How do I beat Golbez?

  1. After fighting the irritating dolls, golbez appears uses a black dragon kills most your people, you get saved by the mist dragon then theres just the two of you versus golbez, and well he uses sap, so my hp goes down in a flash and after 3 or 4 moves next thing you know game over, how do i beat him, i've tried over and over again and could really use the advice before i get rid of the game

    User Info: Angeal_X

    Angeal_X - 10 years ago
  2. Okay, thanks i'll try the slowing him down method

    User Info: Angeal_X

    Angeal_X - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. When the battle starts (this means before Golbez summons his Shadow Dragon), Jump with Kain right away to give you some time (Golbez will wait for him to come down before talking) and then Dualcast Slow + Shell with Rosa (or cast Slow with Rosa and Shell with Cecil if you don't have Dualcast). After that, have all your characters attack as much as possible until Kain comes down and the scene continues. When Rydia appears, cast Libra with Cecil after every Barrier Shift and have Rydia summon the eidolon that corresponds Golbez's weakness. If Rydia is taking too much damage, you may want to keep Cecil on healing and Libra duty only, since her summons alone can kill Golbez.
    Another thing you can do is revive everyone else. Revive Rosa, then Kain and lastly Yang, but make sure you use a Phoenix Down right after Golbez casts a spell so you have time to heal the person you just revived.
    You can also have Cecil use an Hermes Sandals during the "setup phase" (or have Rosa cast Haste on him if you already have it) if you want him to be faster.

    If you aren't having time to Jump with Kain before Golbez starts talking, go into the Settings menu and make the battle speed slower (5 or 6 should give you enough time).

    User Info: Kayarine

    Kayarine (Expert) - 10 years ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. the slowing technique worked thanks, beat him on my first go =D

    User Info: Angeal_X

    Angeal_X - 10 years ago 0   0

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