How do I complete the Zager region on the Tapti Planet?

  1. I need help with two things in the Zager region
    1) How to I complete the "Find the Taktos' Hideout" goal??
    2) I need to befriend one more Skuzzalope. He is in the Northeast area walking in hot sand by the water. But I can't seem to befriend him as when I go to do the friend call nothing happens. What I am doing wrong?
    One other question how do I water the withered trees?

    User Info: lovemusic21

    lovemusic21 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Taktos Hideout goal you go to the cave that opened where you found Oogie, you complete it in there (its another level, do this last)

    Sometimes due to a glitch the can't be called on, but you can still befriend them, throw food to them (make sure they like it, some animals like fruit some like meat) find a piece of food and select the hand icon (creature must have hands) then use your stylus to drag the food your carrying to where you want to throw it (in this case by the Skuzzalope)

    To water trees find a water flower and throw it to a withered tree

    User Info: JKiii

    JKiii - 10 years ago 0   0

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