Review by nWoWhammy

Reviewed: 02/14/11

Doesn't belong in the Ninja Gaiden Series, but fun game.

Graphics: 9/10. Game looks good. Ryu is well rendered, so are the bosses. For anime freaks (which is not me), the cartoons look decent too. A few people will get a charge out of it. Nice A for Team Ninja in the visuals department.

Sound: 8/10. Doesn't add, doesn't detract. Victory music is pretty cool. This might be the one thing keeping this from joining the great games is that it doesn't really have a music track to remember. That seems to be the one thing that really keeps good games from becoming great games.

Difficulty: 6/10. Unless you're playing on Head Ninja Mode, this is a pretty easy game. You will not have a hard time defeating this game. The only overly hard part is the last boss, which with the help of GameFAQ's and other sites, you could probably take him down in one sitting if you keep ramming at him. Beware the death attack!

Gameplay: 9/10. Not a 10/10 because it doesn't match the rest of the Ninja Gaiden series, but it is a cross between a ninja game and Final Fight. It seems to be more mashy and hack-and-slash than platformer. It's still pretty fun and good to get the frustration out if you've had a bad day, unless you're facing the final boss. Casual players will get a charge out of this. It also takes advantage of the Touch Screen decently well. The controls are straight forward and kinda do make sense, and it responds well. It's the complete opposite of something like Sonic Chronicles. It might take a little getting used to though if all you use is a controller.

Extras: 8/10. It has a few extras, mini-games, and Head Ninja Mode for those seeking for a challenge. While not exactly a 40 hour game, it will take a while and the stages do take some time to complete. Not bad for a game I picked up for $19.99.

Overall: 8/10. Good, solid game, but it should've had a different title. This does not belong in the Ninja Gaiden series, it has nothing to do with the original NES games and like its X-Box predecessors really should've had a different title and started a whole new series, even if it had Ninja Gaiden in name only.. And where is Irene Lew? BIG complaint about the new Ninja Gaiden games! She is sorely missed in the new games and it really does downplay where the series came from.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (US, 03/25/08)

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