Review by Kraytdragon444

Reviewed: 05/27/08

A huge letdown to a fan of the Digimon DS series. Just... not fun to play...

I was a huge fan of the Digimon DS game (Which I highly recommend) but this sequel doesn't deserve to lick the boots of that game.

Gameplay: The battles are very much like its predecessor. You have a party of 6 digimon (3 in combat at a time) and you battle anywhere between 1-5 other digimon. The battles are fun, but not when they're thrown at you as often as they do in this game.

The real flaws are the dungeons. It's extremely difficult to get anything done in them. I had to turn off big water faucets so I could proceed. Just when I think I have them all, I spend 2 days searching for the correct path, and when I find it, I spend another 20 minutes fighting my way through it, I find that I missed a faucet, and have to fight my way another 20 minutes in the other direction, find the switch, which could take a good deal of time, then fight another 20 minutes back. Not happening...
(And even if it wasn't as much as 20 minutes, it sure felt like it... *yawn*

The dungeon layout is god awful. It's very non-linear, but not in a good way... 90% of the paths you'll be taking are dead ends... no treasure chests, no switches, just a dead end and 6 battles fighting your way in, and out.

So why not run away from the battles? Because it often takes longer to continue to try running away, while your party gets the stuffing kicked out of them. (about 5 seconds per attempt, but they usually fail anyway)

Graphics: Not terrible, but not fantastic either. You don't see your digimon, just little fireballs, explosions, claw scratches and such hitting the enemies who have a one frame recoil animation. But the anime style drawings of the characters aren't bad (Considering just how many are in the game, hundreds)

Sounds/Music: Again, not bad. I enjoy the battle music, but the sounds are little more than... "CHHSH" when a digimon gets hit... we still don't get to hear Agumon shout "PEPPER BREATH!"

Final Statement: This is the first game that I've ever been truly upset that I own. If you're the kind of person who enjoys puzzles that don't require much thinking, just patience, then this might be for you, but I wouldn't recommend it for someone who enjoys Zelda-style puzzles.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Digimon World: Dusk (US, 09/18/07)

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