Sense Equivalent?

  1. Is there any spell thats basically a Final Fantasy sense? Bc I've been looking through the spell list of DQix and none of em even come close. Is it a skill??
    And I can't remember or find the name of that not-spell (?) that let's you see how much exp to go til the next level.

    User Info: Kikuriki

    Kikuriki - 6 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There's no spell or skill that lets you see an enemy's stats. You'll just have to estimate their HP and figure out weaknesses on the fly.

    Experience to next level can be found on the character's Attributes screen (I think. Definitely their total exp). Or ask a priest to perform Divination.

    User Info: Thard_Verad

    Thard_Verad (Expert) - 6 months ago 0 0

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