What is the best way to level up?

  1. I mean in the manner of bossing / grinding.
    What is the best grinding spot?
    I currently grind at the Tower of Nod, which is pretty decent level up, but I want to know if there is a faster way.

    User Info: QuackOutLoud

    QuackOutLoud - 10 years ago
  2. By the way, the people I train vary from 40s to 50s as I switch vocations once in a while out of boredom and for natural stats.

    User Info: QuackOutLoud

    QuackOutLoud - 10 years ago
  3. Yes l'm in post game and i have the Starflight

    Are there any other enemies to kill, that AREN'T Metal Slimes?
    They always take too long to spawn.

    User Info: QuackOutLoud

    QuackOutLoud - 10 years ago

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  1. the first best way is to fight a liquid metal slime. i dont know where that is though >.<

    the second best way is to fight a metal medleys they give lots of exp.Found in the bad cave go deep into the cave and u will find them!

    the third best way is to go to coffinwell go west and keep heading.Then when u look on the map there is a place go that way and u will find them

    NOTE:they always run away, makes the reward more awesome

    User Info: manjurthedragon

    manjurthedragon - 8 years ago 8   3


  1. Grotto's then, or do the simple quest that nets you a legacy boss map and kill him instead.....Baramos is the first and easiest, check the quest guide for his quest, when you kill him though, you have the option to lvl him up for better chances at expeirence, and loot, but beware, he learns more spells as he is lvled

    User Info: Celestial_Might

    Celestial_Might - 10 years ago 8   5
  2. Finding a good Water Grotto is the best for Grinding on Metal King Slimes, it usually takes less than an hour for me to level one character from 1 to 99.

    Fastest way to level is NOT with a full party, do it with 1 or 2 party members total. Since you cant switch out your hero, kill them. I had all my party members make out in Guts since Feel the Burn is the best buff and Double Edge Sword is needed to maximize grinding.

    Metal King Slimes are better over Platinum Jewel Slimes since they dint run away as often.You'll need to Max either Spear or Axe for Thunder Thrust and Hatchet man respectively, its a 20%~40%ish chance to crit each time.

    I havent seen Platinum Jewel Slimes that have 3, but I know for a fact that Metal King Slimes CAn appear in a group of 3's

    Water Grottos are the best for taking on Metal King Slimes since Gigantes, Charmour, Slugly betty, Moai minstrel, Genie sanguini appear and I think they're easier to kill over Cosmic chimaera, Wishmaster, Cumulus hex, Stale whale, Octagoon in Cave grottos. Water Grottos always have large areas so its easy to avoid other non-Metal King Slimes.

    User Info: V_Chaos

    V_Chaos - 8 years ago 2   0
  3. Ok so as you progress through the game

    1. Before Coffinwell - just fight the normal monsters and don't worry about leveling up much at all.
    2. After Coffinwell but pre fygg - use the metal slime hack in the Quarantomb
    3. After the fygg quest thing - just fight monsters and keep going - metal slimes don't give enough exp anymore and there's no super consistent way to get metal medleys.
    4. Post-Bowhole - Use the LMS hack near the stairs. This will be your best friend for grinding until the post-game.
    5. Post-game - Use slime hill(near angel falls) and you can do a trick similar to the Bowhole OR use one that's so much better but a little more difficult - Use this link for it - https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/ 937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/56916246
    6. Keep using the above trick until you get a grotto map that spaws Metal King Slimes which will give you the exp of like 10 LMS.

    User Info: DiamondFireHawk

    DiamondFireHawk - 4 months ago 2   0
  4. 2 and 4, what hack are you talking about?

    User Info: Scribblemacher

    Scribblemacher - 1 month ago
  5. The best way is to go to Slime Hill near Angel Falls. Liquid Metal Slimes are your friend. They dish out about 40,000ish exp. My people level up fast and they are at about lvl 50-60. If you need more money then I would suggest you go fight some Goody Bags near Batsureg. They give about 336G and they are really easy to kill.

    User Info: TravisS90

    TravisS90 - 10 years ago 4   3
  6. The elevated position in Angel Fall is full of metal monster.

    User Info: 007Sniper014

    007Sniper014 - 9 years ago 5   4
  7. go to the area that is north of coffinwell- Tower of Nod, isle east of stornway and the isle near loch storn because the monsters give you good amount of experience points. If you go to the Realm of the almighty ask celestria to go to the old realm of almighty and the monsters are still there and you can battle couvus again.

    Hope this helps.

    User Info: ExpertGamer13

    ExpertGamer13 - 9 years ago 0   0
  8. Each monster gives you a certain amount of Exp that is divided amongst your party members, What I do is, I switch my main character to a priest vocation, and have only one other person in my party at a time, that way each person gets more Exp. You could also train in Grottoes.

    User Info: lil109109

    lil109109 - 8 years ago 1   1
  9. Okay so, I take you are in the post game with the starflight, yes? Go to angel falls, then the raised platform there, open your treasure map menu, select a map, enter the cave, open map menu then exit, leave cave, then just start walking around, the first or second monster should be a LMS (liquid metal slime) if not, then change the treasure map at the bottom and keep doing this, *NOTE* YOU MUST FOLLOW THE SAME PATH EVERY TIME, otherwise it won't work, btw, this is how I lvl, takes too long to find a MKS or PKJ only floor in a grotto

    User Info: Celestial_Might

    Celestial_Might - 10 years ago 5   6
  10. 1. You can go to the Bowhole or the slime plateau and grind the liquid metal slimes.
    2. Get a Mid-High level grotto with metal king slimes or platinum king jewels and grind them.

    User Info: CrazyKillar

    CrazyKillar - 10 years ago 2   3
  11. Metal slimes is the best way I 've done. If you can find a map that has all Metal King Slimes on a level, then you're set. If not, Slime hill or (I believe) the Blowhole are the best metal slime areas

    User Info: mordsithdee

    mordsithdee (Expert) - 10 years ago 1   3
  12. One way is to use an action replay, but i wouldn't recommend it so i agree with travisS90

    User Info: Merlin_The_Wise

    Merlin_The_Wise - 9 years ago 1   3
  13. If you're just looking to level up, metal slimes are the way to go about it. If you mean something else, I dunno how to help you.

    User Info: ja2d

    ja2d - 7 years ago 1   3
  14. Go to the highest levle treshure map and keep on beating the boss.

    User Info: jaimequest

    jaimequest - 8 years ago 1   4

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