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Reviewed: 08/07/08

We expected more, but this didn't make the cut...

Before I start the review, I’d like to say that I bought this game simply because a friend from school told me it was good. Well, it wasn’t as good as I’d expected it to be. It may not be the worst game ever, but it sure isn’t the best one.


The storyline is pretty unoriginal and bland. You’re a Digimon Tamer from some team called Night Claw (or at least on the game box; in the actual game it’s called Night Crow), competing against your rivals Light Fang. The reasons? Unknown, you just are. Then some mysterious virus attacks your city and the two floating town-places, Sunshine CITY (yes, it’s capitalized) and Darkmoon CITY, become separated. Even so, Sunshine CITY and Darkmoon CITY inhabitants can still travel the Digital World and visit each other in those areas. If so, wouldn’t they be able to discuss this problem and rebuild that dang bridge!? See, it doesn’t make sense.

The other portion of the storyline? Random quests. You think ‘quest’ and say, “It’s like Mystery Dungeon or Final Fantasy or something, right?” WRONG. It’s doing stupid things for stupid Digimon. Deliver Metal Pillows, look for some Tasty Water, and find the Digidelli Cake...yes, all in a day’s work for a Tamer. Stupid, right? Yes. Who uses a Metal Pillow anyways? Apparently, they can’t sleep without it. Okaaaay...



The graphics are neat in battle, though it’s supremely annoying when you’re battling for the first time and don’t know where your dang Digimon is (it’s hidden from view). Overworld graphics are moderate, but I hate how the Digimon always walk diagonally. You’re walking forward and your Digimon are walking, where, north-west?



The music gets overly repetitive, especially the battle music, the town music, and the STUPID BOSS AREA MUSIC!!!!! I hate that song. It’s the one you hear where some freaky guitar and weird drums play a fast-paced and bad song. Sound effects are okay, but repetitive as well. Whenever you attack, you’ll either hear a slash, a blob, or the occasional slash-and-blob sound. Seriously, don’t be afraid to mute your DS while playing.



At least it’s not EXACTLY like Pokemon. You have three Digimon with you at a time, who all go into battle AT THE SAME TIME in either random encounters, boss battles, or slightly hard battles that appear at the end of missions. This makes the gameplay easy, especially since most of the time you’ll only have 1-3 enemies going against you at a time. Attacks take up MP, and when you run out you can’t attack unless you gain more via an item or an attack that refuels it. It’s addictive, much like Pokemon, but really not challenging. The only challenge in this whole game is probably getting through the Silver and Gold ranks, but you just need to digivolve your team to their Ultimate and Mega forms and pwn them to bits.

Another aspect of gameplay is obtaining new Digimon, which is, essentialy, this game’s Pokeball. When you get 100% or more of a Digimon’s “scan data” (which you get every time you encounter them in the wild), you can generate one of that Digimon. Making one with 100% will generate a Digimon with moderate, not-special stats, while using 999% will make it an Ubermon. What’s annoying is that sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck with 999% of some stupid Digimon like Betamon that you’ve already generated a bazillion times.

And lastly, a new feature joins the team: Farm Islands!? In Farm Islands, you can buy an island and put Digimon in it to train. They’ll gain experience as you walk around. Surprisingly, it’s not EXACTLY like the Daycare Center in the Pokemon series; unlike that, you can decorate and upgrade your Islands. They not only look semi-decent, but they can also up your Digimon’s stats, such as...give them +4 Light experience. Really, that’s low. No Digimon would ever level up because of it. Some of the items are also kind of weird, like the Phonograph. It’s fun to laugh at them while you scroll through the shop inventory, though.

Controls are, in general, slightly easy to understand, whereas some may take several paragraphs to explain.



If you’re like me, you’ll replay this because you’re curious as to what’ll happen next. Otherwise, don’t bother.



+ Decent gameplay
+ A few cool Digimon


+ Bad storyline
+ No difference between games, besides a few different Digimon
+ Incredibly easy
+ Stupid quests


Storyline: 3/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound/Music: 2/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Replay Value: 6/10

Total: 44%

Don’t bother buying it. If you’re thinking about buying it, rent it first before trying.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Digimon World: Dusk (US, 09/18/07)

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