When Can you start recruiting new clan members?

  1. At what point in the main quest do characters start showing up on the map to be recruited? Is it before you get the "clan member wanted" mission or after? is the only prerequisite that you can access the area where the member to be recruited shows up on the map (E.G. viera), or can you start recruiting humes from the targ wood spot from the start of the game?

    User Info: Lord_Baxter

    Lord_Baxter - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can actually recruit new members almost any time! If you go to clan info menu, select "clan primer," and go to rumors, there should be one called "New Recruits." That rumor tells you where and when to find each race to recruit.
    -Humes appear in Targ Wood in Skyfrost and Greenfire (the turn of the new year)
    -Bangaa appear at Bapiste Hill "when spring approaches." I'm assuming that means they'll be there during Greenfire, Bloodfire, and Rosefire.
    -Nu Mou will appear in Grazston during Rosefire and Coppersun (between spring and summer).
    -Moogles will appear at the Bisga Greenlands during Coppersun, Goldensun, and Silversun. (the summer months)
    -Viera apear in Camoa during early fall, namely Ashleaf and possibly Silversun as well.

    As for the other two races, I'm not sure. For a list of the months and their names, just select the rumor "The Sights of Jylland" in the Clan Primer menu.

    User Info: untuxable

    untuxable - 10 years ago 0   0

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