Review by antares005

Reviewed: 01/28/08

A good Digimon game, and a Digimon fan musthave!


The game is very fun, but at the same time, can be very annoying. Controls are easy to understand too, the game will tell you how to play it, literally. Digivolving takes time to master because it has certain requirements in order for your Digimon to evolve, but it will be fine if you get the hang of it! Battle controls may also take awhile to understand but I'm sure, in just 15 minutes or less, you can fully understand it! The downside is that there is just a little use of the DS stylus, sure it can be very useful when you are in the dungeons, but still... I'm sure you'll understand what I am saying if you play it. The very good thing about this game is that you can communicate to other players via Wi-Fi connection or Wireless Connection, here you can battle or make Digi-eggs.


It's the same thing again, a common plot, save the Digimon world again. Sometimes you can tell what will happen next to the story because of the common plot found on many games. I hope that in the future, they will make a unique plot that is very uncommon from the other games. The good thing is that there are twist in the story that you can't predict and you will be surprise.


The graphics are great, very colorful and detailed, but the "battle attack" graphics which can be seen when you issue an attack to an enemy are repetitive and somewhat low-class, but it's easy to forgive. The sounds are also great, it fits the mood of the story at certain times, when something exciting happens, it switches to lively music, but when something dramatic happens, the music switches to fit the dramatic mood. The downside is that the music sounds like from the Gameboy Advance games.


The dungeons can be very repetitive, confusing, and tiring. There are also times that you can be very annoyed of the random battles. The good thing is that even if you finish the game, there are still many things to do, like going on quest, yes, even after the main story, there are still plenty of quests. There are also Digimon Collecting and Digivolving, there are still many Digimons roaming around and many Digimons to digivolve!

---Final Words---

It's a good game, worth buying and playing, but if you're a fan of Digimon and has a Nintendo DS, this is a "musthave"!

---Overall Score---


Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Digimon World: Dusk (US, 09/18/07)

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