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Guide and Walkthrough by Darkstar Ripclaw

Version: Iota 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/2008

                          Darkstar Ripclaw Presents...


    The most recent version of this FAQ may always be found at GameFAQs.com.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

                              1. Walkthrough               [WALK]


1. Regular Game
        Pokemon Selection Process               [WPSP]
        Chapter One: The Beginning              [WCH1]
        Chapter Two: The New Guild Recruits     [WCH2]
        Chapter Three: The Scream               [WCH3]
        Chapter Four: Gatekeepers               [WCH4]
        Chapter Five: The First Official
                      Exploration               [WCH5]
        Chapter Six: Team Skull                 [WCH6]
        Chapter Seven: The Guild's Big          [WCH7]
        Chapter Eight: Groudon's Heart          [WCH8]
        Chapter Nine: The Mystery of Fogbound   [WCH9]
        Chapter Ten: Dusknoir                   [WCHA]
        Chapter Eleven: Grovyle the Thief       [WCHB]
        Chapter Twelve: The Only Option         [WCHC]
        Chapter Thirteen: Dusknoir's Secret     [WCHD]
        Chapter Fourteen: Into the Future       [WCHE]
        Chapter Fifteen: The Secret of the      [WCHF]
                         Planet's Paralysis
        Chapter Sixteen: A New Dawn             [WCHG]
        Chapter Seventeen: The Guild's Crew     [WCHH]
        Chapter Eighteen: Lapras                [WCHI]
        Chapter Nineteen: To the Hidden Land    [WCHJ]
        Final Chapter: The Last Adventure       [WCHK]
2. Post-Game
        Chapter Twenty-One: Guild Graduation    [WCHL]

                           POKEMON SELECTION PROCESS

        If you wish to skip this process and go straight to the walkthrough,
scroll back up a bit, and use the search function codes.

        If you wish to obtain a specific Pokemon, find the Pokemon you are
looking for in this chart beforehand, determine which attribute it needs to have
(males and females require different attributes), then for each question, look
up its respective answers and try to answer accordingly (when looking for a
question in here, just use CTRL + F and type the first few words from the
question into the search box).

        To get the Pokemon you want, you need to have the MOST points in the
specific required attribute.

        Sometimes the questions will simply not give you any of the attribute
points that you need, so if this occurs, simply restart the process until you
get what you want.

    |             |  Male  |  Lonely   |             |  Male  |  Quiet    |
    |  Bulbasaur  |--------------------|  Treecko    |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Docile   |             | Female |  Hardy    |
    |             |  Male  |  Docile   |             |  Male  |  Hardy    |
    |  Charmander |--------------------|  Torchic    |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Brave    |             | Female |  Rash     |
    |             |  Male  |  Quirky   |             |  Male  |  Rash     |
    |  Squirtle   |--------------------|  Mudkip     |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Bold     |             | Female |  Lonely   |
    |             |  Male  |  Brave    |             |  Male  |  Hasty    |
    |  Pikachu    |--------------------|  Skitty     |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Hasty    |             | Female |  Naive    |
    |             |  Male  |  Sassy    |             |  Male  |  Bold     |
    |  Meowth     |--------------------|  Turtwig    |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Hasty    |             | Female |  Timid    |
    |             |  Male  |  Calm     |             |  Male  |  Naive    |
    |  Chikorita  |--------------------|  Chimchar   |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Quiet    |             | Female |  Impish   |
    |             |  Male  |  Timid    |             |  Male  |  Impish   |
    |  Cyndaquil  |--------------------|  Piplup     |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Calm     |             | Female |  Quirky   |
    |             |  Male  |  Jolly    |             |  Male  |  Relaxed  |
    |  Totodile   |--------------------|  Munchlax   |--------------------|
    |             | Female |  Sassy    |             | Female |  Jolly    |

Have you ever accidentally revealed a personal secret that someone shared with

        4pts Rash
        4pts Lonely
        2pts Hardy

What do you do with your allowance?

Save it!
        4pts Hardy
Spend it!
        4pts Quirky
        2pts Hasty
Spend half, save half.
        2pts Calm
I don't get an allowance!
        4pts Lonely

Would you even consider sticking to a plan to do ten sit-ups a day?

Yes! That's easy!
        4pts Impish
        2pts Sassy
Yes. Hard work, though.
        4pts Hardy
No! Who'd want to do that?!
        4pts Quirky

If you don't know something, do you come clean and admit it?

Of course.
        4pts Docile
        2pts Bold
That's not easy to admit!
        4pts Timid
        2pts Lonely

A fortune-teller says that you have a bad future ahead of you. How do you react?

Worry about it!
        4pts Docile
        2pts Timid
Forget about it.
        4pts Jolly
        2pts Relaxed
        2pts Bold

You hear a rumor that might make you rich! What do you do?

Keep it all to myself.
        4pts Bold
        2pts Timid
Share it with friends.
        4pts Docile
        4pts Rash
Spread a different rumor!
        4pts Impish

How do you blow up a balloon?

As close to breaking as possible!
        4pts Brave
        4pts Impish
Big...but not too big!
        2pts Quiet
I don't...it could pop!
        4pts Timid
        2pts Docile

Do you state your opinion even when it's not what everyone else thinks?

        4pts Brave
        2pts Bold
        4pts Lonely
        2pts Timid
It depends on the situation.
        2pts Calm
        2pts Quirky

You want to reveal that you like someone a whole bunch! What do you do?

Show it a little by playing together.
        4pts Jolly
        2pts Calm
Make it obvious...by playing a prank!
        4pts Lonely
        2pts Naive
State it clearly for all to hear!
        4pts Brave
        4pts Impish
        2pts Bold
Keep it to myself! It's too risky!
        2pts Timid

You're on a stroll when a TV crew pounces on you for an interview. What do you

Run away! How embarrassing!
        4pts Timid
Answer questions properly.
        4pts Brave
        4pts Sassy
Yuck it up! Woo-hoo! I'm on TV!
        4pts Naive
        2pts Bold

You feel a burst of happiness! How about expressing it with a little dance?

        4pts Jolly
        2pts Lonely
        2pts Calm

You see a parade coming down the street. What do you do?

Stay on the sidelines.
        2pts Calm
Join the parade!
        4pts Jolly
        4pts Naive
Walk away.
        4pts Sassy
        2pts Lonely

Your friend tells a joke that's horribly corny! How do you react?

Roll around the floor laughing!
        4pts Jolly
        2pts Naive
Just let it go by...
        2pts Impish
        2pts Docile
Slap my forehead and groan.
        4pts Brave

Can you strike up conversations with new people easily?

        4pts Jolly
        4pts Bold
        2pts Timid
        2pts Docile

Do you get injured a lot?

        4pts Impish
        4pts Rash
        2pts Calm

You see a ball on the ground. What do you do?

Kick it!
        2pts Hasty
        2pts Sassy
Throw it!
        4pts Impish
Spiff it up, shiny and new!
        4pts Lonely

What do you think of jungle exploration?

Sounds fun!
        4pts Impish
        2pts Naive
Not interested.
        4pts Quirky
        2pts Timid

You discover a secret passage in a basement. What do you do?

Go through it!
        4pts Impish
        4pts Brave
        2pts Rash
        2pts Hasty
Stay away from it.
        2pts Timid

Your friend takes a spectacular fall! What do you do?

Help my friend up!
        4pts Brave
        2pts Lonely
Laugh! It's too funny!
        4pts Naive
        4pts Impish
        2pts Rash

Have you ever wanted to communicate with aliens from another planet?

        4pts Naive
        2pts Quiet

Have you ever upset a friend when you were just kidding around?

        4pts Naive
        2points Impish
        4pts Calm

Hey, what's that? There's someone behind you! So...did you look just now?

Don't do that! It scared me!
        4pts Timid
OK, I admit it. You tricked me.
        4pts Docile
No way, I didn't fall for it.
        4pts Sassy
        4pts Lonely
Huh? What?
        4pts Relaxed

Someone who works at a store suggests an item that isn't quite what you're
looking for. But you like this person. What do you do?

Say you don't want it.
        2pts Brave
        2pts Quiet
Say thanks...but say no.
        4pts Calm
        2pts Lonely
Cave in and buy it.
        2pts Rash
        2pts Timid

You run into a new person that you haven't talked to very much before. What do
you do?

Make small talk.
        2pts Calm
Say nothing!
        2pts Quirky
Make an excuse to get away!
        4pts Timid

You think you hear someone call your name. But no one's around...so what was it?

Just my imagination.
        4pts Relaxed
Someone fooling around.
        4pts Naive
        2pts Bold
A ghost!
        4 pts Timid

Do you find yourself jumping to the wrong conclusion a lot of the time?

        4pts Hasty
        4pts Rash
        2pts Docile
        2pts Quiet

Do you change the channels often while watching TV?

        4pts Hasty
        2pts Calm

You find something at a great bargain! What do you do?

Buy it right away!
        4pts Hasty
Think about whether you need it.
        2pts Quiet
Demand an even bigger discount!
        4pts Bold

You're packing your classroom's snacks for a picnic when you get hungry. What do
you do?

East just a tiny bit.
        4pts Hasty
Hold myself back and pack it all up.
        4pts Hardy
What snacks? They're in my belly!
        4pts Rash

Are you a rebel at heart?

        4pts Sassy
Of course not.
        2pts Calm

When walking in a group, do you tend to be the one at the front?

Of course!
        4pts Sassy
        2pts Lonely
        4pts Calm
        2pts Quirky

Do you think that you might be a genius?

        4pts Sassy
        2pts Naive
        2pts Jolly
Well, not really...
        2pts Hardy

Would you feel comfortable stating your opinion to a very important person?

Of course!
        4pts Sassy
        4pts Brave
        2pts Bold
Not really.
        2pts Timid

Are you a city person or a country person?

I like the city!
        4pts Lonely
        2pts Sassy
I like the country!
        4pts Calm
I like them both!
        4pts Quirky

You're about to take the last cookie when your friend wolfs it down! What do you

Whatever. It's just a cookie.
        4pts Calm
I unleash my cookie fury!
        4pts Relaxed
        4pts Jolly
I weep for my lost cookie.
        4pts Lonely

You've spent forever stacking dominoes...One more and you're done...OH, NO!
You've knocked them over! What do you do?

I'm too crushed to start again.
        4pts Hardy
I unleash my full fury!
        4pts Docile
I set up the dominoes again...
        4pts Calm
        4pts Bold

Do you get bothered by noise and ruckus around you?

        4pts Bold
        2pts Relaxed
Not at all.
        4pts Lonely
        2pts Hasty

You've just stuffed yourself with a good meal when a great dessert arrives. What
do you do?

Eat it. Who cares if I'm stuffed?
        4pts Hasty
        2pts Rash
Turn it down. It's too fattening!
        2pts Hardy
Yumy! I love dessert the most!
        4pts Bold
        4pts Jolly
        2pts Relaxed

You have a really important test tomorrow! What do you do?

Study all night long.
        4pts Hardy
Wing it! I'm sure it will be fine!
        4pts Relaxed
Test?! I think I have a fever...
        4pts Naive

You're eating at a restaurant when you abruptly realize that everyone's gone!
What do you do?

Alone?! I look for an employee!
        4pts Lonely
        4pts Docile
Who's worried? I keep eating.
        4pts Jolly
        4pts Relaxed
I swipe food from other tables!
        4pts Bold

Do you find yourself humming or singing often?

All the time!
        4pts Relaxed
        2pts Quiet

The phone's ringing! What do you do?

Answer right away!
        4pts Hasty
        4pts Lonely
Wait a bit before answering.
        2pts Quiet
Ignore it and let it ring.
        2pts Timid

Your friend seems to be having a fun chat out of earshot. What do you do?

Join them and chat along!
        4pts Naive
Nothing...I'm not interested.
        4pts Lonely
Eavesdrop from a distance!
        2pts Timid

Do you like being the center of attention?

        4pts Lonely
        4pts Sassy
        2pts Relaxed

You're told to wait in a big, empty room. What do you do?

Wait quietly.
        4pts Docile
Search for something to do.
        4pts Naive
Wander Outside.
        4pts Rash
Cradle my knees and sit in the corner!
        4pts Lonely

Do you have lots of stuff you bought, thinking it was all cool, but don't use

        4pts Quirky
        2pts Rash
        2pts Hasty
        2pts Quiet

Have you had any hobbies for a long time?

        4pts Hardy
        4pts Quirky
        2pts Hasty

Do you cancel plans to meet others at the last second?

        4pts Quirky
        4pts Rash
        2pts Calm

Do you like to do things according to plan?

Of course!
        4pts Hardy
I'm not good at planning.
        4pts Quirky
        2pts Rash
Plans? Who needs plans?
        4pts Relaxed

Do you think that lies are sometimes necessary?

        4pts Quiet
        4pts Bold
        4pts Brave
I don't know.
        4pts Docile

You spot a deserted ship on the high seas! What do you think the ship holds?

Precious loots!
        4pts Naive
        2pts Jolly
        2pts Timid
Nothing! The ship is merely a mirage!
        4pts Quiet

Do you think that anything goes when it comes to winning?

Of course!
        4pts Quiet
        4pts Sassy
No way!
        4pts Brave

Your friend is crying right in front of you! What made that happen?

Someone bullied my friend!
        4pts Hasty
My friend fell down, no doubt!
        4pts Quiet
I wonder if it's my fault?
        2pts Timid

Do you often forget to lock the door when you go out?

        4pts Rash
        2pts Bold
        2pts Quiet

You attend a fine dinner at a friend's house. How do you behave?

Devour the food heartily!
        4pts Impish
        4pts Naive
Enjoy the meal in polite moderation.
        2pts Hardy
Ask to take the leftovers home!
        4pts Bold

You have to move a heavy suitcase. What will you do?

Carry it by myself.
        4pts Hardy
        2pts Brave
Ask someone to help.
        2pts Docile
Make someone else do it!
        4pts Bold
        2pts Sassy

You muster your courage and go to a graveyard at night...and see a woman soaked
to the skin just standing there! What do you do?

Run away at full speed!
        2pts Timid
So what? It's just a lady.
        4pts Naive
        2pts Sassy
Drop down and play dead!
        4pts Rash

You see a cake that is past its expiration date, but only by one day. What do
you do?

Not a problem! Chow time!
        4pts Brave
        2pts Relaxed
Think about it briefly, then decide.
        2pts Timid
Get someone to try it first.
        4pts Bold

Your friend says that your shirt is inside out. What do you do?

Get embarrassed!
        4pts Docile
Laugh out loud!
        4pts Rash
Say that it's the latest fashion!
        4pts Jolly

You're daydreaming...when your friend sprays you with water! What do you do?

Get mad!
        4pts Hasty
Get sad.
        4pts Lonely
Woo-hoo! Water fight!
        4pts Jolly
        4pts Naive
        4pts Impish

You're in a play with friends. What kind of role do you prefer?

Starring role!
        4pts Bold
Supporting role.
        4pts Jolly
Just a big part.
        4pts Quirky

You're in class when you realize that you really have to go to the restroom!
What do you do?

Ask for permission to leave.
        4pts Brave
        4pts Bold
Sneak out.
        2pts Hasty
Hold on until class ends!
        2pts Timid

You're in the final mile of a marathon, but the last stretch is exhausting! What
will you do?

Hang in there and finish!
        4pts Hardy
        2pts Brave
Stop Running.
        4pts Quirky
Find a shortcut.
        4pts Bold
        2pts Rash

You're on a walk when you smell something delicious. What do you do?

Try to imagine what it is.
        4pts Docile
Find out what it is!
        4pts Naive
        2pts Rash
Think about how hungry I am...
        4pts Impish

                                 THE BEGINNING

        Go through all the questions (all the questions and point values are
given above). Afterwards, put your fingerprint against the touch screen, press
down hard, and hit the A button until you are prompted to take your finger away.
You will then be given your main Pokémon; after, choose a partner Pokémon. My
own personal recommendations for the main game are a Fire-type and Grass-type
matchup. After, watch a scene, and you shall have to name yourself partway
through. Answer yes when your partner Pokémon asks for help. You will the enter
the Beach Cave.

Four Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    CORSOLA    |    WATER/ROCK    |    ALL     |
|    KABUTO     |      WATER       |    ALL     |
|    SHELLDER   |      WATER       |    ALL     |
|    SHELLOS    |      WATER       |    ALL     |

        The beach cave will be your first dungeon of the game, so I will be a
bit more elaborate this time around than in the subsequent explorations.

        In any case, on the first floor, you can move around by pressing the D-
Pad (holding B makes you go faster). Be careful should you choose to run,
however; you may move too quick to respond on sight to an enemy Pokémon coming
into your view. When you do encounter an opponent, be sure to set yourself up so
that both you and your partner can get a whack at the opponent, and hit A to use
a regular attack. To use stronger attacks, press X, go to Moves, and use your
offensive attack (usually Scratch or Tackle, depending on your starting
Pokémon). Be warned, though, as these special attacks use up PP much like in the
regular Pokémon games.

        For the first dungeon, be weary of the Shellos. Often, they will use Mud
Slap before they get near you, then use Harden to reduce both your accuracy and
the amount of damage you can do to them. If you level up and get a Grass-type or
Electric-type attack, you can use it to perform a super-effective attack against
them. All four Pokémon here have a Water type affinity, so Grass attacks will
definitely be very helpful.

        You will have to walk around each floor (which are randomly generated;
hence, no walkthrough can be made for actually walking around, except for a
general strategy), and find a staircase going down to the next level. Do not
hastily head down each set of stairs as soon as you find it. Instead, you should
explore and gain some EXP from fighting enemy Pokémon. Whenever you lose HP, you
can regenerate it by walking around. You should try to hit at least level 6
before getting to the bottom.

        For the most part, do not bother picking up any of theBerries you will
see on the first couple of floors - you should be able to replenish your health
at a quick enough pace simply walking around. Additionally, at this point in the
game, you can only carry one item at a time. Once you hit Basement Floor 3, you
should find some new items; the Blast Seed and the Sleep Seed, both of which are
yellow diamond-like shaped items (at least, these are what I got in my game -
you may obtain different offensive weapons). Pick up a Blast Seed (making sure
to read the text to confirm it is a Blast Seed, and not a Sleep Seed), as you
will want it for the fight on the fifth floor.

        Aside from that, there is not much else to say; if you get hit with a
status-lowering attack, look around for the Wonder Panels and walk over them to
return your stats to normal. After, make your way down to Basement Floor Five.

        For the most part, combat in boss battles is exactly the same as in the
regular segment of exploring mystery dungeons. Gang up on Koffing first, as he
has an attack that can poison you and drain away at your HP for the rest of the
battle. As soon as you are lined up and right next to him, use your Blast Seed
for an instant kill. If it misses, go to Plan B and use any attack from your
Moves list until you and your partner manage to bring him down.

        When it comes to Zubat, you should try to end the battle quickly, as he
knows Leech Life, which will drain away your own HP and add it onto his. If you
cannot end the fight within a couple of turns, try to stem the bleeding and use
Growl to nullify some of the strength behind his attacks, then continue pressing

        After you return to the surface, agree to join your partner's
exploration team. Watch some more scenes, then save when prompted.

                             THE NEW GUILD RECRUITS

        Go through several cutscenes, and name your Exploration team when
prompted to. You shall obtain an Explorer Badge, Wonder Map and Treasure Bag, as
well as a Special Band and Cobalt Bow. The Treasure Bag allows you to carry 16
items into dungeons, meaning you do not have to lug only one item around
anymore. Watch some more scenes and save when prompted to do so.

        After the long scene, approach Chatot, and he will initiate you on some
of the guild basics. After, you shall automatically enter the next dungeon.

Six Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    ANORITH    |     ROCK/BUG     |    ALL     |
|    CHINGLING  |     PSYCHIC      |    3-6     |
|    LILEEP     |     ROCK/GRASS   |    ALL     |
|    SHELLOS    |     WATER        |    ALL     |

        A few things to note here; with the Treasure Bag, you can now carry 16
items. At this point, you should also try equipping the Special Band and Cobalt
Bow onto your two Pokémon to increase your stats and for the extra two spaces of
room. Whenever you pick up a Geo Pebble, set it; whenever you are more than one
square away from a Pokémon, but in a straight line (cardinal directions or
diagonal), you can throw the Geo Pebble to damage them without getting

        Around the fifth floor, you should start checking on your Belly; as your
hunger decreases, your overall performance will become more sluggish. You should
pick up any Apples and Gummis as soon as you find them, and eat the Gummis ASAP;
the Gummis will increase your IQ and a certain stat (In the case of Yellow
Gummis, your Special Defense).

        On the topic of Pokémon, Anorith, Lileep and Shellos should all be
fairly reasonable to defeat. Each of them will only take a couple of physical
attacks to finish off. However, when it comes to Chingling, if you are in a
narrow one-space tunnel, run away from it and let it follow you out into open
space before hitting it with both of your Pokémon, or use your most powerful
Special Attack. This is because Chingling will often use and abuse Wrap, which
will keep your Pokémon from attacking for one to three moves, dealing damage
during all the turns you are immobilized, and letting Chingling hit you without
being retaliated against. Hence, either get both Pokémon into good attacking
position or take Chingling out before he can do anything. As well, if your stats
are lowered, find a Wonder Title.

        On the seventh floor, you will finally find the Pearl in an automatic
scene, with no boss battle. You shall then be returned to the guild.

        REWARD: Protein, Calcium, Iron, 200P

        Watch a scene to get your reward. You can save your game shortly

                                   THE SCREAM

        After the wake-up scene, head left, and attend the morning audience.
Talk to Chatot once done, and you will go through a lengthy tour of the area and
Treasure Town. When you have been given free reign, head left a screen. Talk to
either of the Kecleons (the one on the left sells items, the one on the right
sells equipment), look at whatever you will, then exit out of the purchase
screen to trigger another cutscene. Talk to the other Kecleon if you want (you
may want a couple of Apples for the next dungeon), then head right back to the
previous screen. Head right some more to encounter another cutscene.

        Deposit all of your money at the Duskull Bank, as you will want to save
it. Head right a screen and up to the guild, and enter. Go down to the first
basement floor, and talk to Bidoof standing against the right wall. Respond yes,
and several long scenes later, you will enter the next dungeon.

Nine Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    DODUO      |    FLYING        |    ALL     |
|    GEODUDE    |    ROCK/GROUND   |    ALL     |
|    MACHOP     |    FIGHTING      |    ALL     |
|    NIDORINA   |    POISON        |    4-9     |
|    NIDORINO   |    POISON        |    4-9     |
|    SPINARAK   |    BUG           |    ALL     |
|    STARLY     |    FLYING        |    ALL     |

        In all honesty, do not be surprised to get your ass kicked early on, as
Mt. Bristle has a vicious difficulty curve until you can level up a couple of
times into the double digits. As there is a strong chance of being defeated and
sent back to the top, if you think defeat is near, be sure to consume all your
Gummis as quickly as possible so you get some use out of them as opposed to
losing them.

        Also to be kept in mind is the long trek down the dungeon. Any time that
you see a Berry, Apple, or Gummi, grab it. You may very well run hungry down
here, so every piece of food you can find is a potential life-saver. Lastly, if
you get poisoned and you do not have a Pecha Berry or Heal Seed on hand, you
will need to go down a floor for your status to automatically be healed.
Finally, keep an eye out for any Blast Seeds and Heal Seeds, as you will easily
want them on the bottom.

        This dungeon will be when the Pokémon begin to get annoying. Both Doduo
and Starly can and will use Quick Attack, which they can use to hit you from two
spaces away, getting in a first hit. Save your Geo Pebbles or Sticks for these
two, but especially for Doduo, who will often retreat and run away after taking
a large amount of damage (hitting it from long-range once is often enough to
take it out for the EXP). Also make sure that if you have any Grass Pokémon in
your lineup that you take the Doduo out quick, as they know Peck. If you are
having trouble with farming EXP from them as a result of their running away, try
to trap them in a dead-end corridor first.

        Machop, Nidorina, and Geodude all should not be fairly difficult to take
out. Machop knows Low Kick, Leer and Focus Energy, but if you can take him out
before he Leers you, not much harm is done (if he does, get to a Wonder Tile
pronto). Geodude does not do much damage, but he can take a while to defeat
thanks to his defense. If you have anybody with Grass or Water-type attacks, one
hit is usually enough to stop Geodude stone cold (OK, bad pun). Nidorina just
has common weak attacks in Scratch and Growl, and so she should not be a threat.

        Spinarak is slightly more dangerous, as he can use Poison Sting, which
can poison (but thankfully not at a very quick rate), as well as use String Shot
and Scary Face to reduce your own Pokémons' speed, allowing your opponents to
often double-attack. If you are facing Spinarak as part of a group of foes, you
should probably work on taking Spinarak out first, as this is vital, and it is
worth using one of your high-end special attacks to take Spinarak out.

        Nidorino are the Pokémon that you should definitely go for one-hit kills
on with your most powerful attacks, and with moves that do not require you to
physically come into contact with them; this is because of Nidorino's special
ability, Poison Point, which has a 30% chance of poisoning you every time you
use an attack against Nidorino that requires you to physically contact him. This
means attacks like Scratch and Tackle; as such, use your elemental attacks
(that, and they can usually defeat him in one hit). Once again, if you are
poisoned and lacking for something to heal that poison, you will have to head
down to the next floor to heal the poison status automatically.

Hypnosis, Pound, Confusion, Disable

        You will probably see a great increase in difficulty with Drowzee even
compared to the regular dungeon Pokémon, as he has four different attacks that
can all be very painful.

        Confusion is his most powerful attack, easily capable of one-shot KOing.
Even once you have a number of levels behind yourself, you will still probably
lose around 30HP to it, so be sure to use an Oran Berry as soon as possible to
heal yourself back up to full health. Pound is his regular attack, which
thankfully only deals around mid single digits to low double digits.

        However, his two non-status attacks are the more painful ones. Disable
in this game works to keep your Pokémon paralyzed (as opposed to only disabling
one move), and Hypnosis puts you to sleep. If you fall under each of these
status effects, quickly open the menu with the X button and eat a Heal Seed if
you have one to recover from the effects, as waiting for the effect to wear off
on its own can be disastrous.

        For the overall strategy, there are two different routes you can take;
while Drowzee can deal a lot of damage, he only requires about four or five
high-damage attacks to finish off (such as the use of Blast Seeds combined with
elemental attacks). Hence, the first option is that you may try to finish him
off really quick before he can take you out.

        The second path you can take is to make both of your Pokémon run away
from him (as he needs to be right next to you to perform any of his attacks),
then start hitting him with status-lowering attacks from a distance (Growl,
Leer, Smokescreen, etc.) to wear down his ability to deal damage and take it.
Once his stats are sufficiently low enough, then you can go back into the fray
and deal damage. Additionally, if you have a Bulbasaur on hand, you can also
Leech Seed Drowzee and wear him out while performing all your techniques. If you
have any abilities that can paralyze Drowzee or put him to sleep, use them (if
you put him to sleep, be sure to heal yourself up first and then attack him).

        Either way, Drowzee is still tough, so do not be surprised if you lose
at least once and have to repeat the dungeon. After you win, you will go through
a number of scenes.

        REWARD: 300P

        After the scene, save your game. Your Treasure Bag will also be

        After a couple of cutscenes, leave the crew room, and watch the
audience. Talk to Chatot, then go up a floor. Talk to Swellow and the three
Poochyena for help on the job lists and bounties, respectively; if you still are
not completely sure, go to your menu, and do Others --> Hints --> Performing
Missions for some more explanation.

       The storyline will advance after three DAYS spent on jobs, not
specifically three missions. However, if you spend one day on three missions in
the same area, this counts as three days spent on jobs (one day spent on three
jobs each). For your first set of missions, I suggest you simply choose three
jobs that are all in the same dungeon to avoid having to make multiple trips.

        Do not forget to go into the Job List after selecting all three jobs,
then select Take Job for all three. You can get to whichever dungeon that you
are  by going to the crossroads out of the guild and then going right. For
rescue missions and bounties both, the game will say "This is a destination
floor!" when you get to a floor with a Pokémon needing to be rescued/outlaw
needing to be defeated. The rescuee/outlaw needs to be tracked down; in the case
of the rescuee, you need to talk to it, and obviously you have to fight the
outlaw. Refuse to leave the dungeon until your last job is over, and then you
will return to the Guild and obtain your rewards.


        At the beginning of the chapter, Loudred will recruit you for a sentry
duty mini-game in which you have to identify the footprints of visiting Pokémon.
A few of them can be identified if you keep up with your Pokémon appearances at
all, but for most of them, you should wait a few seconds until you get a hint
(such as "It is a Tiny Turtle Pokémon" which indicates it is a Squirtle, etc.
before choosing). If you get two wrong, the game will end. If you get through
six, however, you will have a perfect record, and get a reward (for the record,
I got a Joy Seed, Ginseng, Life Seed, and 500P for a bit over 6000 Points).

        For the next day, you will have to complete at least two more jobs. I
HIGHLY recommend you do not take anything above C class, or else you will
basically get your rear end handed to you. After you are done, another day will
pass by, and the next actual storyline mission should start.

                         THE FIRST OFFICIAL EXPLORATION

        Head out into the lobby and listen to Chatot for a few scenes. After you
are given your mission, head up a floor and listen to Chimecho; from now on, you
shall have the ability to recruit other Pokémon from the dungeons. Head up
another floor, and exit the guild. Go to town; head on the road south from
Duskull's bank and enter the Dojo, with Marowak currently in residence. He will
give you the option to train in his training mazes, but be careful: if you have
any items when you enter one of them, you will lose these items.

        After you are done in town, head to the crossroads and exit out the east
exit. Go to the "Secret Waterfall". Watch a cutscene and you shall be in the
Waterfall Cave.

Eight Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    BARBOACH   |   WATER/GROUND   |    ALL     |
|    GRIMER     |      POISON      |    ALL     |
|    LOTAD      |   WATER/GRASS    |    ALL     |
|    POLIWAG    |      WATER       |    ALL     |
|    PSYDUCK    |   WATER/PSYCHIC  |    ALL     |
|    SURSKIT    |      WATER       |    ALL     |
|    TANGELA    |      GRASS       |    ALL     |
|    WHISCASH   |   WATER/GROUND   |    5-8     |
|    WOOPER     |   WATER/GROUND   |    ALL     |

        Barboach - Water Sport, Water Gun
        Grimer - Harden, Mud-Slap, Poison Gas
        Lotad - Growl, Rock Slide, Astonish, Absorb
        Poliwag - Bubble, Hypnosis
        Psyduck - Tail Whip, Water Gun, Scratch, Water Sport
        Surskit - Bubble, Quick Attack
        Tangela - Constrict, Ingrain, Absorb
        Whiscash - ?
        Wooper - Mud Sport, Water Gun, Mud Shot

        If you are maining a Grass Pokémon, now is the time to start pulling out
all your Grass Attacks; nearly every Pokémon present in this dungeon is weak to
Grass, and three of them are doubly weak due to being Water AND Ground type. If
your partner is Grass, choose whatever Tactics is most appropriate (usually "Go
after Foes" will be your only offensive one at this point in the game). Lacking
a Grass-Type, you might want to pick up a Lileep from the Drenched Bluff, or nab
a Tangela here, escape, grab it from Chimecho, and then come back to the
Waterfall Cave (which will not likely succeed as you may have a hard time
recruiting a Tangela at current levels). Electric types should also operate on
taking out pure water-types, but should ignore Water/Ground-types (as Ground-
types are immune to Electric attacks). Conversely so, expect a difficult trek
if you have any Fire Pokémon around, and make sure to bring in a Revive Seed or
three with you.

        The main theme here is, of course, water. Water Sport raises a Pokemon's
resistance to fire attacks (this should not matter, of course, if you have
already been trying to play smart by exploiting type-advantages and restricted
yourself from the use of Fire-type attacks). Water Gun and Bubble are both
Special attacks; while Water Gun is more powerful, Bubble can hit from a
distance, which can be rather annoying. On the Ground-type side of things, Mud-
Slap and Mud Shot both are weak attacks that lower the victim's accuracy, while
Mud Sport raises resistance to Electric attacks (which is fairly irrelevant when
facing the Water/Ground hybrids in any case).

        Of all the water-types, Poliwag can be a large nuisance with its
Hypnosis, so make sure that if your partner gets hit with it to have a Heal Seed
or other item on hand to wake it up. Surskit is another annoying Water-type as
it can use Quick Attack, which is capable of hitting from two panels away.
Finally, Whishcash (which does not appear until the fifth floor) are able to use
Zen Headbutt, which can cause the receiver of the attack to flinch.

        When battling Grimer, you should be careful about Poison Gas, which can
(obviously) poison your Pokemon. Do remember that if you are Poisoned, you can
automatically rid yourself of that status by going down to the next floor. Other
than that, Harden simply increases Grimer's defense.

        Lotad and Tangela both are (part) Grass-types, and as such you should
expect Grass-type attacks. Absorb allows them to steal HP from you to replenish
their own health, while Ingrain restores their health (without any of the HP-
sapping part). Constrict can prevent your own Pokemon from moving. Lotad also
knows Rock Slide, which is a rock-type attack that is super-effective against
Fire-types, and Astonish, a Dark-type attack that can cause victims to flinch
and miss a turn.

        After you get to the ninth floor, you will watch a cutscene. Several
cutscenes later, you will get a chance to save. Several more cutscenes later,
the next chapter begins.

                                   TEAM SKULL

        After some more cutscenes, leave your room, then go up a floor. Watch
another cutscene - whichever choice you make here as an answer does not really
matter. Once you are done, take a pair of jobs, go out and fulfill the jobs,
yadahyadahyadah, the same drill as before. The day after, Loudred will get you
to do some more sentry duty. I broke the previous high score and got 400P, a
Pecha Scarf, a Reviver Seed and a Max Elixir.

        You should finally get another cutscene involving Team Skull. When that
occurs, you shall be sent on your merry way again, so take another pair of jobs.
Another few scenes later, and you will finally be sent to the Apple Woods.

Twelve Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   BEEDRILL    |    BUG/POISON    |    6-12    |
|   BUDEW       |    GRASS/POISON  |    1-5     |
|   BURMY       |       BUG        |    1-5     |
|   BUTTERFREE  |    BUG/FLYING    |    1-7     |
|   CATERPIE    |       BUG        |    1-4     |
|   COMBEE      |    BUG/FLYING    |    6-12    |
|   EXEGGUTOR   |    GRASS/PSYCHIC |    4-12    |
|   GLOOM       |    GRASS/POISON  |    6-12    |
|   HOPPIP      |    GRASS/FLYING  |    1-5     |
|   KAKUNA      |    BUG/POISON    |    6-12    |
|   ODDISH      |    GRASS/POISON  |    1-6     |
|   PARAS       |    BUG/GRASS     |    ALL     |
|   WEEDLE      |    BUG/POISON    |    4-9     |

        There are a couple of things that you can do to be prepared for this
dungeon. First and most importantly is to have a good stockpile of Pecha Berries
on hand - several of the Pokémon present in the Apple Cave are affiliated with
the Poison type, and of course have matching Poison-type attacks, which can
cause poison. Obviously, you do not want to let that get out of hand if you are
not near a staircase.

        The second thing you can do is play type advantages. Because every
single Pokémon here have either Bug or Grass types (or both), they are all weak
to Fire, and most of them weak to Flying. Hitherto, it would be wise to bring in
two auxiliary allies who are Flying-types just to exploit weaknesses.

        Beedrill will be the first example of a dangerous one-two hit combo
involving Fury Attack. In Beedrill's case, it shall start off with Focus Energy
to raise its chance of obtaining a critical hit, then use Fury Attack, which
attacks you two to five times in one use. There really is not much to say about
dodging this attack; the only thing you can really try to do (in addition to
wiping it out before it has the chance to use Fury Attack) is to start running
away until Focus Energy wears off, but that is not very viable in the long term.

        Budew may be somewhat annoying. Somewhat. Water Sport will decrease
damage from Fire-type attacks (although it shall not negate the type weakness),
while Stun Spore will paralyze. However, as said before, you should bring along
two partners with Flying-type attacks; Budew can only paralyze one Pokemon at a
time, and in the turn it takes to use Stun Spore (if you let it use it), your
two alternates should be able to wipe Budew out. Meanwhile, Growth will raise
its Special Attack, with Absorb being a Grass-type move that leeches your HP and
restores Budew's.

        Burmy is in his Sand Cloak phase here, so he will have a Bug/Ground
type, which means he is still weak to Fire, but doubly so to Flying-type
attacks. There really is nothing else special about Burmy: Protect can allow him
to dodge the subsequent attack, but becomes less effective with subsequent use.
The same goes for Caterpie, who only knows Tackle, and String Shot (the latter
which slows your speed down, which is really insignificant when fighting
Caterpie, a fairly weak Pokemon).

        The Exeggutor you face in this dungeon will probably be your most
dangerous foe in Apple Woods. Hypnosis of course can put you to sleep, while
Seed Bomb and Barrage are straight up powerful attacks (although Seed Bomb has
Grass-type attribute), and Stomp is also fairly powerful, in addition to being
able to cause flinching status. Your one saving grace here is that none of these
attacks are Special-type. Confusion, however, you do have to watch out for,
thanks to being a reasonably strong Special attack that gets STAB bonus, so make
sure that you are always near full health when taking on Exeggutor (again,
especially if you fall asleep).

        Gloom is another annoying 'mon. First and foremost is PoisonPowder,
which causes poison, obviously (and as always, going down a staircase gets rid
of it). Acid is a Poison-type attack (and as such doesn't have the same
penalties against Fire and Flying-types) that can also lower Special Defense,
Sweet Scent reduces evasiveness, while Absorb, as always, leeches defense.

        For Hoppip, more of the same occurs, although Splash actually has a use
in this game, and can send you back a few squares. Synthesis allows it to
recover HP. Kakuna has only one move - Harden, which increases its defenses.
Most of the time it will just stick to using regular attacks, so you can feel
free to wipe it out without the threat of any strong moves that could injure
you. Meanwhile, Oddish has the exact same move set as Gloom, but is weaker.

        Weedle is comparable to Caterpie; the only difference is that Weedle
knows Poison Sting, another attack which can cause Poison status. Finally, Paras
combines the aspects of several previous Pokemon, being able to poison in
PoisonPowder, paralyze through Stun Spore, absorb your own Pokemon's HP through
Leech Life and a regular attack in Scratch.

Beedrill - Fury Attack, Focus Energy
Budew - Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore, Absorb
Burmy - Tackle, Protect
Caterpie - String Shot, Tackle
Exeggutor - Stomp, Barrage, Seed Bomb, Hypnosis, Confusion
Gloom - Acid, Absorb, Sweet Scent, PoisonPowder
Hoppip - Tackle, Splash, Synthesis, PoisonPowder
Kakuna - Harden
Oddish - Acid, Absorb, Sweet Scent, PoisonPowder
Weedle - String Shot, Poison Sting, Tackle
Paras - Leech Life, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Scratch

        Watch the cutscene once you get down below.

        Watch the cutscenes that transpire. After a while, you will also get a
chance to finally use Croagunk's shop. Once you are finished at his shop, go out
and do a couple of jobs. The day after that, you will have some more sentry
duty. Following that, more jobs and bounties. Once that is done, you shall
finally have a cutscene announcing expedition members. You will also get an
upgrade to your Treasure Bag, so you will be able to hold more stuff.

        That in mind, you can do anything you want until you talk to Chatot, so
if you need to level up your main and partner a bit, do so with some bounties or
jobs. You should also pick up as many useful items as you think you may need. If
either of your Pokémon can learn a Psychic attack and you see a Psychic TM in
the Kecleon store, grab it as well.

        After, talk to Chatot to head out, and you and your partner will be sent
out with Bidoof. Take the chance to save your game.

                           THE GUILD'S BIG EXPEDITION

        After awhile, you will be offered the choice of two paths: Craggy Coast
or the Side Path. The Side Path does not lead anywhere; it is just a training
ground, but you can repeat it in an infinite loop to level up/get items. In any
case, once done, head along the Craggy Coast to advance.

Eight Floors
|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   DRATINI     |      DRAGON      |    ALL     |
|   GASTRODON   |   WATER/GROUND   |    ALL     |
|   KRABBY      |      WATER       |    ALL     |
|   SEALEO      |   WATER/ICE      |    6-9     |
|   SPHEAL      |   WATER/ICE      |    ALL     |
|   WINGULL     |   WATER/FLYING   |    ALL     |

Five Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   GASTRODON   |   WATER/GROUND   |    ALL     |
|   SPHEAL      |   WATER/ICE      |    ALL     |
|   WINGULL     |   WATER/FLYING   |    ALL     |

Dratini - Wrap, Leer, Twister, Thunder Wave
Gastrodon - Mud Bomb, Water Pulse, Mud Slap
Krabby - Leer, Harden, Mud Sport
Sealeo - Powder Snow, Water Gun, Encore, Growl, Defense Curl
Spheal - Powder Snow, Water Gun, Growl, Encore, Defense Curl
Wingull - Supersonic, Wing Attack, Water Gun

        If you go on the Side Path, you will not actually go anywhere; instead,
once you hit the bottom, you will emerge back to the split and once again have
the option to go to the Side Path, or continue on through the Craggy Coast. As
such, the Side Path is just a training gauntlet where required.

        Bidoof will also be coming with you in this dungeon. He does NOT gain
experience/level up with you, and you cannot change tactics (so do not bother
feeding him Gummis). He can use Growl, Defense Curl and Headbutt, but more
likely than not you will have to be saving him.

        First in the order is Dratini. Wrap will act for two to five turns in a
row, preventing you from moving while it is in effect (although your partner
Digimon are still free). Thunder Wave is a good reason as to why you should take
it out quickly, but again, because you have three Pokemon with you the other two
can always take up the slack. Twister is a semi-strong (for this point of the
game) Dragon-type attack that can hurt a decent amount, so do not let your HP go
too low lest Dratini use this attack for a KO.

        The next couple of Pokemon, Gastrodon and Krabby, do not use anything
you have not seen before. Mud Sport raises resistance to electric attacks, Water
Pulse raises resistance to fire attacks, and both Mud Slap and Mud Bomb are
attacks that can lower your own accuracy.

        Spheal and its evolution Sealeo can be fairly nasty, though. Because of
their Water/Ice types, they're not weak to Fire, but they ARE weak to Grass and
Electric-type attacks (as well as Fighting and Rock-type attacks if you have
anyone on-hand who knows any). Powder Snow is an Ice attack that can freeze you,
Water Gun is always fairly damaging at this point of the game with a STAB bonus,
and Encore can force you to repeat the last move you made two to six times (so
if you are using a miscellaneous move that is not an attack, you shall be stuck
in a rut for awhile). Additionally,

        Wingull, the final Pokemon in this dungeon, is also something that you
should worry about. Grass-types will not be effective because of Wingull's
Flying-type attribute, and Wing Attack can harm Grass-types big-time. Supersonic
is also capable of confusing you. Thankfully, if you have an Electric-type on
hand, Wingull is doubly weak to Electric-type attacks, and you should be able to
clip its wings with just one attack.

        After you make it out of the Craggy Coast, use the Kanghaskhan statue as
needed, then head into the next cave. Choose Mt. Horn to continue.

Thirteen Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   AERODACTYL  |   ROCK/FLYING    |    8-14    |
|   ARIADOS     |   BUG/POISON     |    1-7     |
|   BEAUTIFLY   |   BUG/FLYING     | 1, 2, 4, 5,|
|               |                  | 7, 8, 10,  |
|               |                  | 11, 13, 14 |
|   BONSLY      |      ROCK        |    8-14    |
|   CASCOON     |       BUG        | 1, 2, 4, 5,|
|               |                  | 7, 8, 10,  |
|               |                  | 11, 13, 14 |
|   NATU        |   PSYCHIC/FLYING |    1-7     |
|   PARASECT    |   BUG/GRASS      |    1-7     |
|   PINECO      |       BUG        |    8-14    |
|   SHROOMISH   |      GRASS       |    1-6     |
|   VENOMOTH    |   BUG/POISON     |    8-14    |

Five Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   BONSLY      |      ROCK        |    ALL     |
|   NATU        |   PSYCHIC/FLYING |    ALL     |
|   SHROOMISH   |      GRASS       |    ALL     |

Aerodactyl - Wing Attack, Thunder Fang, Supersonic, Roar, Fire Fang, Ice Fang,
             Bite, Scary Face
Ariados - String Shot, Poison Sting, Bug Bite, Leech Life, Scary Face, Constrict
Beautifly - Gust, Absorb
Bonsly - Copycat, Flail, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Fake Tears
Cascoon - Harden
Natu - Lucky Chant, Night Shade, Peck, Leer, Teleport
Parasect - Leech Life, Scratch, PoisonPowder, StunSpore, Cross Poison
Pineco - Selfdestruct, Rapid Spin, Take Down, Protect, Tackle
Shroomish - Tackle, Leech Seed, StunSpore, Absorb
Venomoth - Confusion, Silver Wind, Tackle, Supersonic, Foresight, PoisonPowder,

        The Pokemon types in this dungeon flatline again along a few specific
types, but still have a large range: Mainly those of the Bug and Flying types.
By now, you should have a good grip on their weaknesses, but in later run
throughs of this dungeon (when you can bring recruited team mates in), Rock-
types will also be a boon. Meanwhile, Bidoof will be accompanying you for this
dungeon as well.

        Water and Electric attacks will do the trick for Aerodactyl, who is
Flying/Rock. In addition to Wing Attack and Scary Face, Aerodactyl also has
Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, and Ice Fang, which all do pretty big amounts of
damage, can cause flinching, and respectively cause paralysis, burns and
freezing. Supersonic will cause confusion and Bite is another strong attack that
can cause flinching. Roar is the most annoying attack in Aerodactyl's arsenal,
however: it will send the affected Pokemon back so many spaces until it hits a
wall, and then damage said Pokemon, taking you out of the battle for however
many turns it takes you to get back to Aerodactyl. Thankfully, you should not be
facing many of them, but when you do see one around, keep yourself and your two
partners in the same position, and start using any moves you have to increase
your stats, or throw stones at Aerodactyl to wear its HP down before it gets to
you (and let it come to you, so that it does not get a first strike advantage).

        Ariados is Bug/Poison type, and as suggested by its attributes, can dish
out a few moves that may cause a world of hurt. Poison Sting can cause Poison,
while String Shot, Scary Face and Constrict all can cause your speed to drop
drastically, letting Ariados get in another attack or two before you can
respond. Leech Life is yet another form of "steal somebody else's HP to
replenish your own" in the vein of Absorb (except it's a Bug-type attack). You
should probably try to set it up so that all three of your Pokemon get around at
Ariados at the exact same turn, because delaying it can lead to problems.

        Thankfully, at this point in time the enemy levels aren't high enough
for Beautifly to have any strong attacks. All it should know is Gust (Flying-
type attack) and Absorb. Conversely, Bonsly has a number of new moves up its
sleeve; Copycat can copy your own Pokemon's last technique and use it against
you, while Fake Tears will drastically reduce your Special Defense. Rock Throw
is a generic Rock-type attack (that gets a STAB Bonus with it). Meanwhile,
Bonsly also has two attacks whose power is dependent on pre-existing conditions;
Low Kick doles out more damage to heavier foes (which you should not have to
worry about much during your first run-through of the dungeon, since all your
starting evolutions are fairly light), and Flail, which deals more damage when
Bonsly has little HP. This last attack means you will want to exploit its
weakness to Grass or Water-type attacks. If you have neither, then you can
always try increasing your attack/reducing Bonsly's defense and go for a one-hit

        Cascoon is fairly similar to Kakuna from the last dungeon - it only can
do regular attacks and use Harden, meaning you have little to work about.

        Natu has a few moves you will probably not have seen before. Peck is
just another Flying attack, on the level of Wing Attack. Lucky Chant prevents
you from getting a critical hit from any of your attacks for five turns. Night
Shade can probably be the most devastating attack; it will cause damage
equivalent to your level, so if you are Level 15, you shall receive 15 damage.
Finally, Teleport will teleport Natu away from the battle and to another section
of the floor.

        Parasect, being Grass/Bug type, is doubly weak to both Fire and Flying
types, so if you have a move belonging to either type, go crazy. PoisonPowder
and StunSpore you will already have seen before, but it is Cross Poison that can
be a real pain in the ass - not only does it have a high base attack rating in
comparison to most everything else you have faced so far, but it also has a high
chance of criticalling, as well as being able to poison a foe. With this last
move, I really recommend you pull a kamikaze attack on it from three sides or
try to run away from it if you spot one.

        Pineco has a few interesting moves. Protect allows him to dodge an
attack, but does not guarantee it, and its effective decreases with each
subsequent use. Take Down is a fairly strong attack that will cause recoil
damage to Pineco. Rapid Spin is a pain, though - if you have all three of your
'mons surrounding Pineco, then Rapid Spin shall hit all three of them, as it
hits all eight squares surrounding Pineco. Selfdestruct is another big move;
unlike in the regular games, Selfdestruct only causes large amounts of recoil
damage to Pineco, so he will not necessarily be taken out by one use of it.
Additionally, it hits all eight squares around him, and it damages heavily, so
make sure you have your HP up high before taking on a Pineco in case he should
use it. The most interesting side effect of Selfdestruct, however, is that if
Pineco is near a wall, parts of the wall will also be destroyed, possibly
creating a new path.

        Shroomish, a Grass-type, has some of the same trappings as you would
expect of its type - StunSpore can paralyze and Absorb can steal your HP to
replenish its own. Leech Seed is the real killer here, though; once you get
Leech Seeded, you will lose HP every turn (while Shroomish gains back that same
amount of HP), until Shroomish has finally been defeated or your Seeded Pokemon
defeated (and hopefully revived). This one you should go all out on before
StunSpore and Leech Seed takes its toll.

        Venomoth may be THE greatest pain of the dungeon. Supersonic and
PoisonPowder can both cause a negative status ailment to you, while Disable will
temporarily prevent you from using one of your techniques (which can really
screw up your game plan if you are dependent on one move). Silver Wind causes
damage while raising all of Venomoth's stats by one level, and Confusion is a
strong Psychic attack that can also confuse. Long story short, pound Venomoth
quickly and as hard as you can (if you have any Fire-types, USE THEM).

        After you complete the dungeon, the next chapter shall begin.

                                GROUDON'S HEART

        After a few scenes, you shall lose Bidoof. Do whatever needs to be done
at the Kangaskhan Rock, then head out the northern exit. Take the Foggy Forest

Ten Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   BRELOOM     |   GRASS/FIGHTING |    7-11    |
|   BUNEARY     |      NORMAL      |    6-11 (D)|
|   CHERUBI     |      GRASS       |    1-5     |
|   DUNSPARCE   |      NORMAL      |    1-5     |
|   HOOTHOOT    |   NORMAL/FLYING  |    1-5     |
|   NOCTOWL     |   NORMAL/FLYING  |    6-11    |
|   PACHIRISU   |      ELECTRIC    |    ALL (T) |
|   PINSIR      |      BUG         |    7-11    |
|   SKIPLOOM    |   GRASS/FLYING   |    ALL     |
|   SMEARGLE    |      NORMAL      |    1-5     |
|   STANTLER    |      NORMAL      |    6-11    |
|   ZIGZAGOON   |      NORMAL      |    ALL     |

Breloom - Leech Seed, Absorb, Tackle, StunSpore
Buneary - Endure, Splash, Frustration, Defense Curl, Pound, Foresight
Cherubi - Tackle, Leech Seed, Growth, Helping Hand
Dunsparce - Rage, Defense Curl, Yawn, Glare
Hoothoot - Growl, Peck, Hypnosis, Foresight, Tackle
Noctowl - Foresight, Tackle, Peck, Hypnosis, Growl, Sky Attack
Pachirisu - ?
Pinsir - Seismic Toss, Bind, ViceGrip, Harden, Focus Energy
Stantler - Tackle, Astonish, Hypnosis, Stomp, Leer
Skiploom - Tackle, Tail Whip, PoisonPowder, Synthesis, Splash
Smeargle - Sketch
Zigzagoon - Tackle, Sand-Attack, Headbutt, Tail Whip, Growl

        Fog will permeate the dungeon, which means that your hit rate will
decrease, so you can expect to miss a few times. Normal types also dominate the
Foggy Forest, so (excepting the off-chance that you might actually have a
Pokemon with a Fighting-type move) do not expect to be able to play off of type
advantages here too much.

        Breloom is the evolution of Shroomish, who you may have run across in
the last dungeon. As a Grass/Fighting-type, he is still weak to Fire, but on the
off-chance that one of your team members knows a Flying-type attack. he is
doubly weak to those. The moveset remains the same as Shroomish -  StunSpore can
paralyze and Absorb can steal your HP to replenish its own. Leech Seed is the
real killer here, though; once you get Leech Seeded, you will lose HP every turn
(while Breloom gains back that same amount of HP), until Breloom has finally
been defeated or your Seeded Pokemon defeated (and hopefully revived). This one
you should go all out on before StunSpore and Leech Seed takes its toll.

        Buneary's Splash and Foresight will essentially be useless, so you
basically get a free turn if s/he uses either of these moves. Endure will stop
an attack that would knock it out from doing so, instead leaving Buneary at 1HP
(useless if you have three Pokemon and as such two attacks in one turn).

        You should have seen Leech Seed before (saps your HP every turn to
resupply the opponent with HP), so you should focus on taking out Cherubi ASAP
if it uses it. Other than that, Cherubi at this point in the game can also use
Growth (which increases its Special Attack, in itself useless as Cherubi in this
dungeon is not at a high enough level to learn any Special attacks), along with
Helping Hand, which increases the strength of any other enemy Pokemon around.
Ths last technique is probably the most annoying, which is why, if you face a
group of two or more Pokemon and Cherubi is in that group, you should take
Cherubi out first.

        Dunsparce only has one actual attack in all of his moves - Rage, which
starts fairly weak, but becomes stronger every time he gets attacked (and
hopefully, he should only be attacked two to three times before being wiped out
completely). Glare will paralyze whomever it is directed at, while Yawn will
make you yawn, then go to sleep the next turn (so basically a delayed Hypnosis).
As a result, Dunsparce is one of those Pokemon whom you want to take out quickly
before he can start abusing negative status effects.

        Hoothoot and its evolution Noctowl both will abuse Hypnosis often, which
puts you to sleep. Both of them also use Foresight, which isn't really useful
(it stops you from using any moves which will increase your evasiveness), but
does serve you in that it keeps them from performing a useful move when using
it. The real move to watch out for his Noctowl's Sky Attack - he will skip a
turn, but then deal out VERY heavy damage. If he begins to use it, start hitting
him with everything you have before he has a chance to actually unleash Sky
Attack. Other than that, there is not really much to know about in regards to
the two.

        Pinsir is stronger than most of the Normal types that you will face off
against in the dungeon, but at least if you have a Fire-type on hand, you can
wipe him out easily. In any case, Bind will act for 2 to 5 turns straight and
basically constrict an opponent Pokemon from acting. Fortunately, with a
partner, this means the other Pokemon can rail away without fear of reprisal.
ViceGrip is another strong attack (although it does not get a STAB bonus) while
Focus Energy raises the critical hit percentage. Finally, Seismic Toss is an
attack that deals an amount of damage equal to your level; if you are level 15,
then it shall deal 15 damage to you.

        Unlike the regular Pokemon games, Splash actually does damage, so don't
be surprised when you go up against Skiploom. PoisonPowder poisons, while
Synthesis is used to heal Skiploom's own HP. Other than that, there is not too
much to note here, other than to be careful of rampant PoisonPowder abuse.

        Smeargle has only one move - Sketch. Sketch will duplicate the last move
used by one of your Pokemon permanently, letting Smeargle use that technique for
the rest of the battle. You can try making him Sketch something useless, or any
move that would be ineffective against your teammates. Overall, not too much to
worry about, especially since it takes him a turn to use Sketch before he can
actually use the duplicated move.

        Stantler may be a Normal-type, but do not let that fool you; he can use
Hypnosis (putting you to sleep) and Astonish (which can cause you to flinch), as
well as using Stomp, a powerful attack for this time of the game that, in
addition to getting a STAB bonus, can also cause you to flinch. Like has been
repeated before, because of his Normal-type, you simply likely will not be able
to hit him with any super-effective moves, and should instead try to either take
him out as quickly as possible, or stop him in his tracks with paralysis or
sleep first, then take him out. Stantler may very well be the most dangerous of
all the Normals in this dungeon, so be careful.

        Zigzagoon's MoveSet is mainly a generic moveset composed of common
techniques that you will have seen a zillion times before (Tackle, Sand-Attack,
Tail Whip, Growl). The only one that might be new to you is Headbutt, which does
a decent amount of damage and can cause flinching. Considering Zigzagoon's
Normal-type attribute, there really is not much you can do than whittle it down
like you would all the other Normal types in this dungeon.

        After you make it out the dungeon, save. A few scenes later, the next
chapter begins.

                          THE MYSTERY OF FOGBOUND LAKE

        Store whatever, save, then enter the Steam Cave.

Eight Floors + Seven Floors (Upper Steam Cave)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    FARFETCH'D |  NORMAL/FLYING   |  1-8, US1  |
|    GRANBULL   |      NORMAL      |   US1-7    |
|    ILLUMISE   |       BUG        |   US1-7    |
|    KRICKETUNE |       BUG        | 1-8, US1-3 |
|    MAGBY      |       FIRE       |    1-8     |
|    MAGMAR     |       FIRE       |   US2-7    |
|    NUMEL      |    FIRE/GROUND   |    1-8     |
|    SHUCKLE    |     BUG/ROCK     |   US1-7    |
|    SLUGMA     |       FIRE       |    1-8     |
|    SNUBBULL   |      NORMAL      |    1-8     |
|    VOLBEAT    |       BUG        |   US1-7    |
|    YANMA      |    BUG/FLYING    |  1-8, US1  |

Farfetch'd - Fury Attack, Aerial Ace, Peck
Granbull - Bite, Tackle, Lick, Tail Whip
Illumise - Quick Attack, Sweet Scent, Charm
Kricketune - Leech Life, Fury Cutter, Growl, Bide
Magby - Ember, Smog, Smokescreen, Leer
Magmar - Faint Attack, Leer
Numel - Tackle, Ember, Growl, Magnitude
Shuckle - Constrict, Bide, Withdraw
Slugma - Smog, Rock Throw, Yawn
Snubbull - Bite, Lick, Ice Fang
Volbeat - Tackle, Flash, Quivk Attack, Double Team
Yanma - Sonic Boom, Tackle, Double Team

        After you make it through the first eight floors, watch a scene, then
save. Grab as many battle items as you can, along with all the Oran Berries that
you have, then continue on.

        Heal yourself on Upper Steam Cave Floor Seven before going up the
stairs, as you will face a boss on Steam Cave Peak.

Bulk Up, AncientPower, Mud Shot, Slash

        To start things off, Groudon has around an estimated 600HP. If you have
a Water or Grass Pokémon as your Partner, you should toggle their IQ to try
getting them to use their elemental attacks against Groudon, who as a Ground-
Type, is weak against Water and Grass-type attacks. In the case of Grass-types,
you should also use any techniques such as Leech Seed, StunSpore, PoisonPowder,
etc. to cause status effects to Groudon. You should additionally start abusing
any moves you have that lower Groudon's stats. Groudon will be playing dirty
with his own moves - Bulk Up increases his physical attack, while Mud Shot can
lower your accuracy.

        Something to be noted here is that Groudon will often back up every few
moves to the top of the screen. Because he has no attacks that can hit two
opponents at once or surrounds him in a 3x3 grid, you can bring both you and
your partner up close to hit him if need be; incidentally, you should try to
stay back as often as possible, as Groudon's attacks can hurt, dealing in the
30HP range for an attack. Thankfully, unlike with the Drowzee fight, you should
have a good stock of Oran Berries on hand to recover with.

        Other than there, there is not really much to be said. Attack, heal,
wear him down through stats and through his HP. Not much more can really be
done, and hopefully you have both the levels and the items to keep up with

        After, watch some scenes, and save. Your treasure bag will expand to a
fifth page of items as well.


        Watch some scenes in the morning in the main area, then go up a floor
and talk to Drapion next to the job board for some info on Zero Cave. After,
take a couple of jobs and do them. A scene involving Team Skull shall occur
shortly thereafter. Chatot will give you an errand, so head into Treasure Town
and talk to the two Kecleon at the Kecleon Market. Watch a few scenes, then go
and complete a couple more jobs.

        A few scenes later, your destination will be Amp Plains. Change out your
party members as required at Chimecho Assembly, then head out of Treasure Town
and off to the Amp Plains.

Ten Floors + Nine Floors (Far Amp Plains)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    AMPHAROS   |     ELECTRIC     |   FA6-9    |
|    DODRIO     |  NORMAL/FLYING   |   FA2-9    |
|    ELECTRIKE  |     ELECTRIC     |   FA3-9    |
|    ELECTABUZZ |     ELECTRIC     | 10, FA1-9  |
|    ELEKID     |     ELECTRIC     |    1-8     |
|    FLAAFY     |     ELECTRIC     |8-10, FA1-5 |
|    GIRAFARIG  |  NORMAL/PSYCHIC  |5-10, FA1-6 |
|    LUXIO      |     ELECTRIC     |   FA5-9    |
|    MAREEP     |     ELECTRIC     |    1-7     |
|    MINUN      |     ELECTRIC     |    1-5     |
|    PHANPHY    |      GROUND      |    1-8     |
|    PLUSLE     |     ELECTRIC     |    1-5     |
|    SHINX      |     ELECTRIC     |  4-10, FA1 |
|    TAURUS     |      NORMAL      |    1-9     |
|    YANMEGA    |    BUG/FLYING    |9-10, FA1-4 |

Ampharos - Growl, Cotton Spore
Dodrio - Pursuit, Peck, Pluck, Uproar
Electrike - Quick Attack, Spark, Leer
Electabuzz - Quick Attack
Elekid - Thundershock, Low Kick, Quick Attack, Leer
Flaafy - Tackle, Thunder Wave, Thundershock
Girafarig - Agility, Confusion, Stomp
Luxio - Charge, Tackle, Leer, Bite
Minun - Thunder Wave, Growl, Spark, Quick Attack
Phanpy - Flail, Defense Curl, Take Down, Rollout, Growl
Plusle - Quick Attack, Spark, Thunder Wave, Growl
Shinx - Leer, Spark, Tackle, Bite
Taurus - Pursuit, Horn Attack
Yanmega - Night Slash, Detect, Quick Attack

        When preparing for the Amp Plains, your two extra Pokemon should both
have a Ground type - it does not matter if they are Water/Ground, as the Ground
type will nullify all electric attacks. Doing so will save you a lot of pain in
this dungeon, especially in the boss battle.

        Save after the first ten floors, then continue on. After a Treasure Town
cutscene, you will be given free control again. After you make it down another
nine floors, a boss battle occurs.

Luxray - Charge, Swagger, Leer, Bite
Luxio  - Spark, Charge, Tackle, Bite

        Start the battle off by paralyzing Luxray or putting him to sleep via
your own moves or a Sleep Seed/Paralysis Seed. He is the single biggest threat
in this battle, as Swagger can confuse you, causing you to (likely) not hit the
desired target, and while Leer might not be painful when facing off against a
lone boss, with seven Luxio nipping at your sides it is quite annoying.

        With Luxray temporarily incapicated, focus on taking out the Luxio one
by one. If you brought along two partners with Ground-types, then part of the
time the attacks wrought by the Luxio will be nullified. At the same time, they
are weak to Ground-type attacks, so if you have anybody with such attacks,
toggle their movesets to only use the Ground-type attacks. Heal often, as Bite
can make you cringe, Spark can paralyze, and with seven Luxio, it can take just
one bad turn to wipe out one of your own Pokemon (even if you have several
Reviver Seeds on hand).

        Once most of the Luxio are down, you can turn your attention to Luxray.
Poison/Leech Seed/Paralyze it when focusing on it; as mentioned before, Swagger
and Leer can be fairly annoying, so the quicker you can take out Luxray, the
better. Luxray is once again an Electric-type much like the Luxio, so Ground-
type attacks can harm him as well.

        Some scenes later, the next chapter will begin.

                               GROVYLE THE THIEF

        After some scenes, you will be placed in Treasure Town. You simply need
to do whatever you want in town, then exit the area to advance the storyline.
Afterwards, make preparations, then leave the guild and head off to the Northern

Fifteen Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    ARON       |   STEEL/ROCK     |    1-8     |
|    BALTOY     |   GROUND/PSYCHIC |    1-7     |
|    CACNEA     |      GRASS       |    1-8     |
|    CACTURNE   |   GRASS/DARK     |    9-15    |
|    CARNIVINE  |      GRASS       |    7-15    |
|    CUBONE     |      GROUND      |    1-7     |
|    LAIRON     |   STEEL/ROCK     |    9-15    |
|    LARVITAR   |   GROUND/ROCK    |    1-7     |
|    RHYHORN    |   GROUND/ROCK    |    8-15    |
|    SANDSHREW  |      GROUND      |    ALL     |
|    TRAPINCH   |      GROUND      |    ALL     |

Aron - Tackle, Metal Claw, Headbutt
Baltoy - Confusion, Rock Tomb, Selfdestruct, Harden
Cacnea - Pin Missile, Sand-Attack, Absorb
Cacturne - Pin Missile
Carnivine - Sweet Scent, Bind, Bite
Cubone - Tail Whip, Leer, Focus Energy
Lairon - Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Tackle, Headbutt, Roar
Larvitar - Rock Slide, Bite, Screech
Rhyhorn - Fury Attack
Sandshrew - Swift, Rapid Spin, Fury Swipes, Scratch
Trapinch - Bite, Faint Attack


        After, watch some scenes back in Treasure Town, then go to the Quicksand
Desert to enter the Quicksand Cave in another scene.

Ten Floors + Ten Floors (Quicksand Pit)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    HIPPOPOTAS |      GROUND      |  QP3-10    |
|    MAWILE     |      STEEL       |8-10, QP1-5 |
|    NINCADA    |   BUG/GROUND     |    1-7     |
|    NINJASK    |   BUG/FLYING     |  QP5-10    |
|    PUPITAR    |   GROUND/ROCK    |  1-10, QP1 |
|    SANDSLASH  |      GROUND      |    ALL     |
|    SKORUPI    |   POISON/BUG     |1-10, QP1-5 |
|    TYRANITAR  |   ROCK/DARK      |  QP2-10    |
|    VIBRAVA    |   GROUND/DRAGON  |    1-9     |

Hippopotas - Tackle, Sand Tomb
Mawile - Astonish, ViceGrip
Nincada - Sand-Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind-Reader
Ninjask - Swords Dance, Fury Swipes, Fury Cutter, Double Team
Pupitar - Bite, Rock Slide, Thrash, Sandstorm
Sandslash - Crush Claw, Rapid Spin, Swift, Rollout, Fury Swipes, Poison Sting,
            Defense Curl, Scratch
Skorupi - Bite, Leer, Pin Missile, Acupressure
Vibrava - Sand Tomb, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack

        Be careful in the Quicksand Cave, as monster houses begin appearing,
where you will enter a room and large numbers of enemy Pokemon drop down from
the ceiling. When this occurs, it is best to get your backs against a wall so as
to minimize the number of directions enemies can hit you from. Toggle on all the
attacks that the enemies are weak to and toggle off any useless attacks, and get
at them. You will probably go through a lot of Reviver Seeds here, so do not be
surprised if you are slaughtered and sent out if you get ambushed.

        Save after making it past the tenth floor, then continue onto the
Quicksand Pit. After making it through another ten floors, you will enter a boss

Future Sight, Imprison, Protect

        If you only have your two main Pokemon by the time you make it down
here, you may be in for a bit of an annoying battle. Mesprit can use Imprison
when you are right next to her to temporarily stop you from doing anything for
three to five turns, while Future Sight allows her to hit you for exactly 30
damage for a couple of turns, and Protect of course can seal off some damage. If
you do not have four Pokemon and a good handful of Reviver Seeds on, you may be
in trouble.

        Because of the effects of Future Sight and Imprison, do NOT bother using
anything to raise your own defense or lower Mesprit's attack, as Mesprit will
still hit for the same amount of attack. Stick to raising/lowering
evasiveness/accuracy (respectively), and put Mesprit to Sleep, Paralyze, Poison
or Leech Seed her as often as you can. If you can, when Mesprit uses Future
Sight, try to get everybody to run away for a couple of turns; Mesprit will run
after you, but cannot attack you, and Future Sight's use will run out.

        All in all, just make sure to keep yourself strong against Future
Sight's effects, and do not lose any Pokemon, and you should be good.

        After the battle, watch a couple of scenes, and the next chapter will

                                THE ONLY OPTION

        A few scenes later, the Crystal Cave shall become your next destination.

Eleven Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   BELDUM      |   STEEL/PSYCHIC  |    1-7     |
|   CRANIDOS    |      ROCK        |    5-9     |
|   DONPHAN     |      GROUND      |    6-11    |
|   GOLEM       |   ROCK/GROUND    |    8-11    |
|   GRAVELER    |   ROCK/GROUND    |    1-6     |
|   RIOLU       |      FIGHT       |    4-8     |
|   SEVIPER     |      POISON      |    1-7     |
|   SHIELDON    |   ROCK/STEEL     |    7-11    |
|   WORMADAM    |   BUG/GROUND     |    ALL     |

Beldum - Take Down
Cranidos - Leer, Take Down
Donphan - Slam
Golem - Rollout
Graveler - Rock Polish, Rollout
Seviper - Screech, Wrap, Bite, Lick
Wormadam - Hidden Power, Confusion

        Watch the cutscenes, then save your game after the scene after the first
eleven floors. Turn all the crystals blue; after another scene, you will
automatically enter the Crystal Crossing.

Thirteen Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    ABSOL      |      DARK        |    8-13    |
|    BAGON      |      DRAGON      |    1-7     |
|    FLOATZEL   |      WATER       |    1-7     |
|    FROSLASS   |    ICE/GHOST     |    9-13    |
|    GLALIE     |      ICE         |    8-13    |
|    GLAMEOW    |      NORMAL      |    7-13    |
|    WORMADAM   |    BUG/GRASS     |    1-8     |

Absol - Swords Dance, Taunt, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Bite, Pursuit, Scratch
Floatzel - Pursuit, Aqua Jet, Swift, Agility
Glalie - Double Team
Glameow - Charm, Hypnosis, Fury Swipes, Fake-out, Growl, Faint-Attack
Wormadam - Tackle, Razor Leaf, Hidden Power, Confusion

Slam, Agility, Pound, Screech

        Allow me to make the point clear here: you do NOT need to win this
battle. If you lose the battle, the storyline will continue on as usual.

        In any case, if you do wish to defeat Grovyle, your best solution will
be to bring a 'mon with a technique to slow Grovyle down (such as Scary Face)
and counter Agility, which he will abuse to power his speed up to triple speed.
You can also try decreasing his accuracy/increasing your own evasiveness, while
also trying to decrease his attack.

        Slam can be a fairly powerful attack that criticals often, however, so
make sure to have a number of Reviver Seeds/Oran Berries on you, or else make
your two auxiliary partners meatshields. Given Grovyle's Grass-type, having a
Fire-Type such as Magmar or a Flying-type such as Dodrio can also give you a
step-up in taking out Grovyle. If you can get at least two of these, then you
should be set to go for the battle.

        After, watch a scene, and save your game. Watch a few more scenes, and
the next chapter occurs.

                               DUSKNOIR'S SECRET

        Watch a few scenes, then save again once you get the chance. After you
are given free control, take on a couple of jobs, and some scenes will pass by.
Continue with some more jobs the next day, and a few more scenes shall then
occur. Once they are done, the next chapter begins. Yay really easy writing.

                                INTO THE FUTURE

        After the first set of scenes, check the door to the jail cell.
Following that, when presented with a text option, choose "Attack!". Afterwards,
save at the Kangaskhan statue, and enter the Chasm Cave.

Eight Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   MAGNETON    |  STEEL/ELECTRIC  |    ALL     |
|   ONIX        |    ROCK/GROUND   |    ALL     |
|   DITTO       |      NORMAL      |    ALL     |
|   SKARMORY    |  STEEL/FLYING    |    ALL     |
|   GRUMPIG     |      PSYCHIC     |    ALL     |
|   DRIFLOON    |  GHOST/FLYING    |    ALL     |
|   DRIFBLIM    |  GHOST/FLYING    |    ALL     |

Ditto - Transform
Drifblim - Gust, Payback, Stockpile, Swallow, Constrict
Drifloon - Payback, Astonish, Stockpile, Spit Up
Grumpig - Psych Up, Psybeam, Zen Headbutt, Magic Coat
Magnemite - Spark, Lock-On, Thunder Wave, Thundershock
Magneton - Thunder Wave, Metal Sound, Spark
Onix - Sandstorm, Rage, Rock Tomb, Slam
Skarmory - Sand-Attack, Peck, Spikes, Air Cutter, Agility, Fury Attack

        A couple of things that need to be noted here in regards to dungeons
that have their location in the Future. First off, you CANNOT recruit the
Pokemon here; second of all, you will not be able to revisit them. As such,
waste your time grinding out for experience, but not for trying to recruit
anybody. Lastly, there will not be any Monster Houses in the future, which is
the one saving grace for your two-Pokemon team.

        That said, there are a couple of big things to note. First off is Ditto,
which does not actually duplicate your own Pokemon; instead, it will copy the
form of any other wild Pokemon within the dungeon. More likely than not you will
encounter a Ditto that is already transformed, so if you encounter an
untransformed Ditto, all that really happens is you get a free hit. Nothing too
much to worry about as long as you pay attention to all the other types of

        When facing off against Drifblim and Drifloon, keep your distance; once
they have been defeated, they will explode, causing damage to any Pokemon in a
3x3 square grid around them (usually in the 20s to 40s range), which can be
rather painful and annoying, if not fatal. Payback is a fairly annoying
technique in which if your own Pokemon strikes first and causes damage to
Drifloon/Drifblim, Payback will cause twice the damage that it usually does.
Stockpile will cause Drifloon/Drifblim to charge up power for three turns, and
once that occurs, they can either use Swallow to heal their own HP or use Spit
Up to deal an (Special-type) attack to you. Usually if they begin to use
Stockpile you can take them out in those three turns before they have a chance
to strike back. Gust, Constrict and Astonish are all attacks you should have
seen before in some shape or form.

        Grumpig has a few tricks up its (figurative) sleeve. Psych Up will let
it copy any stat increases that you obtain (as in, using Swords Dance to
increase your attack or whatnot), while Magic Coat reflects any special effect
of a move back at you (for example, poisoning or paralysis). Psybeam is a fairly
strong Psychic move that you should try to stay near full health to survive,
while Zen Headbutt is a physical move that can cause you to flinch.

        Magnemite and Magneton are both Steel/Electric type, so Fire or Ground
attacks will deal super-effective damage here (with Ground doing 4x). The most
dangerous move here to watch out for is Thunder Wave simply because of automatic
paralysis. If you have any Cheri Berries or Heal Berries, use them to heal your
status; otherwise, you will have to bear it out and strike back whenever
possible. Spark and Thundershock are both semi-strong electric attacks that can
also paralyse, while Lock-On ensures the next attack will hit. Metal Sound will
decrease your Special Defense (only Thundershock is a special attack).

        Onix has a Rock/Ground type, meaning it's doubly-weak to Grass and Water
techniques both. Taking it out as soon as you see it is a good idea, as it is
apt to use Sandstorm right off the bat, which causes a sandstorm to rage
throughout the level that will never die out, and causes two to three damage to
your team every so often walking around. Rock Tomb can also reduce your own
speed (allowing Onix to attack more times per turn than you), which is really
annoying. Watch for Rage and Slam, however; Slam is a powerful move, while Rage
can cause Onix's attack to rise. As a result, try to eliminate him in one turn
if possible; if you do not have any Moves that deal at least 1x damage to him,
just stick to regular attacks so your attacks do not have a 0.5x penalty applied
to it.

        Skarmory is a Steel/Flying type, so while grass attacks will be very
ineffective against it, Fire and Electric attacks both do 2x damage (Water does
normal damage), so if either of your Pokemon are Fire or Electric, start abusing
them when Skarmory comes near (and keep Grass-types away; Peck and Air Cutter
are both reasonably powerful attacks that can easily knock-out a Grass Pokemon
in one hit). When encounting Skarmory, try to eliminate it quickly using the
aforementioned type-weaknesses; Agility can cause boost its speed greatly to
attack three times for every one of your attacks, and Fury Attack will hit you
two to five times. If Skarmory uses these two techniques together (or any other
attack coupled with Agility), you could easily be knocked out before even
getting a chance to attack.

        After you make it out of the dungeon, save at the Kangaskhan statue,
then continue on into Dark Hill.

Fifteen Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   BANETTE     |      GHOST       |    ALL     |
|   CLAYDOL     |   GROUND/PSYCHIC |    ALL     |
|   DUSCLOPS    |      GHOST       |    ALL     |
|   GASTLY      |   GHOST/POISON   |    ALL     |
|   GENGAR      |   GHOST/POISON   |    ALL     |
|   GLISCOR     |   GROUND/FLYING  |    ALL     |
|   HAUNTER     |   GHOST/POISON   |    ALL     |
|   MISDREAVUS  |      GHOST       |    ALL     |

Banette - Faint Attack, Will-O-Wisp, Screech, Curse, Shadow Ball
Claydol - Selfdestruct, Ancientpower, Mud-Slap, Harden, Rock Tomb, Psybeam
Dusclops - Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Astonish, Curse
Gastly - Payback, Curse, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Hypnosis, Night Shade,
         Confuse Ray
Gengar - Payback, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Curse
Gliscor - Faint Attack, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Sand-Attack, Screech,
          Quick Attack, Poison Jab, Fury Cutter
Haunter - Hypnosis, Payback, Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch, Mean Look, Curse
Misdreavus - Psybeam, Pain Split, Astonish, Spite

        A vast majority of the Pokemon in this dungeon are Ghost-types, and
likely you will not have any Ghost or Dark-type attacks, nor Psychic-types for
the Gastly line (Ground type attacks will not work because of their Levitate
ability). Although Normal-type moves are unable to hit them, regular non-Move
attacks will go through.

        Be careful when going through narrow one-panel-wide pathways in this
dungeon, as all of the Ghost Pokemon have the capability to float and glide
across the solid rock walls. This is especially annoying if you try to engage
them while they are above one of the walls, as you will usually be unable to hit
them, so avoid getting into such a situation in the first place.

        Curse, as performed by Ghost-types, will half the user's HP, but
whichever of your teammates it is directed at will get a nightmare (hence it is
usually used in conjunction with Hypnosis, which of course puts you to sleep).
Payback is a Dark-type attack that doubles in power if the user is struck first,
while Sucker Punch always strikes first, but fails if you are not attacking the
Sucker Punch user in that same turn. Night Shade deals damage equivalent to your
level (so a Level 25 Pokemon will receive 25 damage), while Shadow Ball is a
Ghost-type Special attack that can lower your own Special defense. Confuse Ray,
of course, can confuse, while Astonish is an attack that can cause you to
flinch. Mean Look prevents you from moving.

        For the non-Gastly line Ghost Pokemon, Faint Attack is a no-miss Dark-
type attack, while Shadow Sneak is a no-miss Ghost-type attack (although a
fairly weak one). Will-o-Wisp is a technique that has a 75% chance of inflicting
a burn on you. This one is in particular annoying, but thankfully only Banette
knows it in this dungeon. Screech can severely lower your Defense, while Pursuit
is another weak Dark-type attack. Psybeam is a Psychic-type attack that can be
fairly painful, while Spite reduces the PP off of the last move you used.
Finally, Pain Split is an interesting technique; Misdreavus and your own
Pokemon's HP are added together, then divided evenly.

        When facing Claydol, AncientPower is a Rock-type attack that _may_ raise
all of Claydol's stats, while Harden obviously increases his defense. Rock Tomb
is a weak attack that can slow your own Pokemons' speed down, while  Mud-Slap is
a very weak Ground-type attack that will reduce your accuracy. Selfdestruct is
likely Claydol's big move; unlike in the regular games, Selfdestruct only causes
large amounts of recoil damage to Claydol, so he will not necessarily be taken
out by one use of it. Additionally, it hits all eight squares around him, and it
damages heavily, so make sure you have your HP up high before taking on a
Claydol in case he should use it. The most interesting side effect of
Selfdestruct, however, is that if Claydol is near a wall, parts of the wall will
also be destroyed, possibly creating a new path.

        Gliscor has a wide range of elemental moves, many of which can be fairly
annoying. Fire Fang, Ice Fang, and Thunder Fang are all fairly strong attacks
that can cause you to flinch, along with being able to burn, freeze and paralyse
respectively. Poison Jab of course can poison: meanwhile, Fury Cutter is a Bug-
type technique that will continue to automatically hit (and grow stronger with
every consecutive hit) until Gliscor either misses or is taken out. Of the many
threats in this dungeon, Gliscor is probably one of the biggest, and you should
devote a number of resources to taking it out if you run into one.

        After making it through the Dark Hill, choose to find Grovyle, then pick
either of the two following text choices. Save, and grab as many Reviver Seeds,
Heal Seeds and Oran Berries from the Statue as possible (for an upcoming boss
battle). Once done, enter the Sealed Ruin.

Eight Floors + Six Floors (Deep Sealed Ruin)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   FORRETRESS  |    BUG/STEEL     |    ALL     |
|   METANG      |   STEEL/PSYCHIC  |    ALL     |
|   MUK         |      POISON      |    ALL     |
|   PROBOPASS   |    ROCK/STEEL    |    ALL     |
|   SHELGON     |      DRAGON      |    ALL     |
|   TANGROWTH   |      GRASS       |    ALL     |

Forretress - Rapid Spin, Payback, Mirror Shot, Spikes
Metang - Metal Claw, Pursuit, Magnet Rise, Scary Face, Take Down
Muk - Fling, Disable, Mud Bomb, Harden
Probopass - Block, Magnet Bomb, Thunder Wave, Tackle, Gravity
Shelgon - Ember, Focus Energy, Bite, Headbutt, Rage
Tangrowth - Constrict, Mega Drain, Bind, PoisonPowder, Growth

        After you make it through the first eight floors, save up at the
Kangaskhan Statue - once you make it through the six floors of the Deep Sealed
Ruin, you shall enter a boss fight.

Ominous Wind, Nasty Plot, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

        Spiritomb is one of only two Pokemon in total that have weaknesses, and
he is by far the more powerful of the two. As a result, you cannot really try to
type-abuse your way through the battle.

        In any case, hopefully you will have stocked up on what was earlier
recommended: Oran Berries, Reviver Seeds and Heal Seeds. Spiritomb will abuse
Ominous Wind at the beginning, which allows its stats to rise, as well as
increasing its speed, in addition to dealing damage to both you and your ally,
no matter how far they are from Spiritomb at the time of attack. Nasty Plot
increases Spiritomb's Special Attack only, and does not have any other effects.
Usually, three Ominous Winds in succession are sufficient to finish off either
of your own Pokemon, hence why the Reviver Seeds/Oran Berries are necessary.
Fortunately, Spiritomb cannot use it more than ten times throughout the battle,
so if you can outlast Ominous Wind, your chances of winning drastically improve.

        When it comes to Spiritomb's other two attacks, Hypnosis and Dream
Eater, you need to be careful. Dream Eater cannot be used until one of your
Pokemon is asleep, but if the speed increase is in effect from Ominous Wind,
Spiritomb can use both before you act. If that is the case, there really is
nothing you can do (except for lowering Spiritomb's speed). However, when
Spiritomb only uses Hynosis, you should use a Heal Seed as quickly as possible
to wake up the affected. Additionally, if one of your Pokemon has the Non-
Sleeper IQ technique, put that Pokemon on the front line against Spiritomb and
the other 'mon behind it; Hypnosis shall not work against anybody with Non-
Sleeper. If both of your Pokmon know Non-Sleeper, then Hypnosis and Dream Eater
are completely useless, and you should take advantage of Spiritomb's useless use
of Hypnosis to heal up in the meantime.

        For the most part, you should try to play the battle out as a waiting
game until Spiritomb runs out of uses of Ominous Wind; every turn, you should
either be healing, lowering Spiritomb's stats (specifically his Speed or Special
Attack), or raising your own Special Defense. Once Spiritomb has to resort to
other attacks, you can start nailing him with everything you have got, whittle
him down and finally take him out.

Heal Seed, Non-Sleeper

        Watch a scene, and the next chapter shall begin.


        Watch the rest of the scene, save your game at the statue, then enter
the Dusk Forest.

Eight Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   GABITE      |   DRAGON/GROUND  |    ALL     |
|   JUMPLUFF    |   GRASS/FLYING   |    ALL     |
|   MISMAGIUS   |      GHOST       |    ALL     |
|   MOTHIM      |   BUG/FLYING     |    ALL     |

Gabite - Sand Tomb, Sand-Attack, Dragon Claw, Slash, Sandstorm
Jumpluff - Mega Drain, Cotton Spore, Bullet Seed, Stun Spore
Mismagius - Astonish, Spite, Magical Leaf, Growl, Psywave
Mothim - Gust, Hidden Power, Protect, Confusion

        The Dusk Forest will be the first dungeon where you have Grovyle
accompanying you, and believe me, that third Pokemon on your squad can really
make a difference. Grovyle uses Grass Attacks (obviously), as well as Quick
Attack, which can be fairly useful if he is right behind you when you are
fighting an enemy Pokemon in a corridor.

        After you make it out of the Dusk Forest, watch another long scene, save
your game at the Kangaskhan Statue, then enter the Deep Dusk Forest.

Twelve Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|    AGGRON     |   STEEL/ROCK     |    ALL     |
|    HIPPOWDON  |      GROUND      |    ALL     |
|    LEAFEON    |      GRASS       |    ALL     |
|    RHYDON     |   GROUND/ROCK    |    ALL     |
|    STEELIX    |   GROUND/STEEL   |    ALL     |
|    VULPIX     |       FIRE       |    ALL     |

Aggron - Take Down, Iron Head, Mud-Slap, Harden
Hippowdon - ?
Leafeon - Helping Hand, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Sand-Attack
Rhydon - Scary Face, Tail Whip, Fury Attack, Rock Blast
Steelix - Slam, Rock Polish, Sandstorm, Rock Tomb, Screech, Rage
Vulpix - Tail Whip, Will-O-Wisp, Safeguard, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Confuse

        In addition to having Grovyle on your team, Celebi shall also join you
as a partner for the duration of this dungeon. Celebi can be VERY useful, with
Magical Leaf (a grass-type attack) being super-effective against half of the
Pokemon present, and Heal Bell, which restores you from any negative status
effects (of ailments or status lowering nature).

        After you make it down to the bottom of the dungeon, watch a long scene,
and the next chapter begins.

                                   A NEW DAWN

        After a couple of long scenes, you shall be taken to the entrance to
Treeshroud Forest. Save your game, then head in.

Twenty Floors

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   ALAKAZAM    |      PSYCHIC     |    10-20   |
|   CHERRIM     |       GRASS      |    1-9     |
|   HOUNDOOM    |     FIRE/DARK    |    1-10    |
|   KADABRA     |      PSYCHIC     |    1-9     |
|   KIRLIA      |      PSYCHIC     |    10-20   |
|   NINETALES   |       FIRE       |    10-20   |
|   RALTS       |      PSYCHIC     |    1-9     |
|   VESPIQUEN   |     BUG/FLYING   |    10-20   |

Alakazam - Psycho Cut, Calm Mind, Reflect, Teleport, Recover, Psybeam, Confusion
Cherrim - Petal Dance, Leech Seed, Take Down, Worry Seed, Sunny Day, Growth
Houndoom - Leer, Beat Up, Howl, Ember, Fire Fang
Kadabra - Psycho Cut, Confusion, Teleport, Psybeam, Role Play, Reflect, Kinesis
Kirlia - Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, Lucky Chant, Imprison, Growl, Psychic
Ninetales - Nasty Plot, Safeguard, Ember, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack
Ralts - Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, Teleport, Psychic, Double Team, Growl,
        Confusion, Lucky Chant
Vespiquen - Power Gem, Slash, Captivate, Defend Order, Sweet Scent, Fury Swipes

        Grovyle will once again be accompanying you for this dungeon, so be
careful when you encounter Houndoom and Ninetales, both of whom are rife with
Fire-type attacks. Also, since you are in the present day now, Monster Houses
shall begin appearing again.

        For the multiple Psychic-types you will face, Confusion, Psybeam, Psycho
Cut, and Psychic are all fairly powerful attacks, in that order (although Psycho
Cut will usually be the weakest since it is a Physical attack, while most
Psychics excel in their Special Attack); Psycho Cut has a high chance of
criticalling, Psychic can lower Special Defense, and Confusion and Psybeam can
both confuse. Calm Mind raises both Special Attack and Special Defense, Reflect
decreases the amount of damage that you can deal to them using Physical attacks,
Kinesis lowers Accuracy, Disable stops you from using one of your moves
altogether, Imprison is much like Disable but even more annoying, Future Sight
is an attack that takes two turns to hit, and Teleport lets a Psychic type
teleport to another section of the dungeon when they get into a tight bind. A
few of the Psychic types also know Magical Leaf, a Grass-type Special "cannot-
miss" attack.

        Alakazam and Kadabra both operate off of roughly the same move set,
although Alakazam is (predictably) much more powerful. The two operate with much
of the above listed movesets, and Psychic can make things a pain. Overall, this
DOES mean that it will be tough to take out an Alakazam, even with a three-to-
one advantage. As a result, you should focus on their weakness, which is their
low Defense in regards to physical attacks. Even with Reflect, they will stall
fall fairly fast, so focus on spamming physical-type attacks: furthermore, if
you see a Kadabra/Alakazam coming at you, use any moves you have to raise your
Attack such as Swords Dance.

        Cherrim, a pure-Grass type, uses a bunch of stuff that you've seen
before (Leech Seed, Take Down, Growth), but more worrying are the less common
techniques. Helping Hand increases the strength of any other foes that are
around, and Petal Dance hits for two to three straight turns; unlike the other
attacks that go on for multiple turns, however, Petal Dance damages greatly, and
can confuse. Worry Seed causes sleeplessness, which isn't really useful either.
Cherrim's last move, Sunny Day, is a bit of an oddity, however; it causes the
dungeon to become sunny inside. Not only does it increase the power of Fire-type
moves, but Cherrim also does not have any weather-dependent moves to take
advantage of a weather change with, so go crazy.

        Ralts' and its evolution Kirlias' own unique moves (in addition to his
arsenal of Psychic-type moves) includes Lucky Chant, which prevents your entire
team from getting critical hits for three turns, and Double Team, which
basically increases its evasiveness. While Lucky Chant isn't really too much to
worry about, the effects of Double Team can get ridiculous really quickly, so do
whatever you must when you face off against Ralts/Kirlia; if you can, snipe him
down from long-range with Special Attacks that hit from afar (Razor Leaf,
Flamethrower, etc.).

        After you are done, watch a number of scenes, then choose to go to
Wigglytuff's Guild. Save your game, and the next chapter begins.

                               THE GUILD'S CREW

        Watch a long cutscene. After, you will be given free range to go around
town. Do what you need to in Treasure Town, then head off to the Waterfall Cave.
Navigate your way down to the bottom, and after the eight floors are done,
several long scenes will follow into the next day. After Chatot is finished and
you have regained control, head back into Treasure Town. Watch a cutscene on the

        In Treasure Town, do whatever it is you need to do in terms of supplies
and money, then head left all the way to Sharpedo Bluff to watch a scene. After
reading the letter, head to the crossroads between town, the Guild, and the
dungeons, and proceeed down south to the beach. The next chapter begins.


        Watch a long couple of scenes. Save when you get the chance, as shortly
thereafter, you will automatically head to Brine Cave.

Nine Floors + Five Floors (Lower Brine Cave)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   DEWGONG     |    WATER/ICE     | 6-9, LBC1  |
|   DRAGONAIR   |      DRAGON      | 8-9, LBC1-5|
|   GASTRODON   |    WATER/GROUND  | 1-9, LBC1  |
|   KINGLER     |      WATER       |    1-8     |
|   OMANYTE     |    ROCK/WATER    |    1-7     |
|   PELIPPER    |    WATER/FLYING  |    1-8     |
|   SEEL        |      WATER       |    1-5     |
|   STARYU      |      WATER       | 8-9, LBC1-5|
|   TENTACOOL   |      WATER       |    ALL     |
|   WALREIN     |    WATER/ICE     |   LBC2-5   |

Chatot - Fury Attack, Peck

Dewgong - Brine, Sheer Cold, Aqua Ring, Take Down
Dragonair - Aqua Tail, Wrap
Gastrodon - Mud Bomb, Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Harden
Kingler - Protect, ViceGrip, Metal Claw, Mud Shot, Harden, BubbleBeam, Mud
Omanyte - Bite, Brine, Water Gun, Leer, Mud Shot, Protect, AncientPower
Pelipper - Payback, Protect, Growl, Water Gun
Seel - Brine, Aqua Jet, Aurora Beam, Icy Wind
Staryu - Minimize, Gyro Ball, BubbleBeam, Harden, Water Gun, Tackle
Tentacool - Barrier, Poison Jab, Water Pulse, Wrap
Walrein - Water Gun, Body Slam, Swagger, Hail, Aurora Beam, Crunch

        For the first half of this dungeon, you will have Chatot along with you
as a partner in your team. While his defense basically sucks, often taking
around 30-40 damage per attack, he can deal out massive damage, with Peck doing
60-80 damage, and Fury Attack hitting around that same range, with three to five
attacks in a row. As such, if you are in a bad situation somewhere (such as a
monster house), do not be afraid to use him.

        Once you make it to the midway section, watch the scene, save, and then
continue on.

        When you hit the bottom, you will enter another boss battle.

Omastar - Constrict, Withdraw, Rollout, Mud Shot, Brine
Kabutops - Aqua Jet, Sand-Attack, Slash, Harden

        After, watch some more scenes until the next chapter begins.

                              TO THE HIDDEN LAND

        Watch some more scenes, then save. Once you get free control, enter the
next dungeon, Hidden Land (if you want to return to Treasure Town, just talk to
Lapras). As a piece of advice, if you have any TMs that teach Ground, Fighting,
Dark or Ghost-type attacks (such as Earthquake, etc.) you may want to bring it
along and teach it to one of your Pokemon, as it will be VERY useful.

Fifteen Floors + Eight Floors (Hidden Highland)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   ABOMASNOW   |    ICE/GRASS     |    ALL     |
|   BASTIODON   |    ROCK/STEEL    |    ALL     |
|   DRAGONITE   |  DRAGON/FLYING   |    ALL     |
|   GARCHOMP    |  DRAGON/GROUND   |    ALL     |
|   MAGMORTAR   |       FIRE       |    ALL     |
|   MANECTRIC   |     ELECTRIC     |    ALL     |
|   PURUGLY     |      NORMAL      |    ALL     |
|   RAMPARDOS   |       ROCK       |    ALL     |
|   TROPIUS     |   GRASS/FLYING   |    ALL     |

Abomasnow - Wood Hammer, Ice Punch, Ingrain, Swagger
Bastiodon - Swagger, AncientPower, Block, Tackle, Endure, Protect, Iron Defense
Dragonite - Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail, Twister, Slam, Dragon Rush
Garchom - Slash, Dragon Claw, Sand Tomb, Dragon Claw, Sand-Attack, Dig
Magmortar - Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Faint Attack, Smog, Leer, Lava Plume
Manectric - Thunder Wave, Fire Fang
Purugly - Fury Swipes, Slash, Charm, Swagger, Scratch
Rampardos - Scary Face, Zen Headbutt, Take Down, Assurance, AncientPower,
Tropius - Magical Leaf, Whirlwind, Growth, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Sweet Scent

Dusknoir - Pursuit, Will-O-Wisp, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Shadow Punch
S - Punishment, Detect, Faint Attack, Astonish, Leer, Shadow Sneak

        After the scenes, save and the last chapter shall commence.

                              THE FINAL ADVENTURE

        Save at the statue once you get the chance, then enter Temporal Tower.

Thirteen Floors + Ten Floors (Temporal Spire)

|    Pokémon    |       TYPE       |   FLOORS   |
|   BRONZONG    |   STEEL/PSYCHIC  |   TS1-10   |
|   BRONZOR     |   STEEL/PSYCHIC  |    1-13    |
|   LUNATONE    |   ROCK/PSYCHIC   |    1-13    |
|   METAGROSS   |   STEEL/PSYCHIC  |   TS1-10   |
|   PORYGON     |      NORMAL      |    1-13    |
|   PORYGON     |      NORMAL      |   TS1-10   |
|   PORYGON-Z   |      NORMAL      |   TS1-10   |
|   SALAMENCE   |   DRAGON/FLYING  |   TS1-10   |
|   SOLROCK     |   ROCK/PSYCHIC   |    1-13    |

Bronzong - Future Sight, Gyro Ball, Block, Safeguard, Confusion, Hypnosis,
Bronzor - Tackle, Extrasensory, Imprison, Future Sight, Safeguard, Gyro Ball,
Lunatone - Psywave, Confusion, Harden, Cosmic Power, Rock Throw, Rock Polish,
Metagross - Hammer Arm, Psychic, Iron Defense, Agility
Porygon - Discharge, Tackle, Magnet Rise, Conversion 2
Porygon2 - Discharge, Tackle, Magnet Rise, Conversion
PorygonZ - Discharge, Agility, Embargo, Conversion, Signal Beam
Salamence - Scary Face, Protect, Zen Headbutt, DragonBreath, Bite
Solrock - Rock Throw, Embargo, Rock Polish, Cosmic Power, Psywave, Fire Spin,

        After you make it halfway, save at the statue, then continue on.

AncientPower, Dragon Claw, Roar of Time, Metal Claw

        Afterwards watch some scenes, blah blah blah "you have the strength"
blah blah blah the end.

                                GUILD GRADUATION

        After the credits roll, watch the scenes, save your game, start up your
game again for the post-game. Watch the scenes in Wigglytuff's Guild, then leave
and head to Treasure Town. After, prepare yourself by doing whatever needs to be
done in Treasure Town, pick up a pair of partners from Chimeco at the Chimeco
Assembly, then head to the Mystifying Forest.

Bellsprout - Vine Whip
Bidoof - Tackle, Growl
Eevee - Tackle
Flygon - DragonBreath
Grotle - Tackle, Mega Drain, Leech Seed
Gulpin - Poison Gas
Ivysaur - Sweet Scent, Double-Edge, Synthesis
Koffing - Smog
Metapod - Harden
Nidoran (Female) - Flatter, Bite, Crunch, Toxic Spikes
Nuzleaf - Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Harden
Rattata - Tackle
Raticate - Crunch, Hyper Fang, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Double-Edge
Torterra - Mega Drain
Wurmple - Tackle, String Shot

Wigglytuff - Defense Curl, Disable, DoubleSlap, Sing
Chatot - Uproar, Hyper Voice, Roost, Feather Dance, Mimic
Sunflora - Razor Leaf, Pound, Worry Seed, Petal Dance
Diglett - Dig, Slash, Earth Power, Mud-Slap, Mud Bomb
Chimecho - Yawn, Confusion, Wrap, Double-Edge
Croagunk - Sucker Punch, Astonish, Revenge, Swagger, Taunt, Poison Sting
Dugtrio - Astonish, Mud Bomb, Magnitude, Earth Power, Scratch, Sucker Punch
Corpish - Taunt, Night Slash, Harden, BubbleBeam
Loudred - Supersonic, Howl, Astonish, Stomp

        Save your game afterwards, and watch the scene. After some time, your
Treasure Bag will also upgrade to hold another page's worth of items.

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