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  • The layout of the world map between Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Teams and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky is unusually similar. This is a possible indication that the Mystery Dungeon games take place in the same world, but, due to the slight geographical differences (which can be attributed to geologic processes such as erosion), a great time has fallen between the two games.

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  • During the course of the game, you will travel to the future and, there, meeting the time-traveling Pokemon Celebi. Veterans of the Pokemon series may find it odd that this Celebi is colored pink. Most people attribute this to the Celebi being female, but they're wrong - it's actually because the Celebi is a Shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are an extremely rare variety of Pokemon found in the mainstream games in about 1 in every 8,192 encounters; however, most people won't recognize the Celebi as Shiny since you would have to hack the games to find it, every distribution thus far being simple downloads or engineered to prevent Celebi from being Shiny. (In fact, Celebi, as of the release of Pokemon X/Y, is "Shiny-Locked" - that is, can never be Shiny.)

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