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Reviewed: 01/05/09

Forget what I said about Digimon World 3. THIS is the god of the series!

You might have seen my review on Digimon World 3, and how good I said that game was. That was almost 2 years ago. Now I'm reviewing the game that gives Digimon World 3 a major butt whopping, and that is Digimon World Dusk/Dawn. The game finally took what I wanted to see: A digimon with multiple versions, like Pokemon, Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Starforce. Unlike pokemon (which have exclusive pokemons but that can easily be gotten anyways through Trading) These version of Digimon not only have Exclusive digimons, But exclusive startes and exclusive DUNGEONS! Yes, now there are places you can't reach in one version, and another you can't reach in another version. Let's start this review now!

Story: 9/10

The story is very short (hence the one point deduction) However, the story is so good, And depending of the version you play in, All major bosses (Minus the final boss and post-game ones) will change, Example: At some point you will fight your leader, well in Dusk, you fight ChaosGallantmon, while in Dawn, you fight Ophanimon. Anyways, on to the story

You play as one of the newer Tamer from Night Claw/Crow team (If you play in Dusk) or the Light Fang team (if you play on Dawn) As a normal tamer, you enter the normal level tournament (scenes before the tournament changes depending of the version you play) And after you win/lose the tournament, a virus attack Digital City, separating the two parts: Darkmoon CITY (your home city in DUsk) and Sunshine CITY (Your hometown in Dawn) Your team suspect the opposing team of sending the virus, and thus, the true story begins. Of course, toward the end, you learn that it was not the opposing team, but a Powerful digimon, named Grimmon, who is all behind this. I won't spoil the rest to you. You will have to play to know the whole thing.

Gameplay: 10/10

Take the first Digimon world DS's (which will be reffered as DWDS1 from now) game system. It was good, eh? Now make it better. Awesome eh? Yeah. The Gameplay is the same as the First DW on the DS. However there are some new things that have been added.

First, the farm system has been improved. You can now buy several background for your digimon farms, instead of always having to buy new Farms.

Second: DNA/Armor digivolution: If your digimon reaches certain conditions, they can get merge to get a powerfull digimon. Wanted Omnimon this whole time? It's pretty easy to get it now! Same goes for ARmor, however, you need to have a compatible digimon, and have the right digiegg beforehand.

Third: Battles.

Unlike DWDS1, EVERY digimon have their own signature attacks, minus the in training digimons. You no longer have to learn those attacks. Every digimons have their own. Also, when you digivolve/degenerate your digimons, they now keep all their learned attack (minus the sigs). So you can basicly have an In-training digimon with mega level attacks.


There are 398 digimons (as opposed to DWDS1's 235) to get. While easier to get than Pokemons for the most part, it's a bit harder to get the opposite version's digimon for you cannot trade online.

Wi-fi: 10/10

Much better than DWDS1's. First, you can now find random people for breeding digimon, and for this one game, you will always be happy to find a hacker when you breed (it makes getting some digieeggs easier to get) ALso, you can battle your friends online. This series needs a random encounter mode though.

Music: 9999999/10

SOmply addictive. 3 Normal battle theme, the second one (which you hear when fighting in Magnet mine, the deeper parts of thriller ruins, and many other places. Is a very good battle theme, most probably the best ever created for the series (and In my opinion, the best battle theme for all DS exclusive RPGs) The boss and Final boss battle themes are also good, and the Koolown co.'s theme just make me laugh everytime I hear it. Oh, and of course, your hometown music change according of which version you play.

Graphics: 10/10

Same as DWDS1's. Awesome, the best 2d graphics you can find on the DS (appart from Pokemons). This doesn't beat Dragon Quest Monster Joker or FFIII's graphics, but they are still pretty good. I have no complains here.

Replay Value: 9/10

With very little post-game stuff to do, the only real thing you can do, is to get 'em all and train your favourite digimon for wireless comms. WHich is irrevelant if you have no one to fight with, or if you can't have acces to someone with the oposite version. Another point deduction.

Overall: 10/10

SOlid RPG. One of the best on the DS, almost as good a pokemon. If you like Digimon, then this is definitely the game to get. Found at many video games store, such as EBgame and Gamestop for about 25$ brand new.

Rent or buy?

Buy, definitely. Don't even try this game. You will get addicted :)

-Awesome music
-Awesome new stuff (compared to DWDS1)
-Better battle system
-Better farm system
-better everything!!!!!!
-A lot harder than DWDS1

-Extremely tiring high encounter rate. (You rarely walk more than 3 seconds without a fight, litteraly)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Digimon World: Dusk (US, 09/18/07)

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