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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 02/27/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Author: Warfreak
    Version: 0.7
    Date Started: 3/11/07
    Table of Contents
    [1] Introduction
        [1.01] Introduction
        [1.02] Version History
    [2] MySims, the Story
        [2.01] Getting Started
        [2.02] Exploring Town
        [2.03] Home Sweet Home
        [2.04] Exploring the Land
        [2.05] A New Horizon
        [2.06] The Next Chapter
        [2.07] The Last Star
        [2.08] A New Dawn
    [3] Shopping
        [3.01] Ashley's Florist
        [3.02] Sophie's Furniture Store
        [3.03] Tyler's Tailor
        [3.04] Olivia's General Store
        [3.05] Charlie's Cakes
        [3.06] The Casino
        [3.07] Tracy's Dowsing Store
    [4] The Cast
        [4.01] Helen
        [4.02] Tim
        [4.03] Ashley
        [4.04] Ewan
        [4.05] Tyler
        [4.06] Olivia
        [4.07] Joseph
        [4.08] Sophia
        [4.09] Charlie
        [4.10] Marie
        [4.11] Foster
        [4.12] Nicki
        [4.13] Elizabeth
        [4.14] Hawk
        [4.15] Emma
        [4.16] Tracy
        [4.17] Martin
    [5] Tourists
        [5.01] Dealing with Tourists
        [5.02] The Disco
    [6] Fishing
        [6.01] How to Fish
        [6.02] What You Can Catch
        [6.03] Fishing Rods
    [7] Racquetball
        [7.01] Racquetball
        [7.02] Rally
        [7.03] Target 1
        [7.04] Target 2
    [8] Arranging Flowers
        [8.01] Arranging Leis
    [9] Into the Air
        [9.01] Paragliding
        [9.02] Skydiving
    [10] The Casino
        [10.01] Table Games
        [10.02] The Slot Machine
    [11] Designing
        [11.01] Designing Clothes
        [11.02] Designing Furniture
        [11.03] Essence of the ?
    [12] Dowsing
        [12.01] Dowsing
    [13] Sparkles
        [13.01] Using Sparkles
    [14] Gold Stars
        [14.01] Gold Stars
    [15] Fashion
        [15.01] Fashion Reviews
    [16] Scuba Diving
        [16.01] Scuba Diving
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    [E] Copyright
    [1.01] Introduction
    Welcome to my first DS Guide, about the Electronics Art release of MySims. 
    This is also my 27th guide. Enjoy reading it, as much as I have for writing 
    it. Let me point out some key differences in MySims. 
    There is now no needs bar. No need for energy, bladder, etc. All that is 
    gone. Some people complain that it removes a necessity element from the game,
    however, I have to admit, it is a nice change. For a person who has played 
    all of the GBA ports, the needs bar forced you to do things, such as visit 
    home, and go toilet, whilst in the middle of a mission. This was seriously
    annoying, and now it is gone. However, this means your home is purely for
    aesthetic reasons, for sleep and storing stuff. Thats about it. 
    Relationship system is changed. You basically talk to people, but you really
    can't maintain relationships with them. Also, there are no personality points
    to assign. Therefore, there are no more issues about zodiac compatibility. 
    With the removal of personality points comes the removal of skill points. 
    There are no more skill points, such as cleaning, mechanical, logic, cooking 
    and charisma. 
    There have been comparsions between Animal Crossing : Wild World with MySims.
    Although there are similarities, such as fishing and planting flowers, it 
    would be unfair to compare both on the same level. They are not the same game
    and some aspects are better than others. The "cuteness" factor has a role to
    play somewhat, and this, coupled in of how the game is played, is significant.
    This is demonstrated in the AOE v EE debate. Empire Earth 2 mimicked the 
    resource depletion of Age of Empires, and people called EE2 a rip off of AOE.
    Again, they are not the same games, they have different gameplay, and it is
    unfair to compare apples with oranges. Besides the fact they are both fruit,
    it is unfair to compare them on the same level. 
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [3/11/07]
    Started the guide for MySims. Started on the Storyline, Shop Lists, Tourism,
    Fishing, Racquetball and The Cast. I'm playing this as we go along, so it
    would be messy. 
    Version 0.2 [4/11/07]
    Progressing fine. Powering up in Star Levels and in fishing. 
    Version 0.3 [8/11/07]
    ASCII added. Added a bit more only. 
    Version 0.4 [28/11/07]
    Update on guide.
    Version 0.5 [25/2/08]
    New Year update. Finishing this guide is next on my to do list. Did a lot more
    than finished some more bits and pieces.
    Version 0.6 [26/2/08]
    Update, on many levels and is nearly complete. 
    Version 037 [27/2/08]
    The guide is basically finished, and therefore, there will be no more updates,
    except the fish book, but that depends since I would want to do it in a 
    single go.
    [2.01] Getting Started
    First of all, you can start with MySims. The first thing you will really have
    to do is to choose your Gender. This can be male or female. The next thing 
    will be the clothing. You can choose your clothes only at this moment. After 
    you have done this, we started.
    You talk to the Boat captain, and you will get to name your town. Name it as
    you will. As you get off at the pier, you will see a strange Sim with a dog as
    a hat. Ok... Anyway, you will follow this Sim till you get tired, and go to
    the Mayors house to meet the Mayor, Helen. Press A to talk to her and she 
    needs some help finding her Grandson. She says he will be hanging out near the
    Press Y on your map and find the courts. You will see the strange Sim from
    before, Tim. He won't talk to you, so make him happy. This will be the happy
    meter. Just choose listen because it works the best. Now that we are all the
    best of friends, we head back to the Mayor's House.
    She didn't catch your name, so now we get to name your MySim. Confirm with the
    touch pad. She will mention Tyler the Tailor and Ewan the police officer. If
    it is such a small community, surely there wouldn't be a lot of crime. 
    By now, you should have seen time changing. Although this is explained later,
    let me explain now. The day is divided into 4 parts, Morning, Noon, Evening
    and Night. As you play, time progresses in the background, and the parts 
    move along. The positions of Sims will move when the time changes as well as
    how they act. 
    [2.02] Exploring Town
    Time to explore the town. First, lets pay Tyler a visit. His house will be 
    South West of the Fountain. Of course, he is sad that there is no one to buy
    his clothes, so you have to make him Happy. You are going to have to encourage
    and listen, conversing will lose you points. He is now preparing to open 
    shop tomorrow, so you can't do anything else. Off to explore again. 
    The game suggests that you meet Ewan. Of course we will. His house is directly
    north of the Town Hall. Ewan is angry because there is no one to serve justice
    upon. Isn't that a good thing? Anyway, make him happy. Start crying, because
    conversing, as it has been so far, doesn't get you anywhere. Anyway, he sees
    potential in you, so off we go. Head back to the Town Hall.
    Talk to Helen, who says that it used to be a resort town, but people left and
    so did the businesses. Then, someone, who greatly shocks your character, walks
    in. It is a person called Ashley and she is a florist and is willing to run
    the florist. Off she goes. Helen wants you to check on how though. 
    The Sun sets. The florest is East of the Town Hall. She will be outside her
    store. She complains there are no flowers in the town, asking you to help
    her plant flowers in the town's flower beds. She will give you some flowers,
    at first, a tulip. Lets start with the first flowerbed outside the town
    hall. Plant three tulips there to fill the flowerbed. 
    The next flowerbed is south of the florist, very close to where Ashley is.
    Again, plant three here and move towards Tyler's store. West of it will be
    another flowerbed. Well, we have to plant 4 here. Head back to Ashley for
    some more flowers. The last flowerbed in town is on the path west of the 
    fountain. Basically, open your map and find it. Again, we will need to 
    plant 4 flowers. Head back to Ashley for the completion of your job. For
    this job, she gives you 200 Simoleons. And you will reach Star Level 1. 
    Head back to Helen for completing your job. Let me explain Star Levels,
    although the game does do a good job. The more star levels you have, the
    prettier the how looks, attracting more tourists and thus, more events. 
    She designates your house, East of the town. Leave town to the east and
    have a look at your house. Enter. 
    [2.03] Home Sweet Home
    Welcome Home. Your house is rather small. First, lets unpack. Press R and you
    will see what you have. You have a Green Chest, a Red Closet and a Yellow
    Bed. Place these items by following the tutorial. Place your bed and go to
    sleep. When you sleep from now on, there will be three options. There will
    be Nap, Sleep and Deep Sleep. A Nap will progress one portion of the day,
    that means, the transition from Morning to Noon, Noon to Evening, Evening
    to Night, and Night to Morning. Sleep means 2 portions will be skipped and
    Deep Sleep should be three. Wake up and read the News. Now, you will Warp to 
    the Town Hall. 
    Olivia, the manager of the General Store is back from her trip. Joesph the
    fisherman is also back and there are rumours of someone living in the Forest.
    She also mentions that Tyler and Ashley have opened shop thanks to you. 
    Tourists are starting to visit the town. Who to visit first. I'll let you
    decide and list what happens where. Also, you will now get information about
    the time. This shows how time is split up. 
    Lets visit Ashley first. She has opened the Florest, selling flowers for 
    your home. You can also receive Bouquet of Flowers to Tourists to please 
    them. Talk to her again and you can Go Shopping or Help. You can purchase
    plants for your home or for tourists. 
    After you visit Ashley, head to the Bus Area. This is directly West of the
    Fountain in the Town's Centre. You will find Tyler en route. Talk to him. He
    says that his store needs all the help he can get. Exit the Town from the
    South, followin the road. Follow the road pass the pier area. Soon, with your
    map you, you will see a House with a Furniture sign. Enter. 
    You will have to wake up Sophie. Just converse and does as you wish. Once you
    are successful, Sophie will wake up. Talk to her and this will increase your
    Star Level. You can now buy furniture from her. How we have this sorted, lets
    move East along the road. We will find Tim here, at the Farm!?!
    Anyway, head back into town by following the road. By now, it should be noon.
    Lets go to Tyler's Store now, since it opens at Noon. This will increase your
    Star Rating once you talk to him. Now, head to the Racquetball Courts and
    talk to Tim.
    Tim suggests that we have a famous Racquetball player to attract more tourists
    into town. He gives you a regular Racquet to practice. You can now go to the
    Courts and play Racquetball. You also cannot play Racquetball at night, 
    probably a safety hazard.
    [2.04] Exploring the Land
    Anyway, after you have finished with Racquetball, head down to the port area
    where you should enter the Top Building. You will find Joseph inside. Talk
    to him and comfort him. He will accept you and ask if you want to go fishing.
    This will increase your Star Level. 
    Anyway, to find the last person, Olivia. Head to her store, which is south
    of the Town Hall. Once inside, no one is here? Walk over to the suit of
    armour and inspect it. You will also get 300 Simoleons for helping her out
    of the armour. This will also increase your Star Level. 
    Head to Sophie's Hut. She now doesn't seem to wake now. Walk around and she
    will mention name...store. Walk around for a while again, examine some items
    and she will ask you to name her store. Name the store to whatever you 
    wish. Confirm it. This will increase your Star Meter as well. 
    What for a day or so. Now, we need to pay a visit to Joseph. The claims he 
    is busy but he is looking a bit down. Cheer him up, encourage him and converse
    with him. 
    Now, talk to Ewan. Now that you should have some tourists in town, he will
    ask you to help the town. Helen has faith in you so you have to take the test
    about your knowledge of the town. He will give you a camera and ask you to
    go to the Forest and take a photo of the Symbol Tree. Go to the Forest. 
    In the forest, open up your map. You should see Sophie's Shop there. Follow 
    the dirt path from the store North. Soon, you will see a tree, making a 
    circle on the path visible on the map. Take a photo of the tree and show it
    to Ewan. He will be pleased and says that you can keep the camera. Nice. 
    This will increase the Star Meter. If you have been following what I've said,
    it should nearly be full now. 
    Head back to Joseph now. This should be done during the evening when he is not
    so busy. He wishes to see all the fish in the world, and he gives you a 
    fishing rod to let you catch fish and show him. You can only fish in rivers 
    and in the ocean. This fact should increase your Star Meter. It should nearly
    be full now. 
    Pay a visit to Ashley in here store. She is planning to make leis, and she is
    awful at them, and she needs a hand. Another minigame for you. She will now
    give you a lei to give to tourists, and guess what. LEVEL UP. We have reached
    Star Level 2!
    [2.05] A New Horizon
    New stores have now opened up and the Mayor is going to open a new transport
    system. Wonderful!
    The Mayor has decided to introduce a Trolley System, it will cost you a 
    small amount of Simoleons to use, but will save you time walking. Also, the
    Mayor has hired someone to reopen the Bakery. However, she thinks that the
    Highlands need to be addressed as they do not have the funds to hire a ranger.
    Anyway, lets test the trolley. It only costs §10 a ride. Anyway, head back
    into town and talk with the baker, who offers you an experimental cake? How
    can cakes be experiments? Alway, he introduces himself as Chef Charlie. You
    now have the ability to buy cakes. Cakes can be used as gifts, just like 
    flowers are. This will provide a massive boost to your Star Meter. It is more
    than half full, which is good news. 
    Head to the Highlands and enter the Rangers Hut. Someone obviously isn't
    happy at you. Marie will greet you as the new ranger the town cannot afford. 
    She obviously doesn't know how to improve the highlands, so you have to figure
    it out yourself. You need to approach areas where there is little grass, so
    the dirt patches show. Most of them are near the road.
    You have the option of planting a bed of sunflowers or tulips, build a 
    sculpture or place a garden parasol. There are 5 patches to take care of. 
    There are 18 patches that you can choose from. There are 6 due east of the
    ranger's hut. There is another set of 6 south west of the lake. The final set
    of 6 can be found due east of the last patch, or south east of the lake. 
    Customise how you want the Highlands to look, this is your choice. 
    Anyway, head to the General Store. Olivia should say she will be absent the
    next day because she is out of stock. In two days time, pay her a visit and
    you will see she is missing again. Again, check under the table. She got 
    stuck there looking for something. For saving her, you get §500. I did this 
    on a Tuesday if that helps at all. After you talk to her after her latest
    disaster, you will have new items to purchase, including a black and white
    Ok, one day after you have decorated the Highlands, head back and talk to 
    Marie. She has found a Paraglider, and because it is old, she asks you to
    fly it and test if it is broken. You have no choice, even if you back out. 
    This opens up a new minigame. This will also greatly boost your Star 
    Meter. We are nearly there because it is nearly full. 
    Wait for the next day, and talk to Marie again. She complains that no one 
    goes paragliding, and that people might be interested if there was a good
    paraglider in the area, ie, you. If you choose paragliding now, it will cost
    you §50 to play. Rather expensive? 
    Go to Chef Charlie. You will need to buy some cakes from him. I had to buy
    about 5 to make him talk to me. He will give you a special offer. Buy more
    cakes and he will tell you a secret. For you only. He can tell you how the
    other customers are feeling. 
    Now, Chef will tell you something about himself. He says how everyone expects
    him to be like his Italian chef cousin Gino. But he likes Chinese food, and
    wishes to mix Chinese food and cake together. Anyway, from now on, if you
    buy some cakes from him, he will give you some news on his customers. 
    Anyway, go play some Racquetball. After you have finished your game, 
    regardless of your score, Tim will talk to you, saying that you would be 
    board of endless rally. He has arranged to play Target 1, whatever that is.
    This will add to your Star Meter, and by now, we are at STAR LEVEL 3. Yes.
    Finally, we have reached the third star level.
    [2.06] The Next Chapter
    All the businesses in town are open and people are eager to work. Sims from
    the outlying island is coming to work in your town. Talk to the Mayor, who
    says that someone applied to become the new Forest Ranger. There is also a 
    ferry service to the outlying island, to the island's Entertainment Area. 
    Well, first things first. We should head to the Forest area to find the new
    Forest Ranger. Obviously, the Ranger doesn't know who you are, the town's
    tourism expert. While you are conversing, you will notice one new addition.
    You know have four options to choose from while you are trying to boost the
    happiness meter of the Ranger. Anyway, once you are successful, the Ranger
    will introduce himself as Foster. He is an animal lover and wants to do
    anything he can to help them. As such, he needs your help to save the 
    animals. Accept his offer, and head outside.
    Your job here is to enhance the forest. You can approach a withered tree
    and Press A, or Press the tree. After you do that, you will need to plant a
    tree there. Lets get moving. Like the Highlands, you will need to find some
    dead trees and remove them. There are 1 bunch of six trees. There is one batch
    will be directly South of the Ranger's Hut, past the river. There are smaller
    bunches of dead trees as well. There is a bunch of 3 directly south of the 
    path east of the Ranger's Hut. There are two north of Sophie's Store whilst 
    there is one west of the store. 
    Like your job in the Highlands, you will have to plant some items to liven 
    the place up. You can place a Tree in the spot, a Flowering Tree, install a
    Rest Area or place a Tent. You can arrange this in any way you like. Just
    like your job in the Highlands, there are more than 5 dead trees to install
    items. Foster will pay you §800 for completing your job. This should give a 
    boost to your Star Meter. 
    The trees that you have planted, if you did, will take some time to grow from
    their sapling form. Anyway, head to the Port Area. Head to the pier, where you
    will see a familar face, the boat captain who brought you here. She runs the
    ferry service now. She will introduce herself as Nicki. This will give a nice
    boost to your Star Meter. I swear she was a guy. Anyway, get on board by
    talking to Nicki once more. It will cost you §50 for the fare. Lets get to the
    other side. 
    There are also tourists in the Entertainment area so you can make some money. 
    In this area, there is the Casino. It is the biggest building so you cannot
    miss it. It is however, only open during the nighttime. Lets go fishing
    here. In the water are bigger fish. Much bigger than what you've been catching
    so far. 
    Wait in the Entertainment Area till it is night. Fish around or play with the
    tourists. Wait till it is night and enter the casino. You will need to 
    purchase coins from the Casino in order to play on the machines and these 
    can be traded for some rare prizes. 
    After your fun at the casino, wait until day and head outside. You will notice
    a lady with blonde hair and red ribbon next to the edges on the water. Her 
    name is Elizabeth. You are going to have to converse with her as she doesn't
    want to trouble you. She has a pet house near here, but it is too cramped for
    her pet. So, what did she do? She bought the entire island and decided to
    build a big house for her pet and is looking to sell her current pet house. 
    She asks if you are looking for a new home. Agree and she says that she 
    bought the house for... §300000000. That is 300 million Simoleons!!! But you
    can have it for the price of a day's pet food, §10000. If you have the money,
    by all means purchase it. You can buy it later anyway. This talk will greatly
    boost your Star Meter. 
    When you are done, head back into town. Head into the Forest and you will
    see animals all over the place. Guess our plan for an enhanced forest is 
    working. Now, talk to Foster, and he says that although here are animals,
    there are not a lot. He needs you to make some animal feed. He can make 
    animal feed with one flower and one fish. Well, go fishing and catch a 
    fish and go to Ashley's to buy a flower. A tulip will do.
    Whilst you are in town, play Target 1 Racquetball. Once you do, regardless of
    your score, Tim will come up and give you a new game, Target 2 to play. This
    will increase your Star Meter. Also, while you are in town, check on Olivia
    and wait until she says something about closing tomorrow because of stock.
    Soon, when she reopens, she will have even more things to buy. 
    With all the tourists around the highlands, Marie will have more items so
    you can customise the highlands. You will have 5 more items to decorate the
    highland with so decorate it till your hearts content. With these items, there
    will be a new one. You can place a bird house on the Highlands. This will
    increase your Star Meter. 
    Anyway, back on track. Talk to Foster and make some animal feed. Give him a 
    flower, a tulip will do. Then, give him a fish. He will make and give you
    some super feed. You can use super feed to the animals and feed them it, 
    for which they will become friendly with you. Press A next to an animal
    and you will feed them. Super Feed is one use only though. 
    Wait a day and talk to Marie in the Highlands. She will have even more 
    decorations that you can use. This will boost your Star Meter as well. You
    will now have a new type of decoration, an Animal Shaped Shrubbery. Reminds
    me of Monty Python. Anyway, decorate and finish. With 15 decorations, the
    Highlands is completely decorated. 
    Well, by now, you should have been earning some good money. Anyway, when you
    have the §10000, go purchase the cottage from Elizabeth. It is located north
    of the Entertainment Area. It will give you a boost to your Star Meter when
    you buy the home. 
    This is the harder part. You are going to have to make some leis for Ashley.
    You will need to get gold for making small leis to get a small boost to the
    star meter. You need to make it to normal leis because currently, you are on
    easy. After that, you will need to keep making leis until you get to hard
    leis. This will also boost your star meter. You will need to get silver on
    normal difficulty to get hard leis. 
    Meanwhile, you will need to pay a visit to Tyler. He is down, again. He hears
    comments that he is old-fashioned. Converse with him as usual. He also needs
    you help, to design some clothes. Wow, thats a first. You also play 
    racquetball, paraglide, fish and design towns in your spare time. Anyway,
    agree to his request. It is colour coded. Well, he will give you §500 for your
    troubles and you can now design clothes. This will increase your star meter.
    Anyway, you must find Tim now. He sees that you are getting better and better
    at Racquetball and will give you a Heavy Racquet. Thats nice. I must have been
    either playing too much Racquetball or neglecting him because he then gave me
    a Speed Racquet. I'm not sure that this is something I have missed or not.
    Now, pay a visit to Sophie. You will need to buy some stuff from her before
    you can talk to her. Anyway, talk to her and she will say that she has some 
    new ideas for furniture. You will need to visit her tomorrow. Visit and see
    that she has completely restocked her store, with lots of new stuff. You can
    do the same with Olivia, who will restock the next day. 
    Anyway, talk to Elizabeth who says that she owns the Mountain, and doesn'
    know what to do with it. Talk to the mayor now who says that it is owned by a
    wealthy Sim so it cannot be used as a tourist attraction. 
    Anyway, you will need to get your Star Meter up now. You really need to talk
    with some tourists, who will have some requests for you. Some of them involve
    you parting with an item in your inventory, and they will pay well for it.
    After a couple of days, you will need to talk to Sophie again. She has no
    inspiration for new furniture and asks you to design some for her. You now 
    have access to essence of forest and guess what, we reach Star Level 4!
    [2.07] The Last Star
    Well, the mountain is now opened with Elizabeth donating the mountain back
    to the town, with a ranger to go with it. Anyway, your first job will be to
    pay a visit to the mountain and talk to the blue hair ranger, Tracy. She 
    isn't all to happy with the desolate barren land of the mountain, so as we 
    do with all new visitors, converse. After that, she introduces herself as 
    Tracy and says sorry for mistaking you for Elizabeth, painful if you are a 
    Anyway, she was looking for a quick buck and was scammed. She says that since
    you live here, you will have to dig for something valuable for her, and gives
    you a shovel, which has a §50 rental fee. I think I just got scammed. Anyway,
    you will now go into the game of Dowsing. Basically, you will need to move
    around the mountain area and double click around the area. It is basically
    a game of warmer or colder. Blue means you are far from a source of valuables
    while red means it is close by. Once you have figured out where the ore is,
    double click on the suspect area. Once there, if there is a ! mark, you will
    need to slide your stylus to dig it up. You are awarded points for any ore you
    dig up. 
    Anyway, dig up a piece of ore and give it to Tracy, who exclaims that it is
    gemstone ore. She of course, takes it from you and gives you credit that you
    can use. This can be redeemed for a large manner of items. You will still need
    to pay a rental fee of §50 for each time you use the shovel. You can now go 
    dowsing and redeem points by talking to Tracy. After this charade, this will
    give you a boost to your star meter. 
    Come back another day and talk to Tracy again. She says that she wants to open
    up a Paragliding business, better than the one in the Highlands. And best of 
    all, it won't cost her since she "borrowed" the equipment from Marie. And just
    what, you are going to do a test run. To make sure it is safe of course. Well,
    since you didn't die, she will open up the Paragliding tomorrow. This also 
    gives a massive boost to your star meter. 
    Head to Olivia and she will talk to you about jewels. There are those that you
    can redeem off Tracy and Pearls that you can obtain via fishing. Anyway, give
    her one and she will make something for you later. While you are redeeming
    stuff off Tracy, you need to purchase a head and body item from her in order
    to complete this star level. Continue your digging in order to get enough 
    points to do so.
    Once you have the head, you can go to Helen and she will ask you to build a 
    statue with the parts that you have collected. Give her the parts to do so
    and you will complete this star level as well as a nice bonus of §1000 to
    top it off. Note that once you design the head, you can redesign it by talking
    to Helen, so that design is not permanent. Congratulations, you have reached 
    [2.08] A New Dawn
    The Report comes in and you have finished the game, well, the storyline based
    bit of it anyway. Since this game is neverending, it will never finish, until
    you decide to break the cartridge into bits and pieces. Anyway, you need to
    head to the Entertainment Area because somebody is there to talk to you.
    Talk to Nicki, board the boat and move off to the airfield. 
    The guy's name is Martin and apparently, his nice airplane made a landing on
    the airfield, a very bad one at that. So in order to get home, he decides to
    open a business, using his aircraft, after the repairs are done, which is
    probably the next day. Come back and visit him in a few days. In the mean
    time, you can visit the shops around the place and let them upgrade for the
    final time. Visit Olivia when she finishes and she will give you a really
    nice item. From now on, you can use Olivia to make Jewellry for you if you 
    have either a Jewel from Tracy or a Pearl.
    Anyway, you can now visit Foster and he will allow you to upgrade the Forest
    for the final time. This also allows you to use the Sculptures to decorate
    the Forest as well. When you do, he will finally be happy.
    After a hiatus of about 5 days, go back to visit Martin and his plane will
    be fixed. You can now go Skydiving. It only costs a mere §200 and you can make
    some serious money.
    Also, the back and forth travelling between the Entertainment Area and the
    Mainland will allow Nicki to discover a new boat, that was seemingly abandoned
    in the middle of the sea. Guess what that's for. Anyway, come back the next
    day and Nicki announces that Helen allows him to keep the boat, and he has to
    come up with an idea, so come back and visit him later. Visit her tomorrow and
    she will open up his new business, the Scuba Diving business. It will cost you
    though, a cool §100.
    [3.01] Ashley's Florist
    Ashley's Florist is in town, next to the Town Hall to the Left. She is a 
    florist, meaning, she sells flowers. Below is a list of Flowers that she sells
    for home. Note that her store will not be open on Sundays. Continued purchase
    of her products will allow her to upgrade her store.
    Cost = §100
    Cost = §200
    Cathedral Cactus
    Cost = §100
    Ficus Umbellata
    Cost = §100
    Cost = §100
    She also sells gives for other people, such as tourists. 
    Bouquet of Flowers
    Cost = §100
    Cost = §100
    Cost = §200
    When you help her arrange leis, you will recieve one as well.
    Small Lei
    Value = §50 at Olivia's Store
    Medium Lei
    Value = §100 at Olivia's Store
    Large Lei
    Value = §150 at Olivia's Store
    Cost = §200
    Cost = §400
    Birds of Paradise
    Cost = §150
    Cost = §150
    Cost = §200
    Cost = §200
    New portable items
    Cost = §200
    Cost = §500
    Long-Leafed Fig
    Cost = §250
    Cost = §250
    Blue Latan Palm
    Cost = §250
    Cost = §300
    New portable items
    Cost = §500
    Cost = §400
    Cost = §500
    Cost = §400
    Autograph Tree
    Cost = §500
    Dwarf Fiddle-Leaf Fig
    Cost = §500
    Footstool Palm
    Cost = §500
    Cost = §400
    Cost = §500
    Non-Leaf Strelitzia
    Cost = §500
    Bombax Elipticum
    Cost = §1000
    Cost = §1500
    New portable items
    Cost = §500
    [3.02] Sophie's Furniture Store
    Sophie sells furniture and home upgrades for your house. This is accessed by
    exiting the Town from the South, following the road north into the next screen
    and the House there is Sophie's. Talk to her and she will sell furniture to 
    you. Note that on Wednesday, her store is closed. Continued purchase of 
    Sophie's products will allow her to upgrade her store.
    White Wooden Floor
    Cost = §80
    Oak Floor
    Cost = §80
    Ebony Floor
    Cost = §80
    Concrete Floor
    Cost = §90
    White Wooden Wall
    Cost = §80
    Oak Wall
    Cost = §80
    Ebony Wall
    Cost = §80
    Concrete Wall
    Cost = §90
    Red Closet
    Cost = §300
    Green Closet
    Cost = §300
    Blue Closet
    Cost = §300
    Yellow Closet
    Cost = §300
    Red Chest
    Cost = §300
    Green Chest
    Cost = §300
    Blue Chest
    Cost = §300
    Yellow Chest
    Cost = §300
    Red Table
    Cost = §200
    Green Table
    Cost = §200
    Blue Table
    Cost = §200
    Yellow Table
    Cost = §200
    Red Chair
    Cost = §150
    Green Chair
    Cost = §150
    Blue Chair
    Cost = §150
    Yellow Chair
    Cost = §150
    Red Bed
    Cost = §300
    Green Bed
    Cost = §300
    Blue Bed
    Cost = §300
    Yellow Bed
    Cost = §300
    Cork Wall
    Cost = §120
    Round Rug
    Cost = §100
    Log House Floor
    Cost = §120
    Pink Carpet
    Cost = §150
    Blue Carpet
    Cost = §150
    Modern Floor
    Cost = §200
    Pink Wall
    Cost = §100
    Blue Wall
    Cost = §100
    Brick Wall
    Cost = §120
    Stone Wall
    Cost = §150
    Retro Style Wall
    Cost = §200
    Log Closet
    Cost = §350
    Log Chest
    Cost = §350
    Block Chest
    Cost = §350
    Glass Table
    Cost = §250
    Wooden Table
    Cost = §250
    Block Table
    Cost = §350
    Log Chair
    Cost = §200
    White Sofa
    Cost = §250
    Red Sofa
    Cost = §250
    Blue Sofa
    Cost = §250
    Cost = §150
    Log Bed
    Cost = §350
    Tile Carpet
    Cost = §180
    Quilt Mat
    Cost = §250
    Japanese Floor
    Cost = §250
    Tile Floor
    Cost = §300
    Woodwork Floor
    Cost = §350
    Rattan Wall
    Cost = §150
    Modern Wall
    Cost = §250
    Japanese Wall
    Cost = §250
    Striped Wall
    Cost = §300
    Bamboo Wall
    Cost = §350
    Block Closet
    Cost = §400
    Rattan Closet
    Cost = §500
    Pretty Chest
    Cost = §400
    Rattan Chest
    Cost = §400
    Japanese Chest
    Cost = §450
    Block Table
    Cost = §250
    Japanese Table
    Cost = §300
    Log Table
    Cost = §400
    Rattan Table
    Cost = §450
    Rattan Chair
    Cost = §400
    Red Sofa
    Cost = §250
    Blue Sofa
    Cost = §250
    White Love Seat
    Cost = §380
    Red Love Seat
    Cost = §380
    Blue Love Seat
    Cost = §380
    Block Bed
    Cost = §400
    Japanese Bed
    Cost = §600	
    Retro Rug
    Cost = §400
    Block Floor
    Cost = §400
    Fur Rug
    Cost = §500
    Rattan Floor
    Cost = §600
    Library Floor
    Cost = §700
    Log Wall
    Cost = §350
    Passionate Wall
    Cost = §400
    Block Wall
    Cost = §400
    Chinese Wall
    Cost = §700
    Woodwork Wall
    Cost = §800
    Japanese Closet
    Cost = §1000
    Antique Closet
    Cost = §1500
    Wavy Front Chest
    Cost = §500
    Girl's Chest
    Cost = §1000
    Antique Chest
    Cost = §1800
    Office Desk
    Cost = §500
    Modern Table
    Cost = §700
    Log Bench
    Cost = §400
    Block Sofa
    Cost = §500
    Rattan Sofa
    Cost = §700
    Rattan Bed
    Cost = §700
    [3.03] Tyler's Tailor
    Tyler is a Tailor who owns and runs the clothing store in town. His store is
    located South West of the Town Fountain. He sells a variety of clothes in
    three catagories, Shirts, Pants and Suits. He is only open in the noon and
    evening parts of the day.
    Grey Circle T-Shirt
    Cost = §100
    Purple Circle T-Shirt
    Cost = §100
    Biege Circle T-Shirt
    Cost = §100
    Orange Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Red Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Orange Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    Red Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    Orange Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Pink Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Red Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Purple Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Light Blue Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Purple JPN Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Light Purple JPN Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Red Pants
    Cost = §150
    Ivory Pants
    Cost = §150
    Green Pants
    Cost = §150
    Green Training Suit
    Cost = §150
    Checked T-Shirt
    Cost = §120
    No. 5 T-Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Navy JPN T-Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Orange Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Red Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Purple Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Green Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Purple Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Green Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Purple Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    White SweatShirt
    Cost = §130
    Green SweatShirt
    Cost = §130
    Red SweatShirt
    Cost = §130
    Dark Blue Roll-Ups
    Cost = §180
    Blue Roll-Ups
    Cost = §180
    Light Blue Roll-Ups
    Cost = §180
    Brown Pants
    Cost = §150
    Blue Training Suit
    Cost = §200
    Polka Dot T-Shirt
    Cost = §150
    Smiley Face T-Shirt
    Cost = §150
    Red JPN T-Shirt
    Cost = §150
    Black Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Grey Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Pink Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Light Blue Striped Polo
    Cost = §100
    Red Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Green Shirt
    Cost = §110
    Black JPN Hawaiian
    Cost = §120
    Light Blue JPN Hawaiian
    Cost = §120
    Black Training Jacket
    Cost = §180
    Pink Training Jacket
    Cost = §180
    Orange Training Jacket
    Cost = §180
    Black Ripped Jeans
    Cost = §220
    Dark Blue Ripped Jeans
    Cost = §220
    Light Blue Shorts
    Cost = §300
    Camouflage Shorts
    Cost = §220
    Sea Camouflage Shorts
    Cost = §220
    Red Training Suit
    Cost = §250
    Grey Suit
    Cost = §300
    JPN Flower T-Shirt
    Cost = §220
    Big Heart T-Shirt
    Cost = §220
    Small Heart T-Shirt
    Cost = §220
    Black Polo
    Cost = §100
    White Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Black Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Pink Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Light Blue Rugby Shirt
    Cost = §120
    Red Flower Shirt
    Cost = §200
    Blue Flower Shirt
    Cost = §200
    White Hawaiian 
    Cost = §220
    Yellow Hawaiian
    Cost = §220
    Black Hooded Sweatshirt
    Cost = §200
    Light Blue Hooded Sweatshirt
    Cost = §200
    Pink Hooded Sweatshirt
    Cost = §200
    White Jeans
    Cost = §250
    Blue Ripped Jeans
    Cost = §220
    Light Blue Ripped Jeans
    Cost = §220
    Red Checked Pants
    Cost = §250
    Brown Checked Pants
    Cost = §250
    Red Checked Pants
    Cost = §250
    Brown Checked Pants
    Cost = §250
    Brown Gingham Pants
    Cost = §250
    Green Gingham Pants
    Cost = §250
    Zebra Striped Shorts
    Cost = §300
    Leopard Print Short
    Cost = §300
    Black Suit
    Cost = §500
    Camouflage T-Shirt
    Cost = §300
    Strawberry T-Shirt
    Cost = §300
    White Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    Black Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    Pink Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    Blue Gradient Polo
    Cost = §180
    Red Hawaiian
    Cost = §220
    Black Hawaiian
    Cost = §220
    Blue Arrow Shirt
    Cost = §250
    Yellow Arrow Shirt
    Cost = §250
    Blue Wave Shirt
    Cost = §300
    Gold Wave Shirt
    Cost = §300
    Black Training Jacket
    Cost = §180
    Pink Training Jacket
    Cost = §180
    Orange Training Jacket
    Cost = §180
    Brown Hooded Jacket
    Cost = §200
    Purple Hooded Jacket
    Cost = §200
    Blue Hooded Jacket
    Cost = §200
    Black Roll Ups
    Cost = §180
    White Roll Ups
    Cost = §300
    White Suit
    Cost = §500
    Blue Shirt Set
    Cost = §500
    [3.04] Olivia's General Store
    Olivia's General Store is run by Olivia, the clumsy owner. She is here to help
    you sell furniture for your home as well as buying unwanted portable items and
    unwanted furniture off you. Her store can be found South of the Town Hall.
    Everything that she buys off you will be at half its original value. 
    Therefore, if you purchase a shortcake and sell it, it was originally at §80
    but will sell to Olivia at §40. Note that on Saturday, Olivia's Store is 
    --==Appliance Furniture==--
    Radio Cassette Player
    Cost = §300
    Rattan Lamp
    Cost = §300
    --==Question Mark (?) Furniture==--
    Log Shelf With Drawer
    Cost = §300
    Log Screen
    Cost = §300
    Round Waste Bucket
    Cost = §100
    Pen Holder
    Cost = §200
    Baseball Set
    Cost = §200
    White Surfboard
    Cost = §500
    Stuffed Horse
    Cost = §150
    Stuffed Zebra
    Cost = §200
    Stuffed Rhinoceros
    Cost = §300
    --==Appliance Furniture==--
    CD Player
    Cost = §500
    Black and White TV
    Cost = §1000
    --==Question Mark (?) Furniture==--
    White Sink
    Cost = §500
    White Cabinet Set
    Cost = §300
    White Cabinet
    Cost = §300
    White Stove
    Cost = §500
    Square Waste Basket
    Cost = §150
    Blue Surfboard
    Cost = §500
    Stuffed Giraffe
    Cost = §300
    --==Appliance Furniture==--
    Log Lamp
    Cost = §400
    --==Question Mark (?) Furniture==--
    Rattan Shelf with Drawer
    Cost = §500
    Rattan Dresser
    Cost = §400
    Rattan Screen
    Cost = §350
    --==Appliance Furniture==--
    Retro Stereo Set
    Cost = §1000
    Block Lamp
    Cost = §500
    Japanese Lamp
    Cost = §600
    --==Question Mark (?) Furniture==--
    Block Shelf with Drawers
    Cost = §500
    Block Screen
    Cost = §400
    Oak Sink
    Cost = §700
    Oak Cabinet Set
    Cost = §500
    Oak Cabinet
    Cost = §500
    Oak Stove
    Cost = §700
    Red Surfboard
    Cost = §500
    Stuffed Hippo
    Cost = §300
    Stuffed Leopard
    Cost = §350
    Stuffed Elephant
    Cost = §350
    --==Appliance Furniture==--
    Large TV Set
    Cost = §1500
    Girl's Lamp
    Cost = §600
    --==Question Mark (?) Furniture==--
    Girl's Shelf with Drawer
    Cost = §600
    Girl's Dresser
    Cost = §800
    Victorian Dresser
    Cost = §1000
    Girl's Screen
    Cost = §500
    Ebony Sink
    Cost = §800
    Ebony Cabinet Set
    Cost = §600
    Ebony Cabinet
    Cost = §600
    Ebony Stove
    Cost = §800
    Go Set
    Cost = §1000
    Foosball Table
    Cost = §1500
    --==Appliance Furniture==--
    Large Stereo Set
    Cost = §1500
    Flat Screen TV
    Cost = §2000
    Victorian Lamp
    Cost = §1000
    --==Question Mark (?) Furniture==--
    Victorian Shelf with Drawer
    Cost = §800
    Victorian Screen
    Cost = §1000
    Modern Sink
    Cost = §1000
    Modern Cabinet Set
    Cost = §800
    Modern Cabinet
    Cost = §800
    Modern Stove
    Cost = §1000
    Cost = §500
    Stuffed Tiger
    Cost = §400
    Mounted Bear
    Cost = §1250
    Cost = §1000
    Pearl Ring
    Value = §150
    [Gem Name Here] Ring
    Value = §150
    [3.05] Charlie's Cakes
    Charlie is a chef who sells cakes, which act as presents for Tourists. He is
    open after you have achieved Star Level 2. These cakes act like flowers. 
    Sometimes, you may get it right and give them a cake that is their favourite,
    or other times, tourists will comment that it is not their favourite, but
    thanks for the thought. Note that the Cake Store is closed on Tuesday.
    There is another reason that you should buy cakes from Charlie. Everytime you
    make a purchase, Charlie will give you some information on what else you could
    do, and note that this an important piece of information.
    Cost = §80
    Cheese Cake
    Cost = §80
    Chocolate Cake
    Cost = §100
    Mont Blanc
    Cost = §100
    Chinese Cake
    Cost = §150
    [3.06] The Casino
    There are many prizes that can be redeemed from coins in the Casino. Once you
    have achieved Star Level 3, the Casino is opened at night. You basically 
    gamble to make money. However, like Pokemon, you can just have a whole lot of
    Simoleons and trade it for coins, and then redeem for prizes. The games are
    talked about in the relevant chapter. Of course, you can trade your Simoleons
    for coins if you cannot be bothered with playing the casino games or you do
    not believe in gambling. However, the coins aren't that hard to come by, you
    can make a fair amount by dealing Exactly 21. 
    --==Redeemed Prizes==--
    Are Prizes are redeemed with the necessary amount of coins
    Garden Stone
    Cost = 100 coins
    Small Globe
    Cost = 200 coins
    Cost = 250 coins
    Marble Solitaire
    Cost = 400 coins
    Stuffed White Horse
    Cost = 400 coins
    Rugby Set
    Cost = 400 coins
    Library Chair
    Cost = 500 coins
    Japanese Cushion
    Cost = 500 coins
    Small Bookcase
    Cost = 500 coins
    Red Lantern
    Cost = 500 coins
    Stuffed Lion
    Cost = 500 coins
    Ice Hockey Set
    Cost = 500 coins
    Big Globe
    Cost = 600 coins
    Heavy Bag
    Cost = 600 coins
    Japanese TV Tower
    Cost = 600 coins
    Stone Lantern
    Cost = 700 coins
    Folding Screen
    Cost = 700 coins
    Chess Set
    Cost = 700 coins
    Executive Mansion
    Cost = 700 coins
    Model Car
    Cost = 700 coins
    1Big Bookcase
    Cost = 1000 coins
    Mounted Bear
    Cost = 1000 coins
    Model Boat
    Cost = 1000 coins
    Casino Wall
    Cost = 1000 coins
    Casino Carpet
    Cost = 1000 coins
    Freedom Statue
    Cost = 1000 coins
    French Expo Tower
    Cost = 1000 coins
    White Heron Castle
    Cost = 1250 coins
    Big Clock Tower
    Cost = 1250 coins
    Bamboo Water Drop
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Library Table
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Mounted Deer
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Pool Table
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Japanese Sword
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Japanese Halberd
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Victory Arch
    Cost = 1500 coins
    Arch Bridge
    Cost = 1800 coins
    Pinball Machine
    Cost = 1800 coins
    Tuscan Bell Tower
    Cost = 1800 coins
    Model Plane
    Cost = 1800 coins
    Minister's Desk
    Cost = 2000 coins
    Mounted Wolf
    Cost = 2000 coins
    Greek Goddess Temple
    Cost = 2000 coins
    House of Holy Basil
    Cost = 2000 coins
    Queen Bed
    Cost = 2500 coins
    Antique Urn
    Cost = 2500 coins
    Mounted Tiger
    Cost = 2500 coins
    Samurai Armour
    Cost = 2500 coins
    Western Armour
    Cost = 2500 coins
    House of Our Lady
    Cost = 2500 coins
    New Swan Stone Castle
    Cost = 2500 coins
    Mounted Sheep
    Cost = 2800 coins
    House of our Holy Family
    Cost = 3500 coins
    Laptop Computer
    Cost = 4000 coins
    King Bed
    Cost = 5000 coins
    Mounted White Tiger
    Cost = 6000 coins
    King Chair
    Cost = 8000 coins
    Video Game Company
    Cost = 10000 coins
    --==Buying Coins==--
    10 Coins
    Cost = §100
    100 Coins
    Cost = §1000
    500 Coins
    Cost = §5000
    [3.07] Tracy's Dowsing Store
    Basically, instead of using §§§ to purchase items, you will need to go dowsing
    for ore to gain points that you can redeem at this store. This is available
    from Tracy after you have become friendly with her and gone dowsing for your
    first time at Star Level 4. If you don't know where she is located, it is in
    the Mountains, talking to Tracy, the Mountain Ranger. 
    --==Redeemed Prizes==--
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Cost = 100 points
    Dancer Head
    Cost = 150 points
    Friendly Head
    Cost = 150 points
    Surfer Body
    Cost = 150 points
    Angel Body
    Cost = 150 points
    Smiling Lady Picture
    Cost = 250 points
    Turban Girl Picture
    Cost = 250 points
    Wise Man Head
    Cost = 300 points
    Rock n' Roll Body
    Cost = 400 points
    Aristocratic Girl Picture
    Cost = 500 points
    Boy Blowing Flute Picture
    Cost = 500 points
    Kabuki Woodblock Print
    Cost = 600 points
    Retro Poster
    Cost = 600 points
    Ballet Body
    Cost = 650 points
    Scary Head
    Cost = 700 points
    Pompadour Head
    Cost = 550 points
    Disco Body
    Cost = 550 points
    Lady with Marten Picture
    Cost = 800 points
    Old Lady Picture
    Cost = 800 points
    Green Monster Head
    Cost = 900 points
    Bear Head
    Cost = 900 points
    Green Monster Body
    Cost = 900 points
    Bear Body
    Cost = 900 points
    Night Patrol Picture
    Cost = 1000 points
    Woman with Parasol Picture
    Cost = 1000 points
    Aristocratic Boy Picture
    Cost = 1000 points
    Samurai Head
    Cost = 1200 points
    Armor Body
    Cost = 1200 points
    Japanese Beauty Picture
    Cost = 1500 points
    Revolution Picture
    Cost = 1500 points
    Kabuki Head
    Cost = 1700 points
    Kabuki Body
    Cost = 1700 points
    Cheating Picture
    Cost = 1800 points
    Robot Head
    Cost = 2000 points
    Robot Body
    Cost = 2000 points
    [4.01] Helen
    The Mayor of the town, she is the boss of the town. Grandmother of Tim, she
    will ask you to help rebuild the town into resort town once more, bringing
    in the tourists and the Simoleons. 
    Where She Is = Town Hall, in the Town
                   Her Home in Town
    [4.02] Tim
    The naughty grandson of the Mayor. Wearing a doggy hat to attract tourists, he
    is like-minded in attracting more tourists to the town, through Racquetball.
    Deep down, through the cover of his hijinks, he deeply cares about his 
    Where He Is = Town Racquetball Court
                  Highland's Racquetball Court
                  Mountain's Racquetball Court
                  At home in Town
    [4.03] Ashley
    An eccentric, bubbly woman who arrives in the town due to a wanted ad. She 
    arrives shortly after you arrive, agreeing to become the florist of the town.
    She loves flowers, and wants to decorate the whole town in them.
    Where She Is = Florist Store in Town
                   Near Sophia's Shop in the Forest
    [4.04] Ewan
    The town's police officer, who is about to go insane due to boredom. He loves
    his work, and wishes to dispense justice on those deserving. If only Guiseppi
    was still here. He is generally on patrol, protecting tourists. If only they
    needed protecting.
    Where He Is = His Home, North of the Town Hall
                  On Patrol in the Port Area
                  On Patrol in the Forest
                  On Patrol in the Highlands
    [4.05] Tyler
    The town's tailor, who makes clothes and sells them. With fewer tourists 
    spending their Simoleons, his sewing machine grows rusty with disuse. He is
    not confident about himself, wishing to make his store a success. He is 
    constantly depressed.
    Where He Is = In the Tailor Store in Town
                  Near the Road in Town
    [4.06] Olivia
    The owner of the General Store, she originally trapped herself in a suit of
    armour. Armed with a nervous laugh, the keeps the supplier of her goods a 
    secret. She is always willing to help the player out, selling and buying items
    and furniture. She is quiet and when she is bored, she either hides, or is
    forced in hiding due to clumsiness.
    Where She Is = General Store in Town
                   Near the River in the Forest
                   Racquetball Courts in the Mountains
    [4.07] Joseph
    The busy fisherman of the town, he wishes to see all the different species of
    fish in the world, and has tasked you with helping him. He is willing to pay
    decent money for any fish that you catch, whether he has seen it or not. The
    might appear tough, but is quite lonely.
    Where He Is = Fishing Hut in the Port Area
                  The River in the Forest
                  The Lake in the Highlands
    [4.08] Sophia
    A rather lazy furniture store owner, she is normally sleeping due to the lack
    of customers. She has made all the different types of furniture herself, 
    selling it to the player. She has also tasked you with naming her shop, in
    her sleep.
    Where She Is = Furniture Store in the Forest
                   The River in the Forest
    [4.09] Charlie
    The hard working cake store owner, he is always trying out new ideas for 
    cakes as well as loving a dual role as the towns gossip. He loves baking and
    doesn't understand why no one would buy his perfect cakes. An Italian chef
    who secretly loves Chinese food, he wants a fusion between cake and Chinese. 
    Where He Is = Cake Store in Town
                  Wandering around Town
    [4.10] Marie
    The Highland Ranger who is easy to angry and gives up on her chores far to
    easily, leaving others to help her do her duty. She is quick to react and 
    cannot handle positive comments very well.
    Where She Is = The Highlands, in her Hut
                   Outside her Hut in the Highlands
    [4.11] Foster
    The Forest Ranger, who seems to love all types of animals. However, he does
    not appear to be very comfortable around other Sims prefering animals over
    Where He Is = Inside and Outside his Hut in the Forest
    [4.12] Nicki
    The Ferry Boat Operator who obviously operates the ferry boat between the
    Port Area and the Entertainment Area. She appears to be more masculine than
    a normal female would and rushes people as they board the ferry.
    Where She Is = Next to the Ferry in the Port Area
                   Next to the Ferry in the Entertainment Area
    [4.13] Elizabeth
    An extremely wealthy Sim who monetary sense is greatly different to other
    Sims. This is demonstrated when she buys a house for her pet, at the cool
    price of 300 million Simoleons.
    Where She Is = Entertainment Area
                   In the Port Area
                   In the Highlands Area
                   In the Mountains Area
                   In the Forest Area
                   In the Town Area
    [4.14] Hawk
    A casino dealer who acts as a true gentleman. He is in charge of the "Dodge
    the Thief" table. 
    Where He Is = Casino in Entertainment Area
    [4.15] Emma
    A casino dealer with a rather cool and calm attitude but in fact, she really
    hates to lose. She is in charge of the Tic Tac Trump table. 
    Where She Is = Casino in Entertainment Area
    [4.16] Tracy
    She is the mountain ranger that was hired by Elizabeth because she was looking
    for a quick buck. Sadly mistaken, she is plotting schemes and viable business
    options to make some money.
    Where She Is = Mountain Area
    [4.17] Martin
    Martin is a pilot, well, a more hapless one at that since he owns a pretty
    nice plane and crash lands on your airfield in the Entertainment area. He 
    eventually runs the Skydiving business after his plane has been repaired. He
    loves his plane, and eager to get back to his missus.
    Where He Is = Airfield in Entertainment Area
                  Wandering in the Entertainment Area
                  In the Casino
    [5.01] Dealing with Tourists
    You will need to make the Tourists happy to make some money. The more happy
    tourists, the better the town will be. You will see tourists around the town.
    They do not have any ID on the map, so you need to spot them. 
    When you talk with them, they will say really silly things. This is what I
    have seen so far: I broke my favourite sunglasses
                      I've been dumped by my girlfriend
                      I was walking and then suddenly tripped and fell
                      Know of any good places around here?
                      All the Sims are here look flaky
                      This place is boring
                      What is this place? Theres nothing here
                      You can forget all your worries here and relax
                      What a beautiful day
                      I can't take it anymore!
                      Oh, a bug bit me
                      I've lost all my money at the casino
                      Whats with the store clerks in the town?
                      I'd love to go swimming in the beautiful ocean
    Anyway, converse with them. Trial the options available to you to see what 
    works and what doesn't. It varies from Tourist to Tourist. You can also 
    present them with gives if you have any. Gives such as flowers are the best. 
    This will give you a boost to the happiness meter. You still have to converse
    with them though. 
    Sometimes while you converse, and this happens moreso on the 5th Star level,
    the tourists will be angry when the time starts to run thin, you will have a
    Yes or No option saying that you could make them even more angry than they
    currently are. By suggesting No, you will instantly end the conservation with
    the maximum heart meter, regardless of how high it was beforehand. In some
    cases, such as tourists asking if they can trust you, you will answer Yes.
    Depends on the question really.
    For this, there are 4 questions that they will ask you.
    Question 1
    "I don't care what you say, I'm still mad" - Select No
    Question 2
    "I have a hard time believing you" - Select No
    Question 3
    "Really? Ok, I'll just have to trust you" - Select Yes
    Question 4
    "What? Are you actually worried about me?" - Select Yes
    For some tourists however, they will request you perform a certain task or
    provide them with an item of yours. Some of these can include asking you to
    make items for them, such as leis, or provide them an item in your inventory
    that you can give them for a decent amount of §§§.
    If you fill the happy meter, they will obviously be happy. This will increase
    the amount of Simoleons that you currently have. The amount seems to depend
    on the tourist, as some give more than others. 
    Places where I have seen Tourists
    * Town Fountain
    * Inside and Outside Ashley's Florist
    * Inside and Outside Tyler's Tailor Store
    * Inside and Outside Charlie's Cake Store
    * Outside Olivia's Store
    * Marvelling at the Town Statue
    * Staring at Windmills in the Highlands after you have decorated the Highlands
    * Entertainment Area
    The higher your star level, the more you obviously make from the tourists and
    the more of them there will be. The funny thing is, when Sims say they don't 
    have a penny after gambling at the casino, they can still pay you. 
    [5.02] The Disco
    The Disco is located in the Entertainment Area, and only opens during the
    night, which is what is meant by Preparing to Open for Business. It however,
    has a hefty entry fee of §500. Pay it and enter. You will receive a message
    that the tourists in here will have their opinions of an area changed. They
    will all be able to be conversed to change their opinions, so bear that in
    What this actually does? Well, it might increase the amount of tourists in
    that area, but that is about it. Besides that, it doesn't do anything else.
    There are generally about 3 Sims in the disco at any one time so in my 
    opinion, don't bother. 
    [6.01] How to Fish
    It isn't all that hard to fish. First of all, you will need the fishing rod
    from Joseph the fisherman. He will give you one after you cheer him up.
    To fish, you will need to be next to flowing water, be it the river, the
    mountain pond or the ocean. 
    To catch a fish, you will need to cast the lure. This is simply you using the
    touch pad and tapping where you want the lure to be. Move the lure to where
    you want it to be. This would normally be where the fish are. Well, wait 
    until either the fish bite your lure or move away, in which you move the lure
    to their new location. This takes some patience. When you move the lure, some
    fish react differently to others. This means, they either like or dislike
    your lure, demonstration by the music notes. The double note means good, the
    single is bad. Anyway, you must not that just because a bite and pulls 
    underwater your lure, it doesn't mean that the fish will always be caught.
    There is a chance that the fish can't be reeled in. 
    To get them to bite your line, you have to use your stylus and move the bob
    in circles over a fish. This will produce music notes. Keep doing this till
    the fish or other fish come along and bite. You will have to move the bob
    in circles over the fish very clickly though. 
    Once they bite the lure, the lure will be below water. To reel in your line,
    you need to tap the lure twice, in quick succession, in order to reel the 
    line in. This will allow you to catch the fish. When you don't feel like 
    fishing any longer, head back to Joseph's hut and sell him the fish. Even if
    he has the fish, he will continue to buy them. 
    There are several places that you can fish. You can fish in the Ocean, found 
    in the Port Area, the Pond in the Highlands, the River in the Forest, the 
    Pond in the Mountains and the Sea in the Entertainment Area. 
    If you catch a big fish, watch your MySim, it is hilarious. They will open
    their eyes and run around, till the fish lands on them, squashing them. 
    It is indeed a big one. I'm more surprised that if an anchor lands on them, 
    they don't die. 
    Fish caught should be sold to Joseph and not Olivia. Why? Because first of
    all, Joseph records the fish that you have caught and pays you well. Also,
    here is a chance that there is something in the fish, such as a frog, that
    you can sell for extra money. Note that this extra item is generated at the
    point you give it to Joseph, so you could save game, and reload over and
    over again till you get an item. Reloading might take time, and the good
    thing is that there is not Resetti to annoy you for not turning off the DS
    [6.02] What You Can Catch
    There are two places for you to catch fish. There is the ocean and the river
    that you can fish at. I will list what you can catch and where. As a side
    note, unwanted junk can be caught anywhere, in the ocean or the river. If you
    give Joseph rare fish, he will suffer from a near heart attack. These will be
    marked with an asterisk. Those that will crush you will be marked with an
    # sign.
    --==The Ocean==--
    Value = §1000
    "Thought to have become extinct a long time ago."
    Value = §260
    "A notoriously ferocious fish."
    "Can be caught from a boat or the beach surface."
    "Actively looks for food all day long."
    "Move the lure in a zigzag pattern to anger the fish so that it will attack 
    "Large Barracudas are found in parts of the ocean where large schools of 
     fish gather."
    Horse Mackerel
    Value = §65
    "Lives in schools in the sea."
    "Can be caught from a beach shore."
    "Swims in schools all day long."
    "Move the lure quickly to attract its attention,"
    "Plankton is its food of choice, so the big horse mackerels are found in 
     plankton-rich parts of the ocean."
    Value = §650
    "Fast swiming fish."
    Pacific Saury
    Value = §52
    "Lives in schools near the surface of the ocean."
    "Can be caught from a beach shore."
    "Swims all day long in a fixed course."
    "Move the lure in a zigzag pattern to attract the fish."
    "The biggest Pacific Sauries are found in oceans with abundant aquatic life
     and few natural enemies."
    Value = §39
    "Lives in schools."
    "Can be caught from a beach shore or an embankment."
    "Active all day long."
    "It is a demure fish and if the lure is moved too quickly, it will be scared 
    "Large schools of sardines live in oceans where plankton is abundant."
    Sea Bass#
    Value = §210
    "Swims all over the ocean on a fixed course."
    "Can be caught in the ocean from anywhere around this town."
    "Not very active during the day."
    "Move the lure quickly and the fish will aggressively come in for the bait."
    "Big sea basses can be caught anywhere there is a large river nearby."
    Sea Bream
    Value = §280
    "Found in oceans with a lot of reefs."
    "A boat should be used to catch these fish."
    "Active any time of the day."
    "It is a cautious fish, so a slow-moving lure is the best way to catch it."
    Value = §680
    "King of the rivers and lakes around here."
    "Said to be found in the mountain area, but also under bridges sometimes."
    Black Bass
    Value = §100
    "Lives in bodies of water with gentle currents."
    "Cannot be caught in rivers with fast currents."
    "It feeds during the day and is quiet at night."
    "It's a fierce fish that is attracted to straight-moving lures."
    "Feeds on other smaller fish to grow, so the biggest black basses can be
     caught where there are a lot of other fish for them to feed on."
    Brook Trout
    Value = §140
    "Found in low-temperature waters."
    Value = §90
    "Lives in lakes and rivers where there is very little current."
    "Often found in high altitude lakes."
    "It's an active feeder twice a day; once each in the morning and evening."
    "Move the lure quickly to catch the fish's attention."
    "This fish is a big eater and large carps can be found where bait is 
    Value = §60
    "Lives in the muddy bottoms of rivers and lakes."
    "Can be caught in mountain lakes or under a bridge."
    "Buried in the mud from morning to evening and is difficult to catch during
     those hours."
    "Move the lure slowly to tempt the fish out in order to catch it"
    "Rivers with waterweeds are good habitats for catfish, and catfish often 
     grow large in those areas."
    Value = §155
    "A long, slender-bodied fish found living in the shadow of rocks."
    "Can be caught in lakes or upper parts of a river."
    "A nocturnal fish mainly active during the night."
    "Usually found lurking behind things, but if the lure is reeled in using a 
     zigzag pattern, the eel will aggressively take the bait."
    "The best eels can be caught in clean and clear waters."
    Value = §140
    "Found in gentle currents."
    "Often caught in mountain lakes in gentle currents."
    "During the day is the best time to catch this fish."
    "It is a strong fish that will attack fast-moving lures."
    "It is said that huge pikes sometimes attack humans and can be found in places
     where the abundance of nature attract many animals."
    Rainbow Trout
    Value = §180
    "Found in cold, fast-flowing bodies of water."
    "Often caught in low-temperature waters, in the upper streams of a river."
    Value = §210
    "Very territorial fish."
    "Often caught under a bridge."
    "Not so active from the evening to night."
    "Moving the lure in a straight line will make the fish believe that another
     fish has entered its territory, and the sweetfish will go in for the attack."
    "A clean river is important to the sweetfish and will attract more of their
    --==Unwanted Junk==--
    An Anchor
    Value = §25 at Olivia's Store
    A Plug
    Value = §5 at Olivia's Store
    Value = §5 at Olivia's Store
    Sometimes, the Fish will have something inside it, and since you caught it,
    Joseph will give it to you. These are normally frogs. They can be used as 
    --==Found in a Fish==--
    Value = §50 at Olivia's Store
    Blue Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Gold Frog
    Value = §250 at Olivia's Store
    Green Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Orange Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Purple Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Red Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Yellow Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Yellow Green Frog
    Value = §125 at Olivia's Store
    Value = §150 at Olivia's Store
    Hand Made Surfboard
    Value = §750 at Olivia's Store
    [6.03] Fishing Rods
    When you start out fishing, you will have a regular fishing rod with a little
    white lure. This is your basic rod.
    When you have sold Joseph about 13 fish, he will give you the Stiff Fishing
    Rod. The lure you will have on the rod will be different. With this rod, it
    will be more likely than before that you will catch a fish once it has bitten
    the line. There will also be some new type of fish that you can catch. Also,
    more likely to spawn frogs out of fish. 
    Once you sell him about 30 fish, he will give you a Flexible Fishing Rod. 
    It will be easier to catch fish with this. A different looking lure again
    this time. It will be even easier to catch a fish now. 
    Catch more species of fish, and sell them to him and he will give you the
    Amusing Fishing Rod. This is the best fishing rod in the game and with your
    4 fishing rods, should be able to catch all the fish in the game. 
    [7.01] Racquetball
    To play Racquetball, you need to go to the Racuqetball courts. They are 
    located in the Town Main and the Highlands. Select your Racquet as the item 
    needed to play. Basically, it is tennis against a Brick Wall. You also will
    get money for this. Anyway, have a game or two, and this needs some serious
    practice. I only get 11 as my high score by my 5 try :( Anyway, talk to 
    Tim who will ask you to get better to keep the racquet. This will increase
    your Star Rating. You can now also play Racquetball where ever there is a 
    Court to play in. Well, keep practicing till you get the Bronze Award. This
    practice in the meantime will earn you some more Simoleons. Always good to 
    have more money. And those little pigs that run in and interfere? Well, if
    the ball hits them, the ball will bounce and you have to be prepared. 
    In the Mountains, the hazard, instead of the little pigs that will run 
    around are the rocks. Because of this, the score will be harder to obtain as
    you have the bouncing around the rocks. The Highlands, however, will still 
    have the little pigs as the hazard. In my opinion, the Mountains is the
    hardest course to master. 
    [7.02] Rally
    Rally is fighting against the Brick Wall. You aim is to hit the ball as many
    times as possible. When the ball travels out of bounds or you miss the ball
    and it passes you, the rally is over. 
    The best way to get the most points is to ensure that you don't have to move
    anywhere. To do this, serve the ball first. Now, the trick to Racquetball is
    that you wait for the ball to bounce after hitting the wall, then swing your
    racquet. This will always allow you to hit the ball straight, allowing you to
    continue. By hitting the ball straight, you don't have to move and worry about
    missing because the ball doesn't force you to move. 
    This will take some practice to get the hang of. The most challenging part of
    rally will be the moving dog. If the ball hits the dog, it will bounce and
    this can make it harder for you to hit the ball since it is in the air. It 
    can however, rebound, which is a good thing. 
    To achieve the Bronze Medal, you will need to score 250 points in a single
    game. To achieve the Silver Medal, you will need to score 525 points and
    to achieve the gold Medal, you will need 1100 points.
    [7.03] Target 1
    After you have progressed in the game, you will get the Target 1 option. 
    This is where you have 30 seconds where the aim is to score as many points
    as possible. There will be a bullseye on the wall. The aim is to hit the
    red as many times as you can. The more things hit the wall on a colour, the
    more points you will get. The more points you get, the higher your score.
    If the ball goes dead, you get a new ball but basically, hit the wall as
    many times as you can. 
    To achieve the Bronze Medal, you will need a score of 1300. To achieve the
    Silver Medal, you will need a score of 2500. 
    [7.04] Target 2
    Target 2 is basically the second test of target. This is different from target
    1 in the fact that you have 60 seconds to score as many points as you can.
    The aim here is to hit the apples. Apple cards will pop up and you will have
    to knock them down. The more you hit, the more points you get. 
    Also, just as in Target 1, if the ball goes dead, you will get a new ball to
    smack around.
    To achieve the Bronze Medal, you will need a score of 2200. 
    [8.01] Arranging Leis
    This is basically matching the cards on the table with the colour of the
    flower. This is rather simple, matching about 15 flowers with the cards on
    the table, and continue for three waves. Of course, to improve your score,
    you need to be faster, accurate and swifter. Of course, you will get paid
    for this as well. 
    When you have cards that you can no longer use, use the pink switch at the 
    bottom. Tap it and it will give you four new cards to match up with. Rather
    simple. There are three different colours for the flowers. There is red, 
    yellow and purple. 
    To achieve the bronze medal, you will need to score 420. With a score of 500,
    you will achieve the silver medal. With a perfect score of 550, you will get
    the gold medal. As long as you are under 30 seconds, you will get 500 point
    for time. If you get a card wrong, you will lose 20 points and by getting all
    the cards right, you get 50 points. 
    After you complete an arranging session, you will get a small lei. These are
    worth §50 each at Olivia's Store. 
    After you have achieved easy leis, you will move onto normal leis. You will 
    need to act quickly. You will get 100 points for getting no errors while you
    will get a 30 point penalty for getting one wrong. There is a maximum of 
    1000 points if you manage to finish this before 40 seconds. There are now 4
    colours to contend with as well.
    On the normal level, you will need to get 985 points for a bronze medal. You 
    will need about 1020 for the silver medal whilst you will need 1075 for the
    Gold medal. 
    After completing a lei on normal difficulty, you will get a regular lei. These
    are worth §100 each. 
    On hard difficulty, it is extremely hard. There are now 6 types of flowers
    to arrange. You will need to get below 1 minute to get the full 2000 points
    possible. A wrong card will lead to 100 points be deducted. If you do not get
    one wrong, you will get a 200 point bonus. 
    You will need a score of 2000 to get the bronze medal. You need a score of 
    2100 for the silver medal and 2175 for the gold medal. 
    After completing a lei on hard difficulty, you will get a large lei. It has
    a value of §150.
    [9.01] Paragliding
    Paragliding is basically going on a hang-glider and seeing how far you can
    stay in the air. That is the general gist of paragliding. You have to use the
    control pad as a movement control. B is the way for a fast descent. You can
    also blow into the microphone for a quick boost. There are two places that
    you can paraglide. You can do the first in the Highlands once that is unlocked
    and once more in the Mountains after that is unlocked as well.
    While you are paragliding, you should collect all the jewels that you can. 
    This will give you extra points of course. Also, don't hit the birds while
    you are paragliding around because they will make you descend, which is not
    a good thing. The Start button will act as your pause of course. 
    You should stay on the top as much as you can because if the wind throws a 
    massive descent on you, you don't have to use quick reactions to survive. You
    will need 6500 points to achieve the bronze medal. 
    [9.02] Skydiving
    Skydiving is basically falling down from the sky, catching jewels and
    getting to the base as fast as you can. It costs you a hefty §200 paid to 
    Martin to Skydive.
    Basically, you parachute down, using the Left and Right arrow key to move
    left and right across the screen. You can use the Arrow Keys and A to dance
    around, or perform acrobatics and this will earn you points. Clouds will
    act as breaks as well, so don't run into them.
    Anyway, to proceed with the game, you need to get to the base as fast as you
    can to earn some points. However, the faster you do it, the more points you
    seem to earn, but in reality, it doesn't earn you that many points. The 
    next set of points comes from the jewels collected. Each jewel is worth 100
    points so you really need to collect all of them to make some money. However,
    the most points can be made from collecting the combos. This is basically
    collecting three jewels of the same colour in a row. This gives more incentive
    to watch the jewels and collect them.
    [10.01] Table Games
    There are several games that you can play. Hawk is the host of the table game,
    "Dodge the Thief" This is a card that is simple to understand. You have a 7
    card hand. There are six numbers on the table. You aim to get as many of the
    numbered cards in your hand on the right square on the table. The reason for
    7 cards and not six is because one of the cards is a thief. Your goal is to 
    isolate him as the thief is not wanted. There will also be a flashing number
    on the table. If you get the number right on that square, your bet is doubled
    but it will cost you. That means, double points. This game is quite hard due
    to the fact that you have no real clue on what card each of them are. The
    winnings are as follows.
    3 Cards Correct = 3X Bet
    4 Cards Correct = 10X Bet
    5 Cards Correct = 30X Bet
    6 Cards Correct = 50X Bet
    The second table game is hosted by Emma. The game here is Tic Tac Trump. 
    There will be nine cards laid out in a 3 by 3 format. Your aim here is to 
    get a single number in a row. This is already pre-determined from the start
    so really, it is luck. On the second card you flip over, you have the choice
    of doubling your bet. Your Bingos will basically be three in a row, no matter
    if it is horizontally, vertically or diagonally. As long as you have three
    in a row in that manner, you will get double your bet. For extra bingos, you
    will get in return, your bet X (2 + Extra Bingos). Therefore, it is in your
    best interest to bet when you feel that the first two cards are holding 
    something special.
    After a day, the amount you can bet will be increased, and this will continue
    till you reach the limit of betting 50 coins in a single go. This is provided
    you play every single day at the casino though. 
    [10.02] The Slot Machine
    There are also slot machines that you can play. All of them are "Exactly 21"
    Your goal here to get your cards to total up to 21 exactly. The more cards 
    you use will make sure that you have more money. However, if you bust the
    number 21, you will lose all the coins that you have betted. So, the more
    cards under 21, the better. If you get 21 exactly, you will get a Blackjack
    Bonus, which basically doubles your winnings. The highest number will be 
    six so if you are on or below 15, by all means, hit. The highest you can bet
    is 10 though. This will slowly increase and it will increase to a maximum bet
    of 30, and this in turn will increase until you can bet up to 50 coins in a 
    single go.
    The strategy for this is that there are 6 cards, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This is
    like Blackjack, where you want to get as close to 21 as you can without going
    over it. If you get exactly 21, you get a bonus of 100 coins. The plan is,
    if you have a total below 15, you have to, by all beens, hit and get another
    card. If you get a total of 16, there will be a 1 in 6 risk that you can go
    over your total and bust. From 17, the odds increase to 1 out of 3 that you
    will bust. At 18, half a chance, 19, 2 in 3 chance and at 20, there is a 5 in
    6 chance that you will bust if you decide to get another card. I would say
    that as long as you are below 17, it is in your favour to get another card
    rather than play it safe. After 17, I suggest that you stay.
    This is the fastest game in which you can make some money. As long as you 
    don't quit the game, and you have the 50 coin bet, you can make some 
    serious money from this slot machine. A casino where you can win, I like
    those odds.
    And before I forget, these are the payouts for the game.
    5 Cards under 21 = 1X Bet
    6 Cards under 21 = 2X Bet
    7 Cards under 21 = 5X Bet
    8 Cards under 21 = 10X Bet
    9 Cards under 21 = 20X Bet
    10 Cards under 21 = 50X Bet
    [11.01] Designing Clothes
    This game is accessed when you cheer Tyler up. Anyway, he will explain that
    designing clothes is a colour coded affair. There is a colour code that you
    have to follow.
    Blue    =  Front
    White   =  Back
    Green   =  Left Arm
    Yellow  =  Right Arm
    Pink    =  Palm
    This is basically playing around with paint on the computer. Basically,
    you can colour clothes, have prints on them, draw on them, and they are your
    [11.02] Designing Furniture
    This is accessed after you provide some inspiration for Sophie. With this, you
    can make some designs. These designs will form the basis of a type of 
    furniture you want to make. The type of furniture you want will alter the 
    Chest  = §700
    Closet = §1000
    Bed    = §900
    Chair  = §500
    Sofa   = §600
    Table  = §700
    You can only have 6 pieces of custom furniture however. 
    [11.03] Essence of the ?
    There are four difference essences that you can use while you design your
    furniture. When you go to Sophie and choose the option to make the furnitre,
    you have the choice to use a pattern you have make, via the make pattern 
    option, or make furniture, and select the essence there.
    The Essences are the easiest way to design good looking furniture without the
    work of design. In summary, the Essences are pre-made patterns of a certain
    theme. Basically, it is custom furniture that looks good. There are 4 
    different essences, and they can be obtained in four seperate ways, obviously.
    Essence of the Ball
    The Essence of the Ball is a pattern with a red Racquetball Racquet and a 
    Yellow Ball floating above a green background. The Essence of the Ball is
    obtained once you obtain the Gold Medal in the Racquetball Rally event.
    Essence of the Sea
    The Essence of the Sea is a pattern with sailing vessels, anchors and some
    ocean waves on a blue background. This Essence of the Sea is obtained after
    you Scuba Dive for a while and Nicki presents an opportunity for a Whale
    Watch event. Take it and you will receive the Essence of the Sea at the end
    of the event.
    Essence of the Forest
    The Essence of the Forest is a pattern with three different trees on a grass
    green background. This Essence is obtained when you make Sophie happy with
    the furfilled forest. 
    Essence of the Flower
    The Essence of the Flower is a pattern consisting of yellow, red and purple
    flowers on a yellow background. This Essence is obtained when you achieve a 
    Gold Medal in making a Hard Lei.
    [12.01] Dowsing
    After you have unlocked this from Tracy, you will now be able to go digging 
    for some gemstone ore. Basically, the instructions are the same. You hire the
    shovel for §50 and you have 3 minutes to dig as much as you can. You use the
    double tap function to use the radar for more ore, whilst looking for ! marks
    that indicate there is ore to be dug up. Anyway, when you dig things up, there
    are 3 general types of ore. Blue ore is worth the least and therefore, the 
    least valuable in terms of points. Red ore averages somewhere in the middle 
    while Green ore is worth the most. The most valuable however, is a light blue
    ore, which is worth at least double than green ore. 
    You can also dig up valuable §§§ as well, as well as a clock, which basically
    gives you another 30 seconds to dig up more ore. The rule of thumb here is 
    that the deeper the ore is located, ie, the higher number the depth is, the
    more it will be worth. The depth can range from a petty amount of 2 to a 
    large amount of 8.
    After a while of dowsing, Tracy will decide to let you have a bigger shovel,
    and this of course, is going to charge you more. In fact, the rental fee has
    been doubled to §100 for using the big shovel. But, the big shovel, while
    you cannot kill other people with it, will allow you to dig faster, which 
    might be handy if you are digging items at depths of 8 and takes a fair amount
    of time to get up. 
    [13.01] Using Sparkles
    During the course of the game, as I, and many other readers for that matter,
    noticed that during the night, whilst your character is outside, there will
    be little sparkles what are the results of shooting stars that have crashed
    and landed. There are special items that can only be gathered in this manner
    so it is relatively worthwhile to go collect these sparkles.
    These sparkles are indicated, as mentioned before, while they are outside
    and during the night. It will basically be a twinkling star over the ground
    and you can head up to it and press A in order to collect the sparkle. These
    can be collected in all areas, and that includes the Town, Port, Forest,
    Mountain, Highlands and the Entertainment Area as well.
    There are specific items that can be gathered in each area as well.
    In the Town area, you can gather the exclusive Star Wall as well as the Starry
    Key furniture items. In this area, you can also collect randomly sized leis,
    whether it be small, regular or large as well as any type of Cake that 
    Charlie sells, or has yet to sell due to his experiments.
    In the Port Area, you can gather the exclusive Sea Floor and the Sea Wall
    items for your home. Since the Port Area has a Sea theme around it, the
    other sparkles will basically be any other items that can be caught via 
    fishing. This means that ANY type of fish can be up for grabs, including
    the rarer fish, and also the junk that you can catch such as the plugs and
    the crayfish.
    In the Forest Area, you can gather the exclusive Forest Wall and the Forest
    Floor room items for your abode. Since the Forest has more of a vibe for
    plants, the sparkles here will basically be any type of potted plant for 
    your home, as long as it does not bear any flowers.
    In the Highlands Area, you can gather the exclusive Sky Wall and the Cloud
    Floor for your house. Like the forest, it has a more vegetation type feel
    and unlike the Forest, it will give you any type of pot plant that does
    bear flowers.
    In the Mountain Area, you can gather the exclusive Rocky Wall and the Rock
    Floor for your home. Since there is a more earth based feel, the sparkles
    here will contain every type of gem available, any type of frog available
    and the Garden Stone. Pearls will be available as well, even though it is
    impossible for Pearls to grow in rocks, but I guess whatever floats the
    wacky designer's boat.
    In the Entertainment Area, you can gather the exclusive Disco Wall and the
    Disco Floor. Instead of items here, you can gather larger sums of § than 
    All sparkles have the chance to instead contain random amounts of §§§ 
    ranging from small amounts such as §10 to higher amounts surpassing §300.
    The Entertainment area has a higher chance of containing higher amounts
    of money, but it is still random.
    [14.01] Gold Stars
    Gold Stars is basically the same as obtaining a villager pic from Animal
    Crossing. It is obtained when you achieve the maximum friendship level with
    a villager possible through completing several tasks and meeting several
    requirements. It is seen when you access the Villager screen from the X
    button and by selecting one of the villagers. And if you have the Gold Star,
    it will show. Besides that, what does it do? Absolutely nothing. Doesn't even
    give you any HRA points.
    Most Sims can give you their Gold Star if you either talk to them on a regular
    basis, or talking to them regularly. Sims that run stores will have their gold
    star available by conducting business with them on a regular basis as well, 
    hence being a good customer. Your friendless meter is measured on the Smiley
    Face on the bottom right hand side of the Sim's portrait.
    Emma's Gold Star is obtained by increasing the bet size of the table she works
    on in the Casino to 50 coins.
    Hawk's Gold Star is obtained by increasing the bet size of the table she works
    on in the Casino to 50 coins.
    Marie's Gold Star is obtained by placing all the decorations on the highlands
    area. Foster's Gold Star is obtained by placing all decorations on the 
    Forest Area as well as having a natural balance and feeding the animals.
    Tracy's Gold Star is obtained via continued use of her Paragliding facilities.
    Martin's Gold Star is obtained via continued use of his Skydiving facilities.
    Joseph's Gold Star is obtained by continuiously deliverying fish to him.
    Olivia's, Sophie's, Charlie's, Ashley's Gold Star is obtained via 
    continued purchases at their stores. Tyler's is obtained after scoring well
    with Elizabeth's fashion reviews. Conversely, Elizabeth's is obtained after
    scoring well on all the fashion reviews.
    Olivia's Gold Star is obtained in her fifth restock where she hides behind
    a blue surfboard. By finding her, she says that because you were always there
    for her, she decided to hide on her own. Find her and be rewarded.
    Tim's Gold Star is obtained by improved Racketball skills and continued 
    interaction with him while Helen's Gold Star is done by improving the down
    and interaction.
    Nicki's Gold Star is obtained after you have obtained Scuba Diving and giving
    presents as a result of her unhappiness. Well, the presents have to be cakes
    from Charlie's cake store. You need to give her 5 cakes in succession in
    order to make her happy, and award you a Gold Star.
    Ewan's unhappiness will be encountered when you talk to him during his 
    patrols. He will become depressed and you will need to visit him at his house 
    and talk to him. You first need to converse with him, and need to be 
    successful with all interactions. You want to encourage, converse and listen 
    to him to make it work. Then, you need to give him a gift to cheer him up
    somewhat. Give up for now, and then wait for the next night and give him 
    another gift, more on the next night if need be and he will give you a Gold 
    [15.01] Fashion Reviews
    Elizabeth will set up fashion reviews every now and then and judge you on
    the way you look. This information can be gathered outside the clothes shop
    in the Entertainment area by looking at the sign. This will tell you the
    location and the day at which Elizabeth will hold the reviews. Note that
    the day will include the morning, afternoon and evening, but not the night.
    The fashion review is done by judging what your Sim is wearing and is 
    modeling for Elizabeth to see. Therefore, to win, it is imperative that you
    dress up the way I tell you to. If you win, you get a prize, if you lose, you
    get nothing.
    For reviews in the Entertainment Area, Elizabeth suggests that you wear 
    something showy in this area. In translation, you need to wear pants that are
    red in colour and a top that has a silver colour, or possibly a gold colour
    with a tint of blue.
    For reviews in the Forest Area, Elizabeth suggests that you wear a wilder
    colour in the Forest area. This translates to you having to wear brown 
    pants on your Sim as well as a Brown top, or even a Green top if you dare.
    For reviews in the Town Area, Elizabeth suggests that you wear something
    more passionate in this area. Therefore, in this area, you need to wear some
    blue pants and some black shirt, or a black shirt with a tinge of red in 
    the shirt.
    For reviews in the Port Area, Elizabeth suggests that you wear something
    cooler in colour. This basically means that you wear some light blue pants
    in this area as well as some blue shirts.
    For reviews in the Mountain Area, Elizabeth suggests that you wear something
    that would arouse one's curiosity. Ie, the translation for this means you
    need to wear an orange shirt and a green colour pants.
    And finally, for reviews in the Highlands area, Elizabeth suggests that you
    wear something that is more elegant. This means again that you wear probably
    soem black pants and some pink or purple shirts, better if they are mixed and
    And the rewards are pretty good if you actually win. Elizabeth will award
    you the following if you win.
    * Origami Japanese Helmet
    * Enlighted Masque
    * Chinese Lion Masque
    * Chinese Masque
    * Lion Masque
    * Wrestler's Masque
    [16.01] Scuba Diving
    After a while, your travels with Nicki will yield that she finds an abandoned
    boat in the sea, and promptly takes it back and uses it to start a Scuba 
    Diving business, charging §100 per go. 
    While you are Scuba Diving, what you are basically doing is that you are 
    taking pictures of fish, the closer the fish are to you and the clearer it is,
    the better. In order to take pictures, you can use the L button to hold the
    camera and the R button in order to snap the picture. Use the arrow keys to
    change the direction in which you are facing. 
    Basically, while you are swimming, you want to take photos of the fish when
    they get close by. The closer the better. Sometimes, if they are right in 
    front of you, you get even more points. All photos are judged out and they 
    are not out of anything, so you have 9 shots to photograph, and 3 to choose
    from out of your 9 to get the maximum amount of points.
    While you are swimming, you might see a dot in the screen that changes colour.
    This colour indicates that the next "wave" of fish is on their way and the old
    wave has disappeared. Note that you cannot move direction, you can only change
    the way you are facing, as Nicki is steering the boat. 
    Hints on taking photos is that you should take photos on rare animals such
    as the dolphin and the sharks when they get close to you. Although taking 
    close up pictures of fish might earn points, good pictures of these animals
    will earn you far more points that those small fish could never earn you. 
    You can easily swipe up 80 points per picture of the rare animals. What
    you should be aiming at is the head of the animal because this is obviously a
    much better picture. 
    On the easy level, the best points are gained by taking photos of the blue
    dolphin that will come across the screen which can be seen just past the
    half-way point. On the normal level, the best points are gained by taking
    photos of the orange manta like creature, but the ultimate points are gained
    by taking photos of the turtle near the end of the tour. The manta will also
    be behind you when you first seen the turtle, and this means a lot of 
    points for you.
    In the hard course, it is indeed the hard course. There are three shots that
    you should take. The first is in the very beginning as you descend, you 
    will encounter a nice dolphin. As you approach the ravine in the middle, the
    first animal you will encounter in a manta, so take a good shot, and right
    after that, there will be a turtle, all heading to the left. The turtle is
    your best shot for points. There is a fourth opportunity where there are
    several fish in an cave on your ascent to the surface. 
    [A] Contact Information
    APPEARS IN g,a,m,e,f,a,q,s.c,o,m always. Remove the commas. 
    Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
    too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use.
    Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
    E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.
    To contact me, e-mail me at
    hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Replace at with @ and dot with .
    Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
    you, simple as that. 
    E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
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    what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick
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    Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
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    I will credit you if you send me information about this game that is not in
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    Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
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    I will not respond to:
    * Spam
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    * Something not related with the MySims
    * Something already covered
    * Illegal stuff, like Roms
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    Technical Problems will not be answered as they should be sent to Maxis not 
    I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your
    game not MINE.
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either
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    CJayC, Thanks for the Memories
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    Me for making it
    The GameFAQs boards for providing help
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