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Path B Conversation Guide by Ryo 0hki

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 01/06/10

                       ............ [v.02] .............

                          R O N D O  O F  S W O R D S

                           Path B Conversation Guide 

                               By Krystal Meree

                            Last Update: 06/01/10

 ... Contents ...

 I.   Version History              [VER]

 II.  Introduction                 [INT]

 III. Conversations: Path B        [CON]
 IV.  Frequently asked questions   [FAQ]
 V.   Credits                      [CRE]

 VI.  Legal information            [INF]

                             ...... [VER] ......
                               Version History 

 ... v0.2 (06/01/10) ...
 Added missing conversations for stages 39 & 40.

 ... v0.1 (24/12/09) ...
 Completed Guide. Waiting for acceptance...

                              ...... [INT] .....

Hello there, fellow Rondo of Swords fan! Like you, I really enjoyed the 
character conversations included in the game. But since I couldn't find a 
guide with complete conversations for the branching paths, I thought I'd write 
my own.

Path B is considered to be the "Darker" ending compared to Path A, and with 
good reason. But I won't spoil it for you just yet ;)

It's time to take a walk down the path of darkness... >:)

- Krystal M.

                             ...... [CON] .......
                             Conversations Path B

  *** NOTE ***

The conversations listed are found after the branching point in stage 20. They
will be following Path B. 

  Selecting Path B

You MUST kill Marie in Stage 20. Once Serdic kills her, you will be on path B.

I've written each conversation with the following structure:

 ... Example Stage ...

 --- Character 1 & Character 2 --- (Title of conversation)

 (Any actions required to trigger conversation)


And now to our main event: The Path B Conversation Guide!


                                ... Stage 20 ...

                                 The Fated Hour

 --- Marie & Serdic --- (The Path of B)

 ... NOTE ...

 (Can only be accessed if you kill Marie.)

 Serdic:  I will... never say that I had no choice. I'm certain that there was
          some other way, and yet... To claim the Bretwalde crown, I killed you
          with my own hands.

 Marie:   Please... look after Bretwalde.

                                ... Stage 21 ...

                                 Heart of Steel

 --- Serdic & Igraine ---  (Reminder of Dark)

 Igraine:  Hey, Serdic.
 Serdic:   .......

 Igraine:  Serdic!

 Serdic:   I can hear you just fine, Igraine.

 Igraine:  Why are you doing these horrible things? It doesn't seem like you...

 Serdic:   Horrible? Is there something bad about eliminating the Order of 
           Anrah, the ones behind this uprising?

 Igraine:  You can't help killing people who are fighting in a war... 
           But that's not what I'm talking about!

 Serdic:   What, then?

 Igraine:  Why are you forcing yourself to do things you don't want to?

 Serdic:   Things I don't want to?

 Igraine:  Yes... you don't really want to do this, do you, Serdic? So why...?

 Serdic:   You're mistaken, Igraine. As the Divine Emperor, I must do this.

 Igraine:  Even that! This whole thing, calling yourself an Emperor! You keep
           blaming yourself, beating yourself up, and you won't budge on
           anything. It's not your fault that Marie die--

 Serdic:   Silence!

 Igraine:  Eek!

 Serdic:   ...I killed Marie. That's why I have to keep fighting... otherwise
           it was all a waste. I know you mean well, Igraine, so don't talk
           about that again. It's not good for morale. Got it?

 Igraine:  Serdic...

 --- Owl & Serdic ---  (Aftermath of Life)

 Owl:     Yo, Mister Emperor.

 Serdic:  What is it, Owl?

 Owl:     How's it feel to have killed your own sister?

 Serdic:  What do you want me to say?

 Owl:     What!?

 Serdic:  I'm sure there's no answer I can give that will satisfy you. 
          So tell me... what do you want to hear?

 Owl:     You just cut down your own sister in cold blood, and you're acting 
          like THAT!?

 Serdic:  Maybe you'd be happier if I were to break down sobbing, and wear 
          black in mourning. But all that would accomplish, in the end, is to
          give the Empire more time. No one's forcing you to travel with me.

 Owl:     You...

 Serdic:  Are you finished? Because if so, I'm heading back to the battle.

 Owl:     No one's forcing me? Like hell... I didn't have a choice. 
          Princess... that brother of yours is turning into a real bastard.

 --- Galahad & Igraine ---  (Grandpa Joins)

 Galahad:  Oh! Is that the Princess I see?

 Igraine:  Grandpa! What are you doing here?

 Galahad:  I was watching over everyone, and at some point I got dragged into
           this. What about you, Princess?

 Igraine:  I'm worried about Serdic.

 Galahad:  You mean Divine Emperor Serdic?

 Igraine:  Marie was so mean to let Serdic do that...

 Galahad:  Perhaps Princess Marie had her own reasons. This must be hard on
           Emperor Serdic.

 Igraine:  That's why Raine can't leave Serdic's side. Sorry, Grandpa, but I 
           can't return to the Order for a while.

 Galahad:  I see... then I have no choice. I will come with you, Princess.

 Igraine:  Really!?

 Galahad:  Absolutely. I worry about you, after all.

 --- Arios & Selmer ---  (No Other Way...?)

 Arios:   Serdic seems to be taking this hard.

 Selmer:  This Holy Blade, on the other hand, is glowing... Ironic, isn't it?
 Arios:   If it wasn't glowing, I doubt Serdic would be able to fight. 
          After all, that was the entire reason Marie sacrificed herself.

 Selmer:  Was there no other way...?

 Arios:   With more time, we may have found an alternative... but I couldn't 
          think of anything.

 Selmer:  If you couldn't think of anything, Master, then there must not have 
          been a way.

 Arios:   Well, I suppose it can't be helped that he's become so morose.
          So don't look so downhearted. Serdic needs your help.

 Selmer:  You're right. I can at least do that much.

 --- Simon & Aegil ---  (So Aegil Knew, Huh...? Hmmm...)

 Simon:  I can't believe that Princess Marie had to die in order to restore the
         Holy Blade... How could the Emperor take his own sister's--

 Aegil:  Simon! I won't listen to another word of this.

 Simon:  But...

 Aegil:  Marie told me ahead of time that she planned to give up her life to 
         cleanse the Holy Blade's taint. I did nothing to stop her. So if you
         object to Serdic's actions... You also defy the Pope of Verona.

 Simon:  ......

 Aegil:  I know that you cared for her deeply. But try to understand.

 Simon:  Forgive me for speaking of that whereof I knew nothing. I will uphold
         Princess Marie's legacy, and defend that which she sought to protect.

 Aegil:  It is a fitting way to pay tribute to her memory.

 --- Kay & Margus ---  (Abide By His Rule)

 Kay:     Thanks to Princess Marie's sacrifice, the Holy Blade has been 
          restored. Thus did Prince Serdic become a king.

 Margus:  What's the matter, Kay? 

 Kay:     Did Princess Marie really have to die? Wasn't there some other way?

 Margus:  That's what she and Emperor Serdic decided. There's no use dwelling
          on it.

 Kay:     So we should just accept whatever they decide?

 Margus:  To refuse it would be to dishonor the Princess' memory. And it would 
          just make His Highness worry more. He took it harder than anyone. 
          Don't bring it up around him.

 Kay:     Yeah, I know that much.

                               ... Stage 22 ...

                              The Divine Emperor

 --- Alhambra & Serdic ---  (Concern & Beltings)

 Alhambra:  Don't worry about the "Rightful Emperor." I'll beat his ass down.

 Serdic:    I wish I could honestly say I wasn't worried about him. But I have
            to think about how the things I say could affect the troops. It 
            helps to have someone like you around, Alhambra.

 Alhambra:  I'm not worried about the troops, Serdic. I'm worried about you.

 Serdic:    I'm all right. You needn't worry.

 Alhambra:  Raar!

 Serdic:    Oww! Have you lost your mind!?

 Alhambra:  That's for making your "I'm going to push myself too hard" face.
            I'm never gonna pretend like there's no reason to worry.

 Serdic:    And that's why I have none.

 Alhambra:  Not even about Marie?

 Serdic:    ......

 Alhambra:  ...I'm sorry. I crossed the line with that one. Here, you can belt
            me one too, if you want.

 Serdic:    ...You're a valued soldier. I wouldn't do something like that for
            a trivial offense. What I'll do instead is make you work twice as 

 Alhambra:  Yeah, yeah...

 --- Simon & Yumiluna ---  (A Cruel Wish)

 Simon:     So she acknowledges his title of Divine Emperor, and she is 
            willing to fight alongside him? This can mean nothing but trouble
            for the Pope.

 Yumiluna:  Really? I think it's a much better arrangement than to have her 
            moping in her room.

 Simon:     I grant you that, but...

 Yumiluna:  After all, it seems Pope Aegil has a special place in her heart 
            for Serdic... He may even be her only friend. I wouldn't argue 
            with anything that helped the two of them come closer together.

 Simon:     I wonder if you realize how cruel that wish really is...

 --- Ansom & Aegil ---  (No Problems...)

 Ansom:  The Rightful Emperor Serdic... What do you think, Pope Aegil?

 Aegil:  Impossible to say. I can't tell anything at this remove.

 Ansom:  Do you think they have some proof to back it up...? Or is this just a
         last-ditch ploy of the Empire's?

 Aegil:  They didn't waste time getting the word to us. They were prepared.

 Ansom:  If their story is true, it means our Serdic is a phony. What would
         you say to that?

 Aegil:  It's too ridiculous to even contemplate. Do you doubt my judgement?
         I have already confirmed that he is the heir to the Bretwaldean 

 Ansom:  I didn't mean to say I doubted you, Pope Aegil. If our Serdic is 
         genuine, then there are no problems.

 Aegil:  Correct, No problems...

 --- Aegil & Igraine ---  (Meow)

 Aegil:    What can he possibly be thinking? I can't believe he won't listen 
           to me...
 Igraine:  Serdic doesn't belong to you. You just have to let him do what he

 Aegil:    I'm the one who legitimized his status as Emperor. His actions are
           my responsibility.
 Igraine:  Then you can sit back and relax. Serdic's not a kid. He can do 
           things without being told.

 Aegil:    I wonder... are you angry with me, or angry with Serdic for spurning
           you? If so, you precocious child of Anrah, then know that I can give
           as good as I get.
 Igraine:  What did you say!? 

 Aegil:    Shall I repeat it?
 Igraine:  ......

 Aegil:    ......
 Igraine:  ...*sigh* Truce?

 Aegil:    ...Agreed.

 --- Galahad & Igraine ---  (To Make A Decision)

 Galahad:  I'd never have thought the Empire would pull a trick like this.

 Igraine:  Their timing isn't very good. If they'd been faster, they could have
           done it before Serdic was coronated. That could have been really 

 Galahad:  In other words... We should be grateful that Marie and Serdic came
           to such a quick decision.

 Igraine:  Grandpa... please don't say that.

 Galahad:  I'm sorry, Princess. It was thoughtless of me.

 Igraine:  I wonder if Marie really did agree to this...

 --- Elmer & Igraine ---  (So, Which King is Which?)

 Elmer:    The Rightful Emperor, huh? Things are starting to seem fishy around

 Igraine:  There's no need to worry about that impostor.

 Elmer:    C'mon, it's the Rightful Emperor versus the Divine Emperor! Doesn't
           that get your blood boiling?

 Igraine:  ...Boiling?

 Elmer:    It's like the Holy King versus the Demon King!

 Igraine:  ...You're such a child.

 Elmer:    Wh-What!?

                               ... Stage 23 ...

                               Cost of Betrayal

 --- Owl & Serdic ---  (Betrayal)

 Owl:     "Death to traitors," huh?

 Serdic:  Is there a problem with that?

 Owl:     Nah, no problem here. I hate traitors.

 Serdic:  Have you ever been betrayed?

 Owl:     Yeah... by a woman I thought I knew better than I did.

 Serdic:  Oh, for...

 --- Elmer & Aegil ---  (...Him...)

 Elmer:  Another battle? Right after they spring a trap on us? And this time
         we're walking right into it...

 Aegil:  It only goes to show what faith he has in us.

 Elmer:  Shows how desperate he is, if you ask me.

 Aegil:  It may seem that way, but he's treading a difficult balance. If he 
         really were desperate, this would all be for naught. No one knows that
         better than him.
 Elmer:  Who's the "him" in that sentence?

 Aegil:  Who indeed...

 --- Rukia & Alhambra ---  (Tough Love)

 Rukia:     Now's my chance... Steady... Steady...

 Alhambra:  What are you up to?

 Rukia:     Eep! Oh, nothing... just some scouting.

 Alhambra:  Then what's that in your pocket?

 Rukia:     Umm...

 Alhambra:  If you're with Serdic, it means you're a soldier of his Divine
            Empire. So maybe you should think twice about doing whatever you 
            please. ...I guess this is okay, though. But if anyone spots you,
            don't come crying to me.

 Rukia:     You're the best, Alhambra! You really get it! I love you!

 Alhambra:  Quit it with that "love" stuff...

                               ... Stage 24 ...

                               Three-Way Battle

 --- Aegil & Arios ---  (Definitely Not Odo then...)

 Aegil:  I wonder who that impostor is... Have you any theories?

 Arios:  As to the impostor's identity? He's no shape-shifter, if that's what
         you're thinking. The element of Light radiates strongly from him, 
         but... It's hard to tell more than that.

 Aegil:  Hard to tell? So even you are capable of modesty.

 Arios:  I think you've formed the wrong impression of me. There are things 
         that even I don't understand.

 Aegil:  ...You make that sound like something to be proud of.

 --- Serdic & Dark Serdic ---  (Urk)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Serdic is about to attack 
 Dark Serdic or vice-versa.)

 Dark Serdic:  I'm impressed you have the courage to show yourself, you faker!

 Serdic:       What are you playing at? As if any Bretwalde citizen would fail 
               to know that only he with the Holy Blade can be king!

 Dark Serdic:  Urk...

                               ... Stage 25 ...


 --- Serdic & Aegil ---  (A Lifetime Ago)

 Serdic:  One year has passed...

 Aegil:   What's the matter? Aren't you happy to be back in your homeland?

 Serdic:  I was only musing that it's been a full year since that day.

 Aegil:   ...So it has. A lot has happened in that year.

 Serdic:  Prince Serdic... forgive me for breaking my promise.

 Aegil:   Did you say something?

 Serdic:  Only to myself. Let's hurry to the palace.

 --- Izuna & Serdic ---  (Sight-seeing?)

 Izuna:   This is the Holy King's city, huh?

 Serdic:  Yes, that's right.

 Izuna:   Y'know, I was thinking about coming to see the sights here. It worked
          out pretty well for me!

 Serdic:  ...We aren't here as tourists.

 Izuna:   I know, I know... That stuff can come later!

 Serdic:  ......

 --- Rukia & Aegil ---  (The Unholy Pope)

 Rukia:  Oh, so this Egvard. It's not too bad a town.

 Aegil:  Oh, you've never been before?

 Rukia:  Yeah... I never really had the chance. I always did want to see the 
         Holy King's domain, though.

 Aegil:  Then you should see the sights once the opportunity presents itself.
         I could even give you a tour, if you'd like.

 Rukia:  I dunno if you and I were thinking of visiting the same kinds of 
         places. Know what I mean?

 Aegil:  Do not patronize me, thief girl. I never turned down an opportunity to
         sneak out of my room when I visited Egvard in my youth. There isn't
         an area of this city I'm not aware of.

 Rukia:  Is that really something to be proud of...?

 --- Kay & Margus ---  (And the Man that Loves Them)

 Kay:     The tables have turned since that day, eh Margus?

 Margus:  Yes. I never thought we'd return under the Divine Empire's flag, 

 Kay:     Me neither. But we can't fail at the task we came to do.

 Margus:  Right. We've gotta save the women of Egvard! Just thinking about it 
          gets me all fired up!

 Kay:     Margus...

                               ... Stage 26 ...

                             Bretwalde Liberated

 --- Owl & Aegil ---  ("Her" Plans)

 Owl:    I'll bet the Princess would have liked to see home again.

 Aegil:  Don't talk that way. Marie is home. She lives on in Serdic's Holy 

 Owl:    That sounds real nice, but it's just words.

 Aegil:  You are right... the dead cannot speak for themselves. That is why it 
         is left to the living to guess at what they might have wanted. We must
         do so, in order to move forward.

 Owl:    ...And this is what you think the Princess was hoping for?

 Aegil:  I don't claim to know how far ahead Marie's plans extended. But for
         Serdic to reclaim Bretwalde, with the Holy Blade in hand... I find it
         hard to believe she would have wished it otherwise.

 Owl:    So you're saying if this wasn't her plan, she wouldn't have staked her
         life on it.

 Aegil:  That's exactly what I'm saying. I don't necessarily expect you to 
         agree, of course.

 Owl:    That's your idea of a convincing argument...? 
         Well, I'll think on it a while more.

 --- Igraine & Aegil ---  (Slow Aegil)

 Aegil:    Igraine, what is Mephreyu's objective?

 Igraine:  The Darkness. He wants the Darkness' power, which was sealed away by
           Holy King Altrius. It's such a bad idea.

 Aegil:    ...You don't want its power?

 Igraine:  No, not at all. Anrah teaches us to live in the serenity that the
           Darkness brings. Interpreting that to mean "cover the world in 
           Darkness" is really stretching the meaning.

 Aegil:    ...I guess not all Anrah initiates are alike.

 Igraine:  You're just figuring that out?

 Aegil:    Hmph! Quiet, you!

 --- Serdic & Mephreyu ---  (Imitation of Life)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Serdic is about to attack 
 Mephreyu or vice-versa.)

 Serdic:    Prepare yourself, Mephreyu!

 Mephreyu:  Prepare for what? A cheap imitation?

                               ... Stage 27 ...


 ... NOTE ...

(If you wish to access the next stage: Roadside Stone, you MUST kill the 
Guardian in this stage.)

 --- Elmer & Serdic ---  (At Least Someone is Happy)

 Elmer:   I'm not used to being in such a strong position... It's nice not
          being the underdog for once.

 Serdic:  Not "for once". This is how it's going to be from now on.

 Elmer:   Heh! I like the sound of that. I'm counting on you.

 --- Owl & Ansom ---  (Enough Complaints)

 Owl:    Battle after battle after battle... man, this rough.

 Ansom:  If you're tired, maybe you should rest. I'm sure no one will mind if 
         we're short one bandit.

 Owl:    Gee, thanks...

 Ansom:  Well, we're both just kidding, aren't we?

 Owl:    I dunno... this really has been hell on us.

 Ansom:  Then go and talk to Serdic. Complaining about it here won't do 
         anything but drag down morale.

 Owl:    I tell you, if I really was so beat that I needed a rest, I'd get that
         Pope girl to ask for me.

 Ansom:  You're a crooked one indeed.

 Owl:    A guy can't be straight and live as a bandit, y'know.

 Ansom:  Hahah, true enough...

                               ... Stage 28 ...

                                Roadside Stone

 --- Alhambra & Owl ---  (Constraints of Town)

 Alhambra:  I sure do stink at urban combat. It's hard for me to adjust.

 Owl:       I know what you mean. Outside we can go buck wild.

 Alhambra:  Right... if I could bust up anything I wanted, it'd be another 

 Owl:       We do that, though, and they'll start calling US the tyrants.

 Alhambra:  True... man, this sucks.

 --- Naji & Aegil ---  (Meet Naji~)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation is triggered by sending Aegil to the North-West house and 
  placing her near the open door.)

 Naji:   Hmm? Can I help you, miss?

 Aegil:  The door was ajar, and I was curious... There's a battle raging 
         outside. I came to warn you: be careful about showing yourself.

 Naji:   Don't gotta tell me twice. I'll keep that in mind. While you're here,
         miss, how 'bout a drink?

 Aegil:  I haven't time for that. We're short-handed as it stands. And don't 
         call me "miss." You overstep your bounds. I have a name; it is Aegil.
         ...Why are you dressed in traveller's garb?

 Naji:   I always wear this stuff.

 Aegil:  You're a traveller, then.

 Naji:   Sure, you could say that.

 Aegil:  More specifically... a looter.

 Naji:   That's no way to talk about a man to his face. How about you call me 
         something more polite, like... "A free spirit." Yeah, that's it.

 Aegil:  ......

 Naji:   What's with the frown, Aegy-baby?

 Aegil:  Do NOT call me that!

 Naji:   Well, y'said not to call you "miss."

 Aegil:  Looter or no, I'm at my limit! I must search the other houses.
         Good DAY, Sir.

 Naji:   Hey, great. I'll help. You said you're short on people, right, 

 Aegil:  Why is this happening!?

                               ... Stage 29 ...

                                 Grand Bridge

 --- Serdic & Naji ---  (Aegy-baby Issues)

 Serdic:  Once we pass though here, we'll be in the Empire proper...

 Naji:    Watch it, bro. The Grand Bridge is under the guard of the Imperial
          Army's Second Division.

 Serdic:  It seems that way... Do you know much about the Empire?

 Naji:    Well, yeah, a free spirit like me's been there before.

 Serdic:  Really... Aegil was upset with you, by the way. She said you were 

 Naji:    And she took it out on you? Huh... funny relationship the two of you

 Serdic:  Wh-What relationship?

 Naji:    What do you think? THAT kinda relationship.

 Serdic:  You're mistaken, I assure you. My relationship with Aegil isn't that
          deep. If she hears you say so, she'll be mad at you again.

 Naji:    Not at you?

 Serdic:  Why would she be mad at me?

 Naji:    Huh. Aha... I see. Now I get it.

 Serdic:  ?

 --- Aegil & Margus ---  (Nicknames)

 Aegil:   Once we cross this bridge, we'll be in the Empire's territory. 
          Stay focused!

 Margus:  We know, Aegy-baby.

 Aegil:   Wh--!? Where did you hear that name!?

 Margus:  Hahaha... I heard Naji saying it. He said it would brighten your day
          if I were to call you that, Pope Aegil. How about it, Aegy-baby?
          Does it make you happy, Aegy-baby?

 Aegil:   You'll die slowly, Naji...

 --- Aegil & Naji ---  (A New Friend)

 Aegil:  .......

 Naji:   ...Enough with the evil eye, Aegy-baby.

 Aegil:  Stop CALLING me that! I can't believe you're actually travelling with
         us! What are you up to?

 Naji:   Awww, there's just something I needed to take care of in Grand Meir.
         Worked out nice, huh?

 Aegil:  Then you should have said so in the first place. You're rather 

 Naji:   Relax, Aegy-baby. I'm interested in you, too.


 --- Margus & Kay ---  (Gold Lions Dossier)

 Margus:  The Gold Lions, Imperial Army's Second Division. These are Matthias'

 Kay:     What do you know about them, Margus?

 Margus:  Well, let's see... He's a seasoned veteran who's been Gauss' partner
          on the battlefield since the Empire was formed.

 Kay:     From before the Empire, eh? He must be one experienced general.

 Margus:  He's as strong as you'd expect from a man like him. To have to face
          him now... It's going to be a harsh battle.

 Kay:     Things are always harsh for us. We're here to try to lessen that 
          harshness a little. That is why we're here, isn't it?

                               ... Stage 30 ...

                               Mountain Crossing

 --- Izuna & Serdic ---  (Izuna Bares All)

 Izuna:   This reminds me of the time I wandered around the mountains back 

 Serdic:  You did that? Now wonder you seemed to be having such an easy time 
          of it...

 Izuna:   It's all thanks to my training! You guys are weaksauce compared to 

 Serdic:  We're all wearing armor... There isn't much comparison.

 Izuna:   What, you think I'm not wearing armor under my uniform? Check it out!

 Serdic:  Y-You don't have to show me!

 --- Elmer & Igraine ---  (Elmer's "F" in Geography)

 Elmer:    C'mon... if you don't start walking, you'll get left behind.

 Igraine:  You seem pretty used to walking along mountain paths, Elmer.

 Elmer:    Hell, anything's easier than plodding through the desert.

 Igraine:  But... deserts and mountains are completely different!

 Elmer:    Nah, they're the same thing. Now c'mon, get a move on.

 Igraine:  Urghhh... So frustrating, losing to Elmer...

 --- Sasha & Alhambra ---  (Owwie)

 Alhambra:  Oww! Owww!

 Sasha:     What are you doing?

 Alhambra:  My fur got caught up in some thorns...

 Sasha:     That outfit isn't really suited for mountain travel, is it?

 Alhambra:  The outfit's not the problem! Why does everyone think I look like
            this by choice...? Owww!

 Sasha:     ...This is strangely fascinating.

 Alhambra:  Sasha! Don't just stand there staring! Give a girl some help!
            Ow ow ow ow ow ow!

                               ... Stage 31 ...

                                Fortress City

 ... NOTE ...

(If you wish to access the next stage: Battle for Romadia, you must not send 
Owl on any errands during this stage. Alternatively, you can also have him in 
your party during the battle to achieve the same effect.)

 --- Izuna & Shino ---  (Speak First, Think Later)

 Izuna:  C'mon, Shino-sis! I know it'd be no problem for you to just hop over
         the city wall!

 Shino:  It wouldn't work. Even if I get in, what could I do alone?

 Izuna:  But you'd have the element of surprise!

 Shino:  Well, that's true, I would.

 Izuna:  Heheheh...

 Shino:  And then what?

 Izuna:  Umm...

 Shino:  No points. A little more thinking, Izuna, and a little less speaking.

 Izuna:  Awww...

 --- Galahad & Naji ---  (What Exactly Are They Attacking...?)

 Galahad:  Master Naji? There's something Sir Margus and I have been thinking
           about. We were wondering if you might be interested in our little

 Naji:     Ask, if yer askin'.

 Galahad:  What would you say to devising a special attack involving all three
           of us?

 Naji:     Hey, that sounds neat!

 Galahad:  You start with your bow, then I come in with my magic, and Sir 
           Margus finishes by charging in! I estimate we'd do three times as 
           much damage as a single attack!

 Naji:     Yeah--Hold it. Isn't that 'cause there'd be THREE of us attacking?


 --- Ending Conversation ---  (Big Brother)

  ... NOTE ...

(This conversation can only be accessed if you send Owl on an errand during 
this stage.)

 Serdic:  We've broken through the gate. Let's hurry and conquer Romadia!

 Owl:     Hey, Serdic!

 Serdic:  Owl? What is it?

 Owl:     I talked with some guys on the inside. They said the townsfolk'll
          help us out.

 Serdic:  I see... excellent work, Owl.


 Owl:   Whew... Looks like it worked.

 Girl:  Umm...

 Owl:   Hmm...? Gahhh!

 Girl:  You're with the Divine Empire's army, right?

 Owl:   Y-Yeah... what about it?

 Girl:  Well, I once had an older brother who went off somewhere to make it 
        big. They say he became a bandit, but one of the Imperial Army 
        divisions killed him...

 Owl:   And?

 Girl:  Are you my older brother?

 Owl:   ......

 Girl:  ......

 Owl:   I look like him, that's all.

 Girl:  Oh...

 Owl:   The guy up and abandoned his little sister when he left, right? A guy
        like that, there's no way he'd have the stones to show his face around
        here again.

 Girl:  ...In that case, take this.

 Owl:   What is it?

 Girl:  A charm I made for my brother. If you ever meet him somewhere, would 
        you give it to him? Please? And wherever he is... whatever he's 
        doing... Tell him I'll never forget him.

 Owl:   ...Gotcha. I'll make sure he gets the message.

 Girl:  Please, mister.

                               ... Stage 32 ...

                              Battle for Romadia

 --- Serdic & Owl ---  (To Pry or Not To Pry)

 Owl:     All righty, let's get to it!

 Serdic:  You're awfully enthusiastic.

 Owl:     Well, sure. If they take this city back, we'll be in trouble.

 Serdic:  True, but... well, I won't pry.

 --- Ansom & Sasha ---  (Surprise)

 Ansom:  If feels strange, fighting to defend an Imperial city.

 Sasha:  Young Master! This is no time to be saying that!

 Ansom:  I didn't mean to suggest I don't want to protect the city. It is ours
         now, after all. Still, it feels strange.

 Sasha:  Strange?

 Ansom:  Yes. Serdic's journey began when he was unable to protect Egvard. 
         And mine, of course, began when I was unable to protect Shalem. 
         We vowed to reclaim the things we had lost. Yet now we're guarding an 
         Imperial town on Imperial soil.

 Sasha:  I admit, that does seem strange.

 Ansom:  Doesn't it? I doubt anything can surprise me anymore.

 Sasha:  Would you like me to test that theory?

 Ansom:  Do you have a surprise in store? I hope it's not too terrible...

 Sasha:  ...I guess I'll hold off for now.

 Ansom:  ...I'm not sure if that's a blessing or a curse...

 --- Aegil & Yumiluna ---  (What kind of Pope Are You!?)

 Yumiluna:  Pope Aegil! Pope Aegil! We've made an incredible discovery!

 Aegil:     What is it?

 Yumiluna:  There isn't a single Veronan church in this area. Which means we 
            should begin services here in Romadia!

 Aegil:     An interesting idea... Verona never has had much influence in the
            east. It's why so many Anrah initiates flock to this region. Quite
            regrettable, really.

 Yumiluna:  Is that so?

 Aegil:     When the war is over, we'll turn our gaze to the east. Can I leave
            this initiative up to you?

 Yumiluna:  Bring it on, I say!

 Aegil:     Your enthusiasm sickens me...

                               ... Stage 33 ...

                               The Calm Before

 --- No Conversations  Available ---

                               ... Stage 34 ...


 --- Serdic & Aegil ---  (Store Her in the Overhead Compartment)

 Aegil:   Once we win this battle, we can rest for a while.
 Serdic:  Doesn't ease up yet. The battles are going to continue.

 Aegil:   Maybe you should ease up a little.

 Serdic:  I can't. I have to be out front fighting with the rest.

 Aegil:   But...

 Serdic:  Aegil... if you want to rest, then you should rest. And in the 
          meantime, I'll end this war.

 Aegil:   You talk about me as if I was a piece of luggage to haul around.
          If you're on the front lines, then I shall be, too.

 --- Igraine & Galahad ---  (Mr. Mandelbaum: It's Go Time!)

 Galahad:  Oh my, the entire Imperial army? This will be tough.

 Igraine:  But we have to fight them! If you don't want to, just sit this one
           out, Grandpa.

 Galahad:  Then you're sending an old man home at so late an hour? Your 
           kindness truly moves me, Princess.

 Igraine:  Auuugh! If you don't get serious, you'll just be in Serdic's way!

 Galahad:  So it's important to you that you're of use to Emperor Serdic?

 Igraine:  Yes!

 Galahad:  How admirable.

 Igraine:  !

 Galahad:  Ohoho! I'll push this old body of mine to its limits for you,

 --- Elmer & Alhambra ---  (Sure Thing, Kid)

 Elmer:     The entire Imperial army, huh? Gives me the shivers...

 Alhambra:  Scared, kid?

 Elmer:     Don't be dense. I'm shivering in anticipation! Wanna bet on which
            of us busts the most heads?

 Alhambra:  I would, but I'm expecting to do so well you'll run out of fingers
            and toes. No bet, kid.

 Elmer:     ...Hrmph. Then I'll pound so many that you won't even have to count
            them to see how good I am!

 --- Serdic & Alberich ---  (Blast From the Past)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Serdic is about to attack 
 Alberich or vice-versa.)

 Serdic:    General Alberich!

 Alberich:  Master Serdic. I did tell you that the next time we met in battle, 
            I wouldn't hold back.

 --- Serdic & Gauss ---  (Show of Power)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Serdic is about to attack 
 Gauss or vice-versa.)

 Serdic:  Prepare yourself, Gauss!

 Gauss:   Very well... show me your power!

                               ... Stage 35 ...

                               The Dark Legion

 --- Aegil & Serdic ---  (Forgiveness)

 Aegil:   Serdic. How long will this continue?

 Serdic:  I told you... We keep going until we've stamped out all desire to 
          oppose us.

 Aegil:   And that will make you feel better?

 Serdic:  How I feel doesn't enter into it.

 Aegil:   For Marie, then? Or are you doing this for someone else, unknown 
          to me?

 Serdic:  ......

 Aegil:   It was a simple question... Why are you fighting?

 Serdic:  To bring peace to the continent.

 Aegil:   That's not what I'm asking you.

 Serdic:  ...I guess you could say it's to atone for my sins.

 Aegil:   Your sins?

 Serdic:  Marie died because of my own weakness. There had to have been another
          way... But I was so frustrated at not being confirmed as king that I 
          killed Marie.

 Aegil:   That wasn't your fault.

 Serdic:  It was no one else's. I'll repent... I want forgiveness for killing
          Marie. Then, too, I've done nothing but lie since that murder. I seek
          forgiveness for that as well.

 Aegil:   You seek forgiveness. I see.

 Serdic:  Well? Do you think Valen can forgive me?

 Aegil:   ...I doubt it.

 Serdic:  Well. Then I have no choice but to keep fighting.

 Aegil:   Serdic... your sins are not unpardonable. But the only one who can 
          pardon them is you.

 --- Yumiluna & Alberich ---  (Alberich Recruited)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation can only be accessed if Yumiluna spoke to Alberich in 
  Stage 19: Underground Prison.)

 Yumiluna:  Oh! It's you... um...

 Alberich:  You're Miss Yumiluna, from Verona.

 Yumiluna:  It seems to be my turn to save you now, Albreth.

 Alberich:  That's Alberich... I couldn't rescue you last time, and now you've
            saved me twice. The first time was in Verona.

 Yumiluna:  Oh, you needn't be so modest. Valen is witness to everyone's good
            works, regardless of their nationality.

 Alberich:  I-I wasn't trying to be modest... I don't mean to be rude, but...
            Miss Yumiluna, do you ever simply listen to what people have  
            to say?

 Yumiluna:  Teeheehee...

 Alberich:  Don't "teehee" me.

 Yumiluna:  Ahaha!

 Alberich:  No "ahaha"s, either.

 Yumiluna:  The important question is, what will you do now?

 Alberich:  What will I do...? I don't have an easy answer for that one.

 Yumiluna:  I, for one, would be thrilled if you decided to come with us.

 Alberich:  Well... I do need to get to Emperor Gauss somehow. 
            And I'm still in your debt for saving my life. 
            Let us work together, then.

 --- Alberich & Clotho ---  (Traitors)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Alberich is about to attack 
 Clotho or vice-versa.)

 Clotho:    Whoa... Look who's joined the Divine Empire.

 Alberich:  I don't need abuse from someone so instrumental in the Empire's

 Clotho:    Well, there's no denying that. But if you know that much about 
            me... You must know I don't hold back, even against allies, right?

 Alberich:  Yeah.

 Clotho:    Good. I got nothing personal against traitors, but you die here and
            now, Alberich!

                               ... Stage 36 ...

                              Across the Darkness

 --- Serdic & Igraine---  (A Wish for the Unknown)

 Serdic:   Igraine, what is this place?

 Igraine:  The Order's laboratory. We do a variety of experiments here. 
           I'm sure the soldiers we fought before were made here.

 Serdic:   Really? You don't look well, Igraine... What's the matter?

 Igraine:  I didn't want you to come here, Serdic.

 Serdic:   Well, I realize that the Order seems to have been doing things you'd
           rather not know about. And I'm sure it pains you to have others find
           out about that...

 Igraine:  That's not what I mean.

 Serdic:   Then... what?

 Igraine:  ......

 Serdic:   Don't want to say? All right. I won't ask anymore.

 Igraine:  ...I wish you'd never seen this place, Serdic.

 --- Arios & Serdic --- (Add One Sorcerer’s Stone, and...)

 Arios:   Look at this place, Serdic! There's an incredible bounty of wonderful

 Serdic:  I don't really know what they are. Although I do feel like I've seen
          them before somewhere...

 Arios:   I'd guess they're trying to create homunculi here.

 Serdic:  Homunculi?

 Arios:   Plural of homunculus. It's an artificial life form animated with 
          magic. They're very lifelike, though with extremely limited 
          intelligence. They're normally used for manual labor, with some 
          magicians using them as their eyes and ears.

 Serdic:  The way you talk, it doesn't sound like they're that unusual.

 Arios:   Ah, but I was talking about the everyday homunculi. The ones here 
          seem to be a cut above... I wonder.

 --- Serdic & Aegil--- (Grandpa, Perhaps? ;))

 Aegil:   So many obscenities on display... Just what I'd expect from an Order

 Serdic:  I wonder what they were doing here.

 Aegil:   I couldn't say. You should ask someone with more knowledge of their
          inner workings. 

 Serdic:  Someone informed, huh?

 --- Igraine & Arios---  (The Hidden Truth)

 Arios:    Igraine... you wouldn't happen to know this lab's true purpose,
           would you?

 Igraine:  I don't.

 Arios:    I'd be most grateful if you could provide detailed explanations of
           any of these mechanisms.

 Igraine:  I don't know anything about them.

 Arios:    Oh...hmmm. That's a problem. I guess I'll just take everything.

 Igraine:  Hmmm...

 Arios:    No? If it's off-limits, then I apologize.

 Igraine:  It's not Raine's stuff, so I don't mind if you take it all. I wonder
           what they planned to use this stuff for.
 Arios:    So you know something, at least.

 Igraine:  ......

 Arios:    Would that "something" have to do with Serdic?

 Igraine:  If you've guessed that much, there's no need for me to say anything

 Arios:    True, true.

 Igraine:  Then what do you think, Arios?

 Arios:    Oh, I think the research being done here is astonishing. Don't you?

 Igraine:  But Serdic is...

 Arios:    Not because of that, of course. I think we can all agree that it's
           unfortunate what happened to Serdic's body. But you should count 
           your blessings that there haven't been any side effects.

 Igraine:  ......

 Arios:    You're not assuming it means he'll never be happy, are you?

 Igraine:  Of course not!

 Arios:    Then there's nothing to worry about.

 Igraine:  ...Thank you, Arios.

 Arios:    Huh. I never thought I'd hear thanks from you for anything! Is this
           one of those moments where we're supposed to share a hearty laugh
           together? In that case, I'll give it all I've got! 
           HAAA HA HA HA!  HAW HAW HAW!

 Igraine:  Don't make me hit you...

 --- Alhambra & Arios---  (Arios the Math-a-Magician)

 Alhambra:  So, could any of this stuff do something about my body?

 Arios:     Your body, eh? Perhaps... Why don't we create a new body, then
            transfer your consciousness into it?

 Alhambra:  I don't know if I like the sound of that... but can it be done?

 Arios:     I've never done it myself, but with the materials and equipment 
            here, I bet I could. I estimate an 80% chance of success.

 Alhambra:  Whoa!

 Arios:     With a 90% chance that the new body will violently reject your
            psyche, tearing it to shreds.

 Alhambra:  What do you mean, "tear it to shreds"!?

 --- Elmer & Rukia---  (Lighter Side of Darkness)

 Rukia:  Whoa! It's a whole mountain of treasure!

 Elmer:  Do you know how much any of this stuff is worth?

 Rukia:  Not really... but it must be big bucks!

 Elmer:  Your greed aside... Ordinary people should touch this stuff.

 Rukia:  Check this one out! It looks really valuable, huh!?

 Elmer:  I told you not to touch that!

 --- Serdic & Mephreyu---  (The Magic End)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Serdic is about to attack 
 Mephreyu or vice-versa.)

 Serdic:    It's over this time, Mephreyu!

 Mephreyu:  You're a persistent one. It was a mistake to let you escape. My
            plan may be irreversibly compromised... But I can at least take 
            care of the loose ends!

                             ... Intermission ...

                            The Good & Bad Endings

 ... NOTE ...

Depending on how you complete the following stage: The Successor, you will not 
be able to access any stages that follow it, and so, conversations. 

  To Achieve the Good Ending:

Serdic must kills all of the characters that appear.

The 'Good Ending' will have all of the stages/conversations listed. 

  To Achieve the Bad Ending:
Exit the stage at any time and the game will end immediately.

                               ... Stage 37 ...

                                The Successor

 --- No Conversations Available ---

                               ... Stage 38 ...

                              Castle of Darkness

 --- Serdic & Igraine ---  (Until The End)

 Serdic:   Do you think I can defeat Gauss?

 Igraine:  I know you can. You're... you!

 Serdic:   Mm-hmm. Hey, Igraine.

 Igraine:  Yeah?

 Serdic:   What are you going to do when the war is over?

 Igraine:  I haven't decided. I'm thinking of going back to the Order, but...

 Serdic:   Well, if it's okay with you... Why not come live with me?

 Igraine:  ......!

 Serdic:   If you don't want to, that's okay.

 Igraine:  Why wouldn't I want to!? Raine wants to be with you forever, Serdic!

 Serdic:   Haha, that's good. I don't know what I'd do without you, Igraine.

 Igraine:  You know there's no way I'd leave you behind, right?

 Serdic:   Right. Thank you...

 --- Serdic & Aegil ---  (An Indecent Proposal)

 Aegil:   Ah, Serdic. If you wouldn't be averse to it... When this war is 
          over... Will you marry me?

 Serdic:  Where did that come from so suddenly...?

 Aegil:   It wasn't sudden at all. We're closer than you realize. You're the
          Divine Emperor of Bretwalde who has completed a military campaign...
          And I'm a young Pope. It's a good match... they'll talk about us for
          generations. Don't forget that you'll need someone to produce an 
          heir, to bring stability to the nation. And... I thought if we were
          together, our responsibilities might seem easier to bear.

 Serdic:  I'm sorry, but... it's too much to think about right now.

 Aegil:   Imbecile! You needn't apologize so seriously. I-I was clearly joking!

 Serdic:  Ah, I see. That's fine, then. But on the off chance you weren't 
          entirely joking... Could you give me more time? I can make a decision
          later... If that's not asking too much.
 Aegil:   Hah, are you daft? Of course I'll wait! However long it takes, 
          I shall wait for you!

 Serdic:  Aegil.

 Aegil:   Y-Yes?

 Serdic:  ...Thank you.

 --- Igraine & Alberich ---  (Intentions Revealed)

 Alberich:  Those troops... have they been lost, do you think?
 Igraine:   Lost isn't quite the word for them. It's Mephreyu's magic...
            or maybe I should say it's the Darkness that Gauss has gathered.

 Alberich:  So this is really Emperor Gauss' doing?
 Igraine:   Yes. Who else would have the authority to order this? I know you 
            were hoping it would have been Mephreyu or Ernest, but...

 Alberich:  Emperor Gauss...

 --- Aegil & Naji --- (...So What Was the Business?)

 Aegil:  This may be one battle we don't walk away from. I suggest you take 
         your leave of us now.

 Naji:   Awww, don't be like that, Aegy-baby. 'Sides, I got some business to
         settle with Gauss.

 Aegil:  ...I'll ignore that one and ask only think: what business would you
         have with Gauss?

 Naji:   Well, y'see, I'm actually prince of one of the nations the Empire
         smashed. I've been waiting all this time for a chance to give that
         Gauss a little payback.

 Aegil:  That's... suspiciously convenient.

 Naji:   Yeah, good call. It's a lie.

 Aegil:  What!?

 Naji:   Awww, Aegy-baby... you can't be so gullible.

 Aegil:  Aaaaargh!

 --- Ansom & Alberich ---  (Gauss' Plan)

 Ansom:     General Alberich, there is one last thing I'd like to ask you.
            Why did Gauss invade Bretwalde?
 Alberich:  ...It wasn't Emperor Gauss' original plan to invade. After all, 
            if we took the Central Plains, we'd be surrounded on all sides by
            hostile factions. And his goal was to stabilize Grand Meir, albeit
            by conquest rather than diplomacy. You see, Emperor Gauss gained
            his title in battle. Therefore...

 Ansom:     You're saying it was the people who demanded war.
 Alberich:  Yes. Mephreyu's appearance in the Empire was just the opportunity
            he needed. By the time he realized what was happening, the 
            situation had become irreversible. This all may be the consequence
            of my failure to stop Emperor Gauss before...

 Ansom:     Consequence? I don't think so. In war, there is the victor and the
            defeated. That's all.
 Alberich:  Yes... I'm sure Emperor Gauss would have said the same thing.
            That, and "That's why it's fun."

 Ansom:     He's certainly brimming with confidence.
 Alberich:  That's why I looked up to him.

 Ansom:     I see...

 --- Owl & Clotho ---  (To Fight With A Ghost)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Owl is about to attack 
 Clotho or vice-versa.)

 Owl:     You wanted to live so bad that you ended up looking like this?
          Or did someone force you to be this way?

 Clotho:  Uhh...

 Owl:     Not that I care either way. This time, Clotho, you're not
          coming back.

 --- Ansom & Clotho ---  (Peace For Shalem)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Ansom is about to attack 
 Clotho or vice-versa.)

 Ansom:   So your lifespan was magically extended... Or rather, you died and 
          were resurrected.

 Clotho:  Uhh... Ahhh...

 Ansom:   ...It's hard to hate you anymore for Shalem, in this pitiful state.
          Now lie down and sleep, and pass out of this world forever.

 --- Alberich & Ernest ---  (Consumed By Darkness)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Alberich is about to attack 
 Ernest or vice-versa.)

 Alberich:  Oh, Ernest...

 Ernest:    Uhh.... Uhh....

 Alberich:  The power of the Darkness... Is this really what you wanted!?

                               ... Stage 39 ...

                               Emperor's Shield

 --- Rukia & Igraine ---  (Stealthy Sacrifice)

 Rukia:    Stealthily we roll along...

 Igraine:  What are you doing?

 Rukia:    Eep! Umm, well, you see...

 Igraine:  Are you looting?

 Rukia:    Yes! I mean no!

 Igraine:  I think you'd better not take anything from here.

 Rukia:    Huh? Why not?

 Igraine:  This whole place is contaminated with the power of the Darkness. 
           It might affect anything you bring out of here.

 Rukia:    I get it... On the other hand, that might just make it more 
           valuable! Who cares what happens, as long as I can make money off 

 Igraine:  I'm touched by the sacrifices you're willing to make...

 --- Selmer & Elmer ---  (Pitch Black)

 Selmer:  It's hard to clearly discern the voices of the spirits here,
          isn't it?

 Elmer:   It's like everything's been painted black. Hard to believe...

 Selmer:  I wonder if their aim was to cover the world in this...

 Elmer:   Eh, that bastard Mephreyu, maybe. But I don't think that's the
          Emperor's goal. I guess we won't know until we ask... though I don't 
          see any point in that.

 Selmer:  No. It doesn't matter what his goal is... We cannot allow this
          obscenity to exist.

 --- Aegil & Yumiluna ---  (...How Old WAS She?)

 Yumiluna:  This place... I-It's incredible, isn't it?

 Aegil:     I don't have the words to describe it. Is it filthy? Or pure, in 
            its way? It's hard to say...

 Yumiluna:  Being in a place like this reminds me of that time long ago...
            When you and I went and tested our courage together, Pope Aegil.

 Aegil:     D-Did we do something like that?

 Yumiluna:  I remember well how you cried, and how your pants were stained...

 Aegil:     Y-Y-You fool! I command you to banish these irrelevant details
            from your memory!

 --- Alberich & Matthias ---  (Battle of Lions)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Alberich is about to attack 
 Matthias or vice-versa.)

 Matthias:  Alberich. I thought that you had fled... yet here you are.

 Alberich:  I'm here to find out the Emperor's true intentions, Sir Matthias.

 Matthias:  Gauss' true intentions, eh? I'd let you go and ask him, but I vowed
            to be his shield. As the Gold Lion, I cannot let you pass!

 Alberich:  Fine by me. As the Black Lion, I will defeat you and reach Emperor 

 --- Alberich & Matthias ---  (End of Gold Lions)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation can only be triggered if Alberich defeats Matthias.)

 Matthias:  So this is how my life ends...

 Alberich:  Sir Matthias...

 Matthias:  Don't look that way. Alberich... Please take care of Gauss.

 Alberich:  ...Yes, Sir.

                               ... Stage 40 ...

                                 Dream's End

 --- Selmer & Arios ---  (Punch Back to Reality)

 Selmer:  The power of the Darkness...

 Arios:   It's... dense...Incredible... The Darkness actually has a physical 

 Selmer:  Master! This is no time to be dumbstruck!

 Arios:   Whyever not? Listen... A magician who ceases to be inquisitive 
          should hang up his robes

 Selmer:  That's true, but...

 Arios:   It's only natural for me to get so wrapped up in research that I 
          lose sight of the war... Oof!

 Selmer:  Don't make me punch you, Master!

 Arios:   B-But you already did...?

 --- Galahad & Igraine ---  (Believe)

 Galahad:  Mephreyu... that bastard. He's left a terrible legacy...

 Igraine:  I wonder if Serdic will be all right...

 Galahad:  You believe in him, don't you, Princess? Then I'm sure he'll be just
 Igraine:  Yeah...

 --- Naji & Alberich ---  (A Mysterious Spirit)

 Naji:      So Gauss has been seduced by the power of the Darkness, eh? I can't
            believe one sword could forge an entire nation...

 Alberich:  Emperor Gauss was merely taken in by Mephreyu.

 Naji:      Well, I applaud your loyalty...But in its own way, doesn't that
            make Gauss an idiot?

 Alberich:  ...You're right. Master Naji.

 Naji:      Yeah?

 Alberich:  Do you know Emperor Gauss personally?

 Naji:      Hmm... Well, you could say that. It's an old story, though.

 Alberich:  Where did you meet him?

 Naji:      Hey, don't get nosy, now. I'm a free spirit. I don't talk about 
            the past.

 Alberich:  I see. Well, whoever you are...Please help me stop Emperor Gauss.

 Naji:      Sure thing. Hell, I'd do it even if you hadn't asked!

 --- Serdic & Gauss ---  (Final Promise)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Serdic is about to attack 
 Gauss or vice-versa.)

 Gauss:   This no longer has anything to do with either of our nations. 
          I'll beat you for the sake of my pride!

 Serdic:  I envy you, Gauss.

 Gauss:   What?

 Serdic:  I have no pride. There isn't a single thing for me to be proud of.
          I'm no one. Nothing. That's why I envy you.

 Gauss:   Then why have you come this far?
 Serdic:  For a promise, I guess.

 Gauss:   A promise?

 Serdic:  Yes. I made a promise, and I'll keep it, no matter what. That's why 
          I must defeat you!

 --- Gauss & Alberich ---  (Master & Student)

 ... NOTE ...

 (This conversation will be triggered when either Alberich is about to attack 
 Gauss or vice-versa.)

 Gauss:     The last of the Grands has turned on me... I never would have
            thought it possible.

 Alberich:  Your Highness, why have you done this!? You're not the kind of man 
            to heedlessly throw away his life!

 Gauss:     You overestimate me, Alberich. I'm a man who gained his position
            through conquest. I can't afford to lose a battle... Any battle.

 Alberich:  So that's why you'll fight to your dying breath.

 Gauss:     It's simply who I am. I will defend myself until the very end.

 Alberich:  ...It was that quality that made me proud to serve under you.

 Gauss:     Attack me like you mean it, Alberich. No holding back. If you 
            don't, then there will be no victory in defeating you.

 Alberich:  Right. Prepare to receive the full force of my strength!

  ... End of Conversations...

                         ......... [FAQ] ...........
                          Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your missing a conversation...

A: Send it to me. I hope to keep improving this guide, so every bit of 
information counts. I'll add it as soon as I can, with credit to you of 
course :)

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Q: How can I contact you?

A: Email will be fine: kuro-kitty AT hotmail DOT com (please make sure your 
subject heading says FAQ or something along that line...)

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 .: First credits always: Nintendo, Atlus and Success. Great game! :D

 .: Japanese Rondo of Swords Wiki: For many references.

 .: Raijinili: For some good advice :) Thankyou.

 .: feel2c: For some missing conversations, thanks!

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