't hurt her. We just
need to rescue her! And the Crystal - we can take it back, too!

Edward: She's right.

Yang: It's my turn to help you, Cecil. Let us heal our wounds, and think of a
way we might free Rosa. 

Cecil: Yes...Thank you.

The group makes their way to Yang's chambers, where his wife waits anxiously.

Yang's Wife: Yang! Oh, you're all right!

Yang: Thanks to these brave people. They saved me, and Fabul.

Yang's Wife: Then you have my gratitude. Thank you all.

Yang: And you? You're unhurt?

Yang's Wife: Of course I'm unhurt! Whose wife do you think I am? A few soldiers
tried to bust their way in, but I busted them right back out - with my frying

They head towards the Inn and rest after the attack.

Innkeeper: You must be exhausted, Master Yang. By all means, rest here if you
would like.

Edward: We must formulate a plan.

Cecil: If we're to take on Golbez, we'll need an airship. But the only man who
knows how to build one is in Baron.

Yang: Is there no way we can enter the kingdom?

Cecil: The Red Wings comprise the brunt of Baron's power. It's maritime forces
are relatively weak. If we go, we go by sea.

Rydia: Then we need a boat.

Yang: I will ask His Highness to lend us one on the morrow. You've done much
for him, and for our kingdom. He will not refuse such a simple plea.

Cecil: Thank you.

Yang: That dragoon...Who was he?

Cecil: His name is Kain. He is - or was - my friend. We'd sworn to fight Baron

Yang: I see. I am sorry.

Edward: Come, we should rest and recover our strength while we can.

Cecil: ...

They rest and meet the King the following morning.

King of Fabul: Very well. I will see that a ship is readied for you without
delay. Yang, you will go with them and aid them in any way you can. There are
no words of gratitude for such a sacrifice as you have made, young lord of
Baron. You defended my people selflessly, and lost Lady Rosa for it. Please, I
want you to have this sword. It belonged to a dark knight who once visited
these lands. Consider it a token of my thanks, for your valient efforts in the
defense of my kingdom. You should know, however, that a dark sword will never
avail you against true evil. It is, after all, a weapon of darkness. Beyond 
this, you will have to rely on the strength that already lies within you. 
Please, stop Golbez.

Cecil is given the powerful 'Deathbringer' sword.

King of Fabul: When you've made ready, head to the eastern pier. A ship lies at
anchor there, waiting to bear you onward. Should Golbez obtain all the 
Crystals, this world will face catastrophe such as it has never known. I trust
you will not let that happen.

The party prepares for the voyage back to Baron.

The Lord of All Waters

Yang's Wife waits on the docks to send her husband off with Cecil and the

Yang's Wife: Be careful. And make me proud! Show them what you're made of!

Yang: I will.

Yang's Wife: You, too, Cecil!

Cecil: Of course.

Yang: I trust you'll handle things here while I'm away.

Yang's Wife: Oh, don't you worry about that! Take care of yourself, you hear!
Why don't you take this with you?

She hands over an augment and the party makes their way onto the ship.

Captain: So you're Lord Cecil, then, eh? Heard all about ye! Rest easy. We'll
be laying anchor in Baron before you know it! Best not linger any longer.
Anchors aweigh, boys!

Sailors: Aye-aye, Captain!

The ship departs.

Yang: What do you mean to do when we reach Baron?

Cecil: First we must find a man named Cid, the engineer of Baron's airship
fleet. He should be able to help us out.

Yang: Then let us hope he is still safe.

Edward: ...

Rydia: Are you cold? You're shaking.

Edward: No, it's nothing.

Suddenly, the ship begins to tremble.

Cecil: What is that?

A mighty serpent appears from the waters.

Sailor: Impossible...The tales were true.

Sailor: It's him! The Lord of All Waters!

Captain: Leviathan!

The crew tries desperately to flee from the creature.

Captain: Don't stand about! Reef the sails, ye witless dogs!

Rydia is thrown overboard.

Rydia: Aaaah

Yang: Rydia!

Without hesitation Yang dives in to try and save her.

Cecil: Rydia! Yang!

Edward: Aaah!

Edward is also thrown aside.

Cecil: Edward!

Cecil checks on Edward but is attacked by Leviathan. The screen goes black.


Cecil awakes on a distant shore, alone.

Cecil: ...Uhn...Ugh. Where am I? Rydia! Edward!? Yang? I'm alone, then.

He spies a town in the distance, the same town he visited earlier in the game.
Met with resentment from the townfolk, he attempts to see the village elder.

Elder: You are the dark knight who came before. Why have you returned to this
hallowed hall?

Cecil: My name is Cecil, and until recently I served as Lord Captin of Baron's
airship fleet. When I came before, I did so at the orders of my king - orders
I lacked the courage to disobey.

Elder: You've come to apologize, then? Words do not heal wounds, dark knight,
nor do they restore life's flame to those whose candles you have doused.

Cecil: ...

Elder: But I do see a glimmer of light in you that did not show itself before.
I will hear your words.

Cecil: I seek to stop a man named Golbez who has taken control of Baron. I was
on my way to rescue a friend he holds captive when Leviathan struck our ship.
I do not know what became of my companions. 

Elder: That was no doubt a part of the test that has been ordained for you. As
long as you lean upon that dark sword for strength, you have no hope of defeat-
ing the evil foe you face. You hunt a monster, but in so doing you become one.
Slowly but surely, the darkness will taint your soul as well, until one day 
nothing else remains. If you truly wish to cleanse yourself of darkness and
face this man of whom you speak, then you must go to Mount Ordeals in the east.
Destiny awaits you there.

Cecil: But, my friend - she is in danger!

Elder: This friend means much to you, doesn't she? But you must not let fear
drive you to haste. The fate that hangs about your shoulders is one far greater
than you know. First you must ascend the mountain, and trade your dark sword
for one of light. Should the ahllowed light deem you worthy, you will be made
a paladin - a warrior of virtue. But know it will be no easy trial. Many are
the men who have scaled the mountain, but not one has returned. Will you try
where all others have failed?

Cecil: I will.

Elder: Good. But you will have little chance with that dark sword alone. I 
shall provide two mages to accompany you. Palom! Porom!

A young girl rushes in.

Girl: Did you need something?

Elder: Where is Palom?

Girl: Oh, that brother of mine...!

Palom appears instantly.

Boy: So you're that filthy dark knight from Baron! I'm only helping you because
he told me to. You'd better be thankful!

Cecil: These are the two mages? 

Elder: Yes. Twins - Palom and Porom. They are young, and still in their 
apprenticeship, but I can vouch for their abilities.

Boy: What he means is that I'm Mysidia's most esteemed magical prodigy, and 
you're incredibly lucky to have me along!

Elder: Palom! This is for your training as much as it is for him.

Girl: Your name is Cecil, right? Pleased to meet you.

Porom: Palom!

Boy: Right...Nice to meet you.

Porom the White Mage and Palom the Black Mage join Cecil.

Elder: Go now! The trials of the mountain await. Palom, Porom...I trust you
will not fail in this task.

The group now heads to Mount Ordeals.

Mount Ordeals

A wall of flame blocks the entrance to the mountain. Palom gets excited.

Mysterious Tower

Meanwhile, Golbez and Kain hold Rosa captive in a mysterious location. 

Mount Ordeals

During the climb the group meets Tellah, as he's searching for powerful magic.

Tellah joins the party.

As they near the top, a mysterious noise can be heard again.


Porom: I told you to stop that!

Palom: I'm not doing anything!


Tellah: An evil presence is drawing near.

Voice: Such pleasure I will take in delivering you to the gatesss of hell!

Cecil: Who's there!?

The cloaked minion, Scarmiglione, appears.

Creature: I am the oarsman who will ferry you beyond the veil. The Blighted
Despot, Scarmiglione - archfiend of earth, and first of Golbez's circle of

Scarmiglione: My undead children hunger to feassst upon your flesh!

The party fights Scarmiglione and a host of undead. They emerge victorious.
However, as they cross the bridge, a dark force descends upon them once more.

Scarmiglione: Impressssive...But my true ssstrength lies in death! And now,
you shall join me in it!

Scarmiglione's true form is revealed and fights again.

Scarmiglione: Those who see this face must die! I'll sssmite your ruin upon
the mountainside!

The foe, while stronger, still falls to Cecil and his allies. They continue 
onward into the top the mountain.

Darkness and Light

Cecil finds himself at a monument, where he is greeted by a voice.

Mysterious Voice: My son...At last, you have arrived.

Cecil: Son? Whose voice speaks to me?

The party is transported into a hallowed hall, where the mysterious voice
continues to talk to them.

Mysterious Voice: Long have I awaited this - the day that you would come. A 
tragedy unfolds now which pains me more than you can know. To end it, I will
gift to you my light. Though in so doing, I condemn myself to sorrow greater
still. But the hour is late. No other road remains.

A holy sword appears in front of Cecil. It floats towards him and he grasps it.

Mysterious Voice: The time is come. Bid farewell to your bloodstained past.

Cecil is transformed into a Paladin.
Mysterious Voice: Forsake the darkness you once embraced, or the light will
find no hold. Vanquish the dark knight! You and he are one no more!

In the mirror, Cecil in his dark knight form still remains. This doppleganger
steps out and advances upon Cecil. 

Tellah: There are two of him!

Palom: What's happening?

The dark knight holds his blade.

Palom: Cecil!

Porom: Look out!

Cecil: Stay back. This if a fight for me and me alone. My atonement for all
the sins I've wrought - my test. And one I do not mean to fail!

Cecil fights his inner darkness. The voice lends aid during the battle.

Mysterious Voice: Justice and retribution are but trifling things. There are
victories of greater worth. Someday you will know them. Gor forth now, Cecil!

The dark knight disappears.

Mysterious Voice: Your virtue is proven. I will instill you now with the 
hallowed light, formed of my very soul. May it be your strength, though it be 
the last of mine. My son...You must stop Golbez!

Cecil: W-wait!

Cecil has ascended to a paladin, the first to do so.

Porom: Are you all right?

Palom: He really did it after all.

Porom: Shh!

Cecil: What is this warmth I'm feeling? It's so...familiar.

Tellah: Oh!

Porom: Tellah?

Tellah: My spells...I remember! I remember all of them!

Tellah remembers his forgotten spells.

Tellah: What's this? Me...teor? That light must have granted it to me. The most
powerful black magic of all, mine at long last!

Porom: Amazing! You truly are as great a wizard as they say.

Palom: Hey, Porom...Don't you think we should tell him now?

Porom: Umm, Cecil...

Palom: You see, we-

Tellah: All right! With this, we are made ready at last. Let us bring the fight
to Golbez! Cecil! What are you standing about for? We must hurry!

Cecil: Yes, of course.

Tellah exits.

Cecil: That light...It called me its son.

Palom: Hey, wait for me!

Porom: Cecil, we'd best go with them!

Cecil: Right, let's go!


They return to Mysidia, the entire town amazed at Cecil's transformation.

Elder: You've returned - and a dark knight no longer!

Porom: Just as you can see!

Palom: I didn't think he'd be able to do it, either!

Cecil: "Either"?

Elder: Forgive me. It pained me to do so, but I sent these two along to keep
watch on you - to ensure your intentions were pure. It seems there was no need.
Palom, Porom...you've done a fine job.

Palom: Well, now you know.

Porom: I'm terribly sorry I couldn't tell you. 

Cecil: No. You were well within your rights, after all I've done.

Elder: But those deeds are behind you now. You are a paladin! Where did you
get that sword!?

Cecil: I received it on the mountaintop.

Elder: The writing engraved on its blade...Those are the words of a legend
passed down in Mysidia.

Cecil: A legend?

The Elder recites the legend for Cecil and his party.

Birthed from the womb of Dragon's maw
And borne unto the stars
By the light and darkness cast aloft
Are dreamtide oaths resworn

Cecil: The light on the mountain called me its son. Whose was the voice I

Elder: I do not know what the light you saw was, nor do I know what the legend
foretells...All I know is that we Mysidians have been told for generations to
pray for its realization. To pray - and to trust in the one who bears the 
hallowed light. I believe that one may be you.

Tellah: Then all that remains is to put an end to Golbez, as quickly as we can!

Elder: Oh, Tellah! Is that truly you?

Tellah: It has been ages, my friend.

Porom: We met Tellah on the mountain. 

Palom: He learned Meteor up there!

Elder: Meteor? Then what is happening now must be of a magnitude great enough
to shatter even those ancient seals.

Tellah: It would seem so. And now I have the means to avenge Anna.

Elder: Avenge her?

Tellah: Golbez killed her. And now I will do the same for him!

Elder: Tellah, my friend...Let hatred drive your thoughts, and it will be you
undoing. Meteor would destroy you if you tried to use it now.

Tellah: If I should die, so be it! What he's done must not go unpunished.

Elder: Stubborn as ever, I see. You've not changed a bit.

Tellah: Nor you.

Elder: But young Cecil has become a paladin now. If the two of you work 
together, you just might have a chance.

Cecil: But if we are to face Golbez, we'll need an airship. We must go to 

Elder: Very well. I will reopen the entrance to the Devil's Road. As a paladin,
you should be able to walk it safely. I will retire to the Tower of Prayer, and
pray for your success. Go now. The fate of the world rests in your hands!

Cecil: Thank you.

Elder: Palom! Porom! You need accompany Cecil no more. Your work is done.

Palom: No it isn't! You told us to help him, didn't you? To see things through
to the end.

Porom: Please, Elder, let us go, too!

Elder: Oh, you two...Very well. The light on Mount Ordeals accepted you as 
well. This may very well be your destiny. I cannot leave Mysidia, but perhaps
you can aid Cecil and Tellah where I cannot. Cecil, Tellah...You'll look after
them, won't you?

Cecil: But, they're only-

Palom: Only what? You've seen what we can do!

Porom: Well, you have, haven't you?

Tellah: Fear not. I'll be along as well. They will be safe.

Cecil: Then I suppose there's no reason to object.

Palom: Woo-hoo! All right! We're going!

Porom: This isn't a picnic we're going on, Palom.

Elder: The entrance to the Devil's Road lies within a small structure on the 
east side of town. It will lead you to Baron. I will be in the Tower, praying
for your and all the life upon this earth. Luck be with you.

They use the Devil's Road and are transported to Baron.


While trying to find a way into the castle, Cecil happens upon Yang at the inn.

Cecil: Yang!? Yang, is that you? Praise be, I'd thought you for dead!

Yang: And you are...?

Cecil: Ah, I suppose you wouldn't recognize me like this. It is I, Yang - 

Yang: Cecil! I've searched long and hard for you. This man is a traitor to the
king of Baron! Seize him!

Guards: Sir!

The two guards attack Cecil.

Cecil: Yang, do you not know me!?

Yang: Oh, I know you well, blackguard!

Yang fights the party.

Cecil: See my face, Yang!

Yang: Die, curs!

Cecil: It's Cecil, and I am no enemy!
Yang: Yah!

Yang comes to his sense.

Yang: Cecil? We...we were attacked by...by Leviathan, weren't we? I remember
little after that.

Tellah: Baron must have been taking advantage of your amnesia, using you to
its own ends. 

Yang: Forgive me.

Cecil: What of Rydia and Edward?

Yang: Rydia...Rydia was swallowed by Leviathan. I do not know of Prince 
Edward's fate.

Cecil: I see.

Yang: Where are we?

Cecil: We're in Baron. And we'd best not talk here, lest any guards overhear
us. Let's see if we can find a room.

Yang rejoins the party.

Innkeeper: Ha! I saw what you did to them guardsmen. You've grit, and strength
to match! Why don't you spend the night? No need for coin, it's my pleasure!

Yang: Who might this gentleman be?

Cecil: This is the great sage Tellah. His daughter and Edward were - 

Tellah: She loved him enough to give her life for his.

Yang: My condolences for your loss. My name is Yang, and I am a monk of Fabul.

Palom: I'm the great Palom, magical prodigy of Mysidia!

Porom: Please, forgive my brother's lack of manners. I'm Porom, his twin 

Palom: All that monk training really paid off, huh? Letting Baron brainwash you
like that!

Porom: Palom!

Yang: I've disgraced myself.

Cecil: We've not time to dwell on what is done. We need to rescue Cid.

Tellah: But how? I do not think we will gain easy entrance to that castle.

Yang: What if you had this?

Yang hands over a key.

Cecil: A master key! Of couse, you were serving in the royal guard! With this,
there should be a way.

The party rests and prepares to sneak into the castle.

Baron Castle

After traveling through the dangerous waterways, the party meets an old 
acquaintence in the halls of Baron.

Voice: Lord Cecil!

Baigan reveals himself to Cecil's group.

Baigan: You're alive!

Cecil: Baigan...Tell me you've not joined him, too.

Baigan: Him?

Cecil: Golbez.

Baigan: I am captain of His Majesty's royal guard, Cecil. My loyalty belongs 
to Baron, now as ever.

Cecil: Forgive me, then. I'd heard that Cid is being held here. Is it true?

Baigan: I fear it is. I led my men here in hopes of rescuing him, but...only I

Cecil: I see. Will you come with us, then? Your blade would be most welcome.

Baigan: Consider it yours, my lord.

Captain Baigan of Baron joined the party.

The group makes their way to the throne room when Palom and Porom sense that
something is amiss.

Cecil: What is it?

Palom: Something stinks.

Porom: I smell it, too...a monster's stench.

Baigan: What!? Be on your guard, my lord!

Palom steps closer to Baigan.

Palom: Hmph. His acting stinks, too.

Porom joins his sister.

Porom: You would expect him to try a little harder to fool us, wouldn't you?

Cecil (turning to Baigan): So you have gone over!

Baigan holds his hand out and turns.

Baigan: Why must you keep accusing me of being some kind of traitor? I'm 
merely repaying a great man for the wonderful gift he gave me. Behold!

Cecil fights a mutated form of his former ally.

Palom: You shouldn't be so quick to trust people!

Cecil: Even Baigan...


The party reaches the throne room to meet the King.

King of Baron: Cecil, you've returned at last! And all the stronger for your
journey, by the looks of it.

Cecil: Your Majesty...

King of Baron: Oh, and look at you! You've become a...a paladin, is it? I'm 
afraid that won't do at all.

Cecil: My liege?

King of Baron: Your liege? Who might that be? Oh, I think I've just remembered!
You must mean that old fool who refused to surrender up this kingdom. Yes, 
that's it - the king of Baron! It's his part I've been playing all this time.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Cecil: What have you done with the king?

King of Baron: Would you like to go and see him, this king of yours? You'd best
not mistake me for another Scarmiglione. How one as weak as he came to be
crowned an archfiend is something I will never know. Mwa ha ha!

Cecil: Then you're one of them!

The "King" stands and transforms into a hideous beast.

Cagnazzo: I am the Drowned King, Cagnazzo - archfiend of water and sworn 
servant of Golbez! Bow down before me!

Cecil slays another archfiend with the help of his allies. As the realization
that his former king may be forever gone, he hears a familiar voice.

Voice: Filthy imposter!

Cid bursts into the room with a mean look in his eye.

Cid: You've got another thing coming if you think you can keep me locked up in
a musty old sty like that! Eh?

Cecil (approaching Cid): Cid!

Cid: Cecil! You're alive! You had me worried, you...you...you!

Cecil: I'm sorry.

Cid: What about Rosa!? She ran off after you - said she was sure you were still
alive. But we haven't seen her since.

Cecil: She was...taken by Golbez.

Cid: While you were with her!? How could you let that happen!? Hmph...Golbez,
eh? Not enough for him to use my airships like that - has to go and take Rosa,

Tellah: And she is in danger. So if you wouldn't mind leading us to this flying
ship of yours, perhaps we could talk on the way!

Cid: Who's this testy old-timer think he is?

Tellah: One might ask the same of you!

Cid: Me? You're calling me old?

Porom intervenes.

Porom: Please, let's not argue! You're Cid, right? This is Tellah, a great sage
and wizard. That is Yang, grandmaster of the Fabulian monks. My name is Porom. 
I'm an apprentice mage from Mysidia.

Palom (turning his back): Grown old men, acting like children...

Porom: The one who doesn't know how to mind his tongue is my twin brother, 

Palom: Hmph! Goody-goody!

Yang: It is an honor to meet you, sir. But I fear out situation does dictate

Cid: Oh, now there's a man who knows some manners!

Cecil: Cid, where is this new airship of yours?

Cid: Heh heh...The one place nobody would ever think to look! I thought it 
might come in handy one day, so-

Tellah: We don't have time for this blathering! Rosa's life is at stake!

Cid: I know that! No need to be shouting about it, I heard you the first time.
Well, then - follow me!

Palom and Porom

Cagnazzo: The Drowned King, Cagnazzo, deposed! but the wicked are not wont
to fall alone.

In life, I was terrible - in death, steeped in terror greater still. Drink long 
and deep of it ere you die! I'll save a briny pit for you in hell. Mwa hah ha
ha ha!

Tellah: The walls!

Cecil: It's barred!

Tellah: This one, too!

The party attempt to hold back the walls. Palom and Porom 

Cecil: Palom! Porom!?

Palom: Cecil...We'll miss you!

Porom: It was almost like we'd gained an older brother.

Tellah: What's gotten into you two?

Porom: We won't let you all die like this!

Palom: Tellah, look after Cecil for us.

Porom: Together, now.

Palom: Right!

Palom and Porom: Break!

Cecil: Palom...Porom...

Tellah: They turned themselves to stone? Hold on, now...Esuna!

The spell has no effect, as the two have become 

Tellah: Fools...if any of us had to die, it ought to have been me.

Yang: They were...only children.

Cid: I'll fire up the Enterprise we'll avenge them both

Cecil: You will answer for this, Golbez!


Meanwhile, Golbez is with Kain and Rosa in a mysterious location. He has seen
the recent events take place.

Golbez: He slew Cagnazzo as well. The man has become a force to be reckoned 

Kain: With regards to the final Crystal, my lord-

Golbez: I am aware of the situation. The complications are most troublesome.

Kain: What if you were to have Cecil retrieve it for you?

Golbez: Cecil?

Kain: He cannot refuse. We hold Rosa. We could offer an exchange - the Crystal
for her life.

Golbez: Indeed...And when he brings it to us, we can finish him then. Very 

Kain: I will go and deliver the terms.

Kain turns to leave, but Rosa calls out to him.

Rosa: Kain!

Kain (turning back to Rosa): I am more than Cecil will ever be. You'll see that
soon enough.


We return to the halls of Baron, where Cid is revealing the location of his
hidden airship.

Cecil: It's right here at the castle?

Cid: The darkest place is under the candlestick, or so they say! Who would look
for it here?

Cid moves and reveals a hidden passageway. The four men race to board the 
flying machine.

Yang: Incredible!

Tellah: You mean to tell me this ship can sail the skies?

Cid: Sorry to have kept you down here for so long, my sweet Enterprise!

The dock shakes and the airship frees itself from its confines.

Cid: Guess it's time to be off then, eh? Let me show you what she can do!

Cecil: Wait!

Yang: That's-

Tellah: -a white flag?


Cecil: Kain.

Kain: So, you did survive, impressive.

Cid: Kain! What in the world's gotten into you?

Cecil: Where's Rosa? She's safe I trust.

Kain: Heh, worried about her, are you? If you wish to see Rosa live, fetch me 
the Earth Crystal from the land of Troia.

Cecil: What?

Tellah: A craven play.

Kain: I'll make contact You'd do well to hurry if you value your life.

Yang: How dare you

Cecil: Open your eyes to what you're doing, Kain!

Kain: This meeting...is over.

Yang: What do we do?

Cid: Blast that Kain....

Cecil: We make for Troia. Cid, set us on a course for the northwest.

On the way to Troia.


The party reaches the land of Troia.


The party find the Earth Crystal has been stolen by a dark elf. While searching
the castle for information they happen upon a surprise - Edward is alive and
is resting in Troia.

Cecil: Edward!

Edward: Cecil...So, you survived, too. You cannot know how I've worried. I...I
must fight by your side again!

Tellah: Fight? Fight to stay on your feet, perhaps! Don't be a fool. You need
to rest and recover.

Edward: Tellah...You are well, then. Please accept my apologies for what 
happened to...to Anna. She died because...because of me.

Tellah: ...

Edward: Know that I am...truly...*cough*

Yang: Edward, you mustn't strain yourself to speak!

Edward: Yang...you're alive, too. What...what of Rydia?

Yang (lowering his head): ...I could not save her.

Edward: I see. The poor child...Forgive me. All of you are fighting, and I but
lie in bed.

Cid: Don't you worry. Me and my Enterprise are taking up the slack. I hear you
risked your neck for Cecil and Rosa. Now it's my turn. You just leave things to
ol' Cid for a while!

Edward: You're Cid? Then, you escaped with an airship? Wait...Cecil, what's 
become of Rosa?

Cecil: She remains captive. They've demanded Troia's Earth Crystal in exchange
for her life. But the Crystal is already gone - stolen by a dark elf.

Edward: A dark elf, you say?

He struggles to rise.

Edward: Cecil, I want you to have this.

Cecil: What is it?

Edward: The only way that I can accompany you now. Please, carry it with you.

Obtained Whisperweed.

Edward: Cecil...you must save Rosa!

He rests and the party prepares for the dark elf's cavern.


After capturing a black chocobo, they find the location of the cavern.


Lodestone Cavern

The party arrives at the magnetic cavern where the dark elf hides the stolen

Cid: The magnetic field in this cave is unbelievable! Better remove all our 
metal armor and weapons if we want to be able to move in here.

Yang: My claws don't seem to be affected.

Tellah: And we have my magic as well. There's nothing to fear!


The party enters the Crystal room where the dark elf awaits.

Dark Elf: I applaud your perseverance. But the Earth Crystal is mine, and I 
will not surrender it. Your journey ends here.

The party prepares for battle.

Dark Elf: Do you truly think those pitiful weapons of yours a match for my

Yang: Cecil!

Tellah: Leave this one to us!

The group fights to their best efforts without the use of their normal
equipment. Unfortunately, the dark elf is a formidable foe.

Dark Elf: Fools. Behold the power you face!

He annihilates the party with one fell swoop.

Cecil: If only I could...wield my sword!


The scene shifts back to Edward where the party last left him to recover. He is
sitting up in his bed.

Edward: They're...in danger!

He forces himself up and takes a few steps before collapsing. The medical staff
rush to his aid.

Nurse: Prince Edward, what's come over you!? You're in no condition to be 

Edward (rising): I'll be fine. I...I need only reach my harp - urgh!

Nurse: Please, you must return to your bed! You've not regained the strength 
for such exertion!

Edward: No. I am the only one...the only one who can save them!

He struggles to reach his harp and plays a familiar tone.

Lodestone Cavern - Crystal Room

The sound of Edward's harp began to resonate from the whisperweed. The party
is able to recuperate while the dark elf is in a state of shock and awe.

Yang: Oh...

Tellah: That beautiful sound...

Cecil: It's Edward's harp!

Dark Elf: What is this torturous noise!? No! Nooooo!

Edward's Voice: Strike now, Cecil! He will not be able to maintain the strength
of the magnetic field while I am playing. Take up your sword! You will be able
to wield it now.

Cecil: Right!

The party re-equips itself to fight the dark elf.


Now well prepared, they charge.

Dark Elf: Gah! How dare you? I will kill you all!

They attack the creature until he transforms into his true form.

Dark Elf: It seems this form will not suffice!

The dark elf changes into a dark dragon, but even still he falls to Cecil's

Dark Elf: No! How did that cursed sound reach this place? With the Crystal...I
was to have life...eternal. Urgh...

He dies.

Cecil: Thank you, Edward!

Cecil ascends the Crystal staircase. Obtained the Earth Crystal. They travel 
back to Troia.


Troia Castle - Infirmary

Before returning the Crystal, the party stops off to thank Edward, who is still

Edward: You did it, didn't you?

Cecil: Thanks to you, Edward.

Edward: You needn't thank me. It was the only thing I could do.

Cid: How did you know that song would break his spell?

Edward: I learned that tune some years ago, while traveling as a bard. It is a
melody used to ward off evil fey. I thought perhaps it might serve to disrupt
his concentration.

Yang: We owe you our lives.

Edward: Me? No, I...I only- *cough* *cough*

Cecil: Edward?

Edward: Tellah, I...

Tellah: Dwell on it no more. Anna was happy to have been loved by a man as
brave as you.

Edward: Tellah...

Tellah: All you need concern yourself with now is your health. Rest, and grow
strong again. I will see the debt for Anna's death repaid - with Meteor. And I
shall do it for the both of us, Edward.

Edward: Thank you.

Cecil: You have more courage than you realize, Edward.

Edward: I believe I understand now what Anna was trying to tell me. Cecil...
take this with you. And please...save Rosa.

Edward lends Cecil his abilities as best he can. They thank Edward once more 
and goes to return the Crystal.


Cecil arrives in the hall of the Epopts, where they eagerly awaited for the
Crystals return.

Epopt: The Crystal! The Earth Crystal is returned! You truly managed to reclaim

Epopt: At last!

A dark force descends upon the room.

Voice: I see you have the Crystal.

Cid: I know that voice!

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: Exit the castle and board your airship. I will take you to the tower 
where Rosa is held.

Cecil - with the permission of the Epopts - chooses to go along with Kain and
trade the Crystal for Rosa.

Skies Over Troia

Kain meets our heroes aboard the airship.

Kain: Where is the Earth Crystal?

Cecil: Right here. And Rosa?

Kain: She is at the Tower of Zot. Follow our ship. We will lead you there.

The two ships fly off to the mysterious Tower of Zot.

Tower of Zot

Cecil enters the tower but is unable to find Kain.

Cecil: Kain!

Cid: Where's he hidden himself!?

Kain's Voice: You need not concern yourselves with that. Golbez would like to 
extend his personal gratitude for your cooperation in obtaining the Crystal.

Tellah: Golbez!

Golbez's Voice: You have fulfilled your end of the bargain, and for that I am
most grateful.

Tellah: Show yourself!

Golbez's Voice: I understand your desire to hasten our meeting. But first there
is the matter of your reward.

Yang: Reward?

Golbez: Your dear Rosa waits with me on this tower's highest floor. Should you
succeed in reaching us, I will exchange her for the Crystal as promised.

Cecil: There was nothing said of this before!

Golbez: Nonetheless, you would do well to hurry. I cannot guarantee her life 
should you choose to do otherwise. We will be waiting.


Just before reaching the highest floor, Cecil is met with three strange girls.

Tall Girl: Welcome to the Tower of Zot!

Heavy Girl: It's a pleasure to make your acqaintance!

Small Girl: We're the Magus Sisters. We serve Barbariccia, the Empress of the

Tall Girl: I'm Sandy!

Heavy Girl: Cindy!

Small Girl: Mindy!

Magus Sisters: I'm afraid your climb is at an end. We'll be taking that 
Crystal. And giving you a taste of our Delta Attack to make sure you never see
your dear Rosa again!

The two groups fight.

Sandy: Ready, Sis? Here I go!

Mindy: Okay! Here it comes!

Cindy: Now, Mindy! Cast the spell!

Magus Sisters: Delta Attack!

They are defeated.


Finally Cecil comes face to face with Golbez once more.

Golbez: Impressive.

Tellah: Golbez!

Cecil: Where is Rosa?

Golbez: The Crystal first.

Cecil: Rosa is safe?

Golbez: Never more so. Now, hand over the Crystal.

Cecil: As promised.

Relinquished the Earth Crystal.

Cecil: Release Rosa.

Golbez (turning): Rosa? Whoever would that be?

Cecil: What?

Cid: He's been playing us for fools all along!

Tellah: Your words are as twisted as your soul!

Golbez: I have no business with you, old man.

Tellah: Oh, but I have some with you! The business of the father of a murdered

Tellah fights Golbez one-on-on, casting his most powerful spells.

Golbez: Feeble old man! What can yo hope to do to me?

Tellah: Meteor's time has come at last.

Cecil: No, Tellah! You mustn't!

Yang: You'll be the one it destroys!

Tellah: So be it! Let my life fuel the spell that ends his!

He casts Meteor and Golbez is astonished and gravely injured.

Golbez: Im...impossible! You - how could you know Meteor!

Tellah falls to the floor.

Cecil: Tellah!

Golbez: Regardless, the Earth Crystal is mine. Come, Kain.

Kain also falls to the floor.

Kain: ...

Golbez: So, the old man's interference severed my hold over you. No matter. 
Your purpose is served. Do not think this affront will be forgiven.

Cecil: You'll not escape this time, Golbez!

Golbez (turning): You try my patience.

He raises his hand and aims a spell at Cecil.

Meteor's Price

Golbez: !?

Cecil: Why...why now stay you're hand?

Golbez: You're...you...

Cecil: ...?

Golbez: But how

Cecil: ...?

Golbez: We will finish this...another time.

Yan: Cecil!

Cid: You all right!

Cecil: Yes, I'm fine. But Tellah!

Tellah: Thinking I could best him...

Cid: You shouldn't talk!

Tellah: I brought this on...myself. Letting hate consume me so...

Cid: Tellah!

Yang: No!

Tellah: ...

Cid: Come on! Open your eyes, you old fool.

Tellah: ...

Yan: Oh Tellah...

Cid: Rest, then...with that daughter of yours.

Cecil: Tellah...we will avenge your death and Anna's. I swear it.


Cecil checks on his friend, Kain.

Cecil: Kain! Kain!

Kain slowly comes to.

Kain: Cecil! For...forgive me. What have I done?

Cecil: Golbez held sway over our mind. None of this was your doing.

Kain: But...I was conscious of everything. Rosa, she...I-

Cecil: Rosa! Where is she!?

Kain (turning): Above! Quickly, we've no time!

The two sprint to the above floor where Rosa remains tied up with a death 
device looming overhead. 

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil manages to free her with only seconds to spare.

Cecil: Rosa...

Rosa: I knew you'd come for me.

Cecil: I realized the moment you left my side. Rosa, I-

Rosa: Oh, Cecil...

The two embrace.

Kain: ...

Cid: Goodness gracious! Things are certainly heating up in here!

Rosa notices Kain.

Rosa: Kain!?

Cecil: He is himself again.

Kain: Forgive me, Rosa. Not all of what I did was because of Golbez's spell. I
just wanted to keep you...to keep you by my side.

Rosa: Kain...

Kain: ...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Why don't you join us in our fight, Kain?

Kain: Rosa, Cecil...Please, accept my apologies.

Cecil: ...

Cid: Hey! We don't have time for this right now! We need to get out of here!

Cecil: Kain...let's go.

Kain: Cecil...

Cecil: You'll help us fight Golbez, won't you? We could use your help now more
than ever.

Kain: Certainly. Thank you, Cecil...and you, Rosa.

Rosa and Kain joined the party and they prepare to leave. 


However, a mysterious voice confronts them as they leave

Voice: Ha ha ha ha ha...It seems I underestimated you. I'd not have thought you
strong enough to wound Lord Golbez!

Kain: Barbariccia - one of Golbez's elemental archfiends!

Barbariccia appears in front of the group.

Barbariccia: Kain. So you've betrayed us. And with all that strength, too -
such a waste!

Kain: I've betrayed no one, Barbariccia. I've returned to my senses!

Barbariccia: And you've grown arrogant as well, I see! I should have killed you
and Rosa both when I first had the chance. But that old wizard of yours is gone
now, and Meteor with him. Allow me to amend my past mistakes!

Kain: I welcome you to try. You're not the only one who can ride the wind,

She spins and creates a massive whirlwind around her.

Kain: It's no use! The winds shield her on all sides! Only jump attacks can 
reach her directly!

The tactic works and Barbarricia falls.

Barbariccia: Traitor...You may have bested me, but the last of the four 

She falls and the tower begins to shake.

Barbariccia's Voice: Not that you will ever leave this tower alive to meet
him! Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Cecil: The tower is collapsing!

Kain: She left us no escape!

Cid: Oh, I don't like this one bit...

Rosa: Everyone, gather near!

They do so.

Rosa: Teleport!

Baron Castle

The party teleports out of the tower just before it is destroyed. They find 
themselves in a familiar location.

Cecil: We're in-

Rosa: Your bedchamber, in Baron.

Cid: Should be safe enough here, now that the imposter's gone.

Kain: Cecil, there's something you must know.

Cid: What would that be?

Kain: It's about the remaining Crystals.

Cecil: Kain, we've lost the Earth Crystal. Golbez holds all of them now.

Kain: No, he holds four.

Rosa: You mean to say there are more?

Cid: Come to think of it, I've heard tales of others!

Rosa: You speak of the Dark Crystals.

Kain: I do.

Cid: The four of this world are Crystals of Light.

Yang: And for every light, there is a shadow cast.

Cecil: Then the Dark Crystals are real?

Kain: Quite. Golbez holds but half of the Crystals.

Cid: But even if the tales are true, how would we be able to find them?

Kain: No doubt we would not. But Golbez already has.

Cecil: Then we must reach them before he does! Where are they hidden?

Kain: Where their name implies - the deep, dark bowels of the underworld.

Yang: The underworld!?

Cid: How are we s'posed to get there? Start digging?

Kain (shaking his head): Please. There is more. He said when all of the 
Crystals were gathered, the way to the moon would be opened.

Cecil: The way to the moon?

Kain: I understand it no more than you. But he said that this was the key.

Kain hands over the Magma Stone.

Cecil: A stone.

Kain: There is a place where it must be offered, and doing so will open a path
to the underworld.

Yang: A place?

Rosa: But where?

Kain: That much I do not know.

Cid: What's to worry about? We've got the Enterprise!

Everyone stares at him questioningly.

Cid: We can fly circles around the world in the blink of an eye!

Cecil: Cid, the Enterprise is still at the Tower of Zot.

Cid: Heh! Thinking ol' Cid's gone senile on you, eh? I told you, didn't I? The
Enterprise is strides beyond those other ships! I've already flown her back to
Baron by remote control!

Yang: Then I believe our course of action is decided.

Rosa: I don't know what we'd do without you, Cid!

Cid: Me neither! Guess we'll leave in the morning, then. No better way to start
searching for an entrance to the underworld than with a sound night's sleep!

Cecil: But I wonder...What made Golbez falter?

Rosa: Is something the matter?

Cecil: No, it's nothing. We should get some rest.

The group makes preparations in Baron to search for the way to the underground.
While adventuring in the castle basements, Cecil happens upon a strange event.

Mysterious Voice: Cecil...

The former King of Baron appears on an empty throne.

Cecil: Your Majesty!?

King of Baron: Return to this place when you have visited the land where the 
Eidolons dwell. Then I, too, will be able to lend you my strength.

Cecil: My liege!

He disappears. 

They begin their search for the way underground.

Sun's Stone Returned

The search ends at Agart, an island town with quite a history. They find them-
selves drawn to the center of the town.

This well seems for all the world to have no bottom. Cecil holds out the 
Magma Stone.

Cecil: What's this!?

Kain: It's glowing!

Cid: Let me see it. That's strange. It's getting warmer. Ouch! Ouch! YEOUCH!

Cid drops it down the well.

Cecil: What in the world is happening!?

The mountains outside the town smoke and reveal a passage to the underground!

The Underworld

Flight into Fire

They fly down into the underground. It is a lava-filled setting as Cecil hears
the familiar sound of airships flying.

Cecil: Those are-

Kain: The Red Wings!

The Enterprise flies straight into a battle between the Red Wings and an 
unknown tank force.

Yang: It seems we weren't fast enough!

Cecil: But who are they fighting?

Cid: Hold on tight! We've got to break through this line! Come on, Enterprise! 
I know you're hurting! Just hold on a bit longer for me, girl! Uh-oh!

The airship is hit.

Cecil: We're falling!

The airship is out of control and crash lands.

Rosa: Cecil?

Cecil: Rosa...Is everybody all right?

Cid: Everyone but my poor ship. We won't be able to fly her anymore. Not like

Cecil: Then I suppose we go byfoot from here.

The party traverses the unfamiliar terrain in hopes of coming into human
contact and surviving the harsh conditions.


They reach a castle that welcomes them. It is inhabited by a strange people.

Dwarven Castle

Dwarf: Lali-ho!

Dwarf Girl: Hello, my name is Luca. I've lost my dolls. Have you seen them?


They meet up with the king of the dwarves.

Dwarven King: Oh-ho! So you did survive that crash!

Cecil: My pardons, Your Majest, but might we ask your name?

Dwarven King: I am Giott, king of the dwarves and ruler of the underworld.

Cecil: And the Dark Crystals, Your Majesty - they are truly down here?

King Giott: So, that is indeed the reason for your coming. But you do not seem
to be friends of the others, leastwise not judging from their welcome. I must
apologize. We came near to shooting you out of the sky ourselves.

Kain: Are the Crystals safe?

King Giott: Would that I could say yes, but two of the four have been captured.

Yang: We are too late, then.

King Giott: This castle's Crystal, however, remains secure. Our tank battalion
was able to repel the enemy forces.

Rosa: Those tanks we saw battling the airships were yours, then.

King Giott: Airships, you call them? The surface world must be home to many
wonders. Our tanks have long been unmatched on the battlefield, but even they
are hard pressed to defend against assault from the air. I do not suppose you 
would be willing to lend that airship of yours to our defense?

Cid: She was damaged when were were forced down. She'll need repairs before
she'll be able to fly again.

King Giott: I would be happy to provide you with any materials you might need.

Cid: Then I should be able to patch her up and get her engines humming again.
But she wasn't built to take the heat of all that magma. I'll need to fly her 
back up to the surface and see if I can't rig together some mythril plating.
Best get to work!

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: No need for teary good-byes - I'm onl going to make a few upgrades! You
kids just wait here. I'll be back before you even start to miss me!

Rosa: Cid...be careful.

Cid: Oh, don't you go falling in love with me too now, Rosa!

Cid left the party.

Cecil: Your Majesty, where is this castle's Crystal kept?

King Giott: Where it is most secure - in the hidden chamber behind my throne.
As long as there is light left in my eyes, our Crystal is safe.

Yang: !

Cecil: What is it, Yang?

Yang: Someone is eavesdropping!

King Giott: What!?

Cecil: There's no one here but us.

Yang: I felt a presence behind that wall!

King Giott: Open the door!

Dwarf: Yes, lali!

Cecil and his companions run into the Crystal room. They hear the door slam
closed behind them.

Kain: The door's been barred shut!

Voice: Yip-ho-ho!

Cecil: What are those!?

Rosa: Dolls?

Four dolls dance in front of the steps leading to the Crystal.

Dolls: We are Calcabrina! Adorable dolls! Terrible dolls! You are mindless 
cretins! Charging into unknown halls...We'll cut your strings! Lord Golbez will
be pleased! Yip-ho-ho!

Cecil: The dolls are joining together as one!

They fall.

Calcabrina: They beat us! We're through. But now he knows where the Crystal is.
He'll be here soon to take revenge! Lord Golbez...

They disappear.

Cecil: What!?

Voice: Our paths cross once again.

Golbez appears in front of the Crystal.

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: I believe we have a score to settle. It is terribly unfortunate that
you lack the boon of Meteor this time around. But first, allow me to tell you
my purpose in gathering the Crystals. Consider it a prize for your small 
victory before. There are eight Crystals in total - those of light and darkness
combined. Together, they form the key to reactivating the Tower of Babil, and
thereby the gate to the moon. The moon is said to conceal power that transcends
the limits of human comprehension. This Crystal is the seventh. Only a single
one remains to be taken, and the way will be open. Much of this, of course, was
only possible because of you. It would not do to let such aid go unrewarded. 
Take this - my final gift to you!

Golbez raises his arm and strikes.

Golbez: Ha ha ha! That is all the power you possess? A pity.

He paralyzes the party.

Golbez: Your eyes should still be free. Open them, and gaze upon true terror!
Come forth, my creature of shadow!

He summons a dark dragon who begins the attack.

Golbez: Farewell, Cecil.

But before the dragon can use his death spell against Cecil, a familiar looking
dragon of the mist appears! Golbez's summoned monster dies.

Golbes: An Eidolon...My shadow dragon, slain by mere mist...

Cecil is healed of his paralysis.

Female Voice: It's all right. You can move now!

Cecil: That voice...

Rydia - different than before but Rydia all the same - joins Cecil's side.
Assisted by powerful Eidolons, they defeat Golbez.

Golbez: This cannot...this cannot be!

He falls.

Cecil: We...we did it! We defeated him!

Rydia turns. She is visibly older than before.

Rosa: Rydia! You saved our lives.

Cecil: But, what's happened to you?

Rydia: When we were attacked, Leviathan swallowed me and carried me to the land
of the Eidolons.

Cecil: The land of the Eidolons?

Rydia: The Feymarch - the place they call home. I livded among them and 
befriended them. I can't use white magic anymore, but my summoning and black 
magic have grown stronger. Time flows differently in the Feymarch, though...

Rosa: So that's why you've grown so much?

Kain: Who is she, Cecil?

Cecil: This is Rydia, of Mist.

Kain: That child!?

Yang: This is a surprise indeed.

Cecil: But, why would you come to save us? If it weren't for us, your mother-

Rydia: Don't say another word! The queen of the Eidolons told me this: The
wheels of a fate greater than us all are turning now. She told me we must stand
against it...and we must stand together.

Cecil: Rydia...Thank you.

Rydia joined the party. Just as they prepare to leave, Golbez begins to rise.

Golbez: Death...will not claim dominion over me.

He swipes the Crystal and disappears.

Cecil: The Crystal!

They return to Giott's throne room.

Cecil: Forgive us. Golbez escaped, and with the Crystal.

King Giott: There was little any of us could have done to stop that, it seems.
But now only one Crystal remains. We must guard it with our lives.

Rosa: Where is the final one hidden?

King Giott: In the Sealed Cave to the southwest. Golbez left in that direction,
but have no fear. The entrance is warded, and cannot be breached without the
proper key. And so I have a favor to ask of you.

Cecil: It is our fault your Crystal was taken. If there is anything we can do 
to be of aid, we will most certainly cooperate.

King Giott: Golbez makes for the Sealed Cave. This is the opportune moment for 
us to turn the tables. While he is chasing after the final Crystal, you can
enter the Tower of Babil and reclaim the other seven.

Kain: The Tower of Babil?

Yang: You would have us march into the enemy's own fortresss!?

King Giott: Yes - while our tanks create a diversion. The enemy's forces will
be drawn out to fight. While they are occupied, you will have a chance to slip
in and retrieve the Crystals. Wait until Golbez returns, and that chance is 

Kain: What do you think?

Rydia: About walking willingly into an enemy stronghold?

Rosa: It would be dangerous, to be certain.

Yang: But to risk nothing is to gain nothing.

Kain: And King Giott speaks true. We must act now, while Golbez is away, if we
are to act at all.

Cecil: Very well. We will do as you ask.

King Giott: Excellent! In the basement of this castle is an entrance to a 
tunnel that will lead you near the Tower. Oh, and I'd almost forgotten! I want
you to have this.

Giott hands over a powerful new ability.

King Giott: Please go as soon as you've made read. I wish you the best of luck.

The group prepares to venture into the lion's den.


The Underworld

Cecil's party has made full preparations and departs through the basement of
the castle.


The road to the Tower is a battlefield.

Tower of Babil

The Tower of Babil is full of monsters and a maze unto itself.


They climb higher up the tower to find a red cloaked man speaking with who 
appears to be a doctor.

Doctor: Do be careful, Rubicante, my lord.

Rubicante: There is no need for concern. Eblan's castle has already fallen, and
its ninja forces with it. I trust matters here to you until my return.

Rubicante disappears in a whirlwhind of flame.

Doctor: Wee hee hee! Lord Golbez and Rubicante both gone, and only I at home!
I'm lord of the tower now!

Rydia: That's a strange one.

Rosa: Shh!

Doctor (turning): Who's there!?

Cecil: Uh-oh.

Doctor: You're that Cecil louse, aren't you? When in toadspittle did you 
squirm your way in!?

Kain: Rubicante's not here to help you. Are you sure you want to press your
luck against us?

Doctor: Press my luck!? Gah - the outrage! The belittlement! Do you have any 
idea to whom you're speaking? I'm Dr. Lugae! I may not be one of...them, but
Golbez made me his chief strategist for a reason!

Lugae: I can keep this tower clean of vermin like you!

Kain: I'd like to see you try!

Lugae: Oh ho ho! You will! My beautiful little boy will have your heads for

The doctor and his mechanized son fight.

Lugae: Go, Barnabas! Crush everyone to bits!

Barnabas: Uhhhngh!

Barnabas hits Lugae.

Lugae: Yeow! Not me, you big oaf! Them! Over there! Got it?

Barnabas: Uhhhngh!

Lugae: Show them what a strong boy you are! Can't be letting you run out of 

Barnabas: Uhhhngh!

Barnabas: Oil...OOOILLL...

The duo is defeated.

Lugae: Gah! Now you've done it! Prepare to see true terro's face! Enough of 
this foolishness! Look upon the face of fear!

Lugae transforms into an evil incarnation of himself. He utilizes a poisonous
gas that befuddles the group. They emerge victorious, however.

Lugae: Hee hee hee! This tower reaches beyond the surface, you know. Rubicante
has already moved the Crystals to the spire above. All that remains is to 
annihilate those accursed dwarves with my cannons! Wee hee hee!

He dies, dropping the key to a locked room below.

Rydia: Oh, no! The dwarves!

Yang: To the cannons!

Kain: We'll destroy them!

The party rushes to stop the cannons.


They reach the firing room.

Goblin: Wah ha ha! Die, dwarves, die!

Cecil: Step away from the cannons!

Goblin: You! How did you get in here!? Slaughter!

They fight.

Goblin: No! You can't stop us!

The goblins begin to fire the cannons.

Goblin: Gah ha ha! There's no halting the cannons now!

It disappears.

Cecil: Oh, no!

Kain: Is there nothing we can do!?

The Tower of Babil

Rosa: It's too dangerous!

Cecil: Yang!

Yang: I will take care of things in here. The rest of you get out!

Rydia: Are you mad!?

Cecil: It's too late, Yang.

Yang: Forgive me.

Yang kicks the party out of the room.

Cecil: Yang!? Yang!

The doors close before Cecil can get in.

Yang: If you should see my wife again, tell her to live enough for us both.

Kain: Don't be a fool! Open the door!

Rydia: Yang!

Rosa: Please Yang, don't throw your life away!

Yang: It has been an honor fighting with you.

Cecil: Open the door, Yang!

Yang: Gaaah!!

Cecil: Yang!

The room explodes. Yang succeeds in stopping the cannons from firing.


On the way to the Dwarven Castle, they party is stopped on the bridge leading
away from the Tower.

Voice: You are even more meddlesome than I had thought.

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: Mice are wont to play while the cat is away. But I am afraid our game 
of cat and mouse is at an end. The time has come for us to part ways.

The bridge begins to shake.

Golbez: Farewell!

The bridge begins to collapse.

Escape from the Underworld

The party is thrown to the ground, where suddenly Cid arrives, flying the 
newly repaired airship.

Cid: Whew! Doesn't get much closer than that!

Rosa: Cid!

Cid: Hmm? Where's Yang?

Rosa: Yang...he...

Cecil: He sacrificed himself to stop the tower's cannons.

Cid: Another good man lost...

Rydia: *sniffle*

Cid: Who's that one?

Cecil: That's Rydia, a survivor of Mist.

Cid hears the sound of airships flying.

Cid: Uh-oh! We've been followed!

Kain: Can't you shake them!?

Cid: This should be the faster ship! They must have made improvements to
the Red Wings, too!

rydia: They're closing on us

Cid: Come on, Enterprise

Cid: The engines can't take ths!. Cecil, take over!

Rosa: Cid!

Rydia: What are you doing

Cid: Once you breach the surface i'l seal off the hole with this

Rosa: No, not you too

Cid: I was hoping I'd get to see your kids someday, but someone's got to keep 
Yang company You get yourselves back to Baron talk to my boys when you get 

Rosa: But Cid

Rydia: You'll die

Cid: And so young, too!

Cid leaps from the airship.

Cid: Bombs away! Try stopping this, Golbez! My once-in-a-lifetime unaided 

Rydia: Cid...

Rosa: One after another...

Kain: Rushing to die like fools!

Cecil: We go to Baron - for Cid.

The Overworld

The group heads to Baron at the wishes of Cid.

Baron Castle

Engineer: Lord Cecil! The fleetmaster told us you'd be coming. Told us to make
a hook, and rig it to the Enterprise for you when you came. Won't take but a
few minutes!

They set about adding on to the airship.

Engineer: That ought to do it! Now you'll be able to carry that hovercraft of
yours beneath the ship. Just fly over the hovercraft in the Enterprise and
press the A Button to hoist her up! To set her down, just press the A Button
again. Should even be able to reach the Cave of Eblan down by the Tower of
Babil now, eh? Just set the hovercraft down on some solid ground nearby, then
use it to cross the shoals.

Cecil: Thank you. But, about Cid-

Engineer: Heh. Quite a handful, I'm sure. You don't have to tell us. The man 
never rests! If you killed him, he'd probably come right back from the dead and
keep on working! Well, we'd best be getting back to work - we've a mountain of
it waiting. Best of luck to you!


The party searches for the hovercraft.


They head towards the Eblan Cave.

Cave of Eblan

They reach the hideout of the Eblanese people.


They find out there is a secret tunnel leading to the Tower of Babil, and that
the remaining member of the royal family plans to fight Rubicante.


They reach the prince of Eblan.

Ninja: We meet at last. I've been looking forward to this, Rubicante!

Rubicante: Should I know you from somewhere?

Ninja: I'm Prince Edge of Eblan!

Rubicante: Eblan? I'm afraid I do not know the place of which you speak.

Edge: Then let me help you remember!

Edge fights Rubicante, but only ends up healing him.

Rubicante: Pitiful. Allow me to show you real flame!

Edge falls.

Edge: Damn...you!

Rubicante: You've strength worthy enough of pride, but not nearly enough to
think of challenging me. Hone your skills. I'll look forward to facing you
again when you have.

He disappears.

Edge: Come...back here!

Cecil: Are you all right!?

Edge: I lost, and he got away. Of course I'm not all right!

Rydia: We came to find Rubicante, too, and the Crystals he holds.

Edge: Rubicante's mine! You stay out of this! I'm going to put an end to him
with...with my own hands!

Kain: Your enemy is an elemental archfiend, Your Highness.

Cecil: You've seen his strength for yourself.

Edge: Heh...Don't mistake me for some pampered prince. The Eblanese royal 
family is heir to the secrets of the ninja masters of old. I don't need help
from lesser men!

Rydia: Enough! I can't watch another person go off to die. First Tellah and
Yang...And then Cid, too...All of them...all of them-!

Edge: H-hey, I didn't...I mean...

Rosa: Rydia...

Rydia: *sniffle*

Cecil: Rubicante is the strongest of the four archfiends. Whether we can even
hope to defeat him, I cannot say. But we have no choice. We must take back the
Crystals he holds!

Edge: ...It doesn't look like I have much choice. I can't leave a pretty girl
crying. Let's do this together, then - just this once.

Kain: Hmph. Too weak to stand, and still as arrogant as could be. It's nigh on
comical. Rosa, do you think you could...?

Rosa: Cura!

Edge: Thank you, my dear! You're not so rough on the eyes yourself! Right, 
then! Time for us to break into the tower, now that we're all fast friends!

Rydia: That was an awfully fast recovery.

The ninja Edge joined the party.

Tower of Babil

The cave leads to the Tower of Babil.

Cecil: How can we enter the tower?

Edge: Heh. You forget you're with a ninja!

Edge: Here we go!

He spins around and enters.


As they climb the tower, they are met by the king and queen of Eblan.

King of Eblan: Edge...

Edge: Father! Mother!

Queen of Eblan: Thank goodness, you're all right!

Edge: And you!

Queen of Eblan: Come, Edge.

King of Eblan: Yes...come with us.

Edge: With you? Where?

Queen of Eblan: To hell!

Cecil: Edge, watch out!

They fight.

King: You wish for death? Then allow me to speed you on your way!

Edge: What's happened to you? Mother! Father! It's me! Your son!

They transform. The king and queen regained lucidity.

King: Edge...Hear me while I can speak. We are no longer human. What we are...
has no right to live.

Queen: Forgive us, Edge.

Edge: ...

King: We must depart now...Before the madness takes us again. Serve Eblan well,
my son.

Edge: No! Don't go!

Queen: Farewell, Edge.

Edge: Mother! Wait! Don't go!

They disappear.

Edge's Rage

Edge: Ungh...gaaaaah!

Rosa: Such cruelty...It's inhuman.

Rubicante appears.

Edge: Rubicante! For this...for this you will pay!

Rubicante: It was Lugae who made chimerae of your parents.I shared no hand in 
his perversities. They shame me, as they grieve you.

Edge: Don't speak of shame!

Rubicante: I respect men like you. Men with...courage. But you are a slave to 
your emotions, and so will never know true strength. Such is the curse of Men.

Edge: You think our rage...a weaknes? Then let me show you how wrong you are!

Edge's anger awakened his latent powers. Edge learned Flood and Blitz.

Rubicante: You are an interesting one indeed. Such powers, unleashed by anger 
alone! But they will not avail you. The frozen winds of hell's ninth circle 
could not penetrate this cloack of flame I wear. Come, I will heal your wounds.
Face me at full strength!

They fight.

Rubicante: Most interesting...You combine your strengths to overcome foes
stronger even than yourselves. You are fine warriors indeed. Lord Golbez 
himself will find you no easy opposition. I pray the day comes that we can
fight each other again.

Rubicante disappears.

Edge: Mother...Father...You can rest in peace now.

Seneschal's Voice: Your Lord Highness!

Edge: Seneschal!

The Seneschal and two Eblanese warriors meet our heroes.

Seneschal: We've come to aid you in your fight! Where is Rubicante? Lead us
to him!

Edge: It's already done.

Seneschal: Oh! I should have expected no less of you.

Edge: I was not alone. I had the aid of these warriors as well.

Seneschal: I see! So, these are the ones to whom we owe our thanks!

Edge: So just who is this Golbez?

Kain: He is a man gathering the Crystals in hopes of opening a way to the 
moon, and he is Rubicante's master.

Edge: He wants to go to...the moon? The moon, the one in the night sky?

Cecil: A power is said to sleep there - one great enough to destroy the world.

Rydia: We're going to make sure that doesn't happen!

Edge: Everything that's been done has been at this Golbez's command, then. It
must not go unpunished!

Seneschal: But, Your Young Highness, your people need you now! Eblan must be

Edge: This isn't just about Eblan! It's about the whole world! I have to help
stop him.

Seneschal: Well then...do be careful!

Edge: Of course. Leave this to me!

Seneschal: Very well. We will do our best to protect Eblan in your absence.
Please, take care of our young prince.

Ninja: May shadow hide you, Your Highness!

Edge: And you!

They leave.

Edge: All right, let's go get this Golbez!

Rydia: We came here for the Crystals.

Edge: Right, I knew that. Follow me!


They enter the room ahead and find the Crystals in wait. Unfortunately, it is
not that easy.

Cecil: A trapdoor!?

The party falls floors below.

Edge: Owww...

Kain: We've fallen back to the subterranean level.


They descend down the tower and find themselves at an airship hangar.

Cecil: What's this?

Edge: All right! We can escape in this!

Rydia: But it's an enemy ship.

Edge: Don't worry, I'm sure she'd rather be flown by us anyway!

They board the ship.

Rosa: You don't suppose this could be a trap, do you?

Edge: This beauty? Not a chance! All right, then...we'll call her the Falcon!

Rydia: Oh, for...

Cecil: Quickly! We must get out of here!

Edge: Let's see what you can do, Falcon!

They fly the ship out of the Tower.


Dwarven Castle

The party speaks with the king of the dwarves.

King Giott: Oh, you've returned! I've been waiting. And what of the Crystals?

Cecil (shaking his head): We failed.

King Giott: I see. Goblez has been hard at work attempting to acquire the last
one. He is now trying to force open the Sealed Cave's entrance. It is only a
matter of time before he succeeds. I was hoping you might go and remove the 
Crystal before he does. Luca!

Luca: Yes, Father?

King Giott: Bring me your necklace.

Luca: Here you go.

King Giott: This necklace, you see, is the key to the Sealed Cave. No one can
pass through the entryway without it. Please, you must protect the final 

The magma surrounding the underworld makes airship travel to the Sealed Cave a
problem. They search the castle to find a solution.


They happen upon the infirmary to find Cid resting in bed.

Cid: What, is it time for dinner again already!? I tell you, the cuisine down 
here could use some work. If I have to eat one more-

Cecil: Cid!

Rosa: You're alive!

Kain: Put on a real show, didn't you?

Cid: Heh heh heh.

Edge: Who's this old codger?

Cid: Codger!? Did that unmannered lout just call me an old codger!?

Edge: You're the unmannered one!

Cid: Who is he!? Who is this snot-nosed little brat?

Edge: Heh. I'm Prince Edge of Eblan. Pleased to make your acquaintance, old

Kain: He has a foul tongue, but the matter of his royalty seems true enough.

Edge: Let's not forget my dashing looks and mystifying skills.

Rydia: Edge, please! This man is injured!

Cid: Ha! So Rydia's got you reined in with that pretty little face of hers, eh?

Edge: Qu-quiet, you!

Cid: What's become of Golbez?

Cecil: We defeated his four archfiends, but he still holds all of the Crystals
save one.

Rosa: We would go to secure it if only the Enterprise weren't still up on the

Kain: The enemy ship we stole cannot cross the magma.

Cid: Hmph. Doesn't sound like you can do much at all, does it? Guess it's up to
me again! I swear, you kids would never get anything done without me!

Cid runs out of bed.
Nurse: Sir, you must stay in bed! At least until you've healed!

Cid: We young folk are quick to recover! There's no time to be lounging about.
If you want me on my back again, you'd best come and lend me a hand!

The nurses follow him.

Rosa: He certainly seems well enough.

Cecil: Indeed.

Cid and the dwarves work on the Falcon.

Cid (back in bed): That ought to let you fly over anything you want.

Rosa: Thank you, Cid.

Cid: ...

Kain: Cid!

Cid: Zzz...Zzz...

Rydia: Seems to have worn himself out.

Rosa: He always pushes himself too hard.

Cecil: Cid...Thank you for everything.

Rydia: What's this? There's a letter beneath his pillow. "I'm writing this
letter in case the worst should befall me. If you're reading this, I
suppose it has. Make sure you give all those baddies an extra whack on the
head for me! We owe it to our late king. No, we owe it to everybody in this
world - even these people down here with their lousy food! And please apologize
to my daughter for me, for all I put her through with my selfishness. All my 
love, Cid"

Party Thoughts

Cecil: You truly are as tough as you boast, Cid.

Kain: Unbelievable. You never cease to amaze me, Cid.

Rosa: Oh, Cid...You can't know how glad I am to see you alive!

Rydia: Yang must have survived somehow, too, right? Like Cid...

Edge: A touch overzealous, that one...but he's good at what he does.


Kokkol's Smithy

Traversing across the underworld, Cecil finds a remote home.


They happen upon another dwarf hovel.

Sylph's Cave

Passage of the Eidolons

Rydia: I passed through this way when I left the Feymarch! We should seek out
Leviathan and the others, and ask for their aid!

The Feymarch

Rydia: This is Whyt's home. That's his father over there, and his mother 
asleep in bed.

Whyt's Father: *noise*

Rydia: I'll interpret. "I am Whyt's father. Thank you for always looking after 
him. We are what are known as Whytkin - the buds from which all Eidolons 
bloom. As Whytkin grow, they metamorphosize into other types of Eidolons 
according to their own attributes. Ourselves? We are tasked with remaining in
this form in order to produce more Whytkin children. Whytkin may be weak, but
our potential is limitles."

Rydia: Interesting, isn't it? How is your mother doing, Whyt?

Whyt: *noise*

Rydia: This is Whyt's mother.

Whyt's Father: *noise*

Rydia: Here goes..."My wife has ben sleeping for a long time. Ever since she
gave birth to Whyt...We don't know the reason why, but we're sure she'll wake up

Rydia: How sad. Don't worry, Whyt. I'm sure she'll get better.

Rydia: Your Majesty!

Asura: Rydia...It is good to see you again, and well.

Rydia: Please, Your Majest...We have need of your strenght!

Asura: Then I shall lend it to you. But you know I must first test your own. It
is the Code, and the Code must be observed. Have you the courage and strength
to face me? So be it!

They fight.

Asura: Sweet Rydia...These are good companions you have found, both strong and
true. Allow me, too, to lend my strength to your cause. Summon me whenever you 
have need.

Rydia learned Asura.

Eidolon King: Rydia, child...You are the first and only to best my Lady Queen.
But strength of arm alone will aid you little in the face of true evil. With-
out the strength of will to keep it aligned on the proper course, all the power
in the world amounts to nothing. My spirit has been tempered and honed in the
forge of the ages. Will you face me, knowing what it means to do so?

They fight.

Eidolon King: Indeed, you bear the light. Very well. Go with the power of the
Eidolon King at your command!

Rydia learned Leviathan.

After defeating Bahamut.

Rydia: How is your mother today?

Whyt: *noise*

Rydia: What? You...you can talk!?

Whyt: *noise*

Rydia: Here goes..."You must be Rydia. Thank you...for taking care of this
little one. I hope you'll...come back again."

The Whyt family gather around.

Rydia: Here goes..."Whyt...forgive me. I haven't been able to do anything for
you all this time."

Rydia: Umm..."I could always feel you near me. And thanks to Rydia, you've 
grown brave and strong."

Rydia: I didn't-! It's Whyt and all the other Eidolons who've helped us!

Rydia: Umm..."And you, my love...You watched over me all this time, and spoke
to me, didn't you? Thank you...I'm glad I remained a Whytkin with you.

Rydia: I'm so glad everything turned out all right. Oh! Umm, let me interpret.
"You earned Whyt the approval of the Hallowed Father of the Eidolons. You can't
imagine how proud you've made me. Allow me to give you this as a symbol of my
gratitude. It contains within it the power of the Eidolons. I hope it will be
of use to you.

Rydia: I don't know what to say. Thank you very much!

Sealed Cave

Hold aloft the key, and the way to the Crystal will open.

That's no door - it's a monster!

Obtained Dark Crystal.

Rumbling noises

Cecil: The walls!

Rydia: They're moving!

Kain: This cave was designed to protect the Crystal. This must be the last line
of defense, in case someone attempts to escape with it!

Edge: Then I guess we'll just have to smash it!

They fight.

Rydia: We did it!

Edge: Heh. And don't try possessing any other walls, either!

Cecil: What?

Voice: Kain...Return to me, my pawn...Deliver me the Crystal...

Cecil: Golbez!

Kain falls to his knees.

Cecil: Kain!

Rosa: Don't listen! Resist him!

He rises.

Kain: It's all right. I...I'm back in control of myself.

He rushes forward and knocks Cecil down, stealing the Crystal.

Cecil: Ugh!

Lost the Dark Crystal.

Edge: You filthy double-crosser!

Rosa: Kain! What are you doing?

Golbez's Voice: You underestimate the strength of my abilities. I had but
slackened your friend's leash, waiting for the proper moment to pull it taut.
With this final Crystal, the Tower of Babil will be made complete. Come, Kain!

Cecil: Kain! Don't listen to him!

Kain: ...

Rosa: Kain!

Kain: The Crystals are all assembled. We can open the way to the moon at last!

He leaves.

Edge: Come back here!

Golbez's Voice: Ha ha ha!

Cecil: Kain...

Edge: Unbelievable!

Dwarven Castle

King Giott: Oh, I've been awaiting your return! You have the Crystal, I assume?

Cecil: We failed.

King Giott: What!? So, he holds all of them now. Then there is nothing more we
can do. Not unless the legend of the Lunar Whale were to come true.

Cecil: The Lunar Whale?

King Giott: It is a great ship, said to have been built in an age long past. 
"Birthed from the womb of Dragon's maw-"

Cecil: Those are the words of the Mysidian legend!

King Giott: You know of Mysidia!?

Cecil: It's a city of mages on the surface!

King Giott: What? You mean to tell me Mysidia is real?

Cecil: Very much so. Its elder has confined himself to the Tower of Prayer, 
where he prays for us even now.

King Giott: He prays, you say? Could it be?

Cecil: What do you mean?

King Giott: He may be trying to revive the Whale. No, he must be! It is our
only hope! Mysidia - that is our answer! You must hurry to Mysidia!

Rosa: But the passage to the surface is sealed now.

Edge: And we can't even get near the Tower of Babil - not now that all the 
Crystals are there.

Voice: It's a good thing you've got me, then, isn't it?

Cid enters.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: I'll attach a drill to the Falcon's bow. Then you'll be able to burrow
your way back to the surface!

Rosa: But your wounds - have they healed?

Cid: Come now, we've got bigger things to worry about than a few scratches on
ol' Cid!

Edge: You really think you can do it?

Cid: Think? I'm Cid - there's nothing I can't do! Le's get to work!

Cid attaches a drill to the Falcon with the help of some dwarven laborers. Edge
flirts with Rydia, Cid reprimands him. Edge sulks and helps a bit. Cid 

Cecil: Cid!

Cid is put back to rest in the infirmary.

Cecil: Cid...

Rosa: You always have to overdo it, don't you?

Cid: I think this is the part where I finally have to bow out and leave the
rest of you young ones. I'm no good for much outside of fixing up airships in
this condition anyhow.

Edge: Hmph. Had to go and show me up, didn't you, old man?

Rydia: Get well soon.

Cid: You two...look after Cecil and Rosa for me, you hear?

Edge: Got it! You just take your time and recover!

Cid: Cecil, Rosa...Be careful!

Rosa: You too, Cid.

Cid: Go on now. I don't remember you having enough time to be sitting around
talking to crazy old men like me!

Cecil: Take care of yourself, Cid.

Adamant Isle Grotto

Pigmy: What do you want? I've nothing to discuss with you. Excepting you have a
tail, of course, but, well - that's a different matter altogether, now isn't 

Cecil shows him the Rat Tail.

Pigmy: This...this is a rat tail! Dear boy, he's brought us a rat tail! I've 
been searching for one of these for ages! Yes, yes, this should do nicely. Well
then, what say I give you a bit of this ore in return? A fair trade, I should

Obtained Adamantite.

Kokkol's Smithy

Kokkol: My smithing days are done. What good would it do for me to forge 
another sword? I cannot find the legendary adamantite, and without it I can do
no greater work.

Cecil hands over some Adamantite.

Kokkol:This...this is adamantite, if age has not robbed me of my wits! I cannot
believe it! Allow me to reforge that old sword of yours, as a token of my most
heartfelt appreciation.

Relinquished the Mythgraven Blade.

Kokkol gets to work.

Baron Castle 

King of Baron: You've come at last.

The ghostly image of the King of Baron appears.

Cecil: Your Majesty...

King of Baron: Do not look upon me with such sadness, Cecil. The fiend slew me,
yes, and robbed me of my earthen vessel. But my mind lives on, now and for 
eternity. I am an Eidolon now, and I would aid you. Should the summoner who
accompanies you wish to call upon it, my blade is ever yours. But the Code
dictates that I must first test your strength. And so I shall!

They fight.

King of Baron: You've grown as strong as you are valiant, Cecil. The future of
Baron - no, the world itself - rests in good hands. I pray that I might help
protect that world with you.

Cecil: My liege!

Rydia learned Odin.


Elder: I have been waiting for you. Come, we must go to the Tower of Prayer.

They do so.

birthed form womb of dragon's mw and borne unto the stars
by light and darkenss cast aloft are dreamtide otahts resworn

noom is swathed in ever-light ne'er again to know eclipse

From Womb of Dragon's Maw

Elder: Pray now, with all your heart! Prophecy must be made reality!
There is no other time but now!

They pray an an atmospheric change occurs. A whirlpool swirls in the ocean.

Elder: Behold, my children! She has heard our prayers!

The Lunar Whale rises from the sea while all look on in awe.

Elder: She is risen! The promised Ship of Light - the Lunar Whale!

Elder: A voice spoke to me in the midst of our prayers. "Go to the moon," it
said "He awaits you there."

Cecil: To the moon? But how?

Elder: The Lunar Whale is a ship from the moon. According to the writings I've
discovered, there should be a teleportation Crystal on board in addition to the
Crystals that serve to power its flight. That Crystal controls travel between 
here and the moon. Speak to it, and it will transport you between the two 
faster than you can even blink.

Cecil (nodding): I see. We will search for it.

Kokkol's Forge

Kokkol: It is done! The hallowed blade Excalibur! May it serve you well.

Obtained Excalibur.

The Moon's Surface

Hummingway Colony

Lunar Subterrane

Crystal Palace

Voice: At last, you've arrived!

An elderly man appears before them.

Cecil: Who are you?

Man: I am Fusoya, and I am charged with watching over the slumber of the 

Rosa: Lunarians?

Fusoya: Yes...we, the people of the moon. Long ago, the world that lay between
the Red Planet and the Great Behemoth stood at the verge of destruction, both
terrible and complete. The last survivors of that devastation boarded a ship
and escaped to the Blue Planet. 

Cecil: Blue Planet?

Fusoya: The one that you call home. But your planet was still in the midst of
its evolution, you see. And so those travelers created a second moon for the
planet, and there they settled into a long and quiet slumber.

Edge: And they're the ones you called the Lunarians.

Fusoya: Indeed. But there was one among us who was loath to sleep. He thought
it fit that we should simply raze all existing life on the Blue Planet, and 
claim it as our own.

Rydia: That's horrible.

Fusoya. Yes. And so I used my powers to force him into hibernation with the
others. But as he slept, his will grew stronger and took on a consciousness all
its own. It reached out to men with tainted hearts on your planet, twisting 
them into beings yet darker still. And through them, he began to gather the

Cecil: So he was manipulating Golbez!

Edge: Does this guy have a name?

Fusoya: His name is Zemus. The Crystals function as a source of energy, you 
see. I fear he has gathered them in order to activate the interdimensional 
elevator within the Tower of Babil. With it, he will be able to transport the
Giant of Babil to your planet and use it to extinguish all life there.

Rosa: Oh, no...

Fusoya: But do not be mistaken. His will is not that of all we Lunarians. The
rest of us have been waiting quietly for your planet's people to progress to
such a point that we might treat with one another as equals. We but wait and 
sleep, dreaming of that day.

Cecil: And the Lunar Whale, where did it come from?

Fusoya: Ah, the ship...My younger brother Kluya built that vessel long ago, and
flew it to the Blue Planet. He took with him several of our secrets, such as 
the ones employed in your Devil's Road and in airships - a gift to your people.
Kluya was fascinated by your planet and wished to know more of it. And while he
was there, he fell in love with a woman of your planet. She later bore him two
children. One of them was you.

Cecil: What!? Me? Then, that voice I heard at Mount Ordeals-

Fusoya: -was the spirit of your father. Indeed...you are the very image of 
Kluya in his youth.

Cecil: So it was my father!

Fusoya: He vested you with his power so that you might prevent Zemus's plot
from coming to fruition. Zemus must be stopped! For your planet's sake, and for
that of my people as well. We must hurry to the Tower of Babil near Eblan.

Edge: The Tower? It's protected by some kind of barrier now. There's no way in!

Fusoya: I should be able to bypass the barrier. We must not let the Giant of 
Babil be unleashed upon your world!

The Lunarian Fusoya joined the party.

Lair of the Father

Bahamut: So, you have enlisted the aid of Leviathan. But power such as his can
be won without light's gift. Only the ultimate trial can determine if that most
sacred force truly rests within you. The trial of I, Bahamut - Hallowed Father
of the Eidolons!

They fight.

Bahamut: Your strength, of arm and spirit, is now proven. Should you e'er 
require my aid, Rydia, it is yours to invoke. Speak but my name - Bahamut - and
I shall appear.

Rydia learned Bahamut.

The Tower of Babil

Rydia: What's going on!?

Cecil: It's the Tower of Babil!

Fusoya: We were too late!

Edge: What!?

Fusoya: The Giant has come.

The Giant of Babil

The Giant appears and lets out a mighty bellow along with powerful beams that
shoot from his arms and destroy the surrounding land.

Rosa: No...!

Edge: This can't be happening!

Rydia: Isn't there anything we can do?

Cecil: What's that!?

Airships and tanks fight the Giant.

King Giott: Dwarves! We fight for the earth - our home, and the mother of us

Dwarves: Lali-ho!

Sylph: Yang, you should not be out here! You push yourself too hard!

Yang: I'm fine. And even were I not, this is no time to be lounging in bed.

Cid: Nothing to worry about now - Cid's here to help! All engines, full power!

Mechanics: Sir!

Palom: Heh heh! Did you miss me?

Porom: Our elder lifted the spell on us!

Elder: This is not your burdern to bear alone! This is a battle for all who
live and breathe upon this planet!

Edward: Cecil...let me show you the courage you helped me find!

They all barrage the Giant.

Cecil: They all came to fight!

Rosa: The Giant - it's staggered!

Fusoya: Then this is our chance. We can get inside the accursed thing!

Edge: Right! Then we can slice up whatever controls it from the inside!

Cecil: We're going to need your help, Cid!

Cid picks up the party on the Enterprise.

Fusoya: Take us to the Giant's mouth!

Cid: And who's this old whitehair think he is, ordering me about!?

Cecil: His name is Fusoya. He's from the moon.

Cid: The moon!?

Fusoya: We've no time. Can you get us near enough to jump?

Cid: Can fish swim!? Who do you think you're talking to!?

The Giant.

Cid: Well then...best hold on tight!

Cid swoops by.

Fusoya: Now's our chance!

Giant of Babil

The Four Fiends

Rubicante: At last you've come.

Barbariccia: The giant cannot be stopped.

Cagnazzo: But YOU can!

Scarmiglione: This will be your tomb!

Cecil: You again!

Scarmiglione: Our master Zemus...

Cagnazzo: gifted us with life...

Barbariccia: to rob you of yours!

Rubicante: How I yearned for this! When last we met, you taught me a great 
truth...that many are more powerful than one. I'll restore you to full 

He heals the party.

Rubicante: Now, show us what power you possess!

They fight.

Scarmiglione: Lord Zemusss!

Cagnazzo: We've failed!

Barbariccia: Not again...

Rubicante: A sound and thorough defeat.

The archfiends disappear forever.

Red lights.

Fusoya: This node controls the Giant's operational systems.

Edge: It's huge!

Fusoya: We must destroy the defense node first, or it will repair damage to 
the core!

They fight.

Cecil: It's done.

Edge: The Giant stopped moving!

Voice: You!

Golbez appears.

Golbez: How dare you meddle in this!

Fusoya: You...you're-!

Golbez: Can you not speak, old man?

Fusoya: Do...do you no even know your true self?

Golbez: My true self...?

Fusoya: Awaken!

He casts a spell.

Golbez: N-no!

Golbez Awakens

Golbez: Why? Why was I so consumed by hate?

Fusoya: You've regained your sense then. Do you...do you remember your father's 

Golbez: My father...His name was Kluya.

Cecil: !

Rosa: Then you're Cecil's own...

Edge: ...Brother?!

Cecil: Golbez is my-

Fusoya: You were being manipulated by the all-powerful Zemus. Your Lunarian 
blood rendered you an easy target for his curse, and bound your thoughts to his.
To think Kluya's sons would be made to fight one another...

Edge: Fusoya!

Cecil: I fought him...I hated him. My own brother.

Golbez: You are my brother.

Cecil: But...were it me, the one Zemus chose to control...Our roles

Golbez: No...there was evil in me long before all this.

Cecil: What?

Golbez: I'm the one who abandoned you.

Cecil: !


Kluya: Cecilia...You did wonderfully, my love.

Cecilia: He's a healthy little boy.

Kluya: Indeed - a gift from the gods.

Cecilia: Theodor...

Kluya: Hmm?

Cecilia: We'll call him Theodor. It's a boy's name. It means a gift of the 

Kluya: Theodor...That's a fine name.

Cecilia: His life will be a blessed one.

Theodor: *yawn*

Cecilia: What's the matter, Theodor?

Theodor: Where's Father?

Cecilia: He's still outside, most likely. Come now, back to bed with you!

Theodor: You're watching them again, aren't you?

Kluya: Oh, Theodor!

Theodor: You really like them, don't you? The moons.

Kluya: Yes, I do.

Theodor: Why?

Kluya: I'll explain it someday, when you're old enough to understand.

Theodore: I am old enough! I can even use magic already!

Kluya: Have you mastered Cure?

Theodore: Well...not yet, but-

Kluya: Then you've still some things to learn, haven't you? Come, it's late. 
You should be in bed.

Theodor: All right...

Theodor returns home to find his mother fallen on the floor.

Theodor: Mother!? What's the matter!?

Cecilia: Don't...don't worry. I'll be fine.

Theodor: But your face is so pale!

Cecilia: That's because...I've been working very hard.

Theodor: What do you mean?

Cecilia: I have to make sure this little one will be all right.

Theodor: Who?

Cecilia: Your little brother or sister.

Theodor: I'm going to have one!?

Cecilia: Yes.

Theodor: Yay! I'm going to be a big brother!

Cecilia: Yes. So you had best go to sleep now, hadn't you? An elder brother 
needs us to set a good example.

Theodor: All right. Good night!

Theodor lies in bed.

Theodor: A little brother...or a sister...

He falls asleep.

Cecilia: Kluya!

Theodor: Father!

Kluya falls under attack.

Townfolk: It was the ones who disagreed with his teachings. They...they used

Townfolk: Kluya did not even raise an arm in his own defense.

Kluya: Theo...dor.

Theodor: Father! Are...are you all right?

Kluya: Was I...mistaken?

Theodor: Of course not! You can't choose how people use what you teach them!

Kluya: Thank you...Theodor.

Theodor: Father!

Kluya dies.

Cecilia: No...Nooooo!

Townfolk: Hold yourself together, Cecilia!

Theodor: Cure! Cure!

Townfolk: Theodor...

Theodor: No! NO!

Cecilia is in bed with a newborn baby.

Baby: Wah! Wah!

Theodor: It's a boy! I have a brother!

Cecilia: Please...Let...let me hold him.

Midwife: You mustn't strain yourself, Cecilia.

Cecilia: Please...

Cecilia rises and holds her child.


Theodor: Mother?

Cecilia is not responding.

Theodor: Mother!

Midwife: she knew the risks of this birth and still she went through with it.

Baby: Wah! Wah!

Theodore stands in the room with the baby.

Theodor: ...

Voice: A vile thing, isn't he? That brother of yours...

Theodore: What!?

Voice: He is the root of all you've suffered.

Theodor: Wh-who's there!?

Voice: If it weren't for him, your mother and father would both still be 

Theodor: N-no, you're wrong!

Voice: And you are a vile little insect birthed from a womb

Theodor: Stop...stop talking to me!

Voice: I name you...Golbez!

Baron Castle

Soldier: Is that...?

Soldier: What is an infant doing in a place like this?

King of Baron: What is it?

Soldier: He appears to have been abandoned, Your Majesty.

King of Baron: The poor child...

Soldier: What is it, my liege?

King of Baron: Cecilia...

Soldier: Your Majesty?

King of Baron: Forgive me, I am thinking overmuch - and yet, the resemblance 
is striking. This child's features...They remind me very much of a person 
forced from Baron because of my cowardice.

Within the Giant

Golbez: When our father died, I was left behind with our mother, who still bore
you within her womb. The other villagers cared for us at first - the people our
father had blessed with lunar secrets. But our mother had become too frail, and 
died shortly after you were born. I blamed you, telling myself our mother would
have lived were it not for you. I took you, still an infant, to the forest at 
the edge of Baron and left you there.


Golbez: After that, I took to the borderlands, where I could hide from others' 
eyes. Wracked by guilt...ashamed to show my face. I would not think to ask for 
your forgiveness now, but I am glad that you sruvived.

Cecil: ...

Golbez: What better a pawn coul Zemus have possibly chosen than this?

He turns.

Fusoya: Where will you go?

Golbez: To put an end to all of this.

Fusoya: Zemus is a Lunarian, as am I. I will go with you.

The two leave.

Golbez: Farewell, Cecil.

Edge: Cecil..is this all right.

Rosa: That man -  he means to die.

Cecil: ...

Rydia: He's your brother.

Cecil: My...brother.

Rydia: Your blood. your only living family.

Cecil: ...

Cecil: !

Edge: Uh-oh! This isn't good!

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: ...

Edge: We need to get out of here!

Rydia: But...how!?

Voice: This way!

Rosa: Kain!

Edge: We've fallen for enough of your tricks!

Kain: We can talk later! But if you want to live, you'd best follow me now!

Rosa: Quickly!

The Giant Falls

The Giant falls and the party escapes.


Kain: My mind...is my own again. I cannot expect forgiveness

Edge: Forgiveness?! it's your fault the giant 

Rosa: Stop it!

Kain: Rosa...

Rosa: Golbez broke free as well. That's why you're free. None of this is your 

Flashback at Baron

Voice: So you're Cecil!

Cecil: Who are you

Boy: I'm Kain - Kain Highwind.

Kain: My father is Sir Richard Highwind, the commander of the Dragoons.

Cecil: Pleased to meet you.

Kain: Don't think you can be friends with me, just because the king treats you
like you're special.

Cecil: What did you say?

Kain: Want a fight, do you? What's a soft, spoiled little boy like you going to
do to me?

Cecil: I'm not spoiled!

Kain (grabbing Cecil's collar): Talk back to me, will you?

Voice: Stop it!

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: "Men of Baron fight not without just cause." That's what His Majesty 
taught us, isn't it?

Kain: But, he's the one who-

Rosa: Dragoons don't make excuses!

Kain: Hmph! I know that!

Cecil: I started it.

Rosa: You're an honest one, aren't you?

Kain: See? It wasn't my fault!

Rosa: Hee hee...I guess it wasn't.


Kain: What do you mean? 

Rosa: Golbez is...Cecil's older brother.

Cecil: ...

Rosa: A Lunarian named Zemus was making use of Golbez's as a means to control

Rydia: Golbez and Fusoya went to the moon to put an end to Zemus.

Cecil: ...

Kain: Golbez was Cecil's brother? Well in any case, it would seem I've a debt
to repay Zemus, too.

Edge: Ha! And when he takes over your mind again - what then?

Kain: If that should happen, kill me without a second thought.

Edge: Heh! Then count me in, too. I've a couple blades with Zemus's name on 

Kain: Edge...

Cecil: Let's go. To the moon. But Rosa and Rydia stay behind. This time, there 
may be no homecoming.

Rosa: Cecil!

Rydia: You can't mean it.

Cecil: Go. Get off the ship.

Rosa: ...

Edge: This is work for grownups. You just wait for us back here.

Rydia: Fine!

Edge: Heh!

Kain: Cecil...

Cecil: Don't argue, Kain.

The three warriors prepare to venture back to the moon.

Cecil: This is it.

They fly away.

To Whatever End

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: ...

Cecil: Step aside, Rosa.

Rosa: I'm not going anywhere.

Rosa: Why not?

Rosa: Without me along, who will heal you when you're hurt?

Cecil: Rosa...

Kain: You can't win this one, Cecil.

Edge: No use arguing with a woman.

Cecil: Then I'll argue no more.

Rydia: Just as we planned.

Edge: Y-you're here too!

Rosa: This battle's is ours as much as your. Cecil said so himself.

Rydia: And having some Eidolons along can't hurt, can it?

Edge: Rydia...

Cecil: Come. Our battle awaits!

The party traverse through the deepest lunar dungeon.

Crystal Palace

Crystals: We will guide you to the core.

They use their powers to transport Cecil.

Lunar Subterrane

The Lunarians

Cecil: Golbez! Fusoya!

Cecil and his companions arrive while the two men are already engaged in a 
battle with Zemus. Their spells seem to have little effect, until they join

Fusoya: It's nearly done! Give your power to Meteor!

Golbez: Very well.

Zemus: Yes...Use all your strength.

Golbez and Fusoya together cast Twin Meteor, a devastating attack that seems 
to put an end to Zemus once and for all.

Zemus: Even when this mortal shell is gone...My spirit...will live on...

He disappears before everyone.

Deepest Darkness

Golbez: We did it.

Fusoya: What a waste. Such incredible power, and all of it warped to evil ends.

Edge: Hey!

Fusoya: Oh, you've come!

Edge: Looks like we were too late. You were supposed to leave him for me!

Golbez: Cecil...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Cecil...

Zemus rises again.

Zemus's Spirit: I am the wellspring of darkness, fed by Zemus's unbridled hate.
I am He who is called Zeromus. I am He who knows naught but hate!

Fusoya: No! Death only fueled the evil within him!

Golbez: Zemus...no - Zeromus! This time I will finish what I set out do do!

Fusoya: Zeromus! Begone!

Again, Golbez and Fusoya unite to stop a powerful force. This time their spells
do no damage.

Fusoya: It's no use! Meteor isn't working! Golbez, use the Crystal!

Golbez attempts to use the Crystal.

Zeromus: You tread the path of darkness. That Crystal will shed no light for
you. Your hands will only stain it darker still! Die!

Zeromus finishes off his foes with a powerful spell. It seems for but a moment
that all is lost.


Zeromus: Know suffering! Know death! My hate will not be stanched until it has 
consumed all else! You shall be next! Come! Pass into this darkness I have 

Elsewhere back at Mysidia.

Palom: Elder! 

Porom: Cecil and the others!

Elder: Indeed. Now is the time we pray for them. No, for the entire world! 
Palom! Porom!  We must see that all the prayers made here reach Cecil and his 
friends on the moon!

Yang: Cecil, my friend

Edward: This is your chance, please have courage!

Cid: We'll all be waiting for you!

Mechanics: Return safe!

Giott: For the sake of the whole earth!

Luca: Rise up!

Troia Maidens: Our prayers are with you!

Palom: Come on! You can do it!

Porom: Cecil! Everyone!

Elder: Great moon! Please...hear our prayers!

Cecil: Brother!

Golbez: Cecil...it must be you.

Obtained crystal.

Cecil: Zeromus...This is the end for you - not us!

Cecil stands alone against Zeromus in a mysterious space. His allies lie 
unconscious before him. He struggles to stay alive as the prayers from his 
friends on Earth reach him.

Palom and Porom appear to Cecil.

Palom: Here!

Porom: Let us help you!

Their prayers bestow life. Tellah and Edward appear.

Edward: Have courage!

Tellah: Trust in yourselves.

Their prayers bestow strength. Yang and Cid appear.

Yang: Maintain your focus!

Cid: Come back to us, you hear?

Their prayers bestow vitality. Fusoya and Golbez appear.

Fusoya: Moon, shine your light upon them!

Golbez: My brother...Use the hallowed light within you. Allow it to fill the 
Crystal! Zeromus! Show your true face!

Their prayers imbue Cecil with holy might. They disappear and Cecil uses the
Crystal as it was intended. Zeromus reveals his true nature!

Zeromus: Grr...gh...agh...

He transforms into his true self.

Guided Forth Anew

Zeromus: I will never die...as long as there is darkness in the hearts of men! 

He disappears in a fantastic light.

Fusoya: You've truly done it! I'd no idea there was such strength in you. You 
of the blue planet may have already grown more powerful than we of the moon.

Edge: It does rather look that way, doesn't it?

Kain: But...what of the final words Zeromus spoke?

Rosa : As long as there is darkness...

Fusoya: There will always be evil in men's hearts.
We all of us bear a touch of darkness, just as surely as we bear light.
Much as with the twin sets of Crystals.
And the darkend underworld that rests beneath your planet's brighter surface.
But as long as there is darkness, so will there always be light.
Just as the light within you rose to overcome the shadow cast by Zemus.

Edge: Well, now that you mention it, I did feel a bit aglow!

Rydia: Are you joking? It's a miracle Zemus didn't end up using you!

Edge: My love of justice kept him at bay, no doubt!

Fusoya: Well then...the time has come for me to join my people in their sleep.
What will you do now?

Cecil: We will return - to our planet. 

Rosa: Our friends are waiting

Fusoya: I see. You are lucky to have such friends. I look forward to the day 
we can meet again.

Golbez: Might you permit me to accompany you?

Fusoya: You would...join me?

Golbez: I would. I cannot return. Not after all I've done. 
and I would very much like to meet my father's people. At least one time.

Fusoya: I see. Yes our blood flows in your veins, too.
You know this will be a very long slumber?

Golbez: I do. Cecil..you called me "Brother"

Cecil: ...

Golbez: I suppose I can expect no more than that. All you've suffered until 
now has been because of me. 

Fusoya: We must go now, and sleep. We will pray for the peace of your planet. 
Come, let us go.

Golbez: Yes...

Rosa: Cecil

Kain: Is this all right - letting him go?

Rydia: You're brothers!

Golbez: Farewell.

Edge: Cecil!

Cecil: Farewell...my brother.


The two moons orbiting the earth circle the brightest star in unison as the 
Mysidian legend is recanted.

Birthed form womb of Dragon's maw
And borne unto the stars

The Lunar Whale returns to it's watery resting place.

Back on the home planet.


Elder: Well then, let us begin today's lesson.

Porom: All right.

Elder: Where is Palom?

Porom: Oh, not again...

Porom walks outside to find her brother retelling his adventures.

Palom: So I cast a mighty Blizzard on the fires of Mount Ordeals-


Porom: When are you going to stop that!? The elder's furious with you!

Elder: How many times must I tell you the same thing before it sinks into that
thick skull of yours? You've a deal of growing up to do if you ever plan to be
the sort of mage Tellah was. Two more hours of spell transcription for you!

Palom: Aw, not again...

Porom: You've only yourself to blame, you know.

Eblana Castle

Seneschal: Your Young Highness, you are the heir to our kingdom's throne! You
have responsibilities!

Edge: I know that!

Seneschal: Then might I suggest you stop chasing after this daydream maiden of
yours and start fulfilling some of them!?

Edge: Right, right...

Seneschal: A little more sincerity would go a long way!

Edge: But, Rydia...There's not a girl in this world that will ever come close
to you.

Seneschal: Your Highness!

Land of the Eidolons

Eidolon King: She has become a fine young woman indeed.

Asura: And to think she would return here, to us!

Eidolon: Rydia! Rydia, why do I have fangs? I want to be the same as you!

Rydia: What do you mean? We're all the same! There's no difference between
humans and Eidolons.

Asura: The Feymarch is going to become a very interesting place in the days
ahead, isn't it?

Eidolon King: Most certainly - and one not lacking for beauty!

Rydia: All that matters is what's inside us. Isn't that right, Cecil?

Fabul Castle

Yang's Wife: Honey...

Yang: You're a queen now. Won't you make a little effort to speak like one?

Yang's Wife: Yang, you know I can't stand all that prim and proper stuff!

Yang: Oh, no! It's already past time for today's training! Come along!

Monks: Yes, Your Highness!

The monks and Yang rush out.

Yang's Wife: Always running out on me...

Former King: Do not fault your husband. He'll build a fine new Fabul for us 
all, I've no doubt of it.


Damcyan Child: Prince Edward! Sing us the song about the paladin again!

Edward: I would be most happy to - but not until you've finished your chores
for the day! You want the castle to be back the way it was again, don't you?

Damcyan Child: Of course! But you promise you'll sing it, right?

Edward: Anna...Please wait for me. I must be strong and live on here, for the
people of Damcyan. Be at peace...with Tellah.

Dwarf Castle

Dwarf: Lali-ho!

King Giott: Listen up, dwarves! We're going to make this castle as good as new

Dwarf: Your Majest, we've not the materials!

King Giott: Then scrap the tanks! They'll see no more use now anyhow!

Luca: I wonder how Cecil and the others are doing.

King Giott: I've just received some good news in that regard. Cecil and Rosa
are to become the king and queen of Baron!

Luca: Really!?

King Giott: And not only that - we've been invited to the coronation!

Luca: Yay!

Dwarf: Your Majesty, you're not helping at all!

King Giott (yelling): Didn't I tell you to go and scrap the tanks!

Dwarves: Lali-ho!

Mount Ordeals

Kain: Cecil...Rosa...

He takes off his helmet.

Kain: I have no right to bear witness to your joy - not like this. I will 
temper myself here, on Mount Ordeals. And then, when I've become an even finer
dragoon than my father - perhaps then I can return. Until that day comes, I can
but wish you well.


Observer: Oh, my!

Corio: What is it?

Observer: The moon, it's - see for yourself!

Corio: !

The second moon is flung out of orbit.

Baron Castle

Cecil: !

Rosa: What is it, Cecil?

Cecil: Nothing. I just could have sworn

Rosa: You did?

Cecil: It...it must have been my imagination.

Cid: What are you two still doing here?! It's a beautiful

Rosa: I'm sorry, we must have


Rosa: Please

Cid: Really

Rosa: Of course. It's been a long time

Cecil: Right. I heard it, I'm sure of it

The friends and allies of Cecil join him in the hall of Baron during the 
coronation. Cecil is crowned king and everyone cheers.

III. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information

FFIV TranWiki  - Specifically, the following users
                 Doink - hosting the wiki
                 BelmontSlayer/TheMatrixMaster - translation patch
                 Raganook/Ayos Lunar - translation patch
                 Jeatin/Stone Sword - translation patch
FFIVDS Board   - Information, requests, assistance and the following users
YouTube        - Valis77 for his Let's Play videos
Square-Enix    - Remaking this great game.
GameFAQs       - The boards and the FAQs and for blowing when it comes to
                 moderations and submitting information

This FAQ is written and copyright by RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston). If you
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Kyle Johnston is not claiming any copyright of any Square-Enix property. The 
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Thank you for reading my FAQ (my fourth official FAQ!), and I hope you find 
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