Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

  1. From DrexielEXE (04/01/2020; 256KB) 100% save(with all items,medals,equipment,model a) on expert with Grey & Ashe, 1 save on normal with Grey missing only model a, and 1 save on beginner cleared with model a mostly, without power ups.
  2. From Arkrex (10/26/2007; 256KB) Grey & Ashe Normal modes complete - all upgrades obtained
  3. From Musent (11/18/2007; 256KB) Grey and Ashe normal mode complete. All items in A and B only.
  4. From delta7890 (09/06/2019; 8KB) Hard Mode, all Mini Games, and secret Model a unlocked! All save slots for Ashe in Normal Mode. 100% complete game clear save in slot 1!
  5. From megadima (05/18/2008; 256KB) Megaman ZX Advent - 100% save - cheats used

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