If i have a level 41 thief 43 gladiator 44 armamentalist 46 priest how can i level faster than on slime hill for lms?

  1. For some damned reason ds isnt a console fyi i have a ds lite L + R buttons broken but thats irrelevant ALSO IMPORTANT i use a kobo so if dont respond soon i wil dont worry thanks (this is my first FAQ) i REALLY NEED TO KNOW how to get a moai mnistel cuzi just fought a lvl 43 grottoe so idk if it has to be 50 thx Cloud_Strife125 - 6 years ago - report
  2. also is there any way to fi maps with King metal slimes cuz i a master at defeating my enemies, i do use moves specifically but i never am able to get the good lvling monster people talk about i just really need help thx Cloud_Strife125 - 6 years ago - report

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  1. The easiest way to level up at that point is to farm metal King slimes. Unfortunately, the grottos they spawn in are probably too high level for your party to handle so I'd stick to liquid metal slimes for now. If you are dead set on metal King slimes I would go to the tower of nod. On rare occasion they spawn on the higher floors as support monsters (meaning you won't see them in the game but they may show up in battle with other monsters)
    A good way to kill any metal slime is with either thunder thrust (spear ability) or hatchet man (axe ability). This is because metal slimes are very vulnerable to critical hits and in almost all cases they will die instantly.
    KOTIKLAP - 6 years ago - report 1   0
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