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Reviewed: 07/03/07

Today's yesterday?!

Although unpopular outside Japan, dating simulations are interesting games whose audience seems to rely mostly on that particular market. Following such premise, this Nintendo DS game is a compilation of three of those titles, previously released for mobile phones. It contains the first three games of the series, originally released back in 2005 and 2006, but the harsh simplicity of this product may keep most players away from it. In fact, the possibility to play three games, along with the play time and replay value associated to it, is probably the best thing about this title.

Unlike many other titles of this genre, where you actually have to manage a character and improve his stats in order to seduce particular girls, these games tend to rely only on text-reading, prompting you select the best answer when you're in the middle of a conversation with someone. While the first two games don't allow you to see where each girl currently is, turning it to an hit-and-miss experience, the last one has a new function that prevents this from happening, as you'll know exactly where your favourite one currently is.

That third game also features a simplified version of the classical stat system, allowing your character to improve one of your stats at the beginning of each day. Apart from this minor addition, all the titles contained in the package are much alike, changing just the context where they're included. "Her and My Hot Summer", along with "To the Most Important You" are placed in a more contemporary epoch, "Oedo Love Scroll" takes place in feudal Japan, with the suits of every character being changed to properly fit their roles.

SNK fans may also recognised several of the characters presented in the games. While males tend to be given the role of small cameos, many girls from popular titles appear in the game, with the player being allowed to forge relationships with all of them. Just to name a few, Fiolina Germi (of "Metal Slug" fame), Mikoto ("Samurai Showdown"), Athena Asamiya and Kasumi Todoh ("King of Fighters") are in the game, along with many others.

Unfortunately, after a while you'll be making the very same choices all the time. Character X likes to hang out at place Y? No problem, visit that same place every day, save before taking any options and you'll eventually achieve your final target with every girl. Since the storyline prompts you to get into a relationship with some girl in the 31 days that compose the adventure, your ultimate turns out being the one of repeating the same actions for everyone, which will eventually unlock their endings, clothes and CG images, a few items which appeal at the task of replaying this game. Bearing in mind that each storyline can be completed in less than one hour and there are eight girls per game, repetitiveness is surely a major issue.

Graphically, this game doesn't seem to have improved that much after the mobile game, resembling a GBA title. Characters aren't animated or anything, usually stuck into static images which appear edgy and unrealistic.

Here, sound is mostly unimportant, despite each character being given its own song. There are also songs for certain actions, but those are generally uninteresting and may disappoint most players.

Knowledge of the language is strongly advised to play this game, but it also turns out being a title specially appealing to those who are fans of SNK products, with their favourite characters having their usual depictions in this game. Now, you can actually date them outside of your dreams!

Rating: 6

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