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Glitch Guide by keyblader1985

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/03/2009

Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth
Glitch Guide
Version 1.0
Written by Albert Ledbetter

I. TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                     [Tcon]

  I. Table of Contents ....................................[Tcon]
 II. Version History ......................................[Vhis]
III. Introduction .........................................[Intr]
 IV. Glitches .............................................[Glch]
      1) Miscellaneous ....................................[Misc]
           a. Split Up
           b. Spawn Into Wall
           c. Access High Places
           d. Triple Team Transport
           e. Battle Mode Pause Screen
           f. Save Screen Warp - *DANGER!!*
      2) Fortress .........................................[Fort]
           a. Break into Warehouse
           b. Sneak Into Infirmary
           c. Get Past Guard - *DANGER!!*
           d. Walk Outside West Hill Barriers
           e. Get Cabbage Early
      3) Omashu ...........................................[Mash]
           a. Walk Thru Sewer Wall
           b. City Shortcut
           c. Get to Construction Site Early - *DANGER!!*
           d. Skywalkin' In the Void
      4) Swamp ............................................[Swmp]
           a. Skip Over Cutscenes - *DANGER!!*
           b. Walk on Ledges - *DANGER!!*
      5) Gaoling ..........................................[Gaol]
           a. Walk Thru Walls
           b. Get Into Dao's Hideout Anytime - *DANGER!!*
           c. Get to Beifong Estate Early
           d. Go to East Gaoling Early
           e. Get Items on Eastern Ledge Early
           f. Walk Inside Eastern Ledge
           g. Walk Around Outside Beifong Estate
           h. Morph Into Other Characters!
      6) Misty Palms Oasis ................................[Mist]
      7) Ba Sing Se .......................................[Sing]
           a. Go to Lower Ring Early
           b. Break Thru Wall - *DANGER!!*
           c. Break Thru Wall (Palace)
           d. Get to Where Appa is Hidden - *DANGER!!*
      8) Drill Machine ....................................[Dril]
   V. Credits and Thanks ..................................[Cred]
  VI. Rights ..............................................[Rite]
 VII. Contact .............................................[Cont]

II. VERSION HISTORY                                                      [Vhis]

10/2/09 - Started guide.
10/3/09 - Finished guide, submitted to GameFAQs.

III. INTRODUCTION                                                        [Intr]

I guess I'll start by saying that I am not an Avatar fan. As a matter of fact,
I've only seen one episode of the show. Why then, you ask, would I have a game
about a series that I don't watch, much less write a guide for said game?
Here's how this guide came into existence.

It all started when my niece came over to my house to visit. She had just
gotten a DS for her birthday, and being a fan of Avatar, it follows that she
would have this game. And since she likes to borrow my games and she's
absent-minded, it follows that she would lose the game at my house, and it
follows that it wouldn't be found until after she left, because that's just
the way the cookie crumbles. Being the avid gamer that I am, it follows that I
would play the game, even if I'm not a fan of the series. I mean, there's a
game just sitting there. What am I gonna do, not play it?

And being the avid glitch-hunter that I am, it follows that I would scour the
game for glitches. And upon discovering so many glitches and since there are
NO guides for this game on the internet, it follows that I would write my own

This game is incredibly easy, obscenely short, and so full of glitches that it
gives the original Pokemon games a run for their money. You could actually sit
down and play from start to finish in less than 3 hours (maybe even two).
I can't speak for its counterparts on other platforms, but the Nintendo DS
version of this game is so shoddily done, it's almost as if the creators
didn't care how good or bad the final result was - as long as the game was
tied to a popular name, it would sell.

...But I'm sure that's not the case.

In an attempt to make up for the game's phenomenal brevity and low replay
value, I have created this guide, and I invite you all to play through the game
again, with newfound motivation. If you want to get the most out of it, you'll
want to start a new game, because many of the glitches can only be done at
certain points in the game. I've tried my best to keep the glitches in
chronological order from the time each one is available. Also, for any
glitches with the word "*DANGER!!*" next to them, you'll want to read it
through completely before deciding whether you want to try it or not.

Without further ado, I present: the glitches.

IV. GLITCHES                                                             [Glch]

1) MISCELLANEOUS                                                         [Misc]

These are glitches than can be performed anywhere or at any time. Some of them
are necessary for other glitches.

a) Split Up

Requirements: An ally

There are two ways to do this:

  -The easy way. Just trap one character behind a wall of some kind, and go
  about your business.

  -The annoying way. Make sure you have some room to jump around, and just
  start jumping in one direction. Each time you jump, your ally will be left
  behind a little bit. Eventually, you can put a great deal of distance between
  your characters.

Either way, be careful, or after a few seconds the ally will just spawn behind
you. There are three ways to avoid this happening: putting your back against a
wall, jumping up and down, and switching between characters every few seconds.

By itself, this trick is pretty useless. But it becomes necessary for a few
other glitches.

b) Spawn Into Wall

Requirements: An ally

First, separate your two characters. It would be best if you could trap one of
them in a place where they can't possibly catch up, such as on opposite sides
of a wall. Next, have one character run to a wall, and turn around so that your
back is against it. Then, keep moving forward a *very* small bit at a time,
pausing every 3 seconds to see if the ally can spawn behind you. If they don't,
move forward a little more. If everything goes correctly, eventually the ally
will spawn just a *little* bit inside the wall.

Like the glitch above, this glitch is useless on its own, because if you try
to move anymore into the wall, you'll just pop out of it. But again, there are
other glitches which require the use of this one.

c) Access High Places

Requirements: Varies

This one can't be pulled off on its own; only with the use of other glitches.
If you somehow find yourself standing just below a platform, just jump and
you'll automatically be standing on it. It even works with platforms that would
normally be just out of your jumping range, like the cave east of Gaoling.

Don't worry if you don't understand what I'm talking about; you'll probably
figure it out on your own as you try out the rest of these.

d) Triple Team Transport

Requirements: An ally, and an NPC

Fancy name, simple trick. In any town, find an NPC (Non-Player Character; AKA
any person that you can talk to) that's walking around. Place one of your
characters on one side of the NPC, and the other character on the other side.
Step away from the NPC a bit, then turn around and talk to them. If everything
went correctly, your ally will start pushing both you and the NPC out of the
screen, trying to catch up to you. Eventually, you'll either be pushed out of
the screen, or against the nearest wall.

It's very hard to position yourself *directly* above, below, or to the side of
an NPC, so it'll be very helpful if you push them against a wall beforehand,
then get to either side of them. If you let your ally push the three of you
off the screen, pretty soon he'll spawn behind you, and you won't be pushed

Once again, this trick is useless by itself, but it can be used in certain
places to bypass barriers. Noticing a pattern?

e) Battle Mode Pause Screen

Requirements: A random enemy

Go to any place with a random enemy. Place your stylus/finger in the
lower-right corner of the bottom screen, where it says Pause/Start. Go up to
where an enemy is, and let him run up to you. As soon as the screen starts to
turn black, take your stylus/finger off the screen. If you timed it right,
when the battle starts the Menu will be on the bottom screen, but the game
won't be paused - it'll still be going. Any buttons you press will affect both
your character and the menu, and if you try to Pause/Unpause (however you want
to spin it), the game will pause, and your characters' info will appear. The
funny part is that you can switch between characters while the game is paused
(even though you can't control them).

The unfunny part, however, is that you can't finish the battle normally. If you
try, the game will freeze when you're supposed to go back to the map. The only
way to avoid this is to either use a smoke bomb before the battle ends, or just
reset the game. But if you want, you can take this glitch one step further, by
performing the...

f) Save Screen Warp - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: A random enemy

Perform the above glitch, except this time, when the screen is fading to black,
pause the game and QUICKLY press the L button. You should probably press it
repeatedly, just to make sure it works. If it worked correctly, instead of
seeing the Items on the bottom screen once the battle starts, the Save Menu
will be there. The glitch is pretty useless on its own (you can't have a Save
file in the middle of a battle, for instance). But with a little bit of
preparation beforehand, it becomes one of the most interesting glitches in the
game. Allow me to explain.

If you save in the middle of a battle, the game will record where you are in
the world (such as Gaoling, Ba Sing Se, etc.), but it won't record your X/Y/Z
position, or your position on the map. It'll keep that information from the
last time you paused the game. Let me give you an example:

First, I went to the Fortress (the area you start off at in the beginning of
the game) and paused at the top of the stairs. Then, I went to the East Forest
and let an enemy run into me. I used the Pause glitch as the screen faded to
black, and quickly pressed L so that it switched to the Save Menu. As the
battle commenced, I saved the game, then reset. When I reloaded the game, I was
still technically in the forest, but I was high up in the air, as if I were
still on top of the stairs, and my location on the map was still where the
stairs would be - WAY off base from the East Forest. I had to run across the
void until I reached the East Forest area, at which point I fell back to
ground level.

The only catch with this glitch is that you want to be extremely careful where
you use it. You don't want to do it in the wrong place and end up permanently
stuck somewhere. It hasn't happened to me so far, but that definitely doesn't
mean that it can't happen.

2) FORTRESS                                                              [Fort]

a) Break into Warehouse

Requirements:  An ally; you haven't given the key to the guard

Make sure you haven't talked to the guard in the Northern area of the Fortress
or given him the key to the warehouse yet, and head to the warehouse. Try to
trap your ally to the right of the warehouse, then head to the door and turn
around. Wait a second or two, then switch to your ally. If you did it right,
you should be stuck behind the door. If you try to go up, you'll go into the

b) Sneak Into Infirmary

Requirements: Can only be done at the beginning of the game

This can only be done on the first day of the game, simply because after that
you're always allowed to go to the Infirmary. Head to the Infirmary, and try
to memorize the point at which the guard stops you from going in. Push your
ally as far into the door as possible, without going past that point. Now jump,
and just after you land, switch to your ally and hold Right. With any luck,
you'll go inside.

This one is actually really hard to pull off, plus there's not anything to do
inside - Li Sha just tells you to be careful while you're out picking herbs.
Yep, this is one of those glitches that falls under the category of
"Difficult" and "Useless." Don't waste your time.

c) Get Past Guard - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: You haven't shown the guard your permit

Go down to the entrance/exit, and push your ally as far down as possible
without reaching the point where the guard stops you (your ally can go past it,
though). Switch to your ally, and if you pushed them far enough, you can just
run straight down & out of the fortress. This trick can be done either before
or after you get the permit to leave, provided you haven't shown it to the
guard yet.

There is also another way to do this, but it's much harder. Just use the
Triple Team Transport trick mentioned earlier. The hard part is getting one of
the other guards all the way back to the entrance. You have to keep moving
around, you can't even see what you're doing a lot of the time because of the
roof overhead, and the guards themselves are sure to try to walk away at least
once. All in all, it's just easier to use the first method.

There is only one danger involved with this trick - if you do go to the East
Forest at any time before you're supposed to, *DO NOT* pick all of the Herbs
in the northern area!! If you do, you'll ruin your entire file. Normally,
picking the last herb triggers cutscene & minigame with Katara & Li Sha. But
if you pick them early, it won't happen, and you'll never be able to go any
further in the game.

d) Walk Outside West Hill Barriers

Requirements: An ally

Go to West Hill, and try to separate your characters. You can either trap one
behind the leaves near the entrance, or just put some distance between them by
jumping all the way up the hill. Either way, make your way up the hill (making
sure that your ally doesn't respawn behind you), and once you make it to the
top, look for the little part of the ground on the right that juts out a bit.
It's just above the path you came from. Get in the middle of the crack (still
making sure your ally doesn't respawn), and turn around. Your ally should
appear, and seem to be floating in midair. If you switch to him/her, you'll
be free to run around anywhere in this area.

e) Get Cabbage Early

Requirements: An ally

Simple. You know that big rock in the East Forest that's blocking a Cabbage?
Ordinarily, you can't get reach it until the end of the game, when you have
Toph and are free to return. But there is a way to get past the rock. Just use
the Save Screen Warp glitch in the East Forest. As a matter of fact, you can
do it exactly as I described in my example. Once you're restarted your game,
go all the way down until you're below the southernmost part of the ground.
Then keep going right until you're past the boulder.

Now comes the tricky part. You have to move one character into the area with
the cabbage, while making sure that the other character stays OFF of the path.
If both characters find themselves behind the boulder, then there's no way out
and you'll have to reset. The best way to make sure that doesn't happen is to
approach from the right side of where the cabbage is. Break it out of the crate
and pick it up as quickly as possible, then switch back to your ally before
he/she catches up to you. This goes without saying, but no matter what, DON'T
save the game if both characters are behind the boulder, or you're pretty much

3) OMASHU                                                                [Mash]

a) Walk Thru Sewer Wall

Requirements: None

This is one of the first glitches I discovered in the game. Go into the sewers,
and go up to the big wall in the middle. Make sure you're right up against the
wall, and go to the right side and start running to the left. After about 5-10
seconds, you phase right through the wall. Once you're through, if you go up a
little and then to the left, you can reach the northern part of the sewers by
running under the left side until you get pushed through. You can use this
glitch to explore the rest of Omashu without triggering the cutscene(s) with
the guards and Gito. It'll also be daytime as well, so you can see the town
during the day.

b) City Shortcut

Requirements: An ally

This glitch uses two previously mentioned glitches; "Spawn Into Walls" and
"Access High Places." Normally, you can't reach any roofs that you can walk on,
because you can't jump that high. But if you separate your characters, and have
one of them spawn inside of a wall with a roof you can walk on, all you have to
do is jump, and you'll land on the roof. This is especially useful near the
construction site, where it can be used instead of running all around town. You
can use this glitch either to get to the construction site faster, or to get
back from it faster.

c) Get to Construction Site Early - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: None

If you try to go up to the construction site before you're supposed to, you'll
be stopped. But to avoid this, all you have to do is get as far north as you
can, then jump onto the handrail of the stairs. It helps if you get right
under the lowest part of the handrail first, because this can be a little

If you want to do this glitch, make sure you don't climb to the very top of
the building (where the boss battle takes place), because it's impossible to
get down and you'll be stuck.

d) Skywalkin' In the Void

Requirements: None

Go up to the area where the boss battle takes place (just the area; don't
actually climb to the top yet). Climb up the top, but don't jump over. Jump
and move up a *little* bit, so that you're standing on the wall. You don't
want to start the boss battle or, God forbid, get stuck at the top. Now start
walking to the right until the wall turns diagonally. Try to walk along the
diagonal, and if you're lucky, you'll just fall into the wall. You can now run
around all you like, and if you go toward the edges it'll seem like you're
hovering far above the town.

There's also a much easier way to do this. Just jump up onto the first level
of the wooden platform, and go to the right side of the box. Start running to
the left, and you'll eventually phase through the wall. Simple as that.

4) SWAMP                                                                 [Swmp]

a) Skip Over Cutscenes - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: An ally

There are a few cutcsenes in this world that can be skipped. The bad part is
that the game won't advance until you see those scenes, so you'll have to see
them eventually.

  -You can skip the scene where Sokka sees a vision by separating Aang & Sokka.
  Have one character go near where the scene takes place, and the other
  character on the other side of the area. Have the character on the right
  keep jumping, and eventually the ally will start heading south, trying to
  catch up to you. Switch back after a while, and you should be past the point
  where the scene is activated. There's not really anything to do, however, and
  whatever you do, DON'T take the boat to the mainland. If you do, there's no
  way to get back, and there's nothing you can do.

  -You can skip the scene where Aang & Sokka meet a villager, by doing pretty
  much the same thing as above.

b) Walk on Ledges - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: Varies

Normally, you can only walk on the ledges in Swamp 2 by using Sokka's Special
attack on the vines in the village. But there are two other ways to reach them:

  -Use the "Spawn Into Walls" glitch and jump onto the ledge,

  -If you're only using one character, you can use the Save Screen Warp glitch
  and get under one of the ledges. You can use this glitch as Katara to get all
  the items on the ledges before you fight the Fire Nation guys at the top. If
  you do, however, be sure not to go over to the East side of Swamp 2, because
  there's no way to get out without Sokka.

5) GAOLING                                                               [Gaol]

a) Walk Thru Walls

Requirements: None

Go to the guy in charge of the "Don't Roll a Red or Yellow" game. Stand
directly in front of him, and jump behind him. You'll be pushed right into the
wall. Unfortunately, there's nothing to do here, so this glitch is as easy as
it is pointless.

b) Get Into Dao's Hideout Anytime - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: None

There are two ways to do this: the easy way, and the insane way.

  -The Easy way: This method works best with Aang. Go to West Gaoling, where
  the cave that Aang & Sokka are taken to is located. Go as far to the left as
  possible, then go up until you can't anymore. Turn to the left and start
  attacking. After a while you'll start going through the wall. Just jump up
  and you'll land on the ledge that you normally can't reach.

  -The Insane way: Separate your characters. There are no obstacles to block
  them, so you'll have to do it the old-fashioned way: jumping repeatedly until
  you've put some distance between them, then doing the "Spawn Into Walls"
  glitch. There's not enough room to really separate them, so you'll have to
  switch to the other character when you reach the wall/the right side of the
  area. It friggin' takes forever, the right side can really sneak up on you,
  and if you don't get into position quickly enough, your ally will catch up
  and you'll have to start over. All in all, you'd have to be insane to do it
  this way, hence the name.

You can choose either method. But don't go into the cave if you haven't been
there yet, because there's no way out. The man inside won't accept the Fire
Nation Plans even if you have them, so you won't be allowed to leave at all.

c) Get to Beifong Estate Early

Requirements: An ally

Simple. Just use the Triple Team Transport trick to bypass the part at which
you're stopped. Be sure to wait until the three of you are near the left edge
first, or else your ally will just spawn behind you after a few seconds and
you'll stop being pushed.

There's also a way to get -inside- the Beifong Estate without getting captured
by the guards. Just jump at the right time, and you'll jump over the area where
the cutscene is triggered.

d) Go to East Gaoling Early

Requirements: An ally

Exactly the same as the above glitch. No more, no less.

e) Get Items on Eastern Ledge Early

Requirements: An ally

Trap one of your characters, then head up the hill on the right (be sure not to
let the ally respawn or catch up to you). Try to guess the spot where you would
be exactly under the left ledge (within jumping distance, but not directly
under a boulder). Use the "Spawn Into Walls" glitch, and if you're lucky, your
ally will be able to jump up to the top, behind a boulder. That's one down.

The boulder in the back is much easier to get. Separate the characters and
head up the hill like before, but this time, head as far up and to the right
as possible. Then turn around, and your ally will spawn inside of the rock.
You don't even have to give them much room; apparently they're eager to become
one with that rock.

f) Walk Inside Eastern Ledge

Requirements: None

This kind of thing always works best with Aang, or maybe Sokka. Climb up to the
top of the Eastern Ledge, then go all the way to the right (without falling
down). Then, go down one level, onto the platform that has a big rock in the
back. Go to the upper-left corner, and face up. Start attacking, and you'll
eventually phase through the rock wall. You can use this glitch to get the
other items in the arena early.

g) Walk Around Outside Beifong Estate

Requirements: None

Go to the northern part of the Beifong Estate (near the actual house), and head
as far left as possible, then head north into the corner. Go to the opposite
corner and start walking up. After a while you'll phase through the wall.

h) Morph Into Other Characters!

Requirements: None

This glitch is totally useless, but it's just so bizarre that I had to mention
it. Go to the same area as the above glitch, except go in the middle (instead
of the corner) and start running up. As you get closer to the right side,
you'll suddenly turn into a Guard for a split second!

I have absolutely no idea why this happens. If you find the exact spot where
it happens, you can look at it more closely. Also, if you go through the wall
and jump around in that area, you can sometimes morph into other characters. I
actually turned into Appa for a moment!

6) MISTY PALMS OASIS                                                     [Mist]

No glitches here. :(

7) BA SING SE                                                            [Sing]

a) Go to Lower Ring Early

Requirements: An ally

This one's a little difficult, but with practice it gets easier. Push your ally
as far as possible down the stairs leading to the Lower Ring. Now jump, and
push them down a little more while you're both still in the air. Land at the
top of the stairs, making sure not to trigger the block. If everything went
correctly, your ally should be pretty far down the stairs.

Now hold your stylus/finger on the other character, as if you're switching
characters. Jump five times, being sure to jump again as soon as you land each
time. When you land after the fifth jump, switch to your ally and head
downstairs. If you've gotten every Cabbage up to this point (including
getting the Cabbage in the East Forest early), this trick can be used to get
your characters' final Special attacks a bit earlier than you're supposed to.
Just get the rest of the cabbages located in Ba Sing Se.

b) Break Thru Wall - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: None

In the Lower Ring, go to the lower-right corner, and start running down.
You'll soon be pushed through the wall. This can be used to get into the
building where Appa was held early, but *DO NOT* pick up Appa's fur, or you
can't advance any further in the game.

c) Break Thru Wall (Palace)

Requirements: An ally

In the main hall of the palace (the large area with nine squares), find a vase
that's hugging an outer wall. Break it, then separate your characters and spawn
inside the wall where the vase would normally be. Save the game, then restart.
Your ally should be inside the vase. Try to walk toward the middle of the room
a bit, and you should be pushed through the wall.

If you're at the part where Sokka & Toph have been trapped inside, you can use
this glitch to escape.

d) Get to Where Appa is Hidden - *DANGER!!*

Requirements: None

In the map of the Underground Lair, you can see the ares where Appa was held,
and Zuko freed him. Ordinarily, you can never reach this area. But you can get
by using the Save Screen Warp glitch. I did it by going outside of the
Underground Lair, then jumping in the air and Saving the game at the height of
my jump. Then I went inside the Lair & used the glitch, and reset. Once the
game loaded I made my way to the area. 

Unfortunately, there's nothing to be seen in the area, even before Appa is
freed. I'm not sure if jumping in the air beforehand helps you reach it, but
I don't want to find out. The last thing you want is to be permanently stuck
under the ground.

8) DRILL MACHINE                                                         [Dril]

No glitches here. :(

V. CREDITS AND THANKS                                                    [Cred]

I would like to thank:

NickGames, THQ, and TOSE, for creating the game;

and GameFAQs, for accepting this guide.

VI. RIGHTS                                                               [Rite]

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. Personally, I wouldn't mind if you printed this and 
showed it to everyone you know, as long as you didn't add to or subtract from 
it and you kept my name on it. But there are laws against that kind of thing, 
so don't try it.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

VII. CONTACT                                                             [Cont]

Since this is a guide for glitches, it is always open to new discoveries.
Please feel free, and encouraged, to submit your own findings if you wish. If I
decide to add them to the list, you will be fully credited for the information.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I've made a few mistakes in the process of creating
this guide. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, or
contributions, you can reach me at keyblader1985@yahoo.com.

Copyright 2009 Albert Ledbetter

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