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FAQ/Walkthrough by _DARKAMBITION_

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 06/17/2007

@@@@@@@   @@@@@@@    @@@@@@   @@@@@@@  @@@  @@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@    @@@@@@
@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@  @@@  @@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@
@@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@    @@!    @@!  @@@  @@!       @@!  @@@  !@@
!@   @!@  !@!  @!@  !@!  @!@    !@!    !@!  @!@  !@!       !@!  @!@  !@!
@!@!@!@   @!@!!@!   @!@  !@!    @!!    @!@!@!@!  @!!!:!    @!@!!@!   !!@@!!
!!!@!!!!  !!@!@!    !@!  !!!    !!!    !!!@!!!!  !!!!!:    !!@!@!     !!@!!!
!!:  !!!  !!: :!!   !!:  !!!    !!:    !!:  !!!  !!:       !!: :!!        !:!
:!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!    :!:    :!:  !:!  :!:       :!:  !:!      !:!
 :: ::::  ::   :::  ::::: ::     ::    ::   :::   :: ::::  ::   :::  :::: ::
:: : ::    :   : :   : :  :      :      :   : :  : :: ::    :   : :  :: : :

@@@  @@@  @@@      @@@@@@   @@@@@@@   @@@@@@@@@@    @@@@@@
@@@  @@@@ @@@     @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@
@@!  @@!@!@@@     @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@! @@! @@!  !@@
!@!  !@!!@!@!     !@!  @!@  !@!  @!@  !@! !@! !@!  !@!
!!@  @!@ !!@!     @!@!@!@!  @!@!!@!   @!! !!@ @!@  !!@@!!
!!!  !@!  !!!     !!!@!!!!  !!@!@!    !@!   ! !@!   !!@!!!
!!:  !!:  !!!     !!:  !!!  !!: :!!   !!:     !!:       !:!
:!:  :!:  !:!     :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:     :!:      !:!
 ::   ::   ::     ::   :::  ::   :::  :::     ::   :::: ::
:    ::    :       :   : :   :   : :   :      :    :: : :

@@@@@@@    @@@@@@
@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@
@@!  @@@  !@@
!@!  @!@  !@!
@!@  !@!  !!@@!!
!@!  !!!   !!@!!!
!!:  !!!       !:!
:!:  !:!      !:!
 :::: ::  :::: ::
:: :  :   :: : :    FAQ/Walkthrough

- Test -
This is 79 characters. If you can read this, you're fine:

- Version History -

0.1 (8/6/07EU)  - Began my first FAQ. Brother in Arms: DS
	        - Started briefing and weapon sections
0.1 (10/6/07EU) - Finished Walkthrough for First Campaign
		- Got some work done on weapons section.
0.2 (12/6/07EU) - Finished Briefing sections.
0.3 (13/6/07EU) - Started second campaign walkthrough and got
		  some work done on the weapons and vehicle sections.
		  Uploaded my FAQ. Hope it's accepted.
0.3 (16/6/07EU) - Finished more of the Tunis campaign guide, and corrected
		  several spelling errors.
		- Added a question or two to the FAQ.
0.4 (17/6/07EU)	- My last version before the final complete one. Completed
		  weapons and vehicle dection, corrected some copyright info.

- General Info -

Hi :D. This is _DARKAMBITION_ on the message boards, and it's my first FAQ,
and it happens to be about Brothers in Arms: DS. Now if you're readin this,
you've probably already bought this great game. In that case, good luck
getting past wherever you need help with. Also, apoligies for the crappy
ASCII art, I don't really have too much experience with these things.

Do not plagirize with no credit or use this guide anywhere without my
permission first. The only site allowed to host my guide is www.gamefaqs.com.
If you have any queries, please email me at the email provided at the bottom
of the FAQ under the Contact section. Also, I haven't tried multiplayer,
so if someone could write a section for that, it would be appreciated;
credit will be given. Thanks.

- Table of Contents -

Campaigns and Missions Briefing..[CAMBF]
Weapons and Vehicles.............[WEVEH]

~ Weapons  --------- [WEPNS]
~ Vehicles --------- [VEHCL]

Solo Campaign Walkthrough........[WLKTH]

~ NORMANDY ---------------- [NMNDY]
	1. Tough Welcome    [TOUGW]
	2. Crossing Corners [CROSC]
	3. Smoked Steel	    [SMOKS]
	4. Cloud Dagger	    [CLOUD]
	5. Silenced Skies   [SILSK]
	6. Closing Act	    [CLOSA]

~ TUNIS    ---------------- [TUNSI]
	1. Urban Desert     [URBND]
	2. Mareth Line	    [MARTH]
	3. Sand Raiders	    [SANDR]
	4. Surprise Visit   [SRPRS]

~ ARDENNES ---------------- [ARDNS]
	1. Breaking The Ice [BTICE]
	2. Firestorm	    [FSTOR]
	3. Crimson Hills    [CRHIL]




- Intrdoduction -			[INTRO]

It's the battle of Normandy, you're seen in roughly 1944, pushing the German
resistance out of the country, preventing a full Nazi invasion. Not only that;
you've got missions in the Ardennes region and Tunisia to complete too.
There have been many rumours surrounding the boxart and WiFi Compatability,
with several box arts released. The game is released early as a D-Day special
on June the 6th in Eu regions, and all is revealed.

Brothers in Arms is a DS game based on the battles and events surrounding the
last years of WWII, roughly 1942 - 1944.

The game features 13 missions in different compaigns and regions, all based
on past WWII operations. These see the character commanding tanks, recon cars,
calling air support, flanking enemy positions, and gunning enemies down.
Without further ado, we'll get onto the controls, for those of you unfamiliar
with the game and its' controls.

- Controls -				[CNTRL]

It's a Third-Person-Shooter so naturally, the controls naturally,
the most critical part of the game. If you can't aim, you won't succeed.
BIA:DS Features 2 control modes. These are modes for left and right-handed

|         []                                  []        |
|               ---------------------------             |
|              |                           |            |
|              |    Brothers In Arms:      |            |
|              |                           |            |
|              |            DS             |            |
|              |                           |            |
|              |                           |            |
|              |                           |            |
|              |       		           |            |
|              |                           |            |
|              |                           |            |
|               ---------------------------             |
| .......                                       ....... |
| .......                                       ....... |
| .......                                       ....... |
| .......                                       ....... |
| -------      ---------------------------  ----- ----- |  ===
| |Power|     |                           | |Sel| |Srt| |  |S|
| -------     |                           | ----- ----- |  |T|
|   ---       |                           |             |  |Y|
|   | |       |                           |      (X)    |  |L|
| --   --     |       TOUCH SCREEN        |             |  |U|
| |     |     |                           |   (Y)   (A) |  |S|
| --   --     |                           |             |  | |
|   | |       |                           |      (B)    |  | |
|   ---       |                           |             |  | |
|             |                           |             |  | |
|              ---------------------------              |  | |
|                                                       |  | |
|                             Nintendo DS               |  | |
|                                   []                  |  | |
|                                                       |  | |
|           []Mic                   [] []               |   V

Right-Handed Mode

A, B, X, Y, and R do nothing in right handed mode, and therefore won't be

D-Pad: Move character (Forwards, left, right, backwards respectively)
Touch Screen: Aim, change weapons, throw grenades, etc.
L button: Shoot
Start: Pause game

Left-Handed Mode

The D-Pad, and L button do nothing in left handed mode, and therefore won't be

A: Move character left
Y: Move character right
B: Move character backwards
X: Move character forwards
R Button: Shoot
Start: Pause game

Touch Screen

Aiming: Aiming is done by rubbing the stylus on the touch screen in the
desired direction. A crosshair determines where your shot will hit. To
aim effectively, press and hold the stylus on the touch screen and move it from

Weapons: You can change weapons by clicking and selecting a weapon from the
menu in the top left corner of the touch screen.

Zoom: You can zoom your aim by pressing the binoculars icon in the top right
of the touch screen. Unzoom by pressing it again.

Cut Ropes: This appears only in the first mission; push the icon in the top-
right corner.

Throwing Grenades: To throw a grenade, first aim the crosshair in the general
direction you want your grenade to travel in. Then, push and hold the grenade
icon in the bottom right corner of the touch screen, and drag it upwards
vertically, following the bar. When a desired distance is reached, release
press on the button.

using FG-42: When near an FG42 machine gun placement, press the icon in the
top right corner of the touch screen to use it.

Throwing Grenades inside Tanks: When near an enemy tank, press the icon in
the top right corner of the touch screen to trigger a short animation.


Ducking/Cover: You can only duck behind cover, so there's no manual duck.
To do this, stand close behind any outstanding structure on the ground, and
your character will automatically duck behind the object for cover from fire.
You must be close to the obstacles but not too close, otherwise you will
pass over it.

Hiding/Shooting behind corners: You can put your back towards almost any wall
in the game for cover, and still look past the corner. To do this, just walk
up to any wall, and your character will go into position. You can now aim
your crosshair around the corner, and shoot. Your character will briefly
lean around the corner and shoot at the desired target. After that, he will
return to his position.

Passing Over Objects: To do this, just run into any obstacle, to make your
character pass over it rather than around it for faster movement.

Throwing grenades inside tanks: See "Touch Screen" control section.

Reloading: Drag the clip icon to the right of weapon selection in a downwards

- Campaigns and Missions Briefing -	[CAMBF]

There are 13 missions in 3 campaigns in the game, each with variable difficulty
that require you to fullfil certain task and completing the mission while
doing that. They're all based on later WWII battles, so here are the in-game
briefings for each campaign and mission, so you get an idea of what you're
actually doing.


- Airborne Landings over the Cotentic Peninsula were broken by heavy flak and
cloud cover last night. Seperated from your squad, you advance into unknown
enemy territory.

Mission 1: Tough Welcome

- You've had a hard landing. Search the village to find the rest of your

Mission 2: Crossing Corners

- A Panzergrenadier company is fortified in this village.
Flush them out. No support available yet.

Mission 3: Smoked Steel

- 10th Armored Division is moving to link up with the paratroopers attacking
Carentan. You have been dispatched to a tank platoon to lead the spearhead
assault through enemy territory.

Mission 4: Cloud Dagger

- Wehremacht troops deployed an AA battery nearby in an effort to disrupt our
air cover. Secure these guns and then link up with elements of 3rd Battalion
for a reconnisaince in force mission.

Mission 5: Silenced Skies

- Baker Company has been has been tasked with securing a heavily fortified
German V2 launching facility. Elite German infantry supported by a newly
refitted Panzer group are laying in wait for the incoming attack.
You are to assist Baker Company in their mission.

Mission 6: Closing Act

-The Germans have had time to fortify in this town and are not particularly
convinced they should retreat anytime soon. Our armor and rangers are still
engaged with the Panzer Lehr Division 10 clicks south. It's up to the
paratroopers to secure the town and cut off any available German retreat


- U.S Forces have landed in North Africa and now threaten Rommel's Afrika Korps
in Tunis. The Allies are pushing through the desert towards the German occupied
fortifications of the Mareth Line.

Mission 1: Urban Desert

- Fight through enemy positions and secure the center of this desert town.
Expectt close-range engagements.

Mission 2: Mareth Line

- The Axis forces have withdrawn into a defensive position at the Mareth Line.
Every rock in this wasteleand has been turned into a fortification. Now, an
entire Afrika Korps mechanized division is lying in wait for the incoming
allied frontal assault.

Mission 3: Sand Raiders

- U.S mechanized regiments have fortified in the Eastern Tunisian desert after
breaking through the Mareth Line. The Africa Korps mounts constant
counterattacks in a desparate attemp to recapture the lost front sectors.

Mission 4: Surprise Visit

- U.S forces organised in small but highly mobile raiding units are conducting
surprise attacks behind the Afrika Corps lines. Their objective is to disrupt
communications and cripple German air support. Inspired by the British SAS
operations in the early days of the African war, these raids prove to be
effective once again.


- Winter 1944: the 101st airborne is sent to reinforce the crumbling american
50-mile front in the Ardennes mountains. Their orders are to take back and
reinforce Bastogne, a crucial position holding key supply line crossroads.
Upon arrival, the Paratroopers are promptly surrounded by the German forces.
Greatly outnumbered, lacking supplies and even winter equipment, the 101st make
their stand in the Battle of the Bulge.

Mission 1: Breaking The Ice

- With the newly acquired armored support from Patton's Third Army, you must
hunt elements of the German divisins retreating from the siege of Bastogne. We
have reports of German strongholds in villages south of St.Vith.

Mission 2: Firestorm

- The American 4th Armored division is heading in full force through the
Ardennes towards Bastogne in an attempt to lift the siege. In the meantime, the
101st must keep holding the line despite constant German attacks and lack of

Mission 3: Crimson Hills

- The Germans have withdrawn towards the Rhine, but pockets of resistance still
remain in the area. Elite units of paratroopers and panzergrenadiers have dug
in the hill. Flush them out at all costs.

- Weapons and Vehicles -

BIA:DS features several weapons to use against your foes towards victory.
Sadly, there are only 6 weapons in the game, including grenades, and 2 of them
have to be unlocked by completing the game on normal mode. If you're having
trouble using/finding weapons in missions, this part will explain how each
weapon works, where it can be found, and the damage it inflicts. There are also
2 controllable vehicles in the game, there's a section for them too.


M1A1 Thompson

The Thomspon sub-machine gun will always be available for you, from the
beginning of any mission to the end of it. It's got a basic crosshair, fast
firing rate, and is generally useful in any situation as an all-around weapon.

Name: M1A1 Thompson

Missions: All

Ammo: x32 per clip: infinite

Fire Rate: Fast

Range: Medium

Damage: Medium

Tips: The Thompson can really, be used anywhere. It's quick firing, and never
runs out of ammo, although reloading will be required. The zoom on it is
good when using cover or leaning past corners too. It's accurate, and can
be fired continuously or single-rate. Either is good for different situations,
and simply great for headshots. If the crosshair doesn't turn red when aiming
at a target, it won't cause any damage. Zoom in, or use a different weapon.

Sniper Rifle

A great long-range precision weapon. It can be zoomed to pick off targets from
afar, great for flanking enemy positions and sniping FG42 crews. It also
doubles as a great close range single action bolt-rifle, usually resulting in
a OHKO. The crosshair is precise too.

Name: Sniper Rifle (needs confirming)


Ammo: x5 per clip: infinite

Fire Rate: Medium

Range: Long

Damage: High

Tips: The Sniper Rifle can be used in several missions including the last.
It's got a considerable range and seems to be OHKO weapon, no matter where
fired or the distance of the enemy. Although the clip is short, taking cover
and a few shots can really push the enemy back. No real tips on this one, it's
about your accuracy really. It can also be fired rediculously fast, and it
has infinite ammo, so use it as you please. Just make sure reloading doesn't
end up killing you.


An excellent middle - long range weapon inflicting very high damage. It can be
used to flank enemy positions with ease, or destroy enemy armor, which can also
be done if aimed properly.

Name: Bazooka


Ammo: x1 per clip: 8

Fire Rate: Slow

Range: Medium

Damage: High

Tips: When destroying tanks, always try to aim at the head for an instant kill.
When aiming at several people, don't aim for one in particular unless he's a
central influence. Aim at the center of the clash to take out more. If men
are near a truck or recon car, blow that up to inflict splash damage.

M1918A2 Light MG

The Light MG assault rifle can be unlocked by completing story mode on Normal
difficulty (or for first-timers, just complete story mode). The assault rifle
really can't be used like the Thomspon, where you're just taking cover and
shooting at the right moment and such, because for some reason, you're not
going to inflict any damage that way. It's more of a KamiKazee weapon or one
involving movement tactics. Further descirbed under "Tips".

Name: M1918A2 Light MG

Missions: All (After completing Single Player Campaign)

Ammo: x45 per clip: infinite

Fire Rate: Fast

Range: Short

Damage: Low

Tips: This weapon can't be used in stationary positions. Fire it while spraying
over the enemy target. Useful for when running into several enemy units, so
again, spray your targets to inflict damage, don't keep the crosshair still
because it has no effect.

M7 Grenade Launcher

The M7 grenade launcher is as good as it gets. With a rediculously long firing
range and a good explosive round, you can fight pretty much anything with this
beauty. Unfortunately, the clip is rather small, and you can't really find ammo
for your weapons here, so you'll have to conserve reasonably.

Name: M7 Grenade Launcher

Missions: All (After completing Single Player Campaign)

Ammo: x1 per clip: 5

Fire Rate: Medium

Range: Long

Damage: High

Tips: This weapon's great, but don't go trying to take tanks using it. Use it
like you would a grenade, just aim around enemy occupied areas and watch 'em
explode. Don't attempt to fire it in an arc, the grenade launcher hits wherever
you aim.



Name: Normal Tank

Missions: Smoked Steel,

Ammo: x99

Fire Rate: Medium

Speed: Medium/Slow

Tips: If it's your first time using the tank, take some time to manuevre around
and get used to the way it controls and such. Learn to strafe to avoid enemy
shells or Panzerfausts. When you get Tunk Hunter deployments, it's best to
either move back and strafe while unleashing some shells, or going right up
to them in a more offensive assault.
Strafe at all times, and you really shouldn't have any trouble. Also, tank
missions usually have tank repair units. You'll get a cutscene through the
mission if they deploy, so if you're low on health or ammo, drive near one
(they're trucks of some sort).

Tank Destroyer

Name: Tank Destroyer

Missions: All Tank Missions (After completing Single Player Campaign)

Ammo: x99

Fire Rate: Medium

Speed: Slow

Tips: It's really no different than a normal tank. You can only choose to use
this tank in missions that start you off in one. Apparently, it's a stronger
version of the normal tank, but that needs confirming.

Recon Car

Name: Recon Car/Truck


Ammo: Infinite (automatic fire)

Fire Rate: Fast

Speed: Fast

Tips: The best you can really do with a recon car is get into a good head-on
position for your buddy to fire at enemies, because you'll only be driving.
Strafe around enemy positions and run them over when possible.
You really can't go wrong. And don't go near enemy tanks.


*** Solo Campaign Walkthrough ***		[WLKTH]


This is probably the bit you came for :). This will explain mission briefings,
objectives, weapons that can be used, vehicles that can be found, tips
and tactics, etc. And most importantly, a step-by-step guide through every
mission in the game. There are 3 campaigns, and 13 missions. 6 Missions in
the Normandy Campaign, 4 missions in the Tunis campaign, and 3 missions in the
Ardennes campaign. Normandy features urban and countryside areas, Tunis is
based in Desert settlements and battlefields, and the Ardennes campaign
missions are in frozen landscapes. Without further ado, we will start with
the first mission in the first campaign. Should you need to look for a certain
mission, press CTRL + F on your keyboard, and type in the 5 letter key
reference found in the table of contents, next to every mission. Please note
that this walktghrough is for the Normal mode in the game. Once you complete
normal mode, you unlock Veteran and Elite mode, and 2 new weapons.
If I get time later, I might do a Veteran and elite mode walkthrough, but
they're all essentially the same, only there are more enemies, they do more
damage, and they cover more, etc.


1. Tough Welcome [TOUGW]

This is essentially a tutorial mission, so you won't find anything too hard
here really. The operations of the missions are self explanetory, but for the
purpose of writing a guide, I will guide you through the mission.

The mission starts out with the character getting stuck up in a tree in a
parachute. The first thing you are ordered to do is look around using the touch
screen; observe your landing point. It's a lengthy process, so just use the
stylus to rub in the direction you want to look in. Observe the 88 gun
placement and the truck ahead of you, the woods behind you, and the road in
front of you. Look to the right to find a blown up tank and other scenery.
Do this until you're told to cut your rope before the enemy find you.
Press the icon in the top right corner of the touch scren to cut yourself free
and begin the mission. Move forward using the D-Pad; to the area marked in

So you know this now, green markers indicate areas you must get to. Red markers
usually indicate pick up weapons, or enemy placements.
Anyway, after you enter the green marker, you're told to go look for the rest
of you men in the village. Unfortunately, you'll meet a few "jerries" along the
way, so enter the next green marker behind the obstacle to take cover from
enemy fire. Use the touch screen to aim, and shoot the germans, then run into
the obstacle to jump over it and proceed. To get past the barbed wire, strafe
left into the marker, forward, right, then proceed towards your next goal past
the dead buffalo. You'll find that the bridge is blocked by a truck, so you'll
have to walk down and duck behind the boxes; the marker. From here, shoot the
Germans on the other end to learn that reloading can be done by dragging the
clip icon on the right of your weapon icon down. Shoot the incoming germans
to the right and enter the next marker to cover behind sandbags. In front of
you is a building, with a gunman in an alcove at the top. Use the zoom button
on the top right corner of the touch screen to get a better shot at the guy,
and take off his head. Unzoom, and enter the building by jumping over the
rubble, into the marker. Turn left to find that you can cover behind walls
and lean around corners. Do this by running to the marker and facing the wall.
The character will take position. Aim the corsshair around the corner,
and shootthe two germans when you're ready.

Enter the next marker and cover behind the next wall. When you're ready, shoot
the guy on the right, take cover, reload, and take care of the other two.
An enemy will appear behind you, coming towards the sandbags. Shoot him, and
then kill the panzerfaust on top of the building.
Observer the scenery around the crash after entering the marker, and your
teammate will plant charges. Pick up the grenades at the red marker, and take
position in the back of the broken truck. A cutscene will trigger, and you
will learn how to throw grenades. Take cover behind the tires, and aim at the
truck ahead of you. Hold the flashing grenade icon, and drag it upwards until
you're satisfied with your position. Let go to throw the grenade.
Throw one at the truck, and another at the men. Use any more if needed.
The barbed wire will open, so enter the sandbag bunker and take out the
Krauts to the north, near the house. Now here's the fun bit.

A tank will appear, so grab the marked bazooka, take cover,
and aim at the head of the tank for an instant kill. Otherwise, shoot a few
rounds at the armor to destroy it. Turn around and follow the marker.
Change to the Thompson. Two gunmen appear so while strafing, shoot both
of them and enter the next marker on the road to reach your destination
and end the mission.

Mission Complete!

2. Crossing Corners [CROSC]

As soon as the mission starts, you are ambushed and forced to open fire. Move
to the green marker and take cover behind the hay, or whatever it is.
From here, use a grenade to take out the FG-42, and from the same position,
zoom and shoot the incoming soldiers. Advance to find your men getting thrashed
by FG42 gunmen; your job being to flank the enemy position. Run towards your
next target and take a few shots at the men. The building will collapse and get
rid of them for you, so cover behind the wall and headshot the guy at the FG42
placement. Stay in your position. Now kill the guy on the right, cover, the guy
on top of the building, cover and reload, and then the guy near the FG42.
Follow the area down and cover behind this next wall. Lean, and shoot all three
enemies, including the FG42 gunman. Move forward into your next position behind
the sandbags, and open fire on anything that moves. If one of the men throw a
grenade near you (indicated by a red curve and a grenade icon landing near you)
strafe left or right while staying behind the cover to minimize or dodge the

You men will help you at this point. Advance, and cover behind the nearby wall
to the right. Shoot all 3 jerries and advance for a checkpoint and cutscene.
of the tower, so grab the bazooka at the marker,
lean, and aim at the man or the tower to blow up his position.
Still covering, reload and lean to destroy the truck. Switch to Thomspon, hide
behind the nearby sandbags, and take out any remaining gunmen. A german will
appear to the right. Shoot him, and more men will appear ahead of your
position. Kill them and start strafing with the Panzerfaust to take on the
Always try to aim at the head for an instant kill. Never stay mobile with a
tank around, you won't survive for long. If you're no good against moving
targets, you can run up to the tank and press the icon in the top right of the
touch screen to throw a grenade inside the tank, blowing it up instantly.
Note that this is only possible when right next to the tank; we're
lucky because it's a nearby target.

Now here's the proper fun bit. Walk up to the next marker; the doors of the
church. They'll be blow open, so run in and take over behind the first bench
to the right. There's an active FG42 here, so if you want, you can use grenades
to take out some of the enemies here. I reccomend shooting the FG42 gunman
first, then quickly dodging the grenades that the other enemies have thrown at
you. Now grenade the ones in front of you and shoot the ones on the right to
reach a checkpoint. Kill the enemy that appears at the FG42.

More enemies will come in, so run to the green marker by making your way around
the smashed pillar and taking cover behind it. Shoot the 4 enemies to get
another checkpoint, when a tank enters the building ahead. It's stuck, so run
up to it and throw a grenade inside it, like before. Remember to move away from
the tank before it blows up. Here's your final stand.

Man the FG42 at the broken corner of the church by pressing the icon
in the top right corner of the bottom screen, to the right of the blown up
tank, and begin shooting the enemies storming towards you. The FG42 works
best fired in bursts to prevent overheating. 1 or 2 second bursts at enemies,
then fire again, and repeat. Shoot the panzerfausts coming towards you, the
gunmen coming from the right and left, until the enemies stop coming.
Get off of the placement by pressing the same button you used to man the turret
and regroup with your men at the marker to end the mission.

Mission Complete!

3. Smoked Steel [SMOKS]

Yay, a tank!

As the mission starts, enter the tank to your left by pressing the usual icon.
Follow your teammates through the road. Take some time to get used to the tank
control, and continue your mission. Enemy armor will appear, so fire and chase
it down. Several more armor will appear, which is too much fr you to handle
alone, so reverse your tank and then fight back. As with the panzerfaust, try
to aim at the head of the tank for quicker kills. Always strafe when taking out
opponents. Destroy the enemy tanks and follow the road to the next marked
position. From here, aim to the right, where you will see a radar bunker of
sort. You are instructed to blow up the entrance, so take aim at the front
and shoot where your crosshair turns red.

Advance behind the "cover" to the left of the roadblocks, and take out the
enemy position. Blow up the panzerfaust to the right, the truck, and hopefully
your machine gun may have taken out some men ahead. Otherwise, shoot any
remaining men. A panzerfaust to the right will be your next target, but your
buddies'll take care of him, so advance towards the tower (your next target)
near the tunnel to the left and blow up the small tower with the panzerfaust.
Enemy armor will appear, so take care of it while strafing around. More
armor will appear near the housing, so blow that up quicklt to advance.

Your buddy'll get blown up here, and a tank repair unit is deployed.
These guys can repair your tank and restock on shells/ammo, so drive into the
red marker to trigger a cutscene. Advance into the next green marker to find
panzers ahead north. Strafe left and right from your current position, and take
the enemies from afar. Get to the marker in the fields for a chechpoint.
Your next objective is to ram down a nearby building to get to your objective.

Drive into the marked wall, and move forward a litte. You don't need to
go in anymore than this for now, unless you're looking to get blown up. From
here, kill the panzerfausts, the panzer in the distance, the
panzerfausts in the distance, and shoot at the red targets to your very right.
Move around a little to get closer, and destroy them. Aftrer destroying all
the gun placements, you will find out that your objective train is leaving
the station. Quickly get to the green marker and make your way 'round the
sandbags. Destroy the objective target, take a shot at the incoming train
After the train stops, REVERSE into your previous position when you first
knocked the wall down. Destroy the incoming truck to the left. Now, get nearer
to the train without making it shoot you, and take aim at one of the two
right cannons.
Take 2 quick shots at each one so it can't shoot you back, and destroy them.

Germans troops will storm in, so turn and drive left, running over and taking
out any soldiers. When you're done, move to the center of the field, near
enough to damage the remaining cannon on the left of the train.
Many more enemies will come storming in, so start driving around, taking care
against the armor and the nearby soldiers. DO NOT stop moving at any point
through this last assault, just kill all the enemies to capture the station.

Mission Complete!

4. Cloud Dagger [CLOUD]

Your objective in this mission is to throw several beacon grenades onto
specific points for air support.
As soon as the mission starts, follow your men to the left up the road.
You will reach some enemies, so take cover behind the nearby sandbags and shoot
both men in the head. Run forward, place a charge near the gun by pressing the
icon in the top right corner of the touch screen, then quickly run through the
gates ahead and take cover in the marked position.

Open fire on the enemies ahead near the house. One of them will throw a grenade
at you, so as usual, strafe around and minimize damage. After you've killed a
few, another jerry will appear to your right, so quickly take care of him
and then return to kill any remaining enemies. Make sure you take care of the
man in the building and the one near the gun. Once the area is clea, charge
towards the flak gun and place a charge like before.

As soon as you place the charge, take cover in the marked position and start
shooting at the men near the gun. Ignore the truck going past, and shoot
the guy in front of you, and the men shooting behind the ledge. Turn right
and kill the remaining men behind the gravestones.
Once this is done and you're facing the gravestones to your right,
walk forward and to the left towards the opening in the gate, and carefully
take cover behind the end of the gate. It's some sort of pillar at the end
of the gate, shouldn't be hard to miss. The camera angle from this corner
can be a bit odd. So if you can, lean and kill the gunmen in the yard ahead.
Otherwise, run left and right while taking care of the germans.

When the area ahead is cleared, turn around and get to your next target.
This is the last flak gun, so place a charge and QUICKLY take cover in the
marked position. A Panzer will appear from the left, and you're on your own
without a Panzerfaust. Run around the nearby area until the tank stops to the
right, and throw a grenade inside. Otherwise, just run towards the tank while
it's moving in front of the opening, and throw a grenade inside. DO NOT throw
the grenade from the front of the tank, because you'll just get run over after.
This applies to every mission that requires you to destroy a tank in this

Once the enemy armor's gone, stay in your current position until your teammates

In Recon Cars :D!!

This is the first time you'll be handling one. You control the recon car by
accellerating forward with the D-Pad, and steering left or right using the
touch screen. You can also reverse by pushing Down on the D-Pad. Your
buddy will shoot for you, so all you need to do is get a clear shot, drive,
and run over any enemies in your way. To get in the marked recon vehicle,
press the usual icon. However, you may get a glitch here that doesn't let
you get inside the car for some odd reason. Just keep running around the
car and pressing the action icon until you're in. Sometimes, it just won't
get your character inside, so restart the section, and try again.

Once you're inside, follow your team through the whole road, ignoring the
enemies, especially the trucks. Your teammate will try and kill as many enemies
as possible, but you should just worry about getting to your destinaton.
Drive 'till your recon stops, and you're ordered to leave your vehicle.
Press the Action icon in the top right corner of the touch screen and leave
your recon. Get to the marked position and follow your buddy over the ledge.
After your teammate is shot, take his position behind the ledge and shoot
the FG42 crew and the man on the right. Get over the ledge you used for cover,
past the FG42, and over the sandbags obscuring the stairs. Climb the stairs,
take marked position, and throw a grenade in the marked cirlce. Run back down
the stairs and into the marked position, ignore enemy fire. Once air support
returns fire, take the recon car behind, and drive through the broken bridge.
Follow your teammate, then turn left at the watchtower, which collaps
over your buddy. turn right and chase the enemy recon unit down
while dodging the tank until the recon is destroyed. Drive around this
field and take care of the enemy recon cars and gunmen while avoiding
the enemy light armor. After this area is cleared, follow the road and kill
the two gunmen on the way to your next marked position.

Follow the road/marks to find that company is pinned down and you're ordered
to assist. Ignore the crashing plane, and follow the road down for a
checkpoint. Ignore all the enemies and follow the road until you reach the end
of the enemy line, where the ledges stop appearing. take a left turn into the
yard, into the marked area, and through the collapsed building while dodging
enemy fire to your left. When your car stops, get out and climb the ledge on
the brown building behind you to the next marked area. Talk to the Sergeant and
advance to the marked area. Take cover behind the ledge and shoot the men past
the car on the ledge in front of you. After they're dead, a tank will appear
from the left, so climb over the ledge you used for cover, and throw a grenade
in the tank. Move to the next marked area for your final assault.

Take cover behind the marked white-ish wall, and throw a grenade at the tanks.
Air support will destroy the enemy deployment, and end the mission!

Mission Complete!

5. Silenced Skies [SILSK]

This mission's a blast, because you're assaulting an enemy base.
Your task is to get rid of German V2 rockets using charges. Sound familiar?
Maybe, but the fact that you're destroying the missiles on your DS this time
is what makes it worth playing.

Start the mission by following the green marker on the other side of the road,
up the installment, stay behind your team.
You're told to hide, but instead, you should ignore orders and start your
assault. Zoom in, and as soon as they're in range, start shooting at the men
on the trucks. As soon as a few of them jump out, unzoom and kill them.
Lots of gunmen will jump out and begin shooting at you. Most of them, your
team will take care of, so shoot any remaining men in the trucks and on the
ground. Move to the left, keep strafing about to dodge the enemy armor, and
kill the two incoming soldiers. Once they're dead, grab the bazooka to your
left and blast the tank. Between each shot, strafe around to dodge enemy fire.
When you've destroyed the tank, get down to where the wreckage is, move around
the marked rocket, and place a charge. Follow the marker for cover in the
nearby barn.

Snipers ahead, so run around the corner, and take cover behind the wood
while grabbing the sniper rifle. Switch to your sniper rifle. To zoom with the
rifle, use the usual action button, and up and down on the d-pad to adjust the
zoom. Left and Right are to strafe. Take aim at the target marked with a scope
and take care of the gunman. Unzoom, and get to the next marked area for cover
behind the logs. Snipe the next target ahead, and regroup with your team.
Follow them and take cover behind the rock. Sniping the moving target on the
right is easy if you keep aim at one point and wait for the sniper to get there
then shoot at him. Killing him will alert the guard on the left side, so snipe
the now static target, unzoom, and get to the next marked cover.

Do not enter the base, stay behind cover and start sniping. Start from the left
and take out each target as you move to the right, including the two FG42 men
and the foot soldiers. Snipe the panzerfaust that appears on top of the
building. Quickly switch to the Thompson, shoot the incoming soldier, and
disobey orders and throw a grenade inside the tank. Do it from the front
because it's a stationary target, and getting too close to the base will fail
the mission, so run back to your cover after that. Advance into the base
behind the blown up vehicle as cover. Zoom in with the Thompson, and
shoot all the soldiers that are at level, ignoring the snipers above.
Once that's clear, switch to the sniper rifle and kill the panzerfaust
and the other sniper. A gunman will appear and run behind the rocket.
Switch to Thomspon and wait for your men to persue and kill him.

Get up to the V2 rocket, place a charge, and take cover behind the boxes
in front of the bunker. Shoot both of the FG42 gunmen, then move to take
cover behind the ledge near the boxes and take out the incoming gunmen.
Ignore the truck. After you've killed all the enemies, a tank will
appear ahead. Throw a grenade inside, turn around, and shoot at
the gunmen that appear. The rocket will blow up and assist you.
Turn around, zoom in with the Thompson, and take care of your next target.
Unzoom, and throw a grenade inside the next tank. switch to the sniper
rifle and move so you can see the panzerfaust. Take him out.
Turn around with the Thompson, and shoot at the incoming enemies, ignoring
the truck.
Get to the marked rocket and plant a charge. Move near the corner leading
to the incoming forces, wait for the enemy armor to get blown up, and turn
around to kill any remaining gunmen. Grab the cover to the right of your
tank and headshot the two jerries. Stay here until you get a message about
your tank being hit, at which point you should turn around, advance right,
and up the tower. Before you get to the top for a checkpoint, switch
to the sniper and reload it.

Once you get up there, snipe the two men ahead, the man on the left road,
and QUICKLY prepare to destroy the two advancing panzers. When the tank on
the right is near the first red barrel thing , snipe the barrel as it goes
past and QUICKLY without unzooming (but with reduced zoom by pressing Down
on the D-Pad), do the same for the tank coming from the left.
Now QUICKLY aim back at the right tank, aim at the next red barrel, and snipe
that in the same way when the tank goes past then QUICKLY go back to the left
tank and do the same. If you missed one, QUICKLY take out a Panzerfaust and
shoot any remaining armor. After this very QUICK sniping sequence, QUICKLY
make your way back down the tower and regroup with tank and co.
Switch to the Thompson.
Get ready, here's another QUICK and hard bit.

Take cover near the sandbags next to the tank, zoom and kill all the germans
ahead. Turn right, advance to the nearest box cover, and man the hard to see
FG42 gun. Jerries will parachute down, so move the gun left and right in
continuous pattern to take out the enemy. Don't worry about your buddy
standing in the middle of it, he can't take friendly fire.
Leave the FG42 and make sure you get the panzerfaust behind your teammate.
Quickly turn around, don't bother taking cover but instead stand so you
can shoot at the incoming troops. Don't let ANY of them get near your tank.
ignore the truck. Once they're dead, you'll get some more jerries from the
building. Kill them to get a checkpoint, and more germans. DO NOT let any
of them get close to your tank. Kill all of them EXCEPT 1. Get into a position
where you can see the huge bunker ahead, shoot the remaining soldier on the
left and quickly turn to face the bunker ahead with a sniper rifle.
Shoot both men running towards your position, the man running towards your
tank, the panzerfaust in the right of the bunker, and the FG42 to the left of

When the area ahead is cleared, move away from your tank so that it can
move. Follow it and  take cover behind the box when the krauts blast through
the wall, then shoot them. Shoot the men in the bunker to the left and then
shoot the man running towards you from the left. Take cover near the rocket,
kill the panzerfaust, ignore the other enemies and plant the charge at the
rocket base. A cutscene will play. The next objective is to well, RUN.
DO NOT attempt to confront the tanks that are following you. This bit is
quick, so I can't write a ste-by-step guide for this part, but you shouldn't
really have any trouble with it. Just follow each green marker staying behind
as much cover as possible. If anyone gets completely in the way, make sure
you're at some distance before shooting them, you might melee attack instead
which will cost time. Eventually, you will have to climb a hill of some sort.
Shoot the enemies at the top while you're doing that. Take your sniper rifle
out, and snipe your charges, which whill be targeted. Once all the charges
have been blown up, your allies will appear ina  cool scene where your armor
appears at the scene and blows everything up.

Mission Complete!

6. Closing Act [CLOSA]

As soon as the mission starts, run forward down the broken plank and kill
the enemy that appears in front of you, but ignore the enemies above you.
You can take a few shots, but instead, turn left and take cover below the
window. When you're ready, throw a grenade at the opposite building to take
care of the krauts. Make sure you're on full health before advancing. Turn
right again and this time walk up the plank. Kill the gunman that appears from
the flap thing and turn left and take cover behind the broken wall. Shoot the
Panzershreck on top of the building accross the road, then turn around.

There's a truck and some men below, so get near the edge, line yourself up
then throw a grenade and shoot any remaining men. Also, shoot the man
on the building accross because apparently, your team can't. Do that, and
advance to the next marker and shoot the kraut on the way. Take cover behind
the broken wall, shoot the FG42 gunman, and the panzershreck to the right
of him. Stay where you are, and kill the 3 men that have now appeared in
place of the gunmen. On your way down to the next marker, shoot both
enemies. Once you're down, follow your teammate up the broken building,
and shoot the two men obscuring your way there. From here, zoom and kill the
man behind the table shooting at you. Take cover behind the table and
fire at the two men ahead of you. A man will appear in place and a few
enemies behind him.Dodge the grenades, Shoot the man nearest to you,
then grenade the rest in the distance. Once those are dead, a panerfaust will
appear in the clock tower ahead, above you. DO NOT get onto the bridge before
getting rid of him, it will result in an instant death. Run towards the red
marker and shoot the man by the FG42 on the way.

Man the FG42. Shoot at the trucks to blow them up, and shoot at pretty much
anything that moves. You've done this before, it really shouldn't be too hard.
If your health does go low, unman and take cover for a bit. Otherwise, just
blast everything. Remember, shoot in short bursts or by constant tapping to
prevent overheating. Take care with the panzerfausts, make sure you get them
first. Once you're finished, descend the board to the right of the FG42 at
the end of the bridge, and move to the checkpoint marked in the road.
Follow your teammate until he gets blown up, and make your way to the marked
area ahead and to the right. On the way, throw a grenade in the tank, and
Move around the corner to find your men and a marked
area. After the text sequence, hide behind the corner. When you're ready,
aim up towards the top of the building, kill the man on the left, then the
right, then aim down at the kraut shooting you and kill him.
Climb the stairs of the building and grab the red marked bazooka at the top.
Turn around and blow up the recon in front of the train, then shoot the
man ahead of it. Descend the building and get to the marked area at the
bottom. Follow your teammate with your Thompson equipped around the sides
of the buildings then take cover behind the ledge. Although you're ordered to
stay put until told to, it's better to just shoot the two men as soon as you
see them. After that, you'll get more krauts appearing from the sides.
Grenade once, then take care of the rest with your Thompson while dodging
any grenades. BEFORE getting around the corner to your target, take cover
around this corner and shoot the kraut there. Place a charge on the 88 and
follow your teammate accross the traintracks. Take the red marked grenades
on the way and take cover. Shoot the men running by from the right, then take
out the gunmen in the building ahead. Jump over, and turn left to the red mark
area and grab the sniper rifle.

Your next target will be a panzershreck to the top left, but because the two
men ahead of you will keep throwing grenades, take care of them first before
moving onto the other target. When you've done that, turn right slightly and
kill as many enemies as possible from here, including the man on the back of
the recon truck. A full assault will begin, so take out your thompson.
Ignore the panzerfaust to the right for now, just grenade the men ahead and
shoot the people behidn you. Zoom and kill the panzerfaust.
Grab the red marked panzerfast and enter the nearby plane part and cover
bheind the box in there. Shoot with the Thomspon, the man on the right
(there are two, but you can't reach the other right now. Zoom and kill the
FG42g gunman in front of you, and climb over the box. Run towards the tank and
throw a grenade inside, then turn around and shoot the other gunman, and the
panzershreck on top of the building. Turn left to the next marked position
and get on the bridge for a checkpoint. Here's the fun bit.

Grab the cover to your right, grenade the two men ahead, and shoot the man on
the left. Switch to the bazooka and fire at the recon car to the left.
Zoom, and take out the two men on the right, and blow up the other truck behind
them. Switch to the Thomspon and kill the incoming gunman. Advance forward with
the bazooka, and take out the armored car that comes your way. Take cover,
dodge grenades, and shoot the rest of the krauts with the Thomspon. Go near the
side of the ridge that is marked with the dynamite icon, and place a charge
there. Kill the two enemies that appear behind/ahead, then place a charge on the
opposite side marked. Grab the marked Bazooka and shoot with the Thompson, the
two krauts near the wreckage. Stay where you are, don't worry about cover.
Although the next satchel target is the minivan at the end of the bridge, DO NOT
Instead, approach it from the right side, then throw a grenade inside the tank
thatnow traverses over the vehicle. Once it's blown up, take cover behind the
green car that is now crushed. Grenade the men on the right or left, then zoom
and shoot any remaining men. Run to the right and take cover behind the boxes.
Shoot the panzerfaust to the left, then the FG42 gunmen. How over the boxes
and advance to secure your position. When you get to the flak 88 gun, shoot
the man that appears at the FG42, the man in front of you, the man on the other
FG42, and the man behind the 88 gun. Quickly turn around and make your way back
onto the bridge. On your way, swap to the sniper rifle. Careful, you can easily
fail this next bit.

The signal will be made, but your objective is to take out the enemies advancing
towards you. Get your Thompson out, get behind cover, and QUICKLY grenade the
advancing enemies. Then, zoom in and shoot the remaining one. You must kill them
all before the tank gets near your position, otherwise you instantly fail.
One of them always tends to hide, so quickly take him out. Once that's done, the
bridge (and the tank) will get blown up, so your work here is done!

Mission Complete!



1. Urban Desert [URBND]

As the mission starts, follow the tank up the road and take position in the
marked area. Once you've cleared the wave of enemies ahead, several more will
appear and open fire. Take care of them, and get to the next marked area ahead.
Dodge the panzerfaust. You are told to flank the enemy position from the right,
so while running up to the narrow alley on the right, kill the man ahead, and
the two men shooting at you from the roof on the right. Enter the alleyway
and get to your marked position. Stay behind the boxes, wait for the enemies
to run past, then blow up the barrel in front of you. Kill any remaining men.
Take cover around this corner, but make sure you don't go too far or you'll
get sniped before you take any shots =/.. First, go for the two panzerfausts
at the end, then the two FG42 gunmen closest to you. Your armor will advance,
so follow it around the corner for a cutscene.

Don't waste any time here. Grab the sniper rifle at the marked position and
take cover behind the blow up tank. Shoot both snipers/panzergrenadiers,
and advance forward and to the right, take cover behind the sandbags. Shoot
the explosive barrel on the right, the man in the truck, then the barrel on the
left. Shoot any remaining men then take cover at the marked position. Wait for
troops on the left to go near the barrel, then shoot it along with the barrel
on the right. Zoom in with the Thomspon and take out the men on the 42's, then
snipe the man that appears at the FG42. Advance to the left and take cover
behind the furtherst but do not go up to the marked area yet. If you've still
got your sniper equipped, take two quick shots at the gunmen without zooming in
if possible. Advance to the marked area, take cover, and throw a grenade at the
several gunmen that appear in front of you. Two more men will appear. Dodge the
grenade and use the Thompson to take care of them. Follow the marked area to
find a damaged tank being repaired by Germans. Hide behind the corner, take
out the gunman near the tank, then throw a grenade inside when you're ready.
Move back and take control of the FG42 mounted behind you. The tank should
dissapear so you can shoot at the incoming enemies. Shoot the men ahead,
the men coming in from the right, then the gunmen enterring the scene from the
left. Move forward, wait for the truck to blow up, then shoot the two
panzerfausts in front of you. Take cover behind the wall to the right, shoot
all the men as quickly as possible, then run towards the flak 88 gun before it
shoots at you, while gunning down any enemies that are left. Place a charge,
turn left, and take cover behind the sandbags.

Shoot both men on either side of the '88, get the barrel on the top left, the
barrel ahead on top of the building, and any remaining germans.

Mission Complete!

2. Mareth Line [MARTH]

You start in a tank for this mission. Follow your teammates up the road and
open fire on the bunker. Strafing here should be back and forth, not
necessarily sideways. After you've killed all the men that appear inside and
outside of the bunker, a tank will appear from the right and another from the
left. Start strafing left and right and shoot at the tank on the left.
Get the one on the right afterwards, and follow the allied tank. Destroy the
truck on the other side of the barricades, then turn right and proceed to the
next marker. Turn your turret around and blast the two incoming tank destroyer
troops, then turn back around and blast the panzerfausts and enemy troops
attacking your allies. They'll keep coming for a while, so remain stationary
and blast them all before they can attack you. After a while, the barricades
will disappear, so proceed forward. Kill the incoming enemies, then blast
the marked bunker.

Run over the incoming men while shooting at the tank, then destroy the marked
88 gun. This should trigger a cutscene showing the tank repair unit, so
drive towards the vehicle to your right to get your tank repaird and to
re-establish your ammo supplies. Move towards the next marked flak gun and
blast the panzerfausts behind the sanbags in front of it. A tank will appear
from behind the structure, so strafe about, destroy the armor, and run
over/shoot any remining gunmen in the area. Go back to the tank repair crew
and repair your tank. Apparently, the Panzers are closing in, so proceed up the
road to the marked position. Quickly turn right and take out the truck and
soldiers. Make your way around the truck, then turn right again. Quickly take
out the two panzers in one hit each, then turn around to the next mark.
Aim at the satellite (the grid thing on top of the bunker) and destroy it with
a panzer shell. You'll get a cutscene, which precedes you leaving your tank
for some foot action.

Follow the marked area and take cover behind the bags while your men shoot
down the stuka...or whatever that thing is. Turn right and follow your men up
the road and left into enemy territory. Take cover behind the nearest sandbag
and shoot the man in the truck. Quickly kill off the incoming krauts, and
move behind the sandbags near the flak gun. Throw a grenade at the gun to blow
it up, then advance to some cover near the next gun, the sandbags in front
of the two men ahead. Quickly blow up the truck and the flak gun, then turn
around and kill any remaining enemies. Your armor can now advance, so make your
way down the trench behind, turn right, and follow your men. When they stop,
ignore them and advance ahead, and into the marker that will appear. Turn left
and follow the men running past. Take cover behind the sandbags, shoot the men
ahead, zoom in and shoot the men escaping. Advance forward and throw a grenade
inside the incoming tank. Follow your men up the hill behind you leading to the
enemy bunker, and take cover behind the barrel. Shoot all 3 gunmen and proceed
through the bunker.

Turn right, take cover behind the sandbags and shoot the two men near you.
Blow up the truck with a grenade and shoot any remaining krauts ahead.
Advance to the sandbags ahead, take cover, QUICKLY take care of the 4 gunmen
around the enemy tank, then jump over the cover and lob a grenade inside it.
Get to the next marked area, turn left, take cover behind the bags, and wait
for your team to blow up the truck. Shoot the remaining enemies and advance up
the road with your team. Take cover behind the bags, and blow up the truck with
a grenade. Proceed to the marked area and take cover while your men take care
of things. Ignore the incoming tank, and enter the enemy panzer ahead.
Turn around and while moving backwards, destroy the two tanks firing at you.

Proceed to the marked area and ram into the boxes to destroy the rather poor
barricade, and open fire at the tank on the far left and the one coming in from
the right. Destroy all armor for a cutscene, then proceed to your next target
and destroy it. Blow up the bunker to the right, and advance forward around
the left of the wreck. Destroy the two enemy tanks while retreating, and blow
up the barrels; your next target. Retreat and kill the incoming tank destroyer
soldiers, then shoot both the tank and the truck ahead. Advance to the marked
area ahead to finally, claim the Mareth Line, and complete the mission.

Mission Complete!

3. Sand Raiders [SANDR]

You'll start out in a recon truck, so follow the road, avoid the obstacles,
and turn left when your target appears. Folow the target so your buddy can
shoot the thing, get it destroyed before it turns around the building and run
over the two men near the structure in front of you. Turn left and chase down
the next target. Be sure to stay on the inside of the 'track' to keep up with
your opponent, and ignore enemy fire. Once that's taken care of, you'll need
to kill any remaining Panzergrenadiers, so turn around and take care of them.

Once that's done, enemy einforcements will arrive, so get to the red marked
target, run over/through the panzerfausts, and start chasing down the enemy
recon units around the building. When you blow the first one up, quickly
manuevre around it to destroy the next one. Turn around and make your way in
through the opening gates of the building in the center. Get your recon
repaired like you would a tank with the repair unit in the center, then re-exit
the building and turn right to your next mark. Follow the road up until
you're told to exit your recon car and snipe. Do that, and climb up the
stairs near the structure, take your sniper rifle out, and take cover behind
the sandbags.

First snipe the men near the flak gun ahead, then move the reticle to the right
and snipe the ones near the next flak gun. There'll be no more targets for a
while, so take the time to cover behind the wall to the left of the sandbags.
As soon as the panzer and co. appear, sniper the gunmen one by one, taking
cover to minimize panzer shell damage between each shot. If you can't get a
good shot from here, quickly move behind the sandbags, take a shot, and run
back to  cover. Repeat until the troops are dead. The tank is now a target, but
your men will take care of it, so take cover behind the bags until it blows up,
and ignore the escaping tank crew unless you want more fame. Trun around,
descend the steps, and get inside your recon car. Drive ahead to the marked
area  and enter the building. After the cutscene, advance out of the doors
you're facing and turn left and follow the green marker.

Drive around the big boulder and start following the green markers down the
road. Take out as many krauts ad possible on the way, then turn right when
told to and watch the cutscene when you get to the green marker ahead.
Follow the next marker around the bend, kill the gunmen while going for the
retreating trucks, destroy the recon units. Turn around and shoot any remaining
foot soldiers. Regroup with your men and make your way to the tank ahead.
It'll blow up, so go for the retreating foot soldiers. Follow the green markers
and kill all retreating soldiers until you're told to return to the building.
Enter through the nearest gate and get to the marked area. Exit your recon
and climb the marked stairway. Equip your sniper while you're at it.
Oh boy.

Get to the red marked area and take cover. Quickly snipe the unit far ahead
near the rock , then QUICKLY unzoom and look for the panzerfaust. Snipe him,
then the enemies around him. Adjust your position if need be, and snipe the
next panzerfaust. Turn around and grab the bazooka. Get into position, and wait
for the tank to enter the area. While it's moving, strafe about until it stops.
Take a few shots while strafing and destroy it. Take cover behind the now
unoccupied sandbags, and get the tank on the right. Snipe the man on the far
left hiding behind the stone structure, then return and man the FG42, taking
out any remaining enemies to claim the fort.

Mission Complete!

4. Surprise Visit [SRPRS]

- FAQ -				                [FAQDS]

If you wish to ask any questions either about my FAQ or the game istelf, feel
free to e-mail me at pcandwwa[at]hotmail.co.uk, further information under the
Contact section. Obviously, before I get any real emails, I'll need to make
a few questions up. Some of these are asked a lot, so it's only natural they
are answered here. Also, I hope to finally clear up one thing...


Q: Does this game have WIFI?
A: NO. IT DOES NOT HAVE WIFI. The original boxart may have had the WiFi symbol
on it, but it is possible, due to D-Day time restrictions, WiFi had to be
taken out and the game quickly released. Now PLEASE, stop asking.


Q: How long is the single player?
A: Well, the initial story takes about...2 - 6 hours to play through? Yeah, it
isn't too long of a game, but you can unlock Veteran and Elite mode, which lets
you play story mode again with more enemies, less health/more damage, and
generally harder approach. You also unlock two weapons after completing the
game on normal mode, which should make it a more fun game overall.


Q: MultiPlayer?
A: Yes, 4 player MULTI-CARD. Your friends must have a version of the game to
play wireless multicard. I haven't tried multiplayer yet though, so I can't
provide feedback yet. If anyone HAS played multiplayer, please feel free to
email me at pcandwwwa[at]hotmail.co.uk.


Q: When will the guide be finished?
A: Sorry it's rather incomplete at the moment, but I've been busy lately so
I'm lucky I've had the time to do this at all. I will try to get some work
done on the guide every day, might get it done before the US release if I'm


Q: Could I use your guide on my site?
A: E-Mail me first. Under no cicumstances is ANYONE allowed to host this guide
on thier site without my permission.


Q: Can I add you on MSN?
A: If you really want to.


Q: What is Fame?
A: I'm really not too sure. It doesn't unlock anything, I know that, because
it's not stored. It's probably just a score system that doubles or triples in
Veteran and Elite difficulty modes respectively.

- Contact -					[CNTCT]

There are several unfinished parts to this guide. Some of which I am currently
working on, and some which I cannot do. If you spot any spelling mistakes,
wrong info, or want to suggest something or know an alternative method, maybe
easier or more fun, please e-mail me at:


Please do not send viruses, trojans, or anything of the like, because you'll
just be wasting your time and I'll block you. Please allow up to 3 days for
a response before sending the email again, unless you wish to notify me
regarding a different/addictional matter.

Thanks :D

- Copyrights -					[COPYR]

I was hoping to put some stuff here, but instead, I will make a list
of things you may do and may not do with my guide. I guess I should start
by saying that this guide is copyrighted to _DARKAMBITION_ of the GFAQs
boards. The sites that are currently allowed to host this guide on their
respective sites are:

- GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
- CheatCodeCentral (www.cccentral.com)
- SuperCheats (www.supercheats.com)


- Print this out.
- Tell your friends about it.
- Read it.
- Write your own FAQ, and contribute to GFAQs


- Use this guide on your own or any other site without my permission first.
- Copy and Paste this guide elsewhere.
- Call this work your own. It is clearly mine.
- PLaguirise the content in this FAQ in any way.

Thank you for following the rules :)..


- Credits -


Me - For writing this guide for you guys.
Ubisoft/Gearbox software - For making this great game.
CJayC - If it wasn't for GFaqs, I wouldn't have written this guide in the first
Readers - For reading this walkthrough and for your support :)

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