Review by PStrife

Reviewed: 08/23/11

I just want to leave this game's society!!!!!!

First thing first. This game annoyed me to hell and back dealing with the AI characters. When you are dealing with this society's most useless creatures known as Raposas it is just plain annoying. Your time gets wasted being nothing more then an errand boy. Going back and forth solving problems for these annoying incompetent Rapos characters. I got sick & tired of the constant fetch quests, drawing this or that, constantly having to run back to some light thing to open access to new town areas. It was just awful.

I despise this Rapos and their clear incompetence. Nuff said. Say no to rapos. You are better off never dealing with them ever again. Then when you die being an adventurer in the 2D levels on of them has the never to be all "Maybe the creator can draw a better hero". These incompetent beings giving you attitude for trying to save them and dieing as a result. The nerve.

This is why I beg you never to play Drawn to Life. All the goodie too shoes 2D level experiences are always broken by being an errand boy once you complete them. You can't just press start and skip the exercises, no you must watch the emo Rapos here and there. Such an awful awful society.

The 2D gameplay is pretty good, except for level 2-1 where the game is so incompetent it doesn't tell you how your acorn-pea-shooter can give you height when your using the jumping tech. The 5TH Cell director should learn about giving tips in the game, instead of the zero help on rather the important advancement of his game.

As many have said, the 2D parts are collectathons where you gather 4 pieces of a page for some Rapo book, and save three Rapos. The levels also require some rubbing the DS to clean the darkness from the area. Which plays great. Only annoyance is that you have to always draw something for your characters use every level, which gets tiring and old quick. At the end I went with choosing a random color and using the bucket to fill it quick. I just don't care anymore.

Their are four very beatable bosses in the game. Which is a relief with all the annoyances stated.

In conclusion. Annoying rapos. Good 2D gameplay. Easy bosses. It gets a 6 because of those annoying Rapos. Unlikable, useless, ungrateful creatures with their need to always be one giant soap opera. Never visit the land of Rapos guys. Never ever again.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Drawn to Life (US, 09/10/07)

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