Review by Feiwongx

Reviewed: 08/07/07

Final Fantasy Tactics like. Very much like one move Chess

Let's see... The old version of Hosigami on Playstation was poor very few people bought it. Although at first glance it appears to be quite good and while is does indeed have a lot of potential, the finished product just doesn't measure up. Even today, the original Hoshigami is noted for being meaninglessly difficult, with horrible control and irritating music.

However, the Ds version changed all that, which over all made the game enjoyable. Unlike your average RPG tactics game, this game makes you think what decision your make before you act/cast/ or even use; not to mention that if you move, that will be your action where you can't move back, therefore making it challenging what decisions you make that is wise. The game music is refined as well of its battle system touch screen.

As interesting the game is, has different scenes and process in the game story depending on the choices you make, such as either saying " Of course join us" or " I'm thinking about Tinn" with different out comes who will join as well.

Hoshigami's combat system is an interesting mix of traditional grid-based tactical gameplay and a sort of reverse version of Final Fantasy's ATB.
The game uses magic, but the use of coins, which are called Coinfeigms. Coinfeigms are coins enhanced with the element to support/enfeeble/DMg the opponents or comrades. Each action a character makes requires a certain amount of RAP, (Ready for Action Points). Since there isn't any predetermined order to the moves a player can make, it is possible to move, attack, and then move again, or even attack multiple times in one turn, but make your decision wise.

I liked the game and the story. It's really not bad. Some may not like it of its battle system, but it's still an enjoyable tactical game for RPG fans.

With a complicated Seal process to figure out and multiple Towers of Trial to be completed, Hoshigami Remix can take a fairly around 50 to 60 hours to be completed. Though, I only use the towers as means to earn items and skill up on leveling.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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