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Reviewed: 03/16/09 | Updated: 07/21/09

Underrated yet one of my favorite DS games

I remember a long while ago, I was playing on my grandmother's PC. She has quite a large game library, so I was trying to choose a game to play. That is when I stumbled upon a game called Anno 1602. I ended up borrowing the game from her and playing the heak out of it. Then, a few years later, I stumbled upon this gem at my local video game store. Since it was part of the series, I could not help but buy it. I played it for two months straight, amazed at how similar it was to the PC version. The verdict? Read on!

Gameplay(10/10) - The gameplay is perfect. You do not use any buttons on your DS, unless you set the buttons to a certain function. Instead, you use the stylus. I loved to use my stylus in this game, since it is hard to find a game that actually used the stylus effectively. It may take awhile to get used to, but you will end up loving them. The whole game is pretty much just slowly building houses and production buildings to make your city grow. Your citizens will "level up" to different statuses, such as Settlers and Merchants. It's your job to make sure your population has everything it wants and needs, and to make sure they are defended in time of war.

Graphics(7/10) - The graphics are nice, but they could have been better. But, considering that this is a Nintendo DS game, the graphics are fine. The land and buildings are not insanely detailed, but get the job done. Besides, graphics are not what makes a game great, right?

Sound(8/10) - The music in this game is a classical type. Depending on the situation, you will hear different music. When you are doing city management and whatnot, happier music will be playing. When some dramatic happens, such as an enemy landing troops on your island, a more dark type of music will be playing. Considering the genre of game this is, the music fits perfectly.

Play Time/Replayability(10/10) - This game lasts a heak of a long time. First, you have to play through the Campaign mode, which will give you 12 hours+ of gameplay. If you get sick of the campaign mode, you can play Continuous mode (sandbox mode). Here you can choose the difficulty and the amount of players. This may become challenging, depending on your opponent's personality. Continuous mode can last forever, as long as you do not start a new game.

Final Recommendation - Should you rent or buy? Buy! If you rent this game you will only get a small taste of how good this game is. Besides, this game is extremely cheap and really worth the buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery (US, 03/04/08)

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