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Reviewed: 10/22/07

A repetitive, but good monster RPG

Monster Battle RPGs are a unique brand of game; some of which are the world's most recognized games. These games can be a lot of fun, especially if you are into collecting many different items and monsters. Digimon World: Dusk is a decent game. While it is fairly repetitive, what it does repeat is worthwhile and, for the most part, enjoyable to play.

Graphics: 6/10 Graphics are the first part of the game you will see, so they can make a lasting first impression. Now, don't get me wrong, the Digimon sprites are big and colorful; the animation is also nice. The thing that kills this score is the fact nearly all the sprites in the game were directly copied from the first Digimon World DS. This wouldn't be so bad if it were just the Digimon sprites. However, the background on all the levels is exactly the same as the first game. Yes, they recolored them. But, that still doesn't change much. It's really annoying to go through the same levels, albeit with a different layout and color, as the old game. This score would be a lot higher if they didn't just copy/paste the levels.

Sound: 7/10 After you see they game, you'll be hearing it next. The sound doesn't disappoint, but it's not astonishing either. It's not so bad that you'll be turning down the sound on you DS and listening to something else. But, let's just say I wouldn't buy the soundtrack. Nothing is memorable, but nothing is terrible either. It does its job and not much else.

Gameplay: 7/10 Here is the main part of any game. It doesn't matter how fancy the graphics or how great the sound is if the gameplay fails to deliver. Luckily, the gameplay in Digimon World: Dusk is the best part of the game. There are almost 400 different Digimon to collect and train. You can level them up by fighting other Digimon in random battles, which occur a little too frequently, but it is tolerable. One especially nice feature is the scan data system. Instead of attempting to catch a Digimon, its data is scanned. After you fight so many Digimon, its data is automatically added to you bank and you can convert it into a Digimon, which you can then added into your party. This is a nice feature because getting a Digimon's scan data requires little effort. After converting a Digimon, you can Digivolve it into a different monster and degenerate it into a lower form. This enables you Digimon to gain more levels, as there is a level cap that can only be raised by degenerating your Digimon. In addition to this, they added DNA Digivoving to this game. Unlike the first one, you can combine two different Digimon into one really powerful one. They also added Amour Digivolution to this game. The only down side to that is the fact most Amour Digimon you can get weren't the ones in Digimon Adventure 02. Many favorites from the show don't make an appearance.
One nice feature of this game, however, is the Digifarm. Basically, when your extra Digimon are not in your party, they sit in the Digifarm and gain experience points. In addition to the experience points, you can place farm goods on your farm that can raise a Digimon's particular stat. For example, if you put the magic circle on you farm, all your Digimon's Sprit stat will raise. You can change the type of experience your farm gives with backgrounds and farm goods. You can add background music that will cause certain types of Digimon to grow faster than others. This is nice because your Digimon do more than sit in a box when you're not playing with them. However, this tends to become somewhat obsolete later in the game, as farms don't give too much experience. Still, they are better than nothing. It takes 20 minutes for your farm to go in a complete cycle, so they are slightly on the slow side. If you leave you game running for 20 minutes while you do something else, your Digimon will still gain experience, a fact I have exploited frequently.
In addition to scanning data, you can also gain Digimon through matching. Basically, you link up with someone else (In real life, or on Wi-fi) and mate two Digimon. This is interesting as you can only get some Digimon through matching. A great addition to the matching system it the random matching. You can now go online and the game will search for some other person on Wi-fi and you can match. This is nice, but you're probably not going to get rare DigiEggs using this method. You can trade friend codes with someone and match that way, but you will both need to be online at the same time to do so. You can also battle other players on Wi-fi now, which is a great addition and adds replay value.
After you get past the collection aspect, the game basically repeats itself. You go on quests for Digimon, all which are basically the same thing over and over. All the quests involve you going into an area to find something, and then coming back. You play fetch over and over again; it's the only mission in the entire game! (Well, there's one mission where you fight in a tournament. But there's only one of those) If the game weren’t so repetitive in this regard, it would be a lot better. Luckily, fighting wild Digimon is fairly entertaining, so despite the repetitiveness of it, it's still fun. It would be better if it weren’t so repetitive.

Story: 5/10 This one is bleh. It's a generic story from the generic book of stories. Then again, I'm sure no one wants to play this game for the story. In fact, it's actually a little confusing. I beat the game and I'm still not 100% sure of what the enemy’s motive was and why. But, this is by no means the most important part of the game and, for the most part, can be disregarded.

Miscellaneous: 7/10 Everything that doesn't fit in the above categories, the first one being grammar. This game would make my English teacher have a fit, as it consistently uses the wrong "there", "their", and "they're. As a bonus, if you play through the game as the female character, everyone still refers to you as "he". This is really annoying as it would not be a hard modification to make. In addition, some Digimon are unobtainable without matching, which gets annoying. However, these are not a serious effect on the game, just slightly annoying.

Overall, Digimon World: Dusk is a good game. It's worth it to pick up if you like Digimon or Monster RPGs. It's not going to break any records, however. It's too similar to the first game in almost every regard and gets old after awhile. As for the replay, it's okay, but the repetitiveness of the game really hurts it. I guess you can try to collect all the Digimon, but there really is no point in that. Battling others online is really the only thing to do after beating it. Pick it up if you want; it's still a fairly good game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Digimon World: Dusk (US, 09/18/07)

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