Pray tell, WHAT is the most powerful and self-healing party that can be composed?

  1. I know that after all of the time Dragon Quest 9 has been out, there have to be some PREMIUM strategies out there in the great beyond. Please, if you cannot help me in words, do it in links; send me to a magical place full of glorious strategy and power and dominance beyond imagination.

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  2. Clarification Request:
    Depends on where you are in the game and what you plan to do.
    Care to shed some light that we may guide your way?

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  1. Hi! So there are indeed a variety of incredibly powerful strategies out there in the protectorate, as DQIX promotes party diversity to no end. There are, however, some setups that simply rise to the top of their own accord. First things first, to become a truly capable defender of the world at large, each member of your party MUST attain at least level 38 in all classes. This way, you can invest 100 skill points in every class in the game! No more fragile mages / sages; enjoy that 80 HP from the paladin branch. Tired of running out of falcon slashes? Just train your fighter as a sage!
    Next, become a shield master! Just use the skill points you earn as you level your preferred class to the top!
    After you've done this, put all of your boosts into your weapons of choice! Attack boosts are always a great addition to any fighter, and the passive boosts from wand and staff are great for any magic user.

    With the basics out of the way, lets talk party.

    Here are some amazing strategies I've seen pan out / have used myself.

    Legacy boss killer: Gladiator, Gladiator, Gladiator, Sage (Boost them all, destroy the world)
    Coop-de-grace: Paladin, Paladin, Paladin, Sage (all paladins use fans because hypercritical fan simply cannot be argued with)
    Can't touch this: Luminary, Luminary, Luminary, Luminary (gimmicky as anything, but max your evasion, charm, shield, and staff skills, and nothing can hit you)
    Balanced team: Gladiator, Paladin, Priest, Sage (Self explanatory)
    Dynamic duo: Gladiator, Sage (Easier EXP, almost as effective as Legacy boss killer, less expensive to max gear too)

    You'll note that sage is a common theme, as well as gladiator. This is simply because sage practically breathes magic, and gladiator breathes destruction. Pretty well any party with this combo will always be effective. Paladins are good for a last resort, as they survive the apocalypse and cast kerplunk.

    Trust me when I tell you, few monsters stand up to these party compositions. Use them well, guardian. You may save the protectorate yet.

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  1. With infinite stat seeds (many, many hours or cheating), 3/1 or 2/2 Paladin/Priest.
    * Your Fource user should have Armamentalist's Album and 999 Agi. The rest of the party hovers around 600-700.
    * Spam Falcon Slash with (Uber) Falcon Blade.
    * Focus on evasion, blocking, status resist, and elemental resist for equipment.

    Source: tinyurl[dot]com/y73r4vyu

    With normal stat seed usage, 1 Priest and combination of Gladiator/Paladin, depending on how you prefer to balance wipe risk vs clear speed.
    * Your Priest is your de facto Fource user. She needs Agi, and so should equip Mercury Prize.
    * Spam Falcon Slash with Uber Falcon Blade *or* turtle with Dire Critical Fans.
    * Same principles apply for equipment. Luckily, equipment with the above attributes tend to also have stellar defense and might/mending.

    Source: tinyurl[dot]com/yc4ljv97

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  2. Just for giggles, let's try Martial Artist, Mage, Mage, Mage. Have the MA hold your Sage Scroll and cast Twocus Pocus on one of your Mages. His agility should be well above the Mages anyway, so no worries there. Then cast Kafrizzle x4 (because one Mage is buffed) to get the combo bonus. Yes, you can get the 1.2x, 1.5x, and 2x multipliers for single-target spells. A single, high-level Mage can do 1500+ per round with the Twocus Pocus buff against fire-weak bosses. Add another 2200 if you have the extra Mages in your party.

    Facing multiple targets? You've still got Kacrackle and Kaboom, although they don't get the combo bonus. Even so, facing down 4-6 all-target spells every round will quickly shred random encounters.

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