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  1. When Rydia rejoins the party in the underworld during the battle with Golbez, she has black magic and summons. Afterwards, she explicitly says that during her time in the (feymarch? Eidolon world), she lost her ability to use white magic, reflected by the lack of the White Magic option in her ability setup. All simple and clean, but when she rejoins the party, the first thing she does is use the White Magic spell Esuna to remove the paralysis from Cecil, how on earth could she plotwise or game mechanics wise have used a White Magic spell?

    User Info: vc180191

    vc180191 - 8 years ago

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  1. It could be just a glitch in the game that the programmers made not thinking that people would catch it. But you know the funny thing is I've played that game several times and it never registered to me until you just now mentioned it.

    User Info: guapo2003

    guapo2003 - 8 years ago 2   0


  1. She probably had a Remedy to use on Cecil.

    User Info: Aegis_Runestone

    Aegis_Runestone - 8 years ago 2   1

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