Review by SmileyGuy123

Reviewed: 08/04/08

Good game, but more of a hack and slash

I was on vacation and was really bored with the games I had. So I go into Eb Games and buy this masterpiece. I was happy and wasn't bored for the rest of the vacation. This game does have it's up and downs, but mostly ups. It for sure could've been better. For instance... Well read the review to find out.

Sound 9/10
Sound is amazing! Really loud!!! You hear every slice you make. The music is pretty good too, but it's good to turn it down to heard the peace and quiet. I was glad that the music wasn't annoying like The Sims 2 Pets Ds game's music, but still good music and great sound effects.

Story 9/10
Good story, but the game's really short. Basically you have to fight all these monsters called the spider clan in the beginning. You aso get to fight mummies!!!!! You have to collect all these little dragon stones pretty much, but I usually don't pay attention to game's stories.

Graphics 8/10
Great graphics! You can actually tell what you're doing and not be like "Where am i?!?!?!"
Unlike the E.T game.....So anyway the cutscenes are beautiful, But they're just little anime like things. They probally didn't even put much effort in it, but oh well they were still pretty good for a Ds game.

Gameplay 7/10
Honestly the gameplay wasn't that great. It was just hacking and slashing and it got really annoying. I was really disapointed with this one, but the gameplay was okay. I liked how you could use little stones to help you out with the fight, like fire and thunderbolts.

Online 5/10
This is the most disapointing part of it all! You can't play online with your friends! Instead they have these stupid ranking things that most people probally use action replay on anyway. This would've been a lot better if you could fight other people around the world and fight against your friends but oh well.

Overall 7/10
Overall this game is pretty good, but not the best that I have for my Ds. You probally should rent this game but it's ok if you buy it, but you won't be very happy with yourself, but overall this game is pretty good. Just the online and gameplay are the big problems, but the gameplay really isn't that bad. This game probally is one of the best atleast probally in the top 20 somewhere.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (US, 03/25/08)

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