How Can I Restore MP??

  1. Is there an item that does it; If so how do you make it and or where do you get it.

    User Info: shaolinsavage

    shaolinsavage - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are two items that you can buy/find that will replenish MP. The first is Magic Water which can be found in quite a few places:

    Batsureg (500g), Bloomingdale (500g), Gleeba (500g), Gortress (500g), Porth Llaffan (500g), Slurry Quay (500g), Swinedimples Academy (500g), Upover (500g), Wormwood Creek (500g), and Dourbridge (2500g). Jinkster (#056) (steal/win, common, 1/32), Lunatick (#032) (steal/win, rare, 1/64), Firespirit (#010) (steal/win, rare, 1/128), and Magus (#043) (steal/win, rare, 1/128).

    The second is the more-potent and more elusive Sage's Elixir which can be found:

    DQVC (price and availability varies), Grotto chests (Ranks 7-10), Freezing fog (#177) (steal/win, rare, 1/64), and Fowleye (#291) (steal, common).

    Beyond that, as bengra08 mentioned, there are certain items that will replenish MP in battle and some that will even replenish it as you walk around. Additionally, don't forget that making a physical attack with a Wand-class weapon will drain MP from the enemy as well as doing damage. Good luck!

    User Info: Tekkaman_James

    Tekkaman_James (Expert) - 9 years ago 2   0

Other Answers

  1. You can get equipments that lets you recover mp while walking.. check the alchemy and equipment guide for certain equipment.. ex: happy hat/ goddess ring..

    User Info: bengra08

    bengra08 - 9 years ago 0   1
  2. Wearing a staff could drain MP with a regular attack. Mages learn a skill called Focus Pocus which is able to make MP for a few turns. If you have a rosary (not gold) it adds Max MP +10 or 15 Spirit Bracer also does the same thing +30 Max MP. If you learn a bow skill from skill points (88 skill points) you could learn Hallowed Arrow which can gain 14-19 MP and can do a great number of damage.Healing in a inn or a blue portal can gain your MP back to full.

    User Info: mudkipchow

    mudkipchow - 9 years ago 1   3

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