Do chest timers not "freeze" when in multiplayer?

  1. I frequently use "chest timers" (like those provided by the yabd site or the offline tool provided from woodus' site) in single player. The TL;DR of how those work in single player, is that the chest timer freezes whenever the map is visible (where you can see monsters), and it unfreezes/updates whenever it isn't (such as when the Battle Records is open, when you are in a battle, or when you change to a different floor).

    My co-player and I discovered that in multiplayer, the blue chests we open in grottos yield the SAME items if we open them at exactly the same time, yet different items if we open them at different times. Does that mean that the chest timer doesn't actually freeze when hosting a multiplayer session?

    Is there a way to determine when a Chest Timer timer actually begins counting? Typically as a single player, it needs to be started when you select the "Click to continue..." menu option when the player is ALREADY inside of a grotto. Since you have to visit the Inn in Stornway in order to initiate multiplayer, this isn't a viable option. Could the timer actually reset as soon as you enter the grotto, or would it be running from the moment the host resumes the game, regardless of when the grotto is opened?
    OnlineCop - 1 year ago - report
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