I need to level more to beat hootingham gore but I don't know what level I should be or what to grind. Help?

  1. These are my characters if it helps:
    Minstrel: lv. 30, inferno blade, white knights shield, mythril helm, platinum mail, light gauntlets, dragon warrior trousers, safety shoes, life ring

    Theif: lv.30, combusticlaws, slime crown, Jolly Roger jumper, einhänder, blue jeans, iron sabatons, life ring

    Priest: lv.30, storm spear, white knights shield, mercurys bandana, magical robes, cotton gloves, iron kneecaps, leather shoes, life ring

    Mage: lv.29, magical mace, white knights shield, magical hat, gooey gear, cotton gloves, leather kilt, leather shoes, life ring.
    DQIX56 - 4 years ago - report
  2. Now they are leveled four times DQIX56 - 4 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. So level 33-34 now? If anything I'd say you're slightly overleveled. Hooty uses spells almost exclusively, so anyone with Magic Mirror (shield skill) or Bounce (Mage spell) will be a big help. Try to take down the two armors first to limit the damage you take.

    And that gear... I suggest going shopping in Upover and Wormwood Creek. There's also a good shoe store in Bloomingdale. Best armor for Priest at this point is probably Ethereal Armor. Buy Magic Armor in Gleeba and alchemize it with an Enchanted Stone first, then the Enchanted Armor with an Ethereal Stone. Anything made of iron should be upgraded to Gigasteel, or replaced outright.
    Thard_Verad (Expert) - 4 years ago - report 1   0
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