Do theives actually open locked doors or not?

  1. In my first play through (I restarted pretty early in bc the thief seemed kinda useless) I got a thief so I could open locked doors and chests, and steal from enemies. Turns out thieves in Dragon Quest don't do that, or at least can't when they're still a baby thief. So. Can they Actually open locked doors and chests or not, because I kind of want one, but definitely not enough to get one if they can't do that.

    User Info: Kikuriki

    Kikuriki - 5 months ago

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  1. Lol for a short answer, no.
    There are locked doors in this game, but to unlock them you just need to complete quests in the main story, what thief actually do is steal items from enemies, know if there are chests nearby and add more info on the monster library.

    User Info: Kprojects

    Kprojects - 5 months ago 1 0

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