How do I beatthe Dark Elf?

  1. I am really having a hard time beating the dark elf and I would like it if someone would give me a step by step way on how to beat him adding things like what lvl I should be in order to have a better chance at beating him and also what's the best armour for my characters to wear so they will have a better defence please and thank you

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    AnimeCrazy15 - 9 years ago
  2. oh ok thanx and could you tell me a good way to beat the dragon type thing like form of the Dark Elf

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    AnimeCrazy15 - 9 years ago

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  1. First make sure that you have the whisper weed from Edward. Without it the boss is impossible.
    Next remember to re-equip your characters after the cut scene where the magnetic field is disabled Have Yang equiped with claws (if he wasn't already) they dramatically increase his attack
    In the battle take advantage of the bosses weakness of light and fire. Have Tellah use Silence to disable the Dark
    Elf and/or Shell to protect your own team. Have yang focus and wait during the first part of the boss. when he falls have yang attack with his built up power, Tellah heal and attack as needed (use bluff if you have it on him), beware the second forms dark breath attack.

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  1. oh ok and could you please tell me what is the best level to be in order to beat him I have been trying with Cecil at level 22 and bleow and the rest is all higher leveled of course but it never did work out right could you help with that too please

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  2. Sorry don't remember personally (I don't care much about levels). However I do know that some guides recommend levels 27-30. If needed have tellah use teleport and train in an area in which you can use better equipment. This will require you to go through the dungeon again but it might be worth it in exchange for exp and better equipment from stores. But seriously first try silence and slow on the dark elf. Use the time in which you have the boss completely at your mercy# to buff your party (your preference of haste/blink/protect/shell/berserk*) and heal any previous wounds.

    #if silenced the dark elf can only use hex to turn you into a pig no damage from the attack
    *berserk increases attack power but only allows the use of the attack command

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    Drake_fire - 9 years ago 1   0
  3. Have yang attack once the second form starts with his built up power. The second part has a strong physical attack protect or Blink and a powerful breath attack. Use the same weaknesses namely fire and holy (not cure). Cecil and Tellah should attack and heal as needed. Also slow is a very effective means of weakening any boss or enemy. Equip Tellah with a fire rod so that he can use a free fire spell in the items menu. Attack and take advantage of your impressive numbers. Use Cid's Upgrade if you want (Bomb fragment can give fire element) for both parts.

    If needed go back to baron and buy fire claws to give yang additional damage but you probably wont need it.

    User Info: Drake_fire

    Drake_fire - 9 years ago 0   0

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