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Guide and Walkthrough by sephirosuy

Version: SEP | Updated: 04/08/2008

              N I N J A   G A I D E N   D R A G O N   S W O R D

                              FAQ / Walkthrough

                                by sephirosuy



This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph

You may not copy or reproduce ANY PART of it under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

Please ask for permission by contacting me first before using this document
for any reason, probably I have no problem of giving permission as long as
you give me proper credit and not editing the guide, that's easy enough.

  MENU                                               Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

 NOTE: Press CTRL and F keys and fill in the codes to search the topic

         #  TOPIC  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   codes
         1. INTRODUCTION ........................... sep01

         2. MOVE LIST .............................. sep02

         3. WALKTHROUGH ............................ sep03
             - Chapter 1~3   .......................  wt01
             - Chapter 4~6   .......................  wt02
             - Chapter 7~9   .......................  wt03
             - Chapter 10~13 .......................  wt04

         4. ITEMS/TOOLS ............................ sep04

         5. SECRETS/TIPS ........................... sep05

         6. WOOD AMULETS ........................... sep06

         7. CONTACT ................................ sep07

 1. INTRODUCTION                                     Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword


This FAQ/Walkthrough is for NDS game title "Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword",
which released on 20th March for Japan and 25th March for US in year 2008.

Check this site for extra stuffs of the game:

Updates of the guide:

 version 0.1 - full walkthrough covered.
 version 0.2 - minor corrections, all Wood Amulet in the main game found.
 version 0.3 - Items/Tools and Secrets/Tips sections added.
 version SEP - Wood Amulets section added, more tips in Secrets/Tips section

 Finally, it's covered everything of the game.

 2. MOVE LIST                                        Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword


  | Basic Moves        | Command                                      |
  | Move character     | Tap and hold, then drag to any direction     |
  | Jump               | Slide up                                     |
  | Double jump        | Slide up x2                                  |
  | Guard/Block        | Any button other than START and SELECT       |
  | Quick landing      | Slide when the character is falling          |
  | Roll/Reverse Wind  | Tap while guarding                           |

  | Offense Moves      | Command                                      |
  | Shuriken/Bow       | Tap once                                     |
  | Horizontal slash   | Slide horizontally on the foe                |
  | Vertical slash     | Slide down on the foe                        |
  | Lift               | After any slashing, slide up                 |
  | Cicada Drop        | Slide down while in the mid-air              |
  | Flying Swallow     | Slide horizontally while in the mid-air      |
  | Izuna Drop         | Slide up after a successfully lift a foe     |
  | Ultimate Technique | Slide VVVV and hold to charge, then release  |


  Defeating enemies will spawn the Essence which is increase your
  Gold (Yellow), Health (Blue), and Ki (Red). When you stop moving
  the character you would absorb all these Essence that are floating.

  However, the charge speed of the Ultimate Technique (U.T.) is also
  based on how many Esssense floating in the air. The more Essence you
  leave them floating in the air, the faster Ultimate Technique charge
  time you will get. You could actually get a max charge (Red aura) of
  your Ultimate Technique within a second as long as you spawn enough
  of Essences from the enemies.

  Killing enemies with the Ultimate Technique will get alot of Gold.

 3. WALKTHROUGH                                      Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword


Touch the screen on the main menu once, select a slot to start the game.
At the beginning only Normal mode is available.

After the openning scene, have a little practice with Ryu. You can't hit
him, and you can block by pressing any button. After a short while tranning,
the game will begin with the Chapter 1.


CHAPTER 1 - "Forest of Shadow"
  In the mountains of spring,
  there walk a young man and
  women. Both have chosen the
  path of the Ninja.

  Now a quiet shadow
  reaches out for them...

#= Forest of Shadows

~Once you gain control of the character, move to the top of the map and read
the tutorial as well while going through the path.

~The first Dragon Statue (save point) found before the tunnel.

~Once you've done, enter the tunnel or you can have more fight in a small
area on the right.

#= Village Tunnel

~There's some optional areas as you can see on the map, nothing special other
than to fight more enemies in those areas.

  I found the Wood Amulet 42 at the bottom left area on Head Ninja mode,
  the second level count from the bottom. I believe it's also available
  on Normal mode. Listen to something like eagle in in this area, blow
  to the microphone and shoot down the flying thing to obtain it.

~Follow the path to the top and you can see another Dragon Statue before the

#= Forest of Shadows

~Move to left and defeat the enemies. Eventually the boss appears.

The boss deals large damage to Momiji, but it is not necessory to win this,
just fight as you can.


CHAPTER 2 - "Hayabusa Village"

  The hidden Hayabusa village.

  Finally rebuilt after the events
  of the Dark Dragon Blade Incident,
  a new danger threatens this
  isolated settlement...

#= Hayabusa Village

~Make your way to the bottom left area of the map. Get pass the spider web
door, later on you will meet with Muramasa. Defeat all the enemies and then
talk to Muramasa for the Art of the Inferno.

~Back to the spider web door and use the Art of the Inferno fire ball to burn
down the spider web.

~Start from now you would get Red Essence as you defeat the enemies.
Red Essence is to refill your Ki which uses for your Ninpo.

~Continue to the room will be sealed, defeat all enemies to obtain 
the Obara's Secret.

~Move on to top of the map, defeat somemore enemies on the path. Beware of
the falling boulder which can give you lot of damage, however the blouders
fall on the same route, so make sure you stay on the "untouchable" position
while shooting the enemy archers.

~Use the next the Dragon Statue. Following area you will face lot of enemies,
kill them and move left. There will be another Dragon Statue before the boss.

Stay abit left from the boss, that's mean the boss is now on your right.
If you get it right, keep slashing it by just using the normal attack and
the boss will trying to hit you but it will always fail. Simply defeat the
boss by doing this as the boss is on the ground.


CHAPTER 3 - "Monastery Illusion"

  An imprisoned Momiji.

  Ryu finds himself in the Forest
  of Shadows, looking for any
  clues as to her whereabouts...

#= Shadow of Forest

~Defeat all enemies at the beginning. Roll close to the archers and kill them
first since they're quite annoying.

~Back to the Village Tunnel.

#= Village Tunnel

~Head to right where the Dragon Statue and the spider web are. Burn down the
spider web with Art of the Inferno.

~Go right and jump up the cliff to return the village.

#= Hayabusa Village

~Go find Muramasa in the middle part of the map.

~Muramasa is sleeping, use the stylus touch him once and blow the microphone
to awake him. Talk to him for the Art of the Inazuma. You can also purchase
items from Muramasa, recommend get the Jewel of Spirit Smith first.

#= Monastery

~Defeat all enemies to unseal the door.

~A Dragon Statue can be found in the main hall. Take the right door in the
main hall since the front gate is locked.

~Move through the passage to the right. Lot of enemies appear here, but not
necessory to fight.

~Go upstairs, then to left until the end. You will eventually reach to top
left corner of the map.

~In the last room, use Shuriken to shoot all three lights when they turn to
blue. If you shoot the red light, some enemies will be spawned.

~Once you've unlocked the main gate, try listen to the eagle voice inside
the three red-blue lights room. Trigger it on the right and shoot it down
for Wood Amulet 43 (I got it on Head Ninja mode, should also available on
Normal mode).

~Afterwards, head back to previous area. Make sure use the Dragon Statue on
the balcony because you will face some strong enemies.

~When you reach to the stairs, you have to defeat all enemies to unseal the
area. Don't just slash like fighting with other fiends, this type is stronger.
Try use more jump and slash attack (slide up and slide horizontal or down),
and not staying at the same position too long. If you choose to use Ninpo,
Art of the Inferno is recommended for this type of fiends.

~Afterwards, back down to the main hall. Use the Dragon Statue to save and
recover, then head up for more fights.

~Defeat all enemies that appear. Again, use more jump attacks for the beast
type enemies. Later on will face the boss. 

Slow movement boss. As its hands raise up simply dodge its attack with roll.
Charge the Ultimate Technique from a distanse, when the boss comes closer
release it to deal a large damage, if you hit right on its head, you will
stun it for a while.


CHAPTER 4 - "Solemn Sanctuary"
  A mysterious stone, and the
  illusion of the Monastery.

  Now, the ancient Greater Fiend,
  Ishtaros, has revealed her

  A massive conspiracy slowly
  begins to unfold...

#= Monastery

~Stand on the light to move next location.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~Here you can see a Dragon Statue at the starting point.

~Head up to top right area then return bottom, the circle near the
Dragon Statue will glow. Take it warp back to the village.

#= Hayabusa Village

~Speak with Denroku to learn about the Sea Swallow. After that, shout or blow
the microphone when you hear something like eagle voice, then shoot it with
Shuriken when it appears. Once you done, find the Wood Amulet 38 at the top
right corner.

~As Denroku mention, you may hear this in the battlefield after the fighting,
so pay attention on this voice to collect more Wood Amulets. This item is to
unlock the gallery (image/scene/diary) in the "Prize" section after completed
the game once. And there's total 45 Wood Amulet in the game.

~Next step, go down and find Muramasa, talk to him to trigger a scene.
Buy the Lives of the Thousand Gods before you go, if you have enough gold
for other items, just get it.

~Now return to Stone Circle Cove.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~Take the dark red stone circle to the next area.

#= Underground Sanctuary - 1st map

~Move to the top right of the map. Enemies are not hard but make dodge the
spikes pop up through the path.

~Use the Dragon Statue before you jump down to the next area.

#= Underground Sanctuary - 2nd map

~In the passage, carefully roll pass the spikes, ignore the eyeball enemies
if you like. Jump down to the lower area.

~Here you can find a Dragon Statue on the right and the Wood Amulet 41 before
the Dragon Statue room.

~Back to where you down from, burn down the spider web on the left for the
new path.

~T junction area, go either left or right window (just move to the window
and Ryu will jump in). Light up the fire panel at both left and right side
with Art of the Inferno. In the passage of the two fire panels can find a
Dragon Statue, which placed here for you the restore Ki after using the
Art of the Inferno.

~Afterwards, the main door in the T junction would be unlocked. Now use the
Dragon Statue and prepare for the boss fight.

Keep attacking from the back. When it goes further, catch it up and continue
slashing from the back. Once you hurt it, it will fall down for a short while,
now recommend make a full charge of your Ultimate Technique to deal a maximum
damage. Needless to say, slash it somemore before it wakes up. Repeat the same
moves to finish it off.


CHAPTER 5 - "Legendary Fiends"

  The Dark Dragonstones.

  Ryu has no choice but to go
  where they guide him.
  What awaits him on this
  perilous journey?

  The paths to Momiji has never
  seemed longer...

#= Hayabusa Village

~After the beginning scene, head back to bottom right of the map.

~Before you jump into the well, you can find Wood Amulet 3. But you should
stay abit middle of this area to find that Sea Swallow.

#= Village Tunnel

~The second area needs you to defeat all enemies in order to get pass.

~Head to the right exit to Forest of Shadows.

#= Forest of Shadows

  Out of the tunnel will meet the village ninja. Now if you go right you
  will enter the battle, but if you choose left, you can obtain somemore
  Wood Amulets. The following steps are pointing you to the Wood Amulets.

~Around the Dragon Statue, you may hear the voice again, it's Wood Amulet 11
(around right of this area).

~Follow the path to the bottom, you can find the Wood Amulet 14 in the water
area before the last section.

~Enter the cave from waterfall to Village Tunnel, then destroy the boulder
with Art of the Inazuma and you can find the Wood Amulet 40 at the inner side.

~After all, head back to the top right area, use the Dragon Statue to save
before entering the fight.

~You will face alot of enemies here, perform a Ninpo to kill partial of them.
Lately, some new enemmies appear who usually attack with magic, and their
magic can chain up tons of damage. For safety, make sure you stop attacking
and evade their magic attack when the blue light shinning on the ground,
return them your counterattack on the suitable chance.

#= Hayabusa Village

~Afterwards, you appear in the village and obtained a bow. Now enter the
stone circle again.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~Take the top left circle for your next destination.

#= Underground Mausoleum

~Run pass or defeat the mummies. You would see a locked gate not far from
the beginning area, leave it for a moment.

~Continue to the top area of the map. On the bridge section, you can ignore
the archers on the side. Guard or roll to dodge their arrows.

~At the end of the bridge, shoot the blue light on the circle to unlock the
gate that you passed just now, then defeat all enemies to unseal the area.

~Head back to previous area, you now can reach to the left area.

~Jump down the tunnel. Head to the left of the map. Shoot the blue light at
the end to unlock the gate near the Dragon Statue.

~Follow the path to upper area. Where you find the boulder can also find the
Wood Amulet 9. Destroy the boulder with Art of the Inazuma.

~Cross the suspension bridge, and the enemies can be ignored if you don't want
to fight more.

~Use the Dragon Statue to heal and save, because the boss is waiting inside
the hall.

At the beginning, shoot the boss with your ranged weapon. His move can be
dodged easily with roll, make sure you catch the right timing as his raises
his arms. Once the boss gets enough of damage, he'll fall and it's the best
time to deal more damage to him. Don't bother with charging Ultimate Technique
since normal attacks are good enough for that. And Art of the Inazuma is
strongly recommended for this fight.


CHAPTER 6 - "Mortal Enemy"

  The Fiends, brought back to
  life in the Empire of Vigoor.
  Was this foul deed the work
  of the Dark Dragonstones?

  Ryu hears a familiar voice,
  one that he may never forget...

#= Hayabusa Village

~Start by the speaking with Muramasa in the village. And a new Ninpo namely
The Art of the Hurricane is now available, but I still recommend buy the
Jewel of the Spirit Smith ahead if your gold is not that much. And if you
have not purchased the scroll for the Flying Swallow combo yet, make sure you
buy it as well.

~Once you've done, head North to the Stone Circle Cove through the shinning
stone circle.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~A new circle appears, use it to warp to your next destination.

#= Underground Coliseum

~Run up the path until the Dragon Statue.

~Take the left path. The next area branches to three ways, and one of
them is locked. Just continue to the left until the last room, kill all the
enemies in the last room to unlock the room in the three ways section.

~Now back to the three ways section, head to the top room should see a blue
torch inside. Die out the torch by blowing the microphone.

~Then, head to the bottom room (Hexagon) which contains lost of enemies. Kill
all enemies to spawn the Sea Swallow, shoot it down for the Wood Amulet 37.

~Now take the right path from the Dragon Statue, blow out the blue torch in
the last room as how you did before. The door in the Dragon Statue room should
be opened now.

~Make your way to the next Dragon Statue. Go to the right end area and blow
the fan to unlock the gate of the next room, ignore all the enemies since
the gate will close again.

Always remember rub the screen whenever you get caught before the boss hurt
you more. Flying Swallow is quite useful and easy confuses the boss direction,
try use it as your primary attack for this fight. And don't forget your Ninpo
as well. Personally, I used Art of the Hurricane and it does alot of damage
for this boss.


CHAPTER 7 - "Cavern of Flame"
  The Greater Fiend Doku,
  he who attacked the village
  and took the life of Kureha.

  The fearsome power of
  the Dark Dragonstones
  reinvigorated another of
  Ryu's adversaries.

  Yet the stones continue to
  pulse and resonate. Another
  Fiend of immense evil lies
  in wait...

#= Hayabusa Village

~After the event with Muramasa, go to the Stone Circle Cove.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~Enter the new circle warp.

#= Cavern of Flame

~Follow the one path here and roll pass the lava on the way.

~Head left from the Dragon Statue, shoot down the circle when they turn blue.
Be slow, because if you shot the red light, you will have to defeat alot of

~Afterwards, take the new path that's unlocked. Just one screen to the right
from the middle Dragon Statue will face some enemies, they not necessory to
fight, however if you beat all of them, you can hear the Sea Swallow which
would give you the Wood Amulet 44.

~Next area, kill all the enemies in the sealed area before you can continue.
Try use more flying attack/swallows since the enemies are quite aggressive,
also becareful the fire spot which can probably bother your fight.

~Use the Dragon Statue in the next area.

~Jump up to the top floor and you will find another Dragon Statue. The boss
is waiting in the next room.

It's not as stronge as its look, just expect its attacks are quite fast
especially the bite move. The easiest way to dodge make sure your position
is not in the front of the boss, so keep on running or roll to the side
before you do any attacks. The great chance to attack is right after you
dodge its bite attack, and remember to rub the screen if you're bitten.
Once you've given the boss enough of damage, it will be stunned for a
moment, allows you to hit it more.


CHAPTER 8 - "Cavern of Ice"

  The Dragonstones continue
  to resonate.

  Sometimes they lead Ryu to
  a forgotten monastery --
  other times they lead to the
  flames of the abyss.

  Ryu treads a dark and terrible
  path. Yet the Dragonstones
  relentlessly guide him to an
  unknown fate...

#= Hayabusa Village

~Likewise, enter the Stone Circle Cove through the warp point at North.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~The new circle appears at top right. Take it to the Cavern of Ice.

#= Cavern of Ice

~Jump to upper area. Move to the right path from the junction since the
other path is blocking by the fire.

~After some fights, jump into the hole at the right area.

~Destroy the ice block to obtain the Art of the Ice Storm. Move right to the
Dragon Statue room, and here you can find the Wood Amulet 10.

~Go back to where you came, dodge the falling ices on the way.

~Use the Art of the Ice Storm Ninpo to unseal the fire to the way leads to top.

~Have some more fights on the way to the top of the map.

~Use the Dragon Statue to heal and save before you jump into the hole at
the top of the map.

An Ice Dragon, similar like the boss you fought in the previous chapter, and
this is even easier. Once the boss appears from the river, shoot it with your
bow 3 or 4 time, then you should pay attention on its possible attacks, but
sometimes it'll just back into the river again. Thing to remember is when
the boss move backward, that means something is falling from your top,
needless to say, you should dodge it by running around. And the other thing
is the ice ball normally would come three in a row, so it's better dodge all
its ice balls before continue your shots.


CHAPTER 9 - "Isle of Destiny"

  An infamous Greater Fiend
  appears before the increasingly
  impatient Obaba, head of the
  Black Spider Clan.

  The Fiends, and the
  Black Spider Clan.
  Their true motives remain
  shrouded in mystery...

#= Hayabusa Village

~Upgrade your Dragon Sword to max level if possible. Also you will obtain the
Explosive Arrows before you go.

~Go to the Stone Circle Cove.

#= Stone Circle Cove

~Take the new stone circle warp to the next destination.

#= Sea of Trees

~Just a long and straight road to the North. Try to ignore the enemies since
some hidden archers that you couldn't kill are bothering.

~Further area, spend a little spare time to avoid the worthless damage from
the falling boulders.

#= Isle of Destiny

~Begin this location at the beach area, and you will face a new enemy, piranha?
This kind of enemies are VERY annoying, try kill them with Flying Swallow since
this move attack larger area. Don't use too many combo on these enemies, if you
miss-hit one of them in your combo, you'll probably get bite alot.

~When you reach to the last area of the beach part (bottom left of the map),
make sure you kill all the piranhas to trigger the Sea Swallow for the
Wood Amulet 19.

~Next up, before you can enter the building, you have to fight with some
enemies in the sealed area. Some of those enemies can damage Ryu by grab and
throw him and this move cannot be blocked. Be sure use more Flying Swallow
for this battle to avoid this move.

~Follow the path up to inner area of the building.

~Another worst part is the bridge after the Dragon Statue. You could fall over
the bridge during the fight, and you need to start over again if you did that.
One easier way is may youself stay at one of the ends on the bridge and keep
shooting your foes with the Explosive Arrows.

~Reach to the top right area of the map, burn down the spider web with any
fire type Ninpo, and then save the game on the Dragon Statue. Enter the room
to challenge the next boss.

Suprisingly easy boss. Most of her moves mainly attack her front direction,
means you can simply evade them by running or roll to the side. Her most
powerful skill is her crow attack, she will send three crows in a row to hit
you, just make sure you roll at the right timing as you see the crows dashing
onward to Ryu. If you're in a distance, don't bother with getting closer and
slash the boss, just keep shooting with your Explosive Arrows, and don't forget
your Ninpo can make this easy (recommend Art of the Hurricane).


CHAPTER 10 = "The Ends of Hell"
  There are only two Dark
  Dragonstones remaining for
  Ryu to find.

  He steps into the strange
  world before him, believing
  it to be the only way leading
  to Momiji...

#= Isle of Destiny

~Obtain the Art of the Piercing Viod at the beginning, then take the warp
point in the middle to next location.

#= The Piramid

~Use the Dragon Statue to save.

~Once you step into the next area, you will be sealed and need to kill all
foes that appear here. Afterwards, trigger the Sea Swallow and hit it for
Wood Amulet 34.

~Enter the Piramid. Blow all four fans after the first staircase to open
the wall. Get pass the second staircase and then jump up quickly because
there are some spikes on the ground.

~Next up, you will reach to the room with three blue flames stoves. Blow off
all three blue flames on the stoves and then use the Art of Inferno to light
up all three stoves.

~Reach to the upper room, shoot down six circles when they turn blue, then
the path leads to left would be unlocked. Use the Dragon Statue in the passage.

~Last room, use the Art of the Piercing Viod power on the basin. You will face
some enemies before the boss appear.

Forget about any moves you have, keep using Flying Swallow (jump and slide
horizonal) or Cicada (jump and slide vertical) as you main attack, because
this boss' moves are fast and powerful, however you can dodge all those moves
by jumping and slashing. Sometimes if you get your Flying Swallow blocked,
perform a Cicada before you land on the ground. Also the boss could be stunned
when you chain him enough, perhaps you could perform an Ultimate Technique
at this moment.


CHAPTER 11 - "Underworld Gate"

  One Dragonstone remains

  Guided by Dark
  Dragonstones, at long
  last Ryu finds himself
  in front of Momiji...

#= Hayabusa Village/Stone Circle Cove

~Try buy all the remaining items as you can. Go Stone Circle Cove and take
the new shiny circle.

#= Underworld Gate

~Since the road is small, you can try Explosive Arrows for the common enemies.

~Continue you way until the cliff, jump up as soon as you reach otherwise
the piranhas stay a chance to bite you.

~Battle with a mini boss at upper area. His moves are quite powerful but very
easy to be dodged.

~Go until to right area of the map, use the Dragon Statue before the boss.

Normally female bosses in the action game are tougher than most other bosses,
this is another proof. The easiest way to attack this boss without taking
heavy damage is right after she uses the ray attack. The best tactic is
roll circling the boss, and don't stay too far from her otherwise she would
use the dash kick. By doing so, the boss will trying to face the direction
on Ryu, sometimes you may perform a slash when you roll to her back. Once
she does the ray attack, you are probably at her side, now slash her 3 or 4
times from the side, don't slash too much or you would be countered!! Keep
rolling circling her until she perform the next ray attack. Do remember use
Ninpo to deal better damage so you can end this fight earlier.


CHAPTER 12 - "Abyssal Underworld"

  Kureha and Momiji
  The Eye of the Dragon.

  Ryu is infused with the ancestral
  powers of the Dragons by these
  two shrine-maidens.

  Now he descends into the abyss
  of the Fiend Realm in search
  of his true enemy.
  His struggle nears its end...

#= Underworld Gate

~Move into the light to next section.

#= Abyssal Underworld

~Blow the sleeping Muramasa to buy something. Run down to path after the
Dragon Statue.

~In the first corner, defeat some big blade foes to unseal the path.
You may hear the Sea Swallow after defeating the enemies, trigger it and
hit it for the Wood Amulet 39.

~Continue down the path will encounter some piranhas, so beware.

~Later on, a new enemy appears in the next seal. Recommend attack this enemy
with Flying Swallow.

~In the South or bottom left part of the map where you fight only the
flying enemies, you can find another Sea Swallow. Blow the micophone and
hit it for Wood Amulet 32. In case if it didn't voice up, exit and re-enter
the area.

~Use the Dragon Status before the last area.

Looks like this boss is just a minor role. This is a ranged battle. simply
shoot it with Explosive Arrows continuously until it sends you the skulls,
roll left and right to evade as the skulls come closer. Other than this,
it would jump toward your area and bite, just do like how you evade its
skulls, rub the screen if you get caught. Basically we won't have much
trouble on this fight since this boss' moves are too weak. The most powerful
Ninpo is Art of the Ice Storm, but make sure you shoot its head.


CHAPTER 13 - "Edge of Darkness"

  Following the ultimate form
  of the Dark Dragonstones,
  Ryu falls deeper into the abyss.

  His final battle awaits.

#= Edge of Darkness

Use Flying Swallow when the boss is flying, just do one hit if the distance
is too far because you only need to get closer. Try the Flying Swallow combo
when she's near. Once you hit her right spot she would fall, giving you a
chance to slashing more. Once she's up, comtinue chasing her with the same
tactic, keep her busy and this could reduce her chance of performing the
yellow lighty move, which is hard to dodge.

A big dragon always flying, shoot it with Explosive Arrow from the far as
possible (further until you can clearly see its head), this could avoid him
from using the stomp attack. TO evade the breath from the boss, you can judge
by hearing the voice or the charging light from its mouth, hold any button to
get it ready, once the voice is stop or the light disappears, quickly tap the
screen to roll.

When the boss has fallen, you have to be prepared to dodge as well, but
needless to say, you should take this chance to slash it as much as possible.

What would the boss do are:
1. If attack from its left/middle, the boss will shoot out the laser.
   Reverse Wind/roll to left is easier!
2. If attack from its right or left, the boss will counter you with its
   big arm. Perform a Reverse Wind/roll as you see it raises its arm!

The last thing must know is during the final attack. What is going to
happen if you just move forward and do your final slash? You will die.
The boss is actually prepared an instant death attack for you when you
try to kill it. So, run close to the boss and be ready to dodge its death
attack, and once you see its head starts moving, immediately perform a
Reverse Wind (roll). After that only give it the final slash.

That's all, now you've beaten the game, hope you enjoy the ending
and new difficulty level.


 4. ITEMS/TOOLS                                      Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword


This is a list of all items and tools available in the game.

 << Ninpo >>

Art of the Inferno

 ~Create a ball of fire and direct it with the stylus.
 ~Obtain during Chapter 2 event.

Art of the Inazuma

 ~Tap an enemy to attack with bolts of lightning.
 ~Obtain during Chapter 3 event.

Art of the Fire Wheels

 ~Generates a fire wheel as shield and burns nearby enemies.
 ~Available in Muramasa shop after Chapter 2.

Art of the Divine Life

 ~Generates Blue Essence that recovers your health.
 ~Available in Muramasa shop after Chapter 3.

Art of the Hurricane

 ~Generates a whirlwind and direct it with the stylus.
 ~Available in Muramasa shop after Chapter 5.

Art of the Ice Storm

 ~Tap an enemy to attack with blades of ice.
 ~Obtain in Chapter 8, located at Cavern of Ice.

Art of the Piercing Viod

 ~Tap an enemy to launch a Piercing Void.
 ~Obtain in Chapter 10, at the beginning of the chapter.

 << Scrolls >>

Flock of Swallows

 ~This scroll enables you to perform continuous Flying Swallow attacks.
 ~Available in Muramasa shop after Chapter 3

Counter Attack

 ~This scroll enables you to counter attack by quickly slicing
  while you are blocking an enemy strike.
 ~Available in Muramasa shop after Chapter 7.

Izuna Drop

 ~This will let you perform the Izuna Drop technique.
 ~Default technique of Ryu on Normal, Head Ninja, and Master Ninja mode.
 ~Available in Muramasa shop after Chapter 8 on Master Kunoichi mode.
  (Cost: 20000 Gold)

 << Items >>

Jewel of the Spirit Smith

 ~This mysterious sphere will make your Dragon Sword stronger.
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 2 (Lv 2).
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 5 (Lv 3).
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 8 (Lv Max).

Lives of the Thousand Gods

 ~This magical item will raise your maximum health.
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 2 (1).
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 5 (2).
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 6 (3).
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 8 (4).
 ~Available in Murasama shop after Chapter 11 (5).

 << Wood Amulet >>

Basically all the Wood Amulet in the story are already listed in the
walkthrough, you can press CTRL F and find it. 

Wood Amulets are used to unlock the "Prize" (beat the game once to unlock)
section under the main menu. The more you find the mode items will be unlocked
under this section.

There are 16 Wood Amulets in the story, 7 from the Netherworld Challenge on
each difficulty level (there's 4 difficulty levels, that's mean 7 x 4 = 28).
All together are 16 + 28 = 44 Wood Amulets in the game, and the No. 45 will
be unlocked automatically when you got all 44 in the game.

What is Netherworld Challenge? Remember the Stone Circle Cove? After beating
a stage during the story, the circle of that stage will become yellow light
instead of dark red. Now enter the yellow light circle, you will warp to a
small area named Netherworld. And there's lot of enemies/fiends are waiting,
only way to get out is kill everything in the Netherworld. Then, before you
leave, the Wood Amulet appears as a reward for you.

Check "6. WOOD AMULETS" section or
the link below to find out all Wood Amulets.


 5. SECRETS/TIPS                                     Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword


 << Unlockables >>

~Head Ninja mode
Beat the game once on Normal mode 

~Master Ninja mode
Beat the game once on Head Ninja mode 

~Master Kunoichi mode
Beat the game once on Normal mode. 
Defeat the Red Dragon boss at the beginning of the game with Momiji. 
This mode allows you to play as "Rin"; actually she's the unmasked Momiji. 

Beat the game once on Normal mode. (Gallery, scene, characters' daily)
The availablities under this section are based on your Wood Amulets collection.

** Additional: Character data and gallery:

 << Secrets >>

~Happy Birthday sound
Play the game on your birthday (depends on your NDS setting), you will get
a special "Happy Birthday" sound effect when you start the game! Instead of
the usual sound effect when you tap the start screen.
(credit: amityville27)

~Shoot for Blue Essence
In the Forest of Shadows, some Concentric Circles are around the Dragon Statue.
Shoot the Concentric Circle to spawn the Blue Essence. But this is quite
useless since the Dragon Statue is here.

 << Tips >>

~Quick Ultimate Technique
The speed of the Ultimate Technique charge time is actually based on the
quantity of Essences around. The more Essences are spawned (before you absorb),
the shorter Ultimate Technique charge time will be. You can charge a max level
Ultimate Technique instantly as long as the floating Essences are enough.

~Keep The Essence Floating
As mention above, floating Essences shorten your Ultimate Technique
charge time. Because the Essences will be obtained when your character
has no action (attack), so other than keep slashing the enemies, press any
button to guard or perform Reverse Wind are another ways to hold the Essences
in the air.

~"Paint" a Ninpo
Actually it's not necessory to follow the Ninpo letter as it shows on the
screen, you can slide over the letter until the letter is fully filled with
colour. And... the Ninpon is done.

~Fake Ninpo Protection
Tap the Ninpo symbol at top left corner to perform a Ninpo, and your character
will become invincible while charging up the Ninpo. Tap return symbol at bottom
right to cancel it so you don't waste your Ninpo. This is quite useful when you
couldn't dodge certain attacks from the enemy at the right moment.

 6. WOOD AMULETS                                     Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword


For the Wood Amulets which are found in the story, you can check the
exact location and details in the "3. WALKTHROUGT" section.


Wood Amulet 1
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom right part circle

Wood Amulet 2
Master Kunoichi mode;
Stone Circle Cove botton right part circle

Wood Amulet 3
Chapter 5; Hayabusa Village (South)

Wood Amulet 4
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 5
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom right part circle

Wood Amulet 6
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 7
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 8
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 9
Chapter 5; Underground Mausoleum

Wood Amulet 10
Chapter 8; Cavern of Ice

Wood Amulet 11
Chapter 5; Forest of Shadow (left from the Village Tunnel exit)

Wood Amulet 12
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom right circle

Wood Amulet 13
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, left circle

Wood Amulet 14
Chapter 5; Forest of Shadow (South, the water area)

Wood Amulet 15
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 16
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 17
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 18
Master Kunoichi mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 19
Chapter 9; Isle of Destiny (bottom left after killing all piranhas)

Wood Amulet 20
Master Kunoichi mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 21
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 22
Master Kunoichi mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 23
Master Kunoichi mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 24
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 25
Master Kunoichi mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, the left circle

Wood Amulet 26
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, left circle

Wood Amulet 27
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove bottom left part, right circle

Wood Amulet 28
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 29
Master Kunoichi mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 30
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, left circle

Wood Amulet 31
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top right part, right circle

Wood Amulet 32
Chapter 12; Abyssal Underworld (the Southern platform)

Wood Amulet 33
Master Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, right circle

Wood Amulet 34
Chapter 10; The Piramid (outside the Piramid)

Wood Amulet 35
Head Ninja mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 36
Normal mode; Netherworld Challenge
Stone Circle Cove top left part, the right circle

Wood Amulet 37
Chapter 6; Underground Coliseum

Wood Amulet 38
Chapter 4; Hayabusa Village (event)

Wood Amulet 39
Chapter 12; Abyssal Underworld

Wood Amulet 40
Chapter 5; Village Tunnel (Enter Village Tunnel from the waterfall,
it's inside the room covered by the boulder)

Wood Amulet 41
Chapter 4; Underground Sanctuary 2nd map

Wood Amulet 42
Chapter 1; Village Tunnel bottom left
(second level count from bottom, also can be found on Normal mode)

Wood Amulet 43
Chapter 3; Monastery red-blue lights room

Wood Amulet 44
Chapter 7; Cavern of Flame, right from the middle Dragon Statue
(this is not a sealed battle; you must kill all enemies here)

Wood Amulet 45
Collect all 44 Wood Amulet above.
Enter "Prize" section and Muramasa will give you the Wooden Amulet 45.

 7. CONTACT                                          Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword



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