AI ProgrammerSteve Chiavelli
AnimationPaul Robertson
Art DirectorJeremiah Slaczka
DirectorJeremiah Slaczka
Drawn Mode ProgrammerIan Hall
Drawn Mode ProgrammerIan Hull
Ending Theme VocalsHayley Chipman
Ending Theme VocalsDavid J Franco
Executive ProducerJoseph M Tringali
Graphics ProgrammerCharles Skoda
Lead ArtistChow Chern Fai
Lead DesignerJeremiah Slaczka
Lead ProgrammerBrian Firfer
Level DesignJeff Luke
Level DesignJames Youngman
Object ProgrammerO'wes Beck
Original ConceptJeremiah Slaczka
Sound & MusicDavid J Franco
Technical DirectorMarius Fahlbusch
Village ProgrammerZachary Brown


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