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Reviewed: 07/16/07

Hoshigami: Ruines Everything

I'm a sucker for RPG games and the DS has a good number of them...however most of them suck. Unfortunately, I can't say that this game is much better than any of the other ones I've played on the DS. It's a real shame too, this could've been an awesome SRPG (strategy role playing game) but it's hampered by a horrible menu. Thats right, the menu itself is so bad that it ruins the whole game.

Story: I've only put about six hours into this game, but the story is the standard RPG fairytale. You play a young, novice soldier who loses his mentor and girlfriend while you're asked personally by the king to help defend the land from a savage army. The game is told through the usual text box and more detailed drawing of the sprite thats talking. You can skip through the text which can be a real life saver.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is just like Final Fantasy: Tactics and Ogre Tactics, but it has one difference that sets this game from the rest. The RAP gauge is the best thing about this game and I think it will become the standard in the genre in future (at least I hope so). Instead of moving and then getting one attack like in every SRPG, each move you make simply adds to you RAP gauge. As long as there is room in your RAP gauge, you can keep moving. Depending on how filled your gauge is decides where you are placed in the next turn. The less your gauge is filled up the sooner you get to go again, it really adds strategy to the game. The blessing also makes some of the battles drag on forever as you wait for enemy to take his turn. You'll often find yourself putting down your DS and going potty, making yourself a snack or writing a review.

I should also point out that when you attack theres a meter that goes up and down (kind of like a meter for hitting a drive in a golf game) and if you manage to press "A" while the meter is in the small, blue, "critical" area you do max damage. If you're outside of that area you'll do lesser damage or miss altogether. I hate this because it really is just a pain in the ass, not to mention that computer has no problem hitting it most of the time.

When a member of your party dies, they stay dead. You then have to go into town and hire new members to join your quest. The problem with this is these people you hire are pretty weak and almost useless, they die in battle and you have to repeat the process over again while buying new equips.

Instead of having spells in this game, it has coins and seals. Coins are the spells and seals can be put on any coin to change the attributes of the coin to make it more power, increase the range and or decrease how much CP (coinage points) or magic points it uses. This is very complicated and confusing because theres so many abbreviations and you'll have no idea what the hell they mean. You can't even check the tutorial when you want, you have to visit a town (which isn't always possible) which is stupid.

A lot of things applying to the terrain while in battle are skewered and make no sense. You can shoot arrows down off of cliffs, but you can't even attempt to shoot up them. You can use a spell on some one below you even if they're protected overhead by a cliff, but if you're under the cliff you can't use a spell on some one above you even though the spells attack from the sky.

Menu: The menu in this game is clunky, overly complicated and just put together sloppily. You'll have one hell of a time trying to figure out who has what, who needs what and what coins are engraved with what and so many other things. Equipping in the game is so frustrating and tedious that you'd rather just play in the offset battles instead.

Sound: The sound is pretty ordinary, not good but not bad. If you're like me you'll just play with the sound off anyways and watch tv or listen to your own music.

Graphics: The sprites look pretty bad in this game, especially when the the camera zooms in and you get to see all of the jagged edges. On the plus side, the 3D environments look pretty good. It's a shame the developers made the environment look so good and the sprites look like crap. Many of the enemy sprites look just like members of your own party, they couldn't mix the look up a little bit?

This game could've been really good, but theres so many little problems that pile up and tower over the good things in this game. If you're starved for a SRPG, than get this game. If you're not a hardcore fan of the genre, pass over this game.


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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